How To Style Pillows On A Sectional?

How To Style Pillows On A Sectional?

How To Style Pillows On A Sectional?

Styling pillows on a sectional can add color, texture, and depth to your living space. Adding pillows to your sectional can make it feel cozy, inviting, and stylish. However, styling pillows can be intimidating, so it’s important to remember some tips before you begin.

The first step is to decide on a color palette. Choose colors that compliment your sofa’s upholstery. Warm hues work well with white couches, while cool colors contrast delightfully against black sofas.

Mix And Match

Pillows are a great way to add texture and comfort to your furniture, but they can also be fun to express your style. Plenty of ways to mix and match throw pillows on a sectional to create an interesting and unique look.

One of the first things you need to do when styling a throw pillow is chosen an overall color palette for your room. This will ensure that your pillows coordinate with each other and the rest of your decor.

You can even mix and match colors that differ from each other – for instance; you could opt for a bright accent color on some pillows and a more neutral color on others. This will keep the look fresh and modern without overwhelming your space.

Another option is to combine patterns on your throw pillows. Patterns with varying scales can look interesting and cohesive on a sofa. For example, on this sofa, the large floral-type pattern is complemented by small-scale prints with a different color.

When choosing patterns, make sure each has a scale that complements the other pillows. You should not mix patterns with a similar color range, as they will make the sofa look unbalanced and overcrowded.

To make your pillows stand out, pair them with unique shapes, such as round or cylindrical shapes. You can also experiment with contrasting textures to make your pillows look more eye-catching.

A final tip to remember when mixing and matching throw pillows on a sectional is to use multiple sizes of pillows. This will make the pillows more interesting and help them fit your sofa better.

This is especially true if you use several smaller lumbar or decorative pillows in addition to the larger ones. This will keep the look more interesting and allow you to easily switch out your pillows for a new season or change up the look of your sectional as it comes together.

An odd number of pillows is recommended when styling pillows on a sectional, although you can use an even number if your decor is more traditional. This is especially useful if your sectional is a larger piece of furniture or you want a formal look.


Layering pillows is a great way to add a touch of visual interest when decorating a sectional sofa. Keeping a cohesive color palette, varying sizes, and shapes, and adding different textures can all help you achieve this look.

Generally, start with your largest throw pillow in the back of the sectional and work down to smaller lumbar or round decorative pillows. This is a good way to keep your larger pillows from covering up the patterns and designs of your smaller ones.

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You can also layer your pillows in a reversed pattern, which will create the illusion of a layered effect and help to draw attention to your favorite colors and patterns. This can be especially helpful when arranging your pillows on a loveseat or small sectional that doesn’t have the space for many more throw pillows.

If you’re unsure how to arrange your throw pillows on a sectional, start by thinking of the overall theme of your sectional. If you want a classic or traditional look, choose solid-colored pillows. If you’re looking for a more contemporary or modern style, try patterned pillows that incorporate contrasting shades or contrasted patterns.

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Focal PointsFocal Points

Having a focal point in your living room or den is one of the most important things to consider when decorating. Whether it’s a gorgeous window with an amazing view, a stylish fireplace, or some outlandish furniture piece, it must catch your eye and tie all the other decors together to create a harmonious design.

Pillows on a sectional are a great way to achieve this goal because they can make the couch feel like a whole new piece of furniture without completely changing the entire room’s look. They are also a wonderful way to incorporate color, patterns, and textures into the space.

When deciding on throw pillows for your sectional, it’s best to keep these five golden rules in mind: #1 – use different size and shape pillow combinations; #2 – keep your throw pillows fairly neutral; #3 – mix and match your pattern choices; #4 – choose pillows with varying colors or textures; and #5 – don’t overload the space with too many pillows.

Arlyn’s living room reveal on Instagram is my favorite example of a pillow-styled sectional because she stuck to those five golden rules and injected much excitement into her sofa. She used a variety of striped pillows that aren’t too similar in color or texture, and she spread them evenly across her sectional to avoid looking cluttered.

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Another tip is to use bigger pillow sizes, especially on a sectional. According to Julia Dempster, a 24″ square pillow is a great option for the back corners of a sectional, and she recommends layering smaller square and rectangle pillows in front of that big one.

While a small pillow can make your couch look bare, a large pillow will fill the space and add extra comfort to any sitting position. You can also add a lumbar support pillow to the middle corner of your sectional for a luxe look that’s fit for a magazine.

