How To Wear Cropped Flare Jeans In Winter?

How To Wear Cropped Flare Jeans In Winter?

How To Wear Cropped Flare Jeans In Winter?

Cropped flare jeans can be a great addition to your winter wardrobe, as they can be stylish and practical. One of the best things about cropped flare jeans is how easily you can dress them up. It’s pretty simple to get a stylish look with them this winter too.

When styling flare jeans, the key is picking the right shoe type and hemline to compliment your outfit. Choose a pair of cropped flare jeans that complement your style. With these tips, you can wear cropped flare jeans in winter with confidence and stay warm while looking stylish.

Dress Them Up

Cropped flare jeans are a hot trend this season, one of the most flattering styles! If you get the proportions right, these pants can make your legs look longer and more sculpted. If you’re unsure how to style them, don’t worry — we’ve got some styling tips and outfit ideas below!

A cropped top can be a great way to dress up your flares. They are easy to tuck in and add extra volume to your waist, which makes your figure appear thinner and longer. They also give your jeans more of a dressy feel, which is perfect for heading out to a dinner party or other social event.

Another cute pairing for your cropped flare jeans is a hooded sweatshirt. These striking pieces can be worn over denim, including flare jeans. They’re a great option for fall and winter as they keep you warm and are comfortable to wear while shopping, running errands, or hanging out with friends.

The best thing about a hooded sweatshirt is that it is incredibly lightweight and will keep you nice and warm without weighing you down or overheating you. It will also be the perfect piece to pair with other favorite items, like a jean jacket or a duster.

Whether you prefer a basic black turtleneck or something edgier, a pullover is an ideal layering piece. They are cozy and come in various designs to suit any body type. They can be tucked into your flare jeans or layered under a button-down, so they’re ideal for any season!

To make your hooded sweatshirt chicer, try adding a duster trench coat over it. This will make your outfit more dressy and sophisticated while also allowing you to keep your hair up if you want to!

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While you can never go wrong with a plain tank, it’s always fun to have a colorful option as well. A striped or colorful shirt is super cool paired with your favorite cropped flare jeans!

You can even throw on a statement necklace and some bold heels to finish off this simple yet stylish ensemble. This look is sure to be a hit with any fashion lover!

A lace top can be a fun and flirty way to dress up your cropped flare jeans. Lace is delicate and feminine, which means it’s a fantastic contrast to the toughness of your denim. Whether you opt for a short or long lace top, you will turn heads!

The key to a good lace top is choosing one that fits your body. You don’t need a huge neckline or sleeves, but something that fits in the shoulders is a must! If you’re not a fan of lace, there are lots of other options that will work equally as well!

You can even wear a belt with your flare jeans to accentuate your waist. This will give your outfit a more polished and dressy look, especially if you pair it with some strappy heels or flats!

Dress Them Down

Flared jeans have re-emerged as a trend in recent years. While they can be tricky to style, there are a few ways you can make them look good and feel comfortable.

Crop tops

A crop top is a no-brainer way to style flare jeans; you can pair them with any denim wash, and they will look great. They’re also a great way to add some personality to your outfit!

Heels and boots

Shoes are a great way to make any outfit look stylish. They will add some height to your look, and if you wear a pair of heels with your cropped flare jeans, they will make your legs appear even longer.

Backless mules

Mules are a great way to add height to your outfit and are versatile shoes that can be worn with many different clothing styles. They are especially flattering for slim, average, too tall women.

Platform pumps

A pair of heels or platform shoes are a great way to make your outfit feel more formal. They are perfect for a work-ready or business-casual look.

A camisole

A camisole is a great way to add some personality to an outfit, and it will help you achieve that casual but still classy look! They come in various fabrics and colors, so you’ll surely find one that looks good.

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A sweater vest

Sweater vests are a great way to add texture and color to your outfit, but they can also be a little dressy if you choose the right style. You can wear this with jeans, flared pants, or anything else that you want to be a little more professional.

A turtleneck

Christy (above) wore her black turtleneck with a simple pair of flared jeans. She paired it with a belt to accentuate her waist, a simple but classy touch!

A cardigan

This is another way to make your outfit more formal without going overboard. This cardigan is a great option for winter because it’s warm, comfortable, and will keep you looking stylish.

A jacket

A coat is a great option for winter because it’s a classic that you can wear for any occasion. This is a great option for those who have flared jeans because it will make them look more interesting and will be more comfortable during the colder months.

A sweater

A sweater is a great way to add warmth and style to your outfit. It can be a long or short jacket, and you can choose the length depending on your preference.

A belt

If you want to add some structure and sophistication to your look, a belt can do wonders. It can help balance out the look, and if you have a striped or patterned shirt, a belt will tie everything together.

A kimono

A kimono is another option for those who have flared jeans because they are very stylish and flowy clothing. They’re flattering on almost everyone, especially those with a petite figure because they’re very flowing.

Six Tips On How To Wear Cropped Flare Jeans In Winter:Six Tips On How To Wear Cropped Flare Jeans In Winter:

  1. Wear with boots: One of the easiest ways to wear cropped flare jeans in winter is to pair them with boots. Choose ankle boots, knee-high boots, or over-the-knee boots, depending on the length of the jeans and the weather.
  2. Add layers: Layering is key in winter, so wear your cropped flare jeans with a cozy sweater or cardigan. You can also add a jacket or coat for extra warmth.
  3. Try a turtleneck: A turtleneck can be a stylish and practical choice for winter. Wear a fitted turtleneck with your cropped flare jeans for a chic and streamlined look.
  4. Opt for dark wash or black jeans: Dark wash or black cropped flare jeans can look more polished and sophisticated than lighter washes. They can also be easier to style with a variety of winter outfits.
  5. Wear with a scarf: A scarf can add some color and texture to your outfit, as well as some extra warmth. Choose a scarf that complements the colors in your outfit.
  6. Consider the proportions: Since cropped flare jeans are shorter than traditional jeans, it’s important to consider the proportions of your outfit. A longer coat or jacket can help balance out the shorter length of the jeans.
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Remember to choose a pair of cropped flare jeans that fit well and complement your style. With these tips, you can wear cropped flare jeans in winter with confidence and stay warm while looking stylish.


Can you wear cropped jeans in the winter?

Just putting on thick tights or long underwear for women is one of the simplest methods to wear cropped pants during the cooler months. Even if your cropped pants are loose and flowy, thick opaque tights, which are often constructed with a wool blend, work brilliantly to keep your legs toasty.

Can you wear cropped flare jeans with boots?

However, if you prefer to show a little space between your jeans and your boots and your cropped jeans are the same length as your boots, then roll them up a little to show off that little bit of skin and create a break line. I recommend wearing cropped jeans with higher boots that can hide under the jeans leg.

What shoes to wear with cropped jeans?

Crop straight and straight ankle jeans look excellent with retro design sneakers, loafer mules, clogs, block heel mules, and loafer mules.

What body type should wear flare jeans?

Pear and hourglass forms look fantastic with flares. Little Tip: Choose the ideal inseam for you! You need clothing that falls just over the floor and doesn’t overpower your form.

What kind of shoes to wear with ankle jeans in the winter?

For obvious reasons, if you’re wearing ankle leggings in the winter, you might want something that covers your feet all the way up to your ankles. One of the rare types of footwear that fits the aforementioned description is a pair of ankle boots, which, fortunately, look great with ankle-length slacks.