How To Style Short Curly Hair After Chemo?

How To Style Short Curly Hair After Chemo?

How To Style Short Curly Hair After Chemo?

Chemotherapy can damage your hair follicles and may cause them to grow curly. While it can be difficult to style, the right tools and knowledge will help you look your best after chemo.

After a few months, most women see some new growth. However, reaching full length can take longer than usual because of the body’s weakened condition and slow regeneration.

1. Curl Up Your Curls

Chemotherapy can alter many things in your body, including the texture and color of your hair. It’s normal for your hair to grow back differently, and it might take time for your body to adjust.

One of the most common changes after chemotherapy is a change in hair texture, or what’s known as “chemo curls.” This can be shocking for cancer survivors who have always had straight hair, but it can also be a pleasant reminder of your strength and healing.

Some doctors think that the chemicals in chemo affect the shape of your hair follicles, which may make them curl. This is why some people with curly hair report having chemo curls after treatment, while others have straight hair that grows back curly.

However, if you don’t know how to care for your hair after chemo, it can be difficult to keep it healthy. It can get brittle and break easily, especially if you style it with tight curlers or harsh chemicals.

To minimize this, wait until your hair has grown at least 3 inches. When it’s this length, it’s safe to ask your stylist to trim the ends regularly until they’re even across your head. This will help keep your hair from looking like a pyramid or mullet.

Regular trims will also help eliminate that unattractive pouf you get when your hair is longer in the back than on top. Getting a regular trim every 10 to 12 weeks is a good idea to maintain the look you want and keep it as sleek and manageable as possible.

You might feel tempted to try coloring or perm your hair while it’s still brittle and dry, but you should avoid this until your scalp recovers. This is because it can break your strands and cause more damage, likely delaying your recovery from chemo.

Choose wash-in colors that rinse out quickly if you want to color your hair. In addition, these products are more gentle on your brittle hair than the harsher permanent options.

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If you’re having trouble styling your new short curly locks, consider going to a salon specializing in curly hair. These shops often offer special styling tools and products for cancer patients with various hair types. They can even recommend a shampoo and conditioner that’s gentle enough for post-chemo use.

2. Try A Twist2. Try A Twist

Chemotherapy can cause several side effects. One of the most common is hair loss. However, there are many ways to help prevent and treat this symptom. The most important is ensuring you get plenty of rest and eat healthy foods.

Another side effect of chemo is that your hair may not have the same texture and color as before you had cancer. Often this is a temporary change, and it should return to normal as the hair grows.

Some people even report having a more curly hairstyle than their hair before they had chemo, a condition known as “chemo curls” or “chemo waves.”

When you first have your chemo treatments, it is natural for your hair to become very thin and brittle. This is because the chemo drugs affect all cells that renew quickly in your body, including those in the hair follicles.

But your chemo curls indicate that you are healing and returning to normal, so don’t let them get you down. You can style your short curly hair after chemo in various ways to help you feel more confident and enjoy your new locks.

For starters, try using a wide-toothed comb rather than a brush for detangling your hair. This will help prevent tangles that can aggravate your scalp.

Next, use heated styling tools on your short hair to tame the curls and make them more manageable. You can use a straightener or a curling iron, but avoiding using the heat on your tender scalp is best.

You can also tame your curls with a detangling spray or conditioner to make tangled hair easier to brush. This is especially helpful for brittle chemo curls that can easily snarl and tangle.

Once your chemo curls have grown out, you can experiment with coloring or perming your hair. Wash-in colors are great for taming brittle hair and are gentle on chemo curls. For a more permanent look, consider a perm.

3. Try A Wave

Chemo can take its toll on the body, but your hair may be the first part of your body to show signs of recovery. Your hair may grow with a new texture or color, previously unheard of before your treatment. But with the right care and attention, your curly locks can be a beautiful reminder of how far you’ve come in your fight against cancer.

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To make the most of your post-chemo hair, try some style tricks to keep your head looking its best. For starters, a good quality dry shampoo is an easy way to keep your scalp fresh and clean, especially if you’re experiencing some itchiness or flaking. Also, consider a conditioning mask designed to protect your strands from the damage caused by harsh chemicals and styling tools. Finally, a well-placed curling iron can help keep your tresses in check while on the go. You could even get creative and experiment independently with various hair clips, elastics, and curling rods. The best part is that you’ll be surprised by how many ways you can wear your hair. And if you don’t have time to get creative, plenty of stylists will help out.

4. Try A Pixie

A fairy may be perfect if you’re ready to try a short haircut. They can flatter just about any face shape, are low-maintenance, and are easy to style.

The best part is that they’re incredibly versatile, so you can experiment with different styles and see what works for you! And they’re super easy to grow out once you’re ready for a new look.

You can get a pixie cut in a wide range of hair colors. So whether you’re a platinum blonde like Miley Cyrus or a warm chestnut like Michelle Williams, a pixie can make your color pop and stand out.

A long pixie with layers can also be a great way to add texture and depth to your hair. This is a great option for women with fine or straight locks, as it will make your hair feel thicker and fuller without sacrificing volume.

In addition, a long pixie with angled layers is the perfect cut for ladies with big foreheads and round faces. It’s also a great option for women who want to create an edgy look.

With a little creativity and help from your stylist, you can easily get a fairy that will fit your personality and personal style. Here are some of our favorite looks to inspire you:

5. A Choppy Pixie

For a sleek and chic appearance, try a choppy pixie that has long layers that fall on the sides. This cut will flatter every type of face shape, making it the perfect go-to for work and play.

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6. A Side Swept Pixie

For a more casual and edgy look, try a side-swept pixie that’s slightly longer on one side. This asymmetrical pixie will look amazing when it’s waved, and it will make your textured locks stand out.

7. A Slicked Back Pixie

Try a slicked-back cut with a deep part and razor to frame your face for another classic pixie. This cut would look perfect with a side bang or an eye-catching smoky brow.

8. A Spiked Pixie

If you’re feeling more daring, you can even go for a spiky pixie that’s razored to the roots. It’s an incredibly popular look among teens and young adults but can also look fantastic on mature women.


How long does hair stay curly after chemo?

Do chemo tresses last forever? Even though it might be unsettling to see your hair grow back in a different way than it did before, there generally isn’t anything to be concerned about as it is frequently only a temporary change. Within three to six months, your hair will usually begin to come back, though it might take longer than that.

How can I improve my hair after chemo?

Biotin, or vitamin B7, is the greatest vitamin for preventing hair loss from chemotherapy and promoting hair growth after chemotherapy. When it comes to having healthy hair, skin, and nails, biotin is the go-to vitamin. The production of keratin in hair is stimulated by biotin, which also speeds up follicle development.

What is the best hair product for after chemo?

Use infant shampoo or a gentle shampoo (like VanicreamTM or Aveeno®). Additionally, you ought to apply hair conditioner or a crème rinse. To protect your hair from sun harm, use sunscreen-containing shampoos and conditioners. Always thoroughly rinse your hair before drying it with a soft cloth.

What is the best oil for hair growth after chemo?

Many cancer patients who want to grow their hair rub essential oils like rosemary, ylang-ylang, bergamot, and lavender into their scalp to regenerate and stimulate the cells. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are also said to promote regrowth.

Is it better to shave your head after chemo?

Shave your scalp or get your hair cut short. This may help you cope with your hair loss and lessen scalp soreness. If you must shave your scalp, switch to an electric razor. If you intend to purchase a wig, attempt to do so ahead of time.