How To Style Union Dunks?

How To Style Union Dunks?

How To Style Union Dunks?

Nike and Union LA have teamed up for two Dunk Lows that include ripstop outer layering, which can be removed to reveal the uppers of the leather that are colored. The blue and dusty “Argon” and “Court purple pair are part of the retailer’s “Passport Pack’.

Created in collaboration with Chris Gibbs, the owner of the union brand, these sneakers celebrate the world and inspire culture. They also present a modern take on Dunks from the beginning of the 2000s.

Some Tips For Styling Them.

Keep it simple

The Nike Dunk Low has been the most sought-after silhouette of the year, and various colorful colorways have made it to the market. But, if you’re seeking something more subtle to pair with your favorite pants and T-shirt, then a plain Union x Nike Dunk may be the best option.

The Nike Dunk Low from Union LA combines ripstop uppers, exposed stitching, and the Union Frontman symbol. It’s part of Nike’s “Passport Pack,” which honors Union Owner Chris Gibbs’ years-long hunt for rare sneakers and streetwear in the early 2000s.

First spotted on Instagram by @ryivibes and @die_sel666, the sneakers sport a two-tone color block with a grid-like design and visible contrast stitching. They also have an underlay of leather in various shades of blue, which sits over an all-white Dunk midsole.

For a touch of design to the look, Union’s Frontman logo is visible on the soles of both shoes and the second side. The tag is yellow and reads “UN/LA.” it is affixed to the stitching above the Swoosh. An icy blue sole wraps around both versions.

It’s an insignificant element that’s easy to miss; however, it adds a bit of class to these shoes. Additionally, this Frontman design on the heel of these shoes gives them a look more distinct compared to other Dunks on the market this year.

If you’re trying to dress your union x Nike Dunk Low, The best first step is to choose an outfit of light-colored clothing to complement the hues of the shoe. There are various shorts, shirts, and other styles available in light blue from Nike Sportswear.

For a casual style, it is also possible to try wearing black jeans with a dark t-shirt. A striped t-shirt with an easy-to-read print is a good option, like shorts with contrasting colors for added interest.

You may also tie your shoes in various ways based on your preferences. The most popular method is cross-linking the two lengths of the shoelaces to the middle before running them through the eyelets on top to form a bar across your tongue. However, you could also test straight bars if you’re feeling adventurous.

Keep it casual

When dressing, a pair of union dunks. There are three main aspects: color, design, and material. It is important to ensure that the color is at the center of attention; however, you don’t want it to overwhelm the other elements.

When you’re wearing them in conjunction with jeans or shorts, You want to make sure that they feel and look informal without appearing too loud. A neutral shade such as white, black, or grey is a good starting point.

If you’re not a big fan of neutrals, it’s always possible to make things more interesting by adding patterns or textures. For instance, the Dunk Low is a great shoe to experiment with because the pattern will make a statement on the upper.

For instance, this one union x Nike Dunk Low “Passport Pack” is a trio of three pairs paying homage to Chris Gibbs’ travels for rare sneakers and streetwear in the decade of the ’00s. Inspiring themselves by the most famous Dunks from the period, the shoes have been modernized with ripstop uppers and stitching that is left unfinished.

This is the first of three colorways: the Nike Dunk Low x Union “Pistachio,” inspired by a pair exclusive to Europe from 2003. The pair will be available through Union Los Angeles and via special New York City pop-ups on Friday, Tuesday, February 11. Two additional colors will be released in March.

The 2nd Dunk Low in the set is the “Argon,” which pays tribute to Japan-only designs of the early ’00s. Likewise, The third set, “Court Purple,” is an ideal match for spring. Both have the nylon ripstop upper, which can be removed to give an elegant leather look.

The Dunk Lows will come with hangtags that resemble boarding passes and have been designed to look like bag tags you could discover on a backpack. This is a subtle reference to the theme of travel that the founder Gibbs has employed in previous collaborations, contributing to the overall look of the sneakers.

Although the union hasn’t dropped any sneakers that were collaborative in the past, it’s now expected to join its place within the Nike fold with the new “Passport Pack” collection that’s expected to launch sometime in 2022. These will likely be among the union’s most-loved pairs to date, and we will likely see them sold quickly.

