How To Wear A Beanie With Short Hair?

How To Wear A Beanie With Short Hair?

How To Wear A Beanie With Short Hair?

Wearing a beanie with short hair can be a cute and cozy way to keep warm in cooler weather. Beanies are a great way to keep your head warm. However, they can also make a winter-style statement.

If you have short hair, a beanie is a perfect accessory. It can help you get the perfect winter look every time.

Beanies come in all different styles, materials, and sizes. So, what type is the best for you?

Short Hair

While a beanie may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering winter style, it can be a useful accessory. It will keep you warm and help hide a bad hair day, but only if worn correctly.

Beanies come in all shapes and sizes but can be challenging to wear with short hair. To make sure that you don’t have a hat head or look like a clown, here are some tips on how to wear a beanie with short hair:

The best bet for guys with short hair is a close-fitting beanie. These hats won’t obstruct your face and will give you a nice round shape.

Another good choice is a classic cuff beanie. These hats aren’t too tight, so they won’t flatten your hair and look great on a short bob or pixie cut.

A slouchy beanie may also be the best option for guys with short hair, especially if you have a wavy or curly hairstyle. Avoid a tight-fitting beanie, or it’ll look bulky and obstructive.

Lastly, if you want to show off your hairstyle, a beanie with a wide brim might be the way to go. This is because a wide brim will protect your hair from the elements and add a stylish flair to your outfit.

The best bet for ladies with short hair is to get a nice oversized sunhat. This is particularly effective if you live in an area that gets a lot of sunshine, as it will protect your strands from the sun’s damaging rays.

Long HairLong Hair

The length of your hair can make a big difference in how well a beanie will look on you. Long strands tend to look best with slim-fitted beanies as they balance out the length of your tresses and help to reveal your face.

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Likewise, you may want to avoid beanie styles that are too slouchy, as they can overwhelm your head and hide your face. Instead, stick with classic and close-fitting beanies that sit just below your ears and are comfortable to wear.

If you have short strands, you can wear a beanie with bangs to frame your face and give yourself a more sophisticated appearance. You can style your hair into a braid, bun, or ponytail and then throw on a beanie to complete the look!

One of the easiest ways to get a cool look with your beanie is to pair it with an outfit designed for casual wear. For instance, a neutral wool coat, a graphic T-shirt, and light-wash denim create a streetwear look perfect for chilly days.

You can also wear a beanie with a double braid, keeping your strands out of your face while giving you a chic look. A simple fishtail braid will work well with this style, but you can also try other styles, such as a double dutch or even a side braid.

Another way to get a stylish look with your beanie is to wear it above your ears and high on your forehead. This style was popular among World War II veterans, and it will give you a laid-back and oh-so-classy look.

However, remember that this beanie style may not suit all hair types. For example, if you have long curly locks, you will want to avoid wearing a tight beanie, as it can cause your strands to become bulky and messy.

Alternatively, you can choose a slouchy beanie that sits on your head but doesn’t hang backward. This will allow your strands to fall loose at the sides and back, making them appear more flattering.

Medium Hair

If you’re wearing a beanie, the best way to avoid a hair disaster is to ensure it fits snugly and is free of tangles. To keep your locks looking sleek, apply a good quality shampoo and conditioner before you wrap it up in your favorite cap. Once you’re done, spray on a good dose of hairspray for extra hold.

The beanie enthusiast will also appreciate that a beanie can improve your hair’s overall texture and shine by removing frizz. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, try using a hot tool to get it straight before you put your beanie on. To add a splash of class, consider spritzing your hair with Love Beauty and Planet Sandalwood & Grapeseed Natural Oil Infusion to help it maintain its glossy sheen.

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What are your favorite winter-style tips and tricks? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below. The more feedback we receive, the better we can provide our readers with even more great styling ideas!

Thick Hair

Thick Hair

A beanie is a necessary part of fall fashion, especially for those in cooler climates. But wearing one with thick hair can be a challenge. It’s important to understand the right styling techniques for your specific hair type to ensure you look your best in a beanie.

When choosing a beanie, keeping your face shape in mind is essential. For example, if you have a round or square face, you’ll want a plain beanie that doesn’t cover your entire forehead and ears. If you have a more oval face, however, you’ll be able to wear almost any style of beanie that fits your needs.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a beanie is its knit. You must choose a hat with a loose weave, as this will give you more leeway with your thick hair and prevent the knit from uncomfortably trapping your strands.

If you wear your beanie in a slouchy style, it’s also important to ensure you don’t overdo it. This is because it can make your hat appear bulky and ill-fitting, so avoid this if you have curly or thick locks.

To avoid staticky, curly hair from your beanie, try using heat tamer spray and straightening your hair with a flat iron. This will also help to protect your strands from damage.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can let your bangs hang over your eyebrows and then pull them up into a low bun or ponytail to finish your look. This is a simple and fun way to add texture to your look, and it works perfectly with a beanie.

Here Are Some Tips For How To Wear A Beanie With Short Hair

  • Keep it simple: A classic, plain beanie can look great with short hair. Choose a color complimenting your outfit, and wear the beanie pulled down over your ears for a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Try a slouchy beanie: A slouchy beanie can be a stylish choice for short hair. Wear it pushed back slightly on your head to create a relaxed and casual look.
  • Experiment with different materials: Beanies come in various materials, from wool to cotton to cashmere. Try different materials to find the most comfortable and suitable for the weather.
  • Show off your hair: If you have a cute haircut, don’t be afraid to let it show! Wear the beanie pushed back slightly to show off your hair and add interest to your outfit.
  • Add accessories: You can add style to your beanie by accessorizing it with a scarf or statement earrings. A chunky scarf or bold earrings can help balance out the beanie and create a chic and polished look.
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Remember that the best way to wear a beanie with short hair is to experiment and find the style that suits your taste and style. Then, with creativity, you can create a unique and stylish look in which you feel confident and comfortable.


Can I wear a beanie with my short hair?

A beanie can look fantastic on short hair, yes. It may provide your appearance a pleasant and fashionable touch.

What beanie would be best for my short hair?

Choose a beanie that is not overly big or heavy. Depending on your unique style, a fitted or slouchy beanie may be a nice option.

How can I wear a beanie without making my short hair seem unkempt?

Maintain a tidy hairstyle and tuck your hair behind your ears. This will assist prevent any untidy or sloppy appearance.

Can I put on a beanie at a formal occasion with short hair?

A beanie is not appropriate attire for a formal occasion. A beanie is more relaxed and appropriate for casual attire.

How can someone with short hair decorate their beanie?

A scarf or a pair of bold earrings can finish the ensemble. Make sure they go with your dress and beanie.

How should I take care of my short hair when wearing a beanie?

Steer clear of keeping a beanie on for too long. Take rest periods to allow your hair to breathe and minimise damage. Maintain the health and moisture of your hair by using a high-quality hair product.