How To Style Versace Platform Heels?

How To Style Versace Platform Heels?

How To Style Versace Platform Heels?

Nobody is more stylish than Versace if you’re looking for oh-so-high heels. Their Medusa Aevitas Pumps are an essential part of the fashion-conscious and are featured in runway fashions and red carpets.

While the ankle-breaking height can be a little risky, there are many methods to help make the look appropriate for everyday wear. From puff sleeves to printed dresses, There are plenty of options to make this a sane style beyond runways.

What To Wear With Versace Platform Heels?

What To Wear With Versace Platform Heels?


The sweater dress can be a classic worn all year, and it’s simple to dress in various ways. However, if you want to stand out with your favorite dress, try adding the Versace platform shoes for a polished and stylish outfit.

Platform shoes from Versace are among the most popular for 2022 and have quickly been a sought-after fashion trend. While these shoes can be extremely cozy, they’re fashionable and will take your style to new levels!

The high-heeled heels of the sky are ideal for those looking to showcase their legs. In addition, they’re an excellent choice to pair with the right sweater dress with an ankle-bearing, streamlined hemline. For example, Copenhagen street style star Emili Sindlev wore her dark Versace Mary Jane platform heels with the turtleneck mini dress she posted on Instagram. In the meantime, L.A.-based Lionne founder and designer Latoia Fitzgerald went for an all-white loafer version to match an oversized turtleneck and cut-off socks.

If you’re looking to wear a sweater dress with platforms, the most important thing is to find a balance between the proportions of both pieces. “I like to offset a boldly sculpted piece with a more conservative one,” says stylist Francesca Panzoni.

You can pair an elegant sweater with thigh-high booties for a classic appearance. This will create an elegant appearance suitable for various occasions, like dinner at work or casual dinner.

If you’re seeking a casual look, you could consider pairing your sweater with sneakers. They’re the easiest pair of shoes to wear with dresses and look fantastic with casual and more formal outfits.

Another option to style your sweater dress is by wearing an oversized vest. Vests are an excellent way to give your outfit a more textured look and make you appear larger.

Vests can be worn with various jackets, such as blazers and trench coats. You can also pair the vest with long sleeves for a more casual appearance that looks professional.

Tweed Jacket

If you love Versace platform heels, consider pairing them with the Tweed jacket. This is a great option to make an outfit fashionable and comfortable. You can also wear this jacket, shorts, or jeans for a casual appearance. Ensure your tweed jacket doesn’t appear too heavy to keep the look from looking formal.

If you plan to go out for a night dress your tweed jacket in an elegant dress. You can buy an edgy tweed skirt or a more retro version. If you want to dress more casually you could also put on your Tweed jacket with skinny jeans and heels.

This outfit is the perfect way to transition from working to playing and is ideal for people who want to look sophisticated without being too pretentious. You could even wear your tweed jacket with a silk blouse for more elegance and femininity.

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Another way to dress a jacket made of tweed is to pair your tweed jacket and leather pant. This is an excellent option to go out with friends. However, it is also stylish when dining out with your pals.

This is a reliable outfit that is suitable for almost any event. Make sure you match the tweed jacket to your shoes and pants.

A tweed jacket can be a great match with wide-leg trousers or flared pants that are also perfect for a casual appearance. If you’re unsure what to wear with your tweed jacket, wear the jacket with a button-up shirt or a silky blouse with Ruffles to give it a more sophisticated style.

The trick to styling a tweed jacket Versace platform is to ensure your proportions are in harmony. For example, Copenhagen street-style star Emili Sindlev has worn dark Mary Jane platform heels with knit socks and an oversized turtleneck dress. Milanese Chiara Ferragni wore the platform heel in neon pink instead and wore an oversized sweater to balance its bulk. Try adding the tights to your outfit to prevent the platform heel from appearing too bulky when you walk.

Tweed Shorts

Tweed Shorts

Tweed shorts are ideal for every occasion, but especially when paired with the hottest fashion trend, platform heels! So if you’re going to a posh restaurant or enjoying brunch with your loved ones, the shorts will provide you with an elegant style that will delight you.

It is possible to pair these shorts with a shirt you like in any hue or print. You could also try traditional shirts, a tie front top, or a cardigan to match the tweed tone in the pants. If you’re looking to be a bit extra adventurous, why not opt for a boldly printed top with a pair of shoes with the platform?

Its Versace collection for the fall of 2021 was full of glitter and latex; however, the vintage-style platform heel made it stand out. The brand launched the heels in a range of styles and colors with a modern design and adding a bit of a grunge element to the style.

The models wore the high-heeled footwear as a statement piece, while others opted for a tweed outfit decorated with various colors of glitter. The outfit was a hit, and the glitter and the latex made the model’s appearance longer than normal.

If you’re searching for shoes with platform soles that make a statement in your wardrobe, It’s impossible to get them in the wrong direction with these Versace chain mule sandals in tweed. They’re made of wool tweed with an embroidered silver and gold design. They’re also adorned with chains and fringe, so you’ll receive plenty of attention!

These Versace platform shoes in tweed are the perfect addition to any summer dress and are available in various shades. They are also available in a shade of blue Fuschia, which means you can wear them with any outfit this summer!