Keep it coolKeep it cool

Nike Dunk Low is a sneaker that isn’t given any respect. Yet, it’s been updated in the hands of Los Angeles streetwear boutique Union in a very creative manner. The idea behind the design is to reconsider the iconic design elements of the silhouette. It features the upper in semi-translucent nylon, protected by visible stitching and a UN/LA tag on the fabric. It’s a sneaker that looks as great as it is.

Union x Nike has released three different colorways from the Dunk Low in a “Passport Pack” theme inspired by the owner Chris Gibbs’ travels across the globe to hunt down exclusive streetwear and sneakers during the 2000s. Based on the exclusive Europe-exclusive “Pistachio” Dunk High from 2003, the first one is on sale today in Union LA and a special New York City pop-up. The ‘Argon’ and the ‘Court Purple editions will follow in March.

The “Pistachio” model has a gridded nylon ripstop upper with white and purple accents. Swooshes of yellow and contrast stitching make the design complete. The Union Frontman logo appears on the heel of a tiny black patch. The heel. A unique themed hangtag is contained inside a boarding pass-like packaging.

The Dunk Low is a great example of how to dress the sneaker, particularly if you’re a big fan of the Nike brand and its outdoors-inspired designs. It also comes with a unique design that makes it among the fascinating sneakers to be released in 2022.

The “Passport Pack” is the most recent in joint ventures with the union and Nike Sportswear. It’s also the first sneaker to be released by the union after they released the Air Jordan 4 Retro “Tent & Trail” collection. As a result, it’s a great opportunity to introduce the union’s brand to members of the Nike family.

Keep it classic

Following the release of the “Pistachio” and “Pistachio” pair last month, the next Union LA sneaker release will come as “Argon” and “Court Purple” variations of the Nike Dunk Low Passport Pack. In keeping with the theme of travel and a travel theme, both colors pay tribute to Japan-exclusive Dunks that were exclusive to people who visited Japan in the early to mid-2000s.

The idea behind the design is to encourage a world travel experience; every variation of the sneaker has transparent ripstop uppers, which can be removed to reveal premium leather beneath. The design isn’t what you’d expect from a traditional Nike sneaker; however, it allows for designing something entirely distinct.

The Dunk Low “Argon” takes inspiration from a pair of rare Japanese Dunks found by Union owner Chris Gibbs. At the same time, the version in ‘Court Purple’ is a shade that honors the 1999 exclusive Japan-exclusive City Pack Dunk. The purple mesh is set over white overlays with yellow contrast stitching all over the shoe, while UN/LA tags are adorning the midfoot, and union’s halo figure leaps across the front and heel.

If you’re a fan of the ‘Argon’ or ‘Court Purple’ versions, You can purchase them at certain Nike accounts at NBHD and SNKRS. Take a look at the complete schedule of NBHD stores that will launch these new sneaker collabs, and for more details, go to the Sneaker releases page. These brand-new union x Nike Dunks are set to launch on February 11, and the remainder of the Passport Pack launching in March 2022.

Some Ideas On What To Wear With Union Dunks?Some Ideas On What To Wear With Union Dunks?

Casual Outfits

Union Dunks are trendy and elegant sneakers. They look great with casual outfits. Wear them with distressed jeans, a graphic T-shirt, and a jacket made of denim for a stylish and easy style.

Athleisure Outfits

Union Dunks are a great option for casual attire. You can pair them with leggings, a sports bra, and a jacket with a bomber to create an easy and fashionable appearance.

Streetwear Outfits

Union Dunks are a great choice for outfits that are streetwear. Wear the pair with cargo trousers and a hoodie with a graphic designer with a puffer jacket for a stylish and modern style.

Skater Outfits

Union Dunks are a great option for outfits that sport skaters. You can wear them with loose-fitting jeans, a basic t-shirt, and a flannel t-shirt wrapped to your waist for an elegant and easy style.

Monochromatic Outfits

Union Dunks is a stylish and versatile sneaker worn with unicolor outfits. Wear them with black or all-white outfits to create a stylish and modern style.

Graphic T-Shirt Outfits

Union Dunks are a great option for graphic t-shirt looks. Wear them with distressed jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and a denim jacket for an easy and cool style.

Sporty Outfits

Union Dunks are a great option for outfits that sport a sporty look. You can pair them with an athletic bra and a windbreaker to get the most comfortable and fashionable style.

Denim Outfits

Union Dunks are elegant and versatile sneakers worn with denim-inspired outfits. Wear the sneakers with distressed denim, a basic T-shirt, and a jacket made of denim to create a chic and easy style.

