How To Style Nightstands?

How To Style Nightstands?

How To Style Nightstands?

Make sure to use accessories that match (frames, table lamps, or mirrors) to create a harmonious design. Two identical bedside lamps placed on top of each nightstand can help to achieve balance and make mixing and matching appear natural to the eyes.

  1. Put a lamp on the table for ambiance: A lamp on the nightstand can provide the task lighting and an atmosphere.
  2. Place a vase of blooms. Fresh flowers can add color and a touch of nature to any space.
  3. Make an enviable library by stacking books by size or color.
  4. Add decorative accents such as vases, candle holders, or picture frames could add a personal touch to the space.
  5. Utilize the tray. A tray is a great way to corral small items and create an orderly look.
  6. Put up a mirror or picture The artwork or a mirror will add visual interest to your space over the nightstand.

How Can I Make My Bedside Table Look Nice?

The table in your bed is a room in your bedroom where it is often overlooked; however, it’s a room with plenty of potential for styling. It’s the reason you need to maximize this crucial storage space.

The trick to making an attractive bedroom table is to remember that the space is supposed to reflect your style and personality. So, think about displaying some personal souvenirs instead of cluttering your nightstand with random pieces and bits.

It’s also beneficial to incorporate certain essential items that can assist you in sleeping better, like candles and a Himalayan salt diffuser. These tiny items can influence your mood and assist in getting the rest you require!

Creating a consistent color scheme is the other key to having a well-designed nightstand. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to add some unexpected elements, but it is important to ensure that you match your furniture with the primary shades in your room.

One method to accomplish this is to incorporate some neutral accents. It can provide a lovely contrast to your bedroom’s dark wood or mirror-glass furniture.

A quick and easy method to add an artistic accent to your table is to switch out traditional hardware with natural wooden drawer pulls. They’re a fantastic method to bring a modern appearance to your existing furniture and are accomplished in only five minutes!

Another option to decorate your dining table is placing decor pieces into groupings of three. This can give a harmonious look and is simple for even those with the least basic decor skills.

What Is The Best Way To Design A Nightstand Without Lamps?

A bedside table is a space that serves a purpose and is an important focal point within the room. It could also serve as a display space for ornamental objects and personal belongings.

When selecting a nightstand, consider the design of your bedroom and what you require. For example, a minimalist design may need an easy wood piece that has an elegant, symmetrical look. Or, a more extravagant nightstand could be a great match with an eclectic style.

Another option to dress up your nightstand with no lamps is to add some art pieces or other wall hangings with sculptural designs. The hanging of art 3-4 inches higher than your table creates an excellent backdrop for accessories and creates a sense of the depth and drama of your room.

If you’re not interested in hanging artwork on your wall, consider placing it on your nightstand and using it as a focal point or centerpiece for the remainder of the area. You can use the lower part of the piece as a foundation to incorporate boxes, books, greenery, and decorations a bit higher than the top of the artwork.

It is also possible to apply the odd-number rule to design your nightstand. Putting smaller and medium-sized objects with odd numbers is likely to appear more attractive and memorable than putting them in groups of even numbers.

In the image below, you can see how adding a lamp with interesting shapes in the middle of the vignette keeps the display from becoming too minimalist. The rectangular-shaped lamp and the cylinder-shaped lamp books provide a balance that creates interest in the display.

The nightstand is among the essential elements of a bedroom. It’s a feature that can be the defining element of a room’s style. With just a few simple design tricks, you can make an elegant and functional nightstand that’s the ideal place to place your water glass, reading glasses, and even a clock.

Cool Things To Put On Your NightstandCool Things To Put On Your Nightstand

A nightstand can be a wonderful space to display your favorite accessories. It also provides an effective storage area to store your items, including eyeglasses, alarm clocks, and other important items.

If you are using it for functional or decorative reasons, it is important to decorate your nightstand in an attractive and contemporary manner. But, again, this is based on your preferences, tastes, and function.

Choosing the proper pieces for your bedside table is essential to ensure that it appears elegant and doesn’t end up looking messy and messy. The best method to decide what accessories you’d like to save is to write down a list of everything you need before narrowing down your alternatives based on ease of use and aesthetics.

If, for instance, you’re someone who frequently travels on vacation and collects travel-related trinkets, these could add a little elegance to your evening table. It could be the globe, compass postcards, or anything you’ve gathered on your travels.

If you’re a lover of books, Try adding a pile of your most loved books on your nightstand. Then reading has numerous benefits in bed, including lessening anxiety and getting a better night’s rest.

A different option would be to place decorative candles on your nightstand that will add a relaxing scent to your home and help you relax before going to sleep. It’s, however, best to avoid using it during the day unless you’re using your space for work or you need it for a different use.

