How To Style Starter Locs?

How To Style Starter Locs?

How To Style Starter Locs?

If you’re just beginning your journey with locos or are traveling for a while it’s crucial to be aware of what you can do to fashion your initial locs.

The initial phase, which can last from 3 to 6 months, can be a challenging period for new opticians. Hair tends to break and become frizzy during this stage. This is why it is recommended to use a very small amount of products to minimize the buildup of products.

When you’ve decided you’d like to plant locs, you’ll have to select a starter loc design. Aren’t sure which starter locs you should choose? We can help. It’s a hairstyle for locs that, with proper care, time, and care, can grow in mature, mature-looking locs. Your chosen style will be based on the hair’s texture and the final look you’re aiming for. However, the following loc styles can grow to be beautiful locs. If you’re unsure which one most suits your hair’s texture and lifestyle, you might consider consulting with a loctician in your area.

How Can I Style My Starter Locs?How Can I Style My Starter Locs?

Locs make a fantastic hairstyle for women who want to change to natural hair or dreadlocks, but it can be difficult to make them look stylish. There are many ways to style the starter locs.

The most crucial thing to consider in styling your locs is maintaining their appearance from the root to the tip. This includes washing them frequently to eliminate any accumulation of oil, lint, or another residue. Additionally, you should apply moisture and other products made specifically for dreads to ensure they are healthy and strong.

There are various types to choose from when it comes to beginning locos. The most well-known options are dread braids, two-strand twists, and Comb coils. Each technique has its pros and disadvantages, and it’s your choice to choose the best choice for you!

Twists with two strands: This is an ideal technique for those with thicker or coarse hair. It gives your hair a solid internal base that allows it to grow into thicker locs based on the length of the twists you begin with.

Comb coils are a very popular style to start with and only require 2 inches of hair to start by (depending on the length of the final result you want). It is a great option for any type of hair and can be used on many hair kinds.

This technique is generally most often preferred by those who wish to control the shape and size of their locs and have a less defined look. It’s also a good option for those who want an unpretentious look since there is no need for manipulation or spinning.

Are You Able To Get Styles On Your Starter Locs?Are You Able To Get Styles On Your Starter Locs?

There are styles available with starter locs; however, it requires patience long time. The process of dreadlocking is a long and tiring process that requires energy, time, and plenty of resources (as well as a bit of luck).

Starter locs are achieved by a variety of techniques that include backcombing as well as palm rolling. These methods are among the most efficient methods to obtain the first lock.

But they need some maintenance to keep them looking nice and running well. For instance, the usage of products for hair may cause the locs to break and build up.

To stop this from happening, Faulk recommends a few easy-to-use products that keep your hair smooth and moisturized. She also suggests adding essential oils from nature into your routine.

The proper blend of oils will ensure that your hair and locs remain and are hydrated. Additionally, it will aid in moving you’re loc’d more effortlessly.

In addition to comb coils, twists of two strands are a great method to create the loc you’ve always wanted. They’re great for beginners as they’re less troublesome to maintain than twisted or rolled locs, and they appear to be a lot fluffier.

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Comb coils are more sophisticated than their two-strand counterparts; however, they’re still a great option for beginners because they’re very easy to build and can last for an extended time. They also require more patience than two-strands because you’ll need to wait around four weeks before washing the locs for your first wash.

How Long Will You Need To Style Your Starter Locs?How Long Will You Need To Style Your Starter Locs?

You need to be aware of many things when caring for your loco starters. They include the fact they’re fragile at this stage. This means they should be handled much less and as minimally as possible.

Be careful not to retwist too often, as it can weaken your starter locs and make them more susceptible to break. This is why it’s crucial to wait three to six months from when you’ve first begun getting your locos set up before making them styled.

In this phase, it is also essential to moisturizing your starters frequently to ensure they retain moisture and avoid breaking at the root. The best method for doing this is to use a light oil to massage the scalp after washing.

After a time, your locs’ starters will begin to develop and appear much like actual locks. It can take anywhere from one year, based on the texture of your hair and how quickly it expands.

At this point, you may also play with various styles, such as braids or twists, to divide from your brand-new locks. But be aware that these methods will reveal a distinct pattern on the new locs as they mature.

It is also possible to cover your locs’ starters with an earring or dreadlock extension to disguise the awkwardness of the hairstyle.

Best Styles For Starter Locs

If you’re considering expanding your hair, It’s crucial to determine the ideal styles suitable for your hair type and final results. This is when a consultation with an expert in the area can be beneficial.

There are many different styles you can choose from to get your locs started that will eventually develop into mature ones. What style you select will depend on the hair’s texture, the desired outcome, and the length of your hair.

One of the easiest methods to begin your locs is to use the comb coil method. This is the best technique for those with only a few inches of hair and those who prefer traditional locs.

However, this starting loc technique may be difficult to keep in the initial stages, so it’s essential to apply moisturizing dread products and ensure that your comb coils are dry before styling them.

Another excellent option to begin your locs is to do a palm roll. This is a fantastic method to untangle your hair and also help your hair’s strands get their shape.

The most important thing to remember when the art of palm rolling is to ensure that you are rolling your hair in a uniform manner. If you don’t do this, hair strands will become looser and more susceptible to break during the initial phase of loc.

Braids are an excellent choice for people new to locs and have a tighter texture of hair, as they hold more effectively and won’t split at the beginning of your journey with locs. They’re also a good choice to style your locs during the initial stages since they won’t fall apart in the same way as comb curls and hair that is palm-rolled.

Do You Need To Style Your Locs With Wet Hair Or Dry Hair?