Street-Chic Outfits

Union Dunks are a great option for street-chic outfits. You can pair these with skinny-fitting jeans and a basic t-shirt for an elegant and trendy style.

Color-Blocked Outfits

Union Dunks is a versatile, fashionable sneaker that can be worn with color-block outfits. Wear them with bright-colored pants, a basic t-shirt, and a neutral jacket for a trendy and contemporary appearance.

Biker Outfits

Union Dunks are a great option for biker attire. Wear these with your leather trousers, graphic T-shirt, and a jacket made of leather to create an edgy and cool look.

Relaxed Outfits

Union Dunks are an excellent choice for casual outfits. You can pair them with a hoodie, sweatpants, and a puffer jacket to create a stylish and comfortable style.

Skirt Outfits

Union Dunks are a fantastic option for skirt outfits. You can pair these with an elongated skirt, an easy t-shirt, and a jacket made of denim to create a chic and easy style.

Statement Piece Outfits

Union Dunks are elegant and versatile sneakers that make an excellent statement piece for any outfit. In addition, you can pair them with all-black or all-white outfits to create an elegant and contemporary look.

Bold Outfits

Union Dunks are a great option to wear with bold outfits. Wear them with bright pants or a graphic t-shirt with a neutral-colored jacket to create an interesting and modern style.

Some Ways How To Lace Union Dunks?Some Ways How To Lace Union Dunks?

Straight Bar Lacing

This is the simplest and standard method to tie your shoes. Simply run the laces directly across the eyelets and tie them into a traditional bow. Again, this is simple and easy, and it is great with Union Dunks.

Crossed Lacing

This technique is similar to Straight Bar Lacing; however, instead of running lacing straight through eyelets, they’re crossed over one another in the middle. This gives a more complex and attractive appearance.

Ladder Lacing

This technique involves making small loops using the laces that go up the sides of your shoe. For this style, you just need to thread your laces into the eyelets using a circular design to ensure that they alternate between the inside and the outside sides of your shoe.

Checkerboard Lacing

Checkerboard Lacing: The Checkerboard Lacing method involves threading the laces through eyelets in a pattern that looks like the checkerboard. This method is more complicated yet creates an eye-catching and unique style.

Loopback Lacing

This technique involves making loops using the laces that run through the middle of the shoes. For this style, you just need to run the laces through the eyelets and make sure they cross each other in the middle of the shoe.

Spider Lacing

The Spider Lacing technique is more advanced, using laces threaded through eyelets in a way that resembles a web. This technique is complex and captivating and works well with Union Dunks.

Loop and Cross Lacing

This technique involves making loops using the laces positioned in the middle of the shoe, later crossing these loops across each other. For this style, just run the laces through the eyelets, making sure they cross over each other in the middle of the shoe.

Alternate Lacing

Alternate Lacing: The Alternate Lacing method involves threading the laces through eyelets in an order that alternates between the outside and the inside of the footwear. This technique is easy and simple and is compatible with Union Dunks.

Diamond Lacing

This Diamond Lacing method involves threading the laces through eyelets in a pattern reminiscent of a diamond’s shape. This technique is attractive and provides a unique appearance.

Two-Tone Lacing

This technique uses two different lace colors to create a unique and attractive style. Simply put one color of laces through one set of eyelets and the other color through the second eyelets. This technique works great with Union Dunks and adds a bright color to your shoes.


How do I style my dunks?

With a rumoured production run of fewer than 450 pairs, the Nike SB Dunk Low Green Hemp is the rarest of the three colorways made available.

How do you wear dunks without creasing them?

To assist shoes maintain their shape, stuff them with newspaper, tissue paper, a shoe tree, or another type of shoe form before storing them in a durable shoe box or storage bag.

What material is Union Dunk?

Soon after receiving our first glance at the Union x Nike Dunk Low, official pictures of the impending collaboration leaked, suggesting that it will be released in the early months of 2022. The upper, which is made of ripstop material, has grid-sewn light blue nylon fibres on it.

Do dunks go with jeans?

Jeans. The comfy, adaptable, and timeless denim is the wardrobe essential par excellence and suits the Nike Dunk’s design wonderfully.

Why are my dunks so creased?

This is so that you can move while wearing them. Your shoe bends naturally as you walk, which over time causes creases. You would feel pretty uncomfortable if your shoe didn’t move with your foot. Because of the motion, the shoe’s material contracts, which may result in an ugly crease or wrinkle.



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