How To Wear Doc Martens Mens?

How To Wear Doc Martens Mens?

How To Wear Doc Martens Mens?

Doc Martens are a classic and versatile footwear option for men. With their classic, minimalist style, doc martens are the perfect shoes to dress up or down. They look amazing with everything from shorts to a midi dress, making them a go-to option for everyday looks.

However, you need to know how to style them correctly! First, choose pants that fall at the top of your boots.

1. The Basics

The British shoe company Doc Martens has been a footwear staple since 1945, originating as a working boot but evolving into a staple for punk rockers. Today, they’re a symbol of the modern street style worn by people of all ages and all walks of life.

They’re a great option for women who want to add style to their wardrobe but don’t know where to start. They’re sophisticated shoes that can be paired with almost any outfit to create a look that suits you and your lifestyle.

You can do a few things to help your Doc Martens break in faster and be comfortable while wearing them. Firstly, it’s important to find the right size. They’re a snug fit at first, but once you’ve broken them in, they’ll stretch to fit your feet better and be more comfortable.

Another way to break in your boots is to walk around a lot. This will help develop the creases in the leather that show the shoes are softening. It’s also a good idea to stand on your toes, so it can help to strengthen the muscles in your feet.

Other tips on breaking in your boots include choosing thick socks and putting them on before you head out. These will help to cushion your feet and prevent blisters.

One of the best ways to get a classic grunge look with your Docs is to pair them with dark-wash jeans. This will help them to pop and add contrast to your outfit. If you’re daring, you can also wear them with ripped jeans to give them an edgy, distressed look that works well with the Docs.

2. The Grunge Look2. The Grunge Look

One of the most recognizable styles from the 1990s, grunge, is now re-emerging in a new, youthful way. You can see it in the modern iterations of plaid shirts, cool jeans, leather jackets, and more, which are all popular among the fashion community.

The grunge look can be dressed up and down to suit your preferences. It is a great style for those who want to add a touch of rock and roll to their wardrobe while still being stylish at the same time.

This style can be achieved by pairing ripped jeans with an oversized hoodie and Doc Martens men’s boots. This outfit is perfect for a casual day out or a night on the town.

Another great way to wear grunge is by using black and gray colors. These colors are easy to work with and can be worn in many ways. For instance, pair a black and white striped Breton shirt with faded gray jeans to create a simple but edgy look.

To finish this outfit, you can add a bandana and some leather bracelets to complete the look. This outfit is on-trend and will make you look like a rock star!

You can also wear this grunge look with a ruffled white shirt and thigh-high stockings. The thigh-high stockings are very cool and can be found in a wide range of colors.

The thigh-high stockings are also very comfortable, so you can easily wear them without worrying about your feet getting cold. To finish this look, add a lace-up beanie to the outfit for an edgy and trendy touch.

3. The Girly Girl Look

If you want to add a feminine touch to your doc martens, try wearing them with dresses. Whether you’re going to a wedding or a music festival, this look will make a big impression. It’s also a great option for someone who wants to keep their fashion edgy without looking too girly or young.

This style is ideal for someone who loves classic lace, delicate floral patterns, and pale colors such as pink and white. Wear a dress with a high slit that shows off your doc martens for a truly elegant and chic look.

Another way to feminize your doc martens is to add accessories such as flower crowns or a Panama hat. You can also choose to dress up a casual outfit with a long dress and round sunglasses, adding glamor to your doc martens.

The best thing about doc martens is that they can be worn with anything, so it’s a great way to add a twist to your usual wardrobe. So whether you’re a young professional or an older adult, these shoes will be your new go-to pair.

However, you must break them in before you start wearing doc martens properly. Using a shoe stretcher and a bottle of wonder balsam is a good idea to soften the leather before wearing them. Then, wear them around the house for a few hours with thick socks until you can comfortably walk in them.

4. The Casual Look

The casual look is a great way to style your Docs because it’s a classic look with various outfits. For example, you can wear a band tee with your Docs for a casual and fancy look or add a jacket or purse to turn the look into something a little more dressed up.

You can also pair patterned tights with your Docs for a comfortable and stylish outfit. This is a great option for those who want to add an element of punk to their look, and it will help elongate the legs and make your Docs stand out more.

