How To Style Your Hair With A Claw?

How To Style Your Hair With A Claw?

How To Style Your Hair With A Claw?

Claw clips are a ’90s staple that has come back on Instagram and TikTok. They’re easy to style and work for all hair types, lengths, and textures.

One of the most classic claw clip looks is the French twist. Gather all your strands, twist them, and then secure them with a large claw clip.

French Twist

French Twist

Claw clips have always been popular with ’90s fashion, but now they’re making a major comeback. Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber are proving the trend’s staying power. So you might want to consider investing in some of these chic accessories before they’re all gone!

One of the easiest claw clip hairstyles to try is a classic French twist, a common sight at weddings and proms. Instead of using bobby pins, gather your hair in one hand and twist tightly around the clip, pulling it up from the bottom to secure it.

Whether you want to wear this look on your next date night or at a formal event, it will turn heads with its elegant yet easy-to-style details. It’s also a great way to add a little height to your head, especially if you have thin or fine hair.

The key to getting this look is to use a high-quality clip that won’t break or unravel as you style your hair (like the Balmain Pince, a Cheveux Large White clip). This will keep your updo from falling apart during the day and ensure your style stays put all night long, so you can get more out of your ‘do.

Try applying a texturizing pomade or hair serum before clipping your hair into this style to keep your strands from falling out. This will help your tresses hold their shape and twirl over the clip without causing it to fall out, which is a big concern for some people when wearing a claw clip.

This ‘do is a great alternative to the traditional ponytail or braid because it’s more low-key and less formal. To achieve this look, simply create a low bun toward the nape of your neck and twist up the remaining hair before securing it with a claw clip.

Half-Up Bun

If you’re looking for an effortless and super-polished hairstyle, the Half-Up Bun is the way to go. This hairstyle will complement any outfit and is perfect for day-to-night wear.

To get this look, start by separating your hair into two sections and tying one section in a ponytail. Then, wrap the other section of your hair around the base of your ponytail to create a half-up bun.

This simple style is great for medium-length hair and is a simple way to show off your natural texture. In addition, you can add a few bangs to your hairstyle for extra volume and dimension.

You can use a large claw clip to secure this look, but you can also use smaller claw clips if you’d prefer a more subtle hair accessory. Then, tuck a few pieces of your hair into the clip for an extra chic finish.

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While a French Twist is the most classic claw clip style, you can also experiment with other styles. TikTok’s Sophie Hannah created three different styles using a small claw clip:

  • The half-up-half-down twist
  • The half-up-half-down ponytail
  • The two-twist braid

Another easy claw clip look is a twisted bun. This is a great option for women who love to exercise but don’t want their hair to get in the way.

Licensed cosmetologist Dawna Jarvis recommends spritzing your hair with a sea salt spray to help it hold up as you exercise. This will give your hair a natural shine and prevent it from drooping over time.

Low French Twist

Low French Twist

Claw clips are the latest trend making a comeback, and they’re not only available in a variety of colors and sizes, but they also make styling your hair a breeze. They’re especially popular with long hair because they can secure your hair in several ways, from braids to ponytails.

Try a Low French Twist with your claw clip if you want a quick and easy hairstyle. It’s a low and sleek style perfect for showing off your length and adding texture to your hair.

Start by creating a center part and leaving out face-framing pieces for softness. Next, gather all your hair from the top of your ears to your mid-crown, and tease it back for volume.

Then, smooth your hair back with a comb or fingers to ensure it’s as sleek as possible. Once flat, attach a large claw clip to the twist at the mid-section of your head.

Once you’ve got your clip in place, wrap the front sections of your hair around the twist, tucking them into the twist as you go. This will create a subtle lift on top of your hair that’s more flattering to your face than the classic French Twist.

You can also use a claw clip to create a more high and secure version of the Low French Twist. Stylist Kira Burnside suggests using a Kitsch Open Shape Claw Clip to secure this style.

This style is an easy way to create a chic, polished look that is perfect for any occasion. It’s ideal for those who want to showcase their long, thick hair. And best of all, it’s a great hairstyle to wear while working out since the clip can easily be removed to let you move on with your workout routine.

French Braid

A claw clip is an easy way to add glam to any hairstyle. But it can be tricky to get the perfect look when you’re not a stylist. That’s where a claw clip tutorial comes in handy.

TikTok’s Sophie Hannah has shown us how to achieve three styles using a claw clip. The first is the twist and clip, in which you wrap your hair around your index finger and secure it with a large square claw clip.

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Next, try a half-up-half-down style. Like the French braid, this simple technique will take only seconds to complete.

Depending on your length, gathering your hair into a low ponytail might be easiest before securing it with a claw clip. But if your hair is thick, using a hairband or other hair grip is best to keep the style in place instead of tying it up.

To start, separate a section of your hair into three smaller sections near the crown of your head. Then follow the same pattern as a regular braid: left strand over the center, right strand over the middle.

Once you’ve completed this a few times, you can begin to bring in additional hair pieces. Before crossing a section to the center, pick up a small piece of hair from that side of your head and cross it over to your main strand.

Work in new hair from both sides of your head for a more complex braid. Just make sure to pick up hair that isn’t as dirty.

High Ponytail

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends, you might have noticed claw clips have come back. They’re a great way to add some sexy grit to your look without using hair elastics or bobby pins, and they aren’t difficult to master!

Claw clips are like jewelry for your hair, coming in various colors and shapes. They’re also super affordable and versatile — so you can use them in various hairstyles!

This ’90s hair trend is making a big comeback in the fashion world, and you can wear it with any length of hair. You might be surprised at how easy it is to style your hair with a claw clip, even if you’re thin or have thick hair.

To get this sexy, twirly style, simply twist your hair around an index finger and secure it with a large square claw clip. You can twirl it up or leave some of your ends flopped out for a less formal look.

You can also use a few claw clips to create a high ponytail. This look is perfect for a coffee run and adds flair to your outfit.

The best thing about this look is that it’s so simple to achieve — all you need is a few claw clips and some grit and texture in your hair to pull it off.

To complete this chic OOTD, swap out your ballet flats for white cowboy boots instead. This will help counterbalance the sexy grit and femininity of the button-down flannel shirt and green floral midi skirt for which this look is so perfect.

Styling Your Hair With A Claw Clip Is A Quick And Easy Way To Create An Effortless Look. Here’s How To Do It:

  • Start by brushing your hair to remove any tangles and knots.
  • Gather your hair in your hand as if you were creating a ponytail. If you want a messy, casual look, you can leave some pieces of hair out around your face.
  • Hold your hair in the position you want and use the claw clip to secure it. Make sure the teeth of the clip are facing toward your head.
  • If you have thick or heavy hair, you may need to use more than one claw clip to keep your hair in place.
  • Adjust the clip as needed to ensure your hair is secure and in the position you want.
  • If you want to add some volume or texture to your hair, gently tease it with a comb or brush before using the claw clip.
  • Finish off your look with hairspray to keep your hair in place.
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Claw clips come in various sizes and styles, so you can choose one that suits your hair type and the look you’re going for. With a little practice, you can create various styles using a claw clip, from messy buns to half-up hairstyles.