If you’re not yet ready to spend the money on one of these costly Versace shoes with platforms or if you just need to save some money, there is always an equivalent online. They’re offered in various colors and come with scores of favorable reviews, which means you can’t go wrong! They’re a great option to refresh your shoe wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Maxi Dress

You can choose to dress up your casual maxi dress or dress it up with a more formal one; Versace platform heels are the ideal way to give your outfit extra height and elegance. They’re also extremely versatile and can be paired with everything.

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One of the most popular trends for this season is the trend of platform shoes, and Versace has already launched some of the most sought-after designs to this point. Medusa satin platform shoes are worn by celebs and celebrities and come in a range of colors, from black to neon pink.

When you are dressing in a maxi dress in heels, the trick is to select an appropriate pair that complements the form and hue of your dress. This can be achieved by selecting a dress that has an edgy style, such as an ankle bootie or chunky heels.

Another method to wear a maxi dress with heels is to pair it with an oversized cardigan. This trend has been around for some time but is taking off in the current season. But, again, it’s the chicest style, and it’s easy to pull effortlessly without worrying whether the climate will be a problem or your clothes getting too hot.

It is also possible to wear an embroidered maxi dress with a trendy jacket that will give your outfit a more punk-inspired style. An all-black leather coat and high-heeled boots will make the outfit more stylish and give you that tough woman style.

A pair of heels with a platform is the perfect choice to go out with girlfriends. They’re easy to style and are available in various sizes to ensure you get an ideal fitting.

If you’re unsure how to style your maxi dress with heels, consider adding a pair of tights! This will balance the bulk of your dress and make it more comfortable to walk in.

You could also pair this maxi dress with socks, making it a more romantic and feminine look. This is an excellent style for evenings out on the town or at weddings because it’s simple yet elegant and gorgeous.

What To Pair With Versace Platform Heels?

The Versace Platform Heels are a fashion-forward shoe that will elevate any outfit. They are made to make a striking fashion statement and are perfect for ladies who wish to make a statement in the crowd. Here are some ideas for pairing the Versace platform heels. Versace high-heeled shoes:

  • With A Little Black Dress

A simple black dress is an ideal match with your Versace heels, creating an elegant and chic style. Select the classic LBD, which hugs the curves of your body in all proper places. Pair the look with Versace heels to create a stunning evening outfit.

  • With Wide Leg Trousers

These wide-legged trousers can be an excellent option to counterbalance the high heels of the Versace platform heels, giving you an elegant and chic appearance. Select a neutral hue such as navy, black or beige, and wear it with a smart top or sweater for an elegant and refined style.

  • With A Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are an excellent opportunity to show off your Versace platform shoes, giving you an elegant and feminine look. Pick a maxi dress with an eye-catching print or vibrant hue, and match it with Versace heels to create a stunning and striking style.

  • With A Leather Skirt

With A Leather Skirt

The leather-look skirt can be a fantastic option to add some edge to your Versace platform shoes, creating an exciting and striking appearance. Select the midi or mini-length leather skirt, and wear it with a blouse that is tucked in or a sweater to create a stylish and trendy style.

  • With A Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are the perfect option to add texture to your Versace platform shoes, creating an elegantly casual look. Select a midi or mini denim skirt and pair it with a tucked-in blouse sweater to create a casual and easy style.

  • With A Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is an excellent option to create a monochromatic look when you wear your Versace heels, creating an elegant and stylish style. Pick a neutral shade, such as a navy or black jumpsuit, and wear it with Versace heels to create a striking and elegant style.

  • With A Blazer

A blazer can be a fantastic option to add body to those Versace platform shoes, creating a stylish and elegant appearance. Select a tailored blazer in neutral colors such as navy or black, and pair it with wide-leg pants or a skirt for a stylish and polished appearance.

  • With A Turtleneck

A turtleneck is an excellent option to offset the high heels of the Versace platform shoes, creating an elegant and chic style. Pick a neutral shade such as black, beige, or navy, and wear it with wide-legged pants or a skirt to create a sleek and elegant style.

  • With A Bodysuit

A bodysuit is an excellent option to achieve an effortless look when you wear your Versace platform shoes, creating an elegant and chic style. Pick a bodysuit with neutral shades such as navy or black, and wear it with wide-leg pants or a skirt to create a stunning and elegant appearance.

  • With High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are an excellent method to reduce the high heels of your Versace heels that create an elegant and stylish style. Instead, select a neutral hue, such as navy or black, and wear it with a tucked-in shirt or jacket for a neat and refined appearance.

  • With A Button-Down Shirt

A button-down shirt is an excellent option to add shape to your Versace platform shoes to create a sophisticated and elegant style. 

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Are Versace high heels comfortable?

This year, everyone will be drawn to the wide, high heel that is made comfy by the platform. They’re shoes that are made to be seen, whether you want the classy, square-toe mule pair or the ankle-boots for everyday wear.

What to pair platform shoes with?

Why not combine platform boots with other like unconventional wardrobe essentials as they are a bit unexpected themselves? Consider shearling-lined denim jackets, cuffed jeans, white button-up shirts with lace collars, and embellished trench coats.

Are platform heels in style 2023?

The platform has returned and is now considerably more adaptable than before. We predicted platforms will return as one of the upcoming shoe trends for 2023 earlier this year.

Are platform heels still in style?

Since the 1990s, platform shoes have been in and out of fashion, but in recent years, it appears that the trend is here to stay thanks to the participation of every major brand in the creation of platform versions of its most well-known shoes.

Why are platform heels so popular?

If you plan to do a lot of standing or walking throughout the day, platform heels are a smart option to basic stilettos since they provide extra padding and support.