How To Style Wet Hair In A Hurry?

How To Style Wet Hair In A Hurry?

How To Style Wet Hair In A Hurry?

Styling wet hair in a hurry can be a challenge, but there are a few quick and easy techniques that you can use to style your hair and still look great. Whether you slept through your alarm or you’re just running late, there are times when you need a quick wet hairstyle. Here are five easy looks to rock in a pinch.

These wet hairstyles take no time at all and look amazingly cute. So grab some hair elastics and a scrunchie!

Sleek Ponytail

Sleek ponytails are one of the most popular hairstyles for women. This style is easy to wear and works well with various hair types. It can even be done on natural hair.

To get the most out of a sleek ponytail, you must ensure that your hair is clean and dry. Start by washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to remove dirt or oils. You may also want to apply a moisturizing cream before styling your hair.

When your hair is clean, you can begin to comb it out and make sure that all the strands are straightened. This step will help the style to sit flat and straight, making it easier to style in a hurry.

Next, you can create a low ponytail that sits on the nape of your neck or a high ponytail that rests on the crown of your head. Depending on your height, you may need to add a few curls or waves to give your ponytail the right volume.

Once you’ve created your ponytail, you can spritz on a shine-enhancing spray to keep it looking polished throughout the day. You can also use a styling pomade or leave-in conditioner to add texture and grip to the style.

Another way to style a sleek ponytail is by adding a splash of color. This style can be unique and add a pop of personality to your look. You can try a red or purple ponytail to stand out.

The best part about this look is that it’s super easy to create and requires no time. It’s perfect for days when you don’t have much time to spend on your hair.

You can add extensions to a sleek ponytail to amp up the drama. The key is to make sure that the extensions are placed carefully so that they don’t show through the bottom part of your hair.

Sleek Bun

When you have a hectic day ahead and don’t have time to blow dry, a sleek bun is a perfect way to get a polished look. Whether you have curly hair or straight, long, or short, you can style a sleek bun with ease.

The best part about a sleek bun is that it can be worn in a low or high style, so it’s a great option for both formal events and casual days. You can even add a few flowers to your bun for added flair.

Beauty expert Christina Marrale says you can create a chic, sophisticated look by tying your hair into a high bun. To achieve this look:

  • Start by tying your hair into a low ponytail and working it up to the crown area.
  • Twist the hair around the base of the ponytail to create a bun.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the appearance of your bun, secure it in place with bobby pins.
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Another simple method to make a sleek bun is using a donut-shaped foam bun base. This will help to hide any stray pieces of hair and give you more control over the shape and volume of your bun, suggests Cole.

Apply a little texturizing spray to your bun before you secure it with bobby pins. This will add extra volume to your hair and keep it in place all day.

A sleek bun can also be a great alternative to a braid. It’s easier to manage and less likely to damage your hair, says Marrale. The bun can be adorned with flowers and floral pins to add more style, she says.

This is the easiest hairstyle you can do in a hurry, and it will leave your strands smooth and shiny. To get the perfect look, you need to prep your strands by brushing them through with a boar bristle hairbrush and applying some texturizing spray, recommends Marrale.

If you’re looking for an easy hairstyle that will get you out the door in a flash, try one of these five quick and stylish looks. These styles will be a huge help when you’re in a pinch, and they’ll also make you feel good about yourself!


If you need to style your hair in a hurry, braids are an excellent option. They look chic, and they’re easy to make. They are also a good choice for short strands, requiring less product than long hair.

While braiding is a quick and easy hairstyle, it can lead to damage if not done properly. If you want to keep your tresses healthy, try using products like a leave-in conditioner and a gel before doing the braiding.

Before starting a braid, run your fingers through the hair and remove any knots or tangles. This will make it easier to work the braid into your strands and prevent breakage, says Dellinger.

Once the tangles have been removed, divide the hair into three sections. Then, grab two strands from the left side of your hair tightly and one strand from the right side. Cross the two strands over each other, and place them underneath the first strand. Repeat this process until you reach the ends of your hair, then secure it with a clear elastic.

This style can be worn in various ways and suits all hair types. It looks great on both long and short strands, and it’s especially nice for curly tresses because it creates waves that are soft and pretty.

