How To Wear Dunk High?

How To Wear Dunk High?

How To Wear Dunk High?

Dunk High sneakers from Nike are iconic and versatile shoes worn casually or dressed up for the occasion. For a look inspired by skaters, begin with an untidy pair of jeans that are slightly larger in the thigh. Next, you can wear a skater t-shirt or a basic t-shirt and complete the style by wearing a beanie. This design is great for casual events and is comfortable to put on.

For a chic look for your Dunks Highs, wear them with chinos and formal pants. You can wear a button-down shirt or a polo shirt and finish by wearing a sweater or cardigan. This outfit is great for formal events such as work or going out with friends.

What Should I Wear For A Dunk?

If you’re sporting the Nike Dunk Highs, you must know how you dress to match your shoes. The best way to accomplish this is to select clothing matching the sneakers’ hue. This is crucial in the case of an outfit with vibrant dunks that stand out from the other colors of your attire.


The most crucial element for high-dunking is, of course, your shoes. Basketball shoes that offer good support and cushioning and an upper-top design are necessary to protect your ankles and provide the stability required to jump at a high level.

Some top shoes for high-dunking include the Nike LeBron 17, the Adidas Harden Vol. 4, and the Under Armor Curry 7. They offer a comfortable fit, plenty of cushioning, and an upper that can aid in maintaining your balance while in the air.

Also, you should look for shoes that have adequate traction that will allow you to keep your foot on the court and get off to leap. Some sneakers even come with specific technology, like Zoom Air and Bounce and Bounce, which are made to help you improve your jump.


The proper clothing can be a factor in your performance in high-dunking. Uncomfortable, loose clothes could hinder your performance and cause you to slow down; therefore, it’s recommended to select tight-fitting and moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you dry and comfortable.

Shorts that extend above your knee are a great option since they won’t cause any interference with your legs when you leap. A tank or compression top will help to keep muscles cozy and well-supported and allow you to perform at the highest level.

It’s also crucial to consider the weather when choosing your clothes. When it’s hot, lighter fabrics will keep you cool. On cooler days, layering jackets or hoodies will make you feel warmer.

How Do You Style Your Dunk High Laces?How Do You Style Your Dunk High Laces?

If you’re looking for formal attire, wear an elegant shoe like Nike Dunks in a neutral shade and pair these with matching pairs of shoelaces. Of course, the shoes you wear will be based on your preference in style and budget; however, Lace Lab has a wide range of Nike Dunk replacement laces in every color and style to ensure you get the ideal style.

Straight Lacing

Straight lacing is the simplest and most convenient way to tie up your dunk-high shoes. This is when you connect your shoes straight across without crossings or loops.

For this style, begin by threading each lace into the shoes’ eyelets on the opposite sides. Then, tie a knot of a simple design to the top. This technique is ideal for a classic, clean design and is great for casual or everyday wear.

Criss-Cross Lacing

The crisscross lacing procedure quickly and efficiently adds excitement to your dunk-high sneakers. To create this style, begin by threading your lacing through the eyelets using the traditional straightway. Then, you can make an X-shaped cross as you move through the shoe.

This technique gives a bit of dimension and texture to your sneakers, making them appear more attractive and fashionable. It’s an excellent alternative for casual or sporting looks that is easily adjustable for more or less of a snug fitting.

Loop Lacing

The loop lacing method is a more sophisticated way to style your dunk-high laces; however, it’s worth the time and effort. For this look, begin by threading the laces around the eyelets using the standard straight lacing technique. Then, wrap your laces over each eyelet, creating a sequence of loops around the shoe.

This technique creates a distinctive and eye-catching design. It’s an excellent option for those who want to stand out by wearing sneakers. But, it may require some time to ensure that the loops are in the proper size and space, so take your time and enjoy trying out different designs.

Bar Lacing

The bar lacing method is a different method to dress up your dunk high lacing however it’s less sloppy than loop lacing. For this style, begin by threading the laces into eyelets using the conventional straight lacing style. Then, create a line of bars that run across the shoe and then cross the laces over one another while working your way upwards.

