How To Wear Black Loafers Women’s?

How To Wear Black Loafers Women's?

How To Wear Black Loafers Women’s?

Black loafers are a versatile shoe style that can be dressed up or down, making them a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. You can easily pair a black loafer with jeans, dress pants, and skirts to create a chic look. Here are some of the best ways to style them.

The hottest fashion trend this season is loafers! They’re the go-to shoe for a chic, polished finish. These versatile flat shoes are perfect for everyday wear and instantly elevate any outfit.


Loafers are an effortlessly chic staple that will never go out of fashion. They look especially good with jeans, so it’s no wonder they are one of the most popular shoes for women to pair with their pants, shorts, and dresses.

You can wear loafers with any type of dress pants, including cropped, wide-leg, and straight-leg styles. Trousers with patterns, such as plaid styles, also look fab with black or tan loafers.

Printed high-waisted pants are another way to wear loafers with jeans. These are flattering and will give you the appearance of longer legs, especially if you’re petite. They’re also a great choice for work.

Opt for cuffed ripped boyfriend jeans or mom jeans with a basic white tee and a cozy sweater to make this outfit more casual. This look can be worn for a casual day out with friends or running errands.

For a more put-together outfit, pair loafers with a button-down shirt tucked into skinny or straight-leg pants, and finish the look with a blazer or jacket. This look is super easy to put together and will be a hit with any girl who loves to dress up her casual wardrobe.

Another way to dress up a pair of jean shorts is to add a belt to the top. Whether you’re wearing leather shorts or your favorite pair of denim cut-offs, adding a belt will give the outfit more structure and help it to stand out.

A trench coat is another great option for wearing jean shorts. The timeless design of a trench coat is a classic look that will never go out of style and keep you warm during the winter months. You can even dress up a casual knit jumper with a trench coat for a more polished look.

The secret to keeping your socks from showing in your loafers is to use footsies designed with a lower cut that doesn’t show at all. They are also a great choice for women who don’t like to wear bare feet with their shoes, as they’re incredibly comfortable and will help you keep your feet feeling fresh.

Dresses & SkirtsDresses & Skirts

Black loafers are versatile shoes that can be worn with many different outfits. For example, when paired with dresses and skirts, you can create an elegant look that will turn heads!

Flowy midi skirts are an easy way to make your legs appear longer and give you a chance to showcase your feet. Pair a printed, pleated, or flared midi skirt with your favorite top in lavender, pink, blue, yellow, peach, and light red to add color and contrast to your look.

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High-waisted pants are another flattering option for the illusion of long legs and a small waist. They are a great choice for petite women, and they are easy to pair with other items, such as loafers, jeans, and skirts.

You can also wear pants with a blazer and some loafers for a more sophisticated look. This is especially great if you attend a formal event or work.

This look is a classy fall outfit that can also be worn in warmer times. You can even dress it up with a trench coat.

The trick to wearing a pleated midi skirt is picking one with a high-waisted fit. This will make you appear taller and allow you to style it with a blazer, a turtleneck top, and a pair of loafers for an easy and stylish outfit.

If you are a fan of plaid, you can try pairing these pants with a pair of metallic loafers. This will make your outfit stand out, and you can match them with a pinstripe top, a black blazer, and a structured handbag.

These loafers complement various trousers, including cropped, long, and baggy pants. They are also perfect for a casual look, as they can be worn with khaki pants or sweatpants.

A mini tweed dress with flirty details is another perfect pairing for this type of shoe. But, again, you can dress it up or down to suit your style, and it will be an ideal outfit for a night out or a casual weekend with friends.

Pants & SuitsPants & Suits

Loafers have become a very popular shoe for women to wear with all sorts of casual and formal outfits. These shoes are also very comfortable and can be worn all year round, so they’re a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

They’re a classic style that’s available in many different shapes and sizes. They’re often made of leather but can also be found in fabric.

The best way to wear black loafers is with pants or suits, especially if you have a business-related job. They look professional and stylish without overpowering an outfit. However, you should know that they can make your legs appear shorter if you choose the wrong pair of pants for this outfit.

For a more casual look, you can wear black loafers with jeans. You can add a pair of no-show socks for a more polished look. You can then add a casual top to complete your look or opt for a simple white shirt or dressy blouse for a more elegant outfit.

This is a great outfit for brunches or date nights with your man, but you can also use it for work if you have a laid-back dress code. Complete this look with a casual bag for a more put-together feel.

Wear a skirt with your black loafers if you want a more sophisticated outfit. You can complete this outfit with a blazer and some matching jewelry to give it a chic touch.