Potted plants or vases filled with flowers can lighten up your nightstand. Additionally, they can provide advantages for health, like decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide and pollutants within the atmosphere.

What Should I Place In My Bedroom?


A work of art will make your nightstand appear more than a place to store your book or lamp. If it’s hung to the ceiling or over the top of the bed, adding art to your bedroom’s decor is easy and inexpensive to add interest and give your space a personality.

For instance, a simple painting on the bottom of your nightstand will bring drama to your space and aid in grounding it. It is also possible to put a mirror on both sides of your bed or hang a sculptural wall art that reflects the light.

The artwork is a crucial aspect of any vignette, so pick the image that will make you smile whenever you get to the world in the early morning or go to sleep in the evening. It could be a soothing painting, a sentimental photograph, or even a frame of a postcard that will bring you joy.

If your bedroom is overflowing with items that must be kept away from the eye, A tray is a good option to organize and bring some order to the room. It also makes it simple to group multiple objects, so they don’t appear like you’ve scattered them across the table’s surface.

The appeal of the tray is that it can be used to hold different shapes and sizes, which can add visual excitement and appearance. But, unfortunately, it is also a great way to conceal things that aren’t displayed, like the remote control or eyeglasses.

Another option is to use a tray to showcase beautiful objects, such as flowers in a vase or a stunning ceramic plant. Also, you can utilize a tray for tucking away essentials like tissue boxes and pajamas to ensure they’re inaccessible whenever you require them.



A nightstand is a perfect spot to display your most loved books. If you like to browse through your collection of non-fiction or fiction, the books you love should be placed at the foot of your bed so that they are easy to reach when you go to bed.

A little planning can go a long way when styling your nightstand. First, consider the style you’re trying to achieve, and think about the space you’ll require to store your books, lamps, and other items. Placing these items in a well-planned arrangement will make your bedroom appear more elegant and welcoming.

You can stack several books of different heights with matching hues to achieve the best look for the most impact. This can provide diversity and an extra dimension to your vignette and highlight the small trinket dish or candle.

Another good idea is to choose a lamp that complements your developed style. For example, a modern sconce can be a great choice, and so does a chandelier that can light up only a tiny area without taking the attention of your guests.

A top-tiered nightstand can be a wonderful place to display small, decorative objects. For example, a well-placed vase of blooms is a great option to add some style to your nightstand. So are other smaller items, such as the most beautiful ribbon or decorative box.

The art of styling a nightstand is about considering your requirements and then choosing the best combination of elements to make an attractive, enjoyable space. The nightstand is an area to show your best self; therefore, ensure it stands out by using the most practical and attractive objects you can get your hands on.


Nightstands are the ideal spot to display the collection of your treasures, such as travel memories, photographs of your family, or any other important objects. They also offer a spot to place your favorite lamp, alarm clock, and glasses of water, making them an essential design feature for bedrooms of all kinds.

Layer items are one of my favorite ways to dress up your nightstand. Bookcases, a vase filled with flowers, or pretty boxes are only a few suggestions to style your nightstand.

Interior design expert Lisa Gilmore of Lisa Gilmore Design is a fan of mixing and matching nightstands of different sizes and heights. She recommends the combination of the closed drawers of a chest with a plain table or a wall-mounted shelf with an old-fashioned wooden stool to add an interesting balance to the room.

To create a unique appearance, you can use repurposed boxes for a unique look. The wooden shipping crates, cinder blocks, and closed containers relent open options for a chic bedside table.

Another way to add style to your table is to add an elongated ladder. You can find them at garage sales or in thrift stores.

When you arrange your items on your nightstand, make sure to utilize odd numbers. This styling trick works for anything from bookshelves to coffee tables.

You can go slightly larger with the frame if you own a medium-sized to small nightstand. Then balance the look by adding a simple vase and some greenery over it. This will create an ideal balance for your nightstand and allow you to store some of your books or glasses above.

A DIY nightstand with a cheese box is a creative and fun idea. It can be made in 30 minutes and doesn’t require any time!


A well-designed nightstand will help you create a relaxing atmosphere and give you something to gaze at while heading to bed. It’s also an ideal location to display your favorite things, such as photos or souvenirs from your travels.

Greenery is an excellent option to bring a bit of nature to your living space. It also helps make the room feel more tranquil or increases the energy of the room. Set some freshly cut flowers into a vase or add some fake or dried flowers to your nightstand.

Whatever you decide to do, the foliage or flowers the element will make your bedside table look more elegant and luxurious. To make the most of your foliage, consider using different shades, sizes, and textures to create a cohesive look.

Lighting tables are the ideal way to provide the most light for your table. However, if you’re working at a smaller table or a wall-mounted sconce could be better.