This style provides a sleek and easy style but still adds an element of intrigue to your shoes. This is a great option for people looking for a chic style but who don’t want to make a statement with their style.

The best method to find the right place for you is to measure the length of your foot from the heel to toe. If you’re struggling in this regard, we suggest taking your feet measurements by an experienced professional. Also, take note of the length and shape of the lace since this is the key to determining if you have an excellent fitting set of shoes.

How To Wear Dunk Highs With Jeans?How To Wear Dunk Highs With Jeans?

The Nike Dunk High sneaker is an extremely versatile shoe that pairs with various outfits. Unfortunately, it’s also famous for its broad chunky feet, which could be difficult to dress.

Dunk Highs, the high-top version of the famous Nike Dunk sneakers, can be worn with jeans to create a casual, stylish style. Here are a few suggestions to wear your Dunk Highs stylishly with jeans:

  • Select the best size: Choose skinny or straight jeans that are comfortable and aren’t too big. Avoid wide-leg or bootcut jeans since they make your sneakers appear big and bulky.
  • Select a neutral hue: Classic black or blue Jeans will look great with the majority of colors in Dunk Highs.
  • Ensure you cuff your jeans: The cuffs you put above your jeans will showcase the sneakers and make a neat line.
  • Think about the look of your top: Pick a basic top, like an oversized sweater or a t-shirt, to counterbalance the bold appearance of the shoes.

The first thing to do is choose a pair of sneakers that are in harmony with your other clothing. You can do this with a neutral shade that can be worn with most other clothes or pick a more vibrant hue that stands out more.

Another option is to choose jeans that complement your shoes. It is possible to do this by selecting an outfit with lighter or mid-wash denim, which will perfectly complement your sneakers.

It is also possible to wear cargo pants and sneakers to make the appearance more fashionable. They are a fantastic alternative to normal jeans and come in a wide range of shades.

If you’re in a neutral or light color, you can put on a simple turtleneck and dunks to make them the center of your outfit. You could also opt for the graphic t-shirt or sweatshirt with your Nike Dunks to add more design to your look.

Apart from jeans, look for sweatpants that match your shoes. They’re extremely comfortable and will keep you warm, particularly in winter. They’re also available in an assortment of colors, meaning you’ll find a pair that compliments your shoes perfectly.

How To Style Dunk High Syracuse?

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for an upgrade in your footwear or simply want a way to boost your look The Nike Dunk High Syracuse is the perfect way to make heads turn. The sleek upper is an absolute sight to behold, and the top technology materials used in its creation are worthy of an item of clothing.

If you want to enhance your high-style dunks, You must be inventive with your style. For your smooth shoes to shine, search for the right mix of texture, color, and materials to create your street style.

The most effective way to wear this look is to ensure that your wardrobe is stocked with the right attire to match your footwear. Consider investing in some statement sneakers to complement your style. Don’t be a slave to looking for stores with exclusive collaborations or limited-edition releases. You can increase your odds of winning an all-out dunk High swag when you look more! It’s also important to ensure that you’re wearing the proper laces to guarantee an easy, comfortable fit.


If you’re not wearing sweatpants or seeking something more elegant, jeans can be a great option for a dunk. Jeans with a slimmer cut are the best option because the sleek design with Nike Dunks pairs well with your body shape. Opting for a more relaxed style, such as a straight-leg pair, is also possible. If you want to make it more intriguing, consider adding a hoodie and bomber jacket for a trendy style.

The key to getting it right is to dress your footwear with a style that complements the shoes’ colors and textures. For instance, if you’re sporting an orange-colored version for the Nike SB Dunk Low, consider khaki or cream slacks. Then, finish it with a black sweater and a tan cap to keep your look fresh.


Consider incorporating sweatpants into your wardrobe if you want to make a statement. They’re extremely comfy and great for the days you’re just feeling lazy. They’re also the ideal match for your shoes if you love earthy tones such as brown cream, beige, and Khaki.