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You can then finish off this look with some cute shoes like a pair of boots or a sleek pair of heels. You can also wear a belt around your waist to give it more shape and balance out the look.

Another option is choosing a pair of pants that will lengthen your legs and add height, such as high-waisted denim jeans or wide-leg pants. This will help to create a long and lean silhouette, making your legs look longer and sexier.


Loafers are a must-have shoe in every fashionista’s wardrobe, offering versatility for various outfits. They come in various colors and styles, from chunky lug sole options to simple slip-ons that look chic with dresses or shorts.

A good pair of black loafers will add a splash of glam to any outfit. If you want to wear tights with loafers, make sure they are opaque to keep your legs warm and cozy during colder weather.

Tights are the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe during Autumn and Winter when it is too chilly to wear dresses. Tights come in various colors and can be worn with your favorite loafers to create a unique style statement you will love wearing.

The easiest way to pair your black loafers with tights is to choose a solid color that goes well with your shoes. You can even choose a pattern or polka dot to give your outfit a bit of interest.

You can also try mixing and matching your socks to create a unique look. For example, you can wear long or over-the-knee socks with your loafers or go for no-show socks to keep things sleek and sophisticated.

If you want to go a little more formal, pair your black loafers with a button-down shirt. This outfit is great for work or casual daytime events. The combination of loafers and a white button-down shirt makes for an elegant and sophisticated look that will leave you looking and feeling confident.

Another option is to wear your black loafers with a mini skirt. This outfit is very feminine and looks great on most body types. You can pair a pleated or straight skirt with this combination for a more casual look, or opt for a bodycon mini dress with this ensemble to keep it dressy and classy.

You can pair your black loafers with tights and ankle boots to complete your fall look. These lace-up plimsolls with a 6.5cm heel are an ideal choice, and they offer a stylish look that will complement your legs beautifully.

Five Tips On How To Wear Black Loafers

  1. With jeans: Black loafers look great with skinny or straight-leg jeans. For a casual look, pair them with a t-shirt or sweater. For a dressier look, add a blazer or blouse.
  2. With trousers: Black loafers can be worn with tailored trousers for a polished office look. Choose a slim-fitting pair of trousers that hit the ankle to show off your shoes.
  3. With skirts or dresses: Black loafers can also be paired with skirts or dresses for a classic look. A-line skirts and midi dresses work particularly well with loafers.
  4. With shorts: For a cute and casual summer look, pair black loafers with shorts and a t-shirt or tank top.
  5. With athleisure: Black loafers can also be worn with athleisure or sporty outfits. Pair them with leggings or joggers and a hoodie or sweatshirt for a stylish look.
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When styling black loafers, the key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple and classic. Avoid overly trendy pieces or bold patterns that may clash with the timeless style of the loafers. With the right outfit, black loafers can be a stylish and comfortable shoe option for any occasion.


Is it OK to wear black loafers with dresses and skirts?

Absolutely! Loafers in black are a flexible shoe that may be dressed up or down. They look wonderful with midi and maxi length dresses and skirts. For a beautiful and elegant style, combine them with a flowing boho dress or a tailored midi skirt.

What pants should I pair with black loafers?

Black loafers are quite adaptable and may be paired with a wide range of jeans. Wear them with cropped or ankle-length pants, thin jeans, or wide-leg pants. Check that the pants are fitted and not too baggy, since this might make the ensemble appear sloppy.

Is it OK to wear black loafers with tights or stockings?

Sure, you may wear black loafers with tights or stockings. For a sophisticated look, wear opaque tights in black or a neutral hue with a skirt or dress. Use transparent stockings with loafers as well, but select a pair with a faint pattern or texture to give interest to the outfit.

Is it OK to wear black loafers with shorts?

Sure, black loafers can be worn with shorts, but they must be the appropriate length and design. Loafers look best with longer shorts that hit at or just above the knee. For a more refined look, pair them with a blouse or button-up shirt.

What socks should I wear with my black loafers?

Depending on the appearance you want to achieve, black loafers can be worn with or without socks. If you’re going to wear them with slacks or jeans, choose no-show socks or ankle socks that won’t show above the shoe. If you’re wearing them with shorts or a skirt, you might choose for no socks or sheer socks for a more sophisticated look.

Is it OK to wear black loafers to a formal event?

While black loafers are a flexible shoe, they may not be ideal for black-tie events such as weddings or galas. They can, however, be worn to more informal or semi-formal occasions, such as a cocktail party or a business dinner. For a refined look, pair them with a fitted pantsuit or a dress.