Another way to style your Docs is with a pencil skirt or a dress. This is an easy outfit to put together and looks incredibly stylish. You can wear a tee or blouse with the skirt or throw on a leather jacket to add some extra flair.

In this look, you can also choose a skirt in a darker color to go with your Docs. This will help to contrast the high cuff of your Docs and keep the outfit looking sleek.

This outfit will be perfect for a casual date or a walk around the city. You can wear a tee and sunglasses with this outfit or dress them up with a jacket and a purse.

This outfit is great for wearing in the winter, combining a casual tracksuit with your Docs for a casual but stylish look. You can even wear this outfit for school or work, as it’s a versatile and simple outfit you can wear anywhere.

5. The Dressed-Up Look

Whether you are looking for the perfect work boots or want to add more edge to your style, Doc Martens men have much to offer. They are a versatile footwear option that can be worn with almost any outfit and make you look effortlessly cool.

To get the most out of your doc martens, keep these tips in mind:

One important thing to remember is that these shoes can shorten your legs, so if you are wearing pants, make sure they are cuffed above your boots. This will help your pants’ bottoms shine and show off your docs.

Another way to wear docs is with leggings. Leggings will elongate your legs and will make your docs pop.

This is the perfect look if you go out with friends or on a date night and want to get dressed up without looking too over the top. Pair your docs with a baggy pair of jeans, a basic tee, and some leather leggings for an edgy yet comfortable look.

If you want a more professional look, pair your docs with dark-wash jeans and a button-down shirt. This will give you a polished look that will suit most professional settings.

Style your docs with a pencil skirt and blouse for a more put-together look. This will also work well for casual business environments.

When going to a bar, you can always rock your docs with a blazer and jeans for a chic, professional look that will work well in most professional settings. Just ensure you avoid wrinkled shirts and pants and iron your top and skirt before you head out.

Five Tips On How To Wear Them:

  • Pair them with skinny jeans: Doc Martens look great when paired with skinny jeans. Tuck your jeans into your boots for a sleek and streamlined look.
  • Wear them with shorts: Doc Martens can also be worn with shorts. This creates a casual, laid-back look that is perfect for warmer months.
  • Try them with a suit: Doc Martens can add a touch of edginess to a formal suit. This creates a fashionable and unique look that’s sure to turn heads.
  • Layer them with a denim jacket: It looks great with Doc Martens. This creates a rugged and stylish look that’s perfect for the fall and winter months.
  • Accessorize with a beanie or scarf: Doc Martens can be accessorized with a beanie or scarf. This creates a fashionable and cohesive look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Remember, the key to wearing Doc-Martens is to have fun with them and experiment with different styles until you find the best look. Then, with some creativity and confidence, you can rock Doc Martens with any outfit and feel stylish and on-trend.


Can guys wear Doc Martens?

Yes! Dr. Martens are for everyone, with all designs being unisex, and strong proponents of expression that transcends gender. As all of their most recognisable designs are unisex, they follow the adage “if you like them, wear them.”

Do you tuck jeans into Doc Martens men?

Tight pants lengthen the legs and draw attention to the shoes, emphasising their bulk, which makes Docs stick out even more. So, cuff the top of your slim jeans or tuck them into the boot.

How do you wear Doc Martens for the first time?

Start off by briefly walking around your house in your Doc Martens. The leather will feel constrictive, and the boots’ bottoms will be very rigid. Remove the boots as soon as they begin to ache. The first time you wear your boots, avoid attempting to wear them for an extended amount of time or on a long walk.

Do Doc Martens break easily?

It’s notoriously tough to break into original Doc Martens. Dr. Martens suggests getting its socks, heel cushions, and balm to speed up the breaking-in process for your boots. While the heel pads and stockings will guard against blisters, the balm is meant to soften the leather and hasten the process of breaking them in.

Is it better for Doc Martens to be tight or loose?

Although they should be snug, the footwear shouldn’t be painful. The boot is too small if it is uncomfortable when you try it on, particularly in the width. As you break in your Docs, they will soften and expand – for more details, see our size chart.


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