How To Wear A Stetson Open Road Hat?

How To Wear A Stetson Open Road Hat?

How To Wear A Stetson Open Road Hat?

The Stetson Open Road hat is a classic American style worn by presidents, movie stars, and cowboys alike. The Stetson Open Road, or LBJ hat as it’s more commonly known, is an icon of American style and timelessness.

Presidents, lawmen, musicians, and actors have all donned hats in their long history.

The hat is a timeless classic, a perfect pairing with any heritage menswear ensemble. Whether Red Wing boots, cuffed selvage jeans, a French Chore coat, or even heavy plaid Mackinaw, this hat will add Western flavor to your wardrobe!

How To Wear A Hat

Hats are a great way to add a little flair without going overboard. It’s also a good opportunity to show off your sense of style and how much you know about fashion.

One of the most classic hats from Stetson is the open-road hat. Its cowboy-inspired crown and brim make it a perfect fit for anyone looking to stand out.

The hat is also great for people who like to warm their heads. The brim is creased to create a nice shape for a hood, which is the ideal solution for someone who wants to look cool but still keep their head safe from the elements.

This hat is also made from some pretty snazzy materials, including a satin liner to help keep the sweat out of your eyes. The satin is a great choice for any hat, as it’s a soft material that won’t scratch your skin or make you sweaty. The hat also has a high-quality leather sweatband that will not disappoint you in the rain.

As for the hat itself, it’s a fine piece of craftsmanship, and it will last you for years to come. The most important thing is to take care of it. The best way to do this is by avoiding extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow. A good rule of thumb is to wear only a hat in the summer and spring.

The Open Road hat is a great choice for anyone looking to stand out. Still, it can be challenging for some people to figure out how to wear one. The best way to ensure you look your best is by following these tips and tricks.

The Brim

The brim of a stetson open road hat is designed to protect the face from sun and rain. It is also wide enough to shield the eyes from harmful rays of sunlight but not so wide that it becomes floppy or blocks out your vision.

Stetson has been known worldwide for innovative western styling on some of the finest hats. From classic cowboy fur felt hats, to convenient crushable wool hats, to sun-shading straw hats, they have all the options you need to keep your head warm and dry.

If you’re looking for a hat that is ready for anything, check out this open-road vented shantung straw hat from Stetson. This hat is made from a stiff shantung straw body. It features vent crowns that allow for breathability and unlined interiors for a comfortable fit.

This hat comes in various sizes to accommodate your head shape and size. It’s a popular choice for summer wear.

It is also a great option for travel since it’s lightweight and easy to pack. Just make sure you have a hat box and don’t put it in your luggage too often as it could get wet and cause damage to the crown.

When you remove it from its box, it is best to rest the hat on its crown, not on its brim, so it doesn’t distort. You can do this by holding the hat before you, standing it on its crown, or sitting it on a flat surface.

The brim of the hat is usually trimmed with a grosgrain hat band. The hat also has a leather interior sweatband and a satin liner for comfort.

The hat is often called the “LBJ hat” because President Lyndon B. Johnson and other notable American leaders so widely wore it. It is a classic frontier style, still favored by many statesmen, actors, and artists.

The CrownThe Crown

A stetson open-road hat is one of the most versatile hats you can own. It combines the ruggedness of a cowboy hat with an air of class and sophistication that amplifies your individuality instead of hiding it. The hat can be worn with a suit, jeans, or any other wardrobe piece to create a classic western look.

It can also be worn with a casual outfit for a bit of an edge. It works best with heritage menswear, such as Red Wing boots, cuffed selvage jeans, and a chambray shirt.

The Stetson Open Road hat is available in Black, Silverbelly (Light tan), Caribou (Grey), and Chocolate. It has a 4 1/4″ (front crease) regular oval crown, 2 3/4″ bound edge brim, and a grosgrain ribbon hatband. It is made in the USA of 6X fur felt and comes in a Stetson factory box.

A hat is a fashion accessory that can take a beating, so it’s important to keep it clean and dry when you don’t plan on wearing it. This will ensure your hat stays in great shape and lasts many years.

If you wear a hat a lot, we suggest getting one made with a more durable material, such as a Stetson Pure Open Road. This hat is made with 100% beaver fur felt and is very durable, but it can be quite expensive.

You should also consider purchasing a leather sweatband for your hat to make it more comfortable and secure. This will keep the hat from slipping during movement or even while working on a project.