To get the most out of the lamp’s potential, consider incorporating it into an ornamental centerpiece that catches your eye. For example, a simple bowl or vase filled with plants is a fantastic method to display your lamp while also ensuring your nightstand is neat and clean.

When decorating your bedside table, the key is to ensure you’re using all the space you have and find ways to showcase the most interesting things at home. Of course, using greenery and appropriate lighting is essential; however, it can be fun to design the perfect arrangement.


Lighting is an important factor for every room. However, it’s more crucial when it comes to styling the nightstand. Select a fixture with a style that matches your style and preferences, no matter if you like to read at night or stream television on your laptop before going to sleep.

If your space is small, a sconce or pendant could be a great option. They’re stylish and can add an interesting feature to your bedroom. However, remember that they’re hardwired lights, and you’ll need to locate an outlet.

Another option is using the table lamp in place of an overhead fixture. They are sleeker and less bulky and provide greater control over the direction in which the light goes. They’re also typically less expensive as compared to other options.

If there is a window next to your bed, you might consider installing a mirror or another sculptured wall art piece to reflect light and brighten the space. This is a particularly good option if you have the size of a California-king or king-sized bed, as the mirror can help create the illusion of a room that is bigger.

If you’re deciding on the best lamp, select one that will add height to your nightstand but does not overpower it. This can help your area appear attractive and balanced.

Many people love to put up vases or plants on nightstands. This creates an air of vitality and is essential to create a tranquil and relaxing space.

Some prefer to display photos or other sentimental objects on their bedside tables. This can help make the room more personal and lets you include elements of your family’s past in the design.

Another way to make your bedroom appear elegant is to accent it with accessories that show your character. For example, if you like traveling, you can include travel-related trinkets such as the silver hair clip you bought from your favorite store or some postcards that contain special memories of your journeys.

You can also find pieces made from nature. For example, a vase of fresh greenery could be the perfect addition to your nightstand.

Also, a candle that is scented or diffused with essential oils can have a nice aroma and help you get refreshed each morning. They can be on a shelf beside your nightstand or even hung on the wall.

The most important thing to remember when decorating the nightstand is to reduce the number of ornaments you can put on it. You don’t want to overflow the space with too many things, and you’ll need your items to fit effectively to create an overall arrangement.

What To Put In Bedside Table Drawers?

A nightstand isn’t an ornamental piece. It’s also an essential location to store all your essentials, including nightwear, pajamas, cosmetics, and toiletries. Therefore, ensure that it’s well-organized and will allow you to get the best sleep quality.

Begin by cleaning out your drawers and placing any items you don’t want in the “purging” pile. This could include everything from old tissues to empty lip gloss bottles, or hair ties stretched out.

After a purge, go to those belonging to the “keep” pile and decide what you should keep on the ready inside your bed. It could be the alarm clock you use, a lamp, or a phone charger. However, you might decide to relocate items you no longer use, such as a book you read two months ago and a candle that won’t sit well on your shelves.

If you want more space than the bedside table provides, you should consider a desk-style or nesting nightstand with multiple drawers. They can be useful to keep things organized in the morning, like your tablet charger, phone charger or laptop, headphones, lotion, or eye cream.

You could also use a caddy hanging between your bed and the box spring to store glasses, a remote, or earbuds while sleeping. This is particularly useful when you must wake in the middle of the night, and it’s much easier to grab your items and go back to bed without disturbing your spouse or disrupting your sleep.

If you’re looking to create space for additional items in your drawers, think about stackable organizers that give you extra storage space but do not take up too much space. They come in various sizes, so you can select the ones that suit your requirements.


How do you style a nightstand without lamps?

Large frame: If you don’t have a table lamp and a medium to small nightstand, go a little bigger with your frame and have some fun with texture and/or color. A large one could manage both. Then, to strike a balance without becoming overwhelming, simply add a little vase filled with foliage that is shorter than the frame.

How do you style a different nightstand?

To balance the design, add complementary items (such as frames, table lamps, mirrors, or books). Each nightstand should have two similar bedside lights on top of it to assist establish balance and make the mixing and matching look extremely natural.

What do most people put in their nightstand?

Put your most often used items, such as your tablet charger, TV remote, lotion, lip balm, tissues, nasal spray, and other items, on the top drawer. Keep your bedtime clothing, such as pajamas, head scarves, and sleep masks, in the bottom drawers for storage or to keep them.

Do I need a lamp on both nightstands?

Generally speaking, if you’re the only person sleeping in the bed, you just need one nightstand light, and if you have a partner, you need two. Even if you’re the only person utilizing the room, two bedside lamps provide greater balance if your bedroom is really spacious or your mattress is a king.

What is the difference between a nightstand and a bedside table?

A traditional definition of a nightstand is a small, low bedside table with drawers. A little table next to a bed is referred to as a bedside table.


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