If you’re looking for a relaxed style, You can wear your Nike Dunks with sweatpants in gray. Then, add accessories like corset tank tops, a gray jacket for varsity, and caps for baseballs in black. It is also possible to complete your outfit with gold accessories that give it a contemporary look.

If you’re in search of a different option to jeans, then military cargo pants are an excellent alternative. They’re extremely comfortable and have ample pockets. They’re an ideal partner for your Dunks. It is also possible to style it with a graphic t-shirt, a flannel hoodie, and cargo pants for an informal yet elegant style. Add Nike Dunks and a black baseball cap to make it more fashionable.


Sweatpants are an excellent option for freezing winter evenings. Available in various colors and materials that are comfy enough to wear for the entire day and stylish enough to make any outfit appear classy. Wear them with a chic top and a pair of shoes, and you’ll be ready for a night out in town.

But, if you’re hoping to impress in the fashion world, you must keep up-to-date with the latest and most fashionable shoe trends, such as the Nike SB Dunk Low or the Adidas ZX Flux. The best method to acquire one is to look through the latest offerings at the local shoe shop. Of course, if you’re looking for something more original, you could always design your unique version of the classics.

Crop Tops

The Nike Dunk High is one of the most sought-after sneaker silhouettes available. Its most recent release comes in its “Next Nature Sail” colorway that will be available in April through SNKRS and other Nike Sportswear retail stores. The eco-friendly style features an upper made from recycled canvas and an extremely soft fleece-like lining that keeps your feet cozy. The shoe is versatile enough to wear with skirts for a casual outfit ready for a weekend getaway trip.

The crop-top-and-blazer style is a popular style that’s taking over the Instagram fashion scene. Many women are taking note of the striking silhouette and the ability to make a chic and professional office look. According to Amari Rivers, a Community engagement expert in Manhattan, Crop tops are a part of her “everyday wardrobe” because she loves how they create her appearance. She usually buys her clothes with H&M, Shein, and Pretty Little Thing; however, she enjoys shopping at thrift stores for work clothing. She says she usually wears the outfit with a pair of tan straight-leg pants or jeans, a black jumper, and a tan cap to make an easy and elegant office outfit.


An excellent option to make your dunk look more elegant is to wear it with a skirt. This is a classic look that is versatile and simple to wear. The perfect skirt can be worn with a variety of clothes and can be worn to church or work. According to your style and your occasion, you could wear the crop top with an a line skirt to finish the appearance. It’s important to select the perfect ladies’ Nike Dunk High sneakers and match them with a chic, well-fitting skirt. This will result in a fashionable look that you’ll be happy to wear.


Are Dunk High uncomfortable?

You can be sure that the Nike Dunks are comfy and undoubtedly suitable for everyday wear because they were first designed as a basketball shoe for Nike SB and later transformed into a skate shoe.

Do Dunks make you look taller?

Compared to various other Nike shoes, Nike Dunks have a lower profile. Dunks will give you a modest height lift, but nothing out of the ordinary compared to any other casual sneaker. The midsole is also a fairly regular height.

Is Nike Dunk High better than low?

The Nike Dunk High is the shoe for you if you want some ankle support and protection. But the lows should be your first choice if you’re searching for movement flexibility. If you’re going to play ball, you should aim for the highs; if it’s a lifestyle choice, we advise aiming for the lows.

Do Dunks go with skinny jeans?

Never wear the Dunk with slim jeans, regardless of whether they are high-waisted or low-waisted. The leg must be straight and the volumes gentle.

Are Dunks still trendy?

The Nike SB Dunk is without a doubt one of the most sought-after shoe models available today; you might even argue it’s about time you picked up a pair.

How are dunks supposed to fit?

Generally speaking, regardless of whether they are high or low, Dunks should be purchased in the true to size range. The Dunk toe box is larger than that of the typical pair of sneakers, as you may know. You can, however, size down if you want a tighter fit or have thinner feet.


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