If you’re looking for a more complex style, try French or Dutch braids. These are a bit more difficult to do, but they can look amazing.

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While they may be tricky to master, these styles are a great option for women with wavy or curly hair. They’ll create gorgeous curls in your strands, and they’re also a great way to add texture and volume to your hair.

To keep the waves from getting too flat and messy, braid the strands as tight as possible but not so tight that they create a crimped look. You can experiment with different techniques until you find the best way to achieve your desired style, but try to be careful not to pull too hard while braiding, as it can cause snags and breakage in your strands.

Twisted Bun

One of the easiest ways to style wet hair quickly is using a twisted bun. Not only is this hairstyle very easy to do, but it looks super cool too!

For this look, you simply need to gather some hair into a high ponytail and then twist it clockwise before securing it. Then, you can either pin it or put a hair band around the top of it to keep it in place.

Whether you have long or short hair, a twisted bun can flatter any woman. It also helps you avoid looking like you’ve had a bad hair day (and let’s face it, no one wants to see a messy bun).

You can add extra pizzazz by braiding a single thick strand into your twisted bun. You can then wrap this strand around the base of your bun to give it a little more shape.

This twisted bun is a great choice for any occasion, whether you’re going to work or a party! It’s easy to do and can be used with any hair length.

If you have curly hair that tends to get frizzy in the summer heat, this twisted bun is an excellent option for keeping it in place and looking sleek and beautiful. You can even tuck the ends of your curls into the bun for a cute and stylish finish.

Another great way to style a twisted bun is to use small, thin hair ties. Tie the first pigtail and then twist it around itself to form a bun. Repeat this step for the other pigtail.

You’ll want to make sure that the hair you’re putting into the bun is clean and dry, so be sure to brush it through before you start. This will prevent comb marks from showing through the rest of your hair and help it stay in place better.

If you don’t have time to do a messy bun, there are several other ways to style your wet hair quickly. You can go for a low twisted bun, a chestnut bun, or two twisted buns.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Style Wet Hair In A Hurry:

  • Use a leave-in conditioner: A leave-in conditioner can help tame frizz and add shine to your hair. Apply a small amount to your wet hair and distribute it evenly.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb: Use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your hair. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots.
  • Opt for a simple style: When you’re short on time, it’s best to go for a simple hairstyle. A slicked-back look, a low bun, or a messy bun can be a great option for wet hair.
  • Use a hair tie: To create a simple hairstyle, use a tie to secure your hair in a bun or ponytail. You can also use a headband or scarf to add interest to your hairstyle.
  • Blow-dry your hair: If you have a few extra minutes, you can use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry your hair. Use your fingers to scrunch your hair as you blow-dry to create a textured look.
  • Use a dry shampoo: If your hair is still wet and you’re short on time, use a dry shampoo to absorb any excess moisture and add some volume to your hair.
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Remember, the key to styling wet hair in a hurry is to keep it simple and use the right products and tools. With a little practice, you can create a quick and easy hairstyle that still looks great.


What to do with wet hair after shower?

The majority of people either wrap a towel around the top of their head or rub their hair dry after washing it to eliminate extra water. This is not the recommended method. Instead, use a towel to gently pat your wet hair while loosely wrapping the towel around your hair and holding it there for a few minutes to absorb any remaining water.

Is it OK to style wet hair?

In a nutshell: Wet styling is for everyone! Yet, the technique offers various advantages for various hair types. Straight hair can be changed in texture without the use of a blow-dryer, curling iron, or flat iron via wet styling. You can style your hair when it’s damp to give it a wave, curl, or bump.

How do I style my hair without washing it?

Making a hairstyle is simple and can be done using a styling mousse, styling spray, or by just rewetting your hair. So the most straightforward choice is to pull it back into a chic braid or chignon. Our advice: Don’t forget to use hairspray to hold your hairstyle in place.

How can I style my wet hair without heat?

Wrap freshly washed hair around rollers and let it dry overnight after misting it with a thickening spray. This is potentially one of the quickest and simplest ways to increase volume without heating. Just backcomb your dry hair at the crown of your head with a fine-tooth comb.

Why is my hair frizzy when wet?

Even when wet, hair that is dry and yearning for moisture will fly away and become frizzy. Damage, incorrect moisturization, and strong surfactants can all cause dry hair.