Another option is purchasing a hat box for your Stetson hat to store. This will keep the hat from being damaged when you’re storing it, which can help extend the life of your hat and make it a more attractive purchase.

When you’re ready to wear your hat, we recommend using a soft ruler or tailor’s tape to measure around the hat and to see what size is the best fit for you. The hat band should be tight enough that you don’t have to push it on or off your head.

The Band

A stetson open road hat is a classic western style with a slightly upturned brim and a ribbon-bound edge that helps it stand out. It is available in several colors and is a great choice for any occasion.

A true Stetson classic, the Open Road hat was introduced in 1937 and worn by many prominent figures, from Harry S. Truman and Dwight Eisenhower to modern luminaries like Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy.

There are some reasons why the Open Road is considered one of Stetson’s most popular hats, from its simple construction to its durability to its timeless design. The Open Road is a must-have for anyone who appreciates quality and will be a perfect addition to your headwear collection.

This classic hat is made from high-quality 6X fur felt for unbeatable softness and resilience. It has a grosgrain hat band, Stetson branded pin for subtle texture, and a hand-sewn brown leather sweatband and satin liner for time-tested fit and premium comfort.

The Open Road hat is popular for various occasions, including weddings, parties, or even casual weekend wear. It is a great hat to wear with a suit or blue jeans and is perfect for anyone who enjoys a classic rancher style.

When determining the size of your hat, it is best to measure your head using a tape measure or string. This is important because you want to ensure that your hat fits properly without slacking or distorting too much.

To determine the hat’s height, you need to measure from the center of your forehead to the top of your ear. This is a good measurement when trying different styles of hats, as this will help you choose the best option.

There are a few different ways to figure out the hat’s height. Still, the best way is by placing a tape measure across your mid-forehead and completely circling it, holding it up. This will help you better understand the hat’s height and how long it is from your crown to the bottom of the brim.

Tips For How To Wear A Stetson Open Road Hat

  • Choose the right size: Make sure you choose the right size for your head. Measure your head and refer to a sizing chart to ensure a proper fit. A well-fitting hat will be more comfortable and look better.
  • Consider the occasion: The Stetson Open Road hat is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down. Consider the occasion and dress appropriately. Wear it with jeans and a button-up shirt for a more casual look. For a formal event, pair it with a suit and tie.
  • Match the hat to your outfit: The color of your hat should complement your outfit. If you’re wearing a darker suit, choose a lighter-colored hat. If you’re wearing a lighter outfit, choose a darker-colored hat.
  • Tilt the hat forward: The Stetson Open Road hat is traditionally worn tilted forward on the head. The brim should be low enough to shade your eyes from the sun but not so low that it obstructs your vision.
  • Wear it confidently: The most important thing when wearing a Stetson Open Road hat is to wear it with confidence. A hat can be a bold fashion statement, so wear it with pride and don’t be afraid to stand out.

Remember, the Stetson Open Road hat is a classic style that can be worn in various ways. With these tips, you can create a stylish and versatile look that is perfect for any occasion.


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If you are unable to pay your ambulance bill, you may be eligible for financial aid or payment arrangements. It’s advisable to talk with the EMS service directly to learn about your alternatives.

How should my hair be styled if I’m sporting a Stetson Open Road cap?

It is advised to avoid any loose or unruly hair and to arrange your hair neatly and evenly. A neat side part or slicked-back style might go well with the hat’s design.

Is the Stetson Open Road hat compatible with any attire?

A versatile piece of clothing, the Stetson Open Road hat goes well with both casual and formal clothes. When matching a hat with an outfit, it’s crucial to take the colour and fabric into account.

How should my Stetson Open Road hat be cared for?

Avoid exposing your hat to too much heat or moisture to keep it in good condition. To get rid of any dirt or debris, brush the hat with a soft-bristled brush. You may also remove any stains or markings by wiping them with a moist cloth.

Should I take off my Stetson Open Road cap before entering a structure or introducing myself to someone?

As a symbol of respect, it is traditional to take your hat off before entering a place or introducing yourself to someone. Yet in the end, it depends on each person’s preferences and the circumstances.

Can I add accessories to my Stetson Open Road hat?

Sure, you may add a hatband or feather for more elegance to your hat. It’s crucial to pick out accessories that go well with the hat’s style and colour.



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