This depends on the texture of your hair and the length of time you intend to rest before washing your locs, and the type of hairstyle you’re looking for. But, the majority of people discover that they prefer styling their locs with water rather than dry, as it makes styling much easier.

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When your locks mature, you can wash them every 2 to 3 weeks. But ensure that your dreads are completely dried after washing to keep away the mildew smell that can develop when they aren’t dry enough.

Locs can be prone to buildup, and it is best to use products that contain water or are lightweight in weight. The weight of heavy products can make your hair heavier and make it more difficult to dissolve after washing.

For instance, you should not ever use a product containing wax on your starter locs since it is difficult to get rid of after it has formed a bond with the locs. Likewise, cream-based and shea butter-based products must be avoided since they can lead to the formation of.

If you’re worried about dry or brittle locks, apply oil to your locks to aid in hydrating them and seal them in nutrients. However, you should do this on a needed-to basis, as the application of too much oil could affect the strength of your locks and result in them breaking.

How Do I Style My New Locs?How Do I Style My New Locs?

If you’re beginning a loc-related journey, the very first thing you should be aware of is how you can style your hair. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep it loose or lock it into a fake loc. There are many styles that work with the starter locs.

If your hair falls fine and wavy, you can begin by using an easy comb coil method. This is an excellent method to start your dreadlocks because it allows hair to grow in tiny coils.

But make certain to let your hair dry completely before you do any other style. Doing so by putting damp or wet hair up in a bun or in a cap may create mold, which could make the hair smell bad and make it feel uncomfortable.

To avoid this, you can take a towel and absorb as much moisture from your dreads as you can and try to avoid rubbing. It is also possible to sit under a dryer that has a hood to speed up the drying process. This is essential when you’re planning on wearing your dreads for a lengthy duration of time.

It’s also possible to look into clip-ins for a subtle style. This is a great option for newbies since it’s easy to put on and is easily removed for wear and tear.

If you are considering getting Dreadlocks, make sure you speak with professionals. It is important to discuss your personal preferences, your lifestyle, and goals. A consultation can also aid your stylist in understanding the type of hair you have and provide you with an understanding of the time it will take to develop your hair.

Hairstyles Are The Best To Try On Starter Locs.Hairstyles Are The Best To Try On Starter Locs.

Comb Coils:

One of the most well-known styles of starters, comb coils are made by spinning tiny hair sections using a rattail or coil twist. Simply pick a small section of hair near the ends, then insert the fine-toothed comb into the hair piece and then spin the comb until it is forming into a coil. To keep this look, Holder says, “You want to make sure you are keeping it moisturized at all times using a hair oil of your choice and wear a headscarf at night.”

Palm Rolling

Like the name implies the style is made by rolling hair pieces between your hands in order to help the hair strands to find their form. This style is not just good as a hairstyle by itself or for keeping locs in place but is an excellent choice for beginning your locs. If you leave your palm rolls in the hair, it will naturally move over time. Choose the size you’d like each section to measure prior to starting to roll them and ensure that they are as homogeneous as possible.

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Two-Strand Twists

Based on the hairstyle, You may encounter comb curls that are difficult to keep from unraveling and causing damage, so you can try two-strand twists instead. Similar to palm rolls, twists made of two strands are distinct, but they can be left to develop into locs, too, with a full, thicker final. You’ll require at least two inches of hair in order to make two-strand twists. However, four inches is the ideal starting point for the most effective results. You can make use of either comb twisting or palm rolling to keep the twists in place as they develop.


Braids (or plaits) are a popular starting loc style for those who have looser hair textures to stop unraveling in the early stage of locs, especially when hair is wet. Remember that braided won’t be like twisted or rolled locs because hair braids are not flat, and flat your locs will also be less. It could take up to a year before the pattern of the braid fades, and your loc assumes shape.

Freeform Locs

A classic style of loc Freeform locs adopt their own distinctive shape and shape. Instead of beginning with a specific design, this variant of the starter style happens naturally, with no movement or twisting.

Sister Locks

Think micro lots. Due to their small dimensions, they offer plenty of flexibility in how to style their appearance, which makes this type of starter-loc style an ideal choice for people who like to change their appearance. 

Since this is an extensive procedure that requires particular techniques, such as this type of starter loc, it is best performed by a certified sister locks expert. 

Loc Extensions

This loc starter method is exactly what it sounds like. If you’re not able to commit the time required to grow adult locs, extensions are a great option to add to create an imitation loc that appears real. 


Can you get Styles on starter locs? 

As your dreadlocks develop, you can style them as well. While your dreadlocks grow, you will be committed to that hairdo, but the look will be worth it. Before beginning to grow dreadlocks, we advise that your hair be at least three to six inches long.

How long should you wait to style starter locs?

3- to 6-months
Starter. Depending on your hair type and how quickly it grows, the starting (also known as “baby”) stage of the loc process can take anywhere from three to six months. You can start your locs in a variety of forms, including braids, two-strand twists, comb coils, and palm rolls.

How do I style my new locs?

Make a part from ear to ear by dividing your locs into two parts. Spray [a leave-in conditioner] on your locs to keep them moisturised no matter what style you choose, advises Faulk. “To twist the top locs into a bun, slant your body forward and bring them together.

What not to do with starter locs?

Healthy hair needs moisture, but avoiding this step will prevent locs from unravelling. In order to achieve healthy and defined locs in the future, avoid deep conditioners when your locs are still in the starting stage. When your hair starts to lock up, only think about deep conditioning.

Do locs get thicker or thinner?

However, as dreads progress through the stages, they will alternately get thinner and thicker. Additionally, as your hair becomes matted over the first few years, the length and thickness will change. When they mature, healthy dreadlocks usually get slightly thicker than when you first started growing them.