Another great way to add a focal point to your sectional is by adding a unique blanket or decorative piece. This can be inexpensive, but it can draw attention to your couch and make it stand out. You can get an eccentric faux fur piece or something with a great pattern that will bring fun to your living space.

Keeping It Simple

One of the easiest ways to style throw pillows on a sectional is to keep it simple. This means choosing colors and patterns that complement your existing decor, avoiding too many patterns, and ensuring each pillow is well-sized and shaped.

In a few spots, you can add texture to your sofa by incorporating textured fabrics, like boucle and leather or faux fur and velvet. This will help your furniture to stand out against the wall while also adding a sense of warmth.

Another way to add visual interest when styling a sectional is using different shapes, such as round and oval, instead of standard square or rectangular pillows. This will create a modern and sculptural look that is sure to please.

Keeping it simple is key when styling a sectional, but don’t be afraid to try new things with your throw pillows. Velinda’s Living Room Reveal example below shows that if you stick to the five golden rules, you can experiment with a wide range of patterns and sizes for an even more personalized look!

When it comes to color, you can pair a bright or bold accent with your neutrals to bring in more interest and depth. This is especially helpful when working with a light and airy space or one with many natural or earthy tones.

You can achieve this by choosing a neutral-colored or patterned upholstery fabric and then tying the two with a few accent pillows. This will create a balanced and stylish look that is easy to change out when you want a fresh take on your interior design.

It can be challenging to find pillows that match your existing décor, so you should consider picking a few that reflect the room’s overall theme. For example, choose a print incorporating natural elements, such as florals or tropical motifs, if your furniture has a rustic or industrial vibe.

Alternatively, you can pick a solid color that complements the colors of your existing furnishings. This will also help you make your space feel cohesive when you add accent pieces, such as a rug or other decor items. If you’re unsure what to choose, it can be a good idea to consult a home stager or Parachute stylist for more guidance.

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Some Tips To Style Pillows On A Sectional:

  • Use different sizes and shapes: Mixing different sizes and shapes of pillows can create a visually interesting look. Try combining square, rectangular, and round pillows in different sizes.
  • Mix patterns and textures: Adding patterned and textured pillows can add depth and dimension to your sectional. Try combining solid-colored pillows with patterned or textured pillows.
  • Play with color: Incorporating different colors can add a pop of color and bring some life to your sectional. Try mixing different shades of the same color or combining complementary colors.
  • Use odd numbers: Styling your sectional with an odd number of pillows can create a balanced and visually pleasing look. Try using three or five pillows on one side of the sectional and two or four on the other.
  • Experiment with placement: Play with different options to see what works best for your sectional. You can place pillows in a row, scatter them randomly, or place them in a layered fashion.
  • Consider the style of your sectional: When styling your pillows, consider the style of your sectional. Opt for simple and minimalist pillows if your sectional is modern and sleek. You can choose classic and ornate pillow styles if your sectional is more traditional.

Styling pillows on a sectional can add color, texture, and depth to your living space. Experiment with different sizes, shapes, patterns, and textures to find the best style for you and your sectional.


How many pillows should you put on a sectional?

There is no set recipe, although it’s important to give enough room for sitting. For a living room sofa, three to five pillows should be sufficient, but larger sectionals and chairs would require more.

How do you stack pillows on a sectional?

Start by placing huge cushions (24 or 26 inches) against the sectional’s two outer arms. Then place one in the sofa’s elbow crook. Use the same pattern and colour for these pillows for an almost failproof effect. So now each piece of the sofa has a huge pillow!

How can I make my sectional more comfortable?

Get some high-quality pillows to help balance out an uncomfortable sofa. Designer Maggie Griffin advised adding big, fluffy pillows with feather-down stuffing to give your sofa a nicer feel. For added comfort, pile them on and don’t be frightened of longer and larger lumbar types.

What goes well with a sectional?

Combine other sculptural pieces with your modern sectional. Find fascinating, contemporary-looking seats, ottomans, coffee tables, or light fixtures. You can keep the appearance simple and contemporary by concentrating on one or two statement pieces.

How do you decorate an L shaped sectional?

If you have a spacious room and want the couch to be the centre of attention, placing it in the middle of the room is ideal. If your space is large enough, you can arrange more seats, like giant armchairs, in front of the sofa to make a circle for entertaining.