How To Style My Short Hair?

How To Style My Short Hair?

How To Style My Short Hair?

If you’ve cut your hair recently short, you’re probably having concerns regarding how to style it. You don’t have to be scared of this new length, as there are plenty of simple ways to make your cut look elegant and chic.

You might even discover that you enjoy your short hair more than your longer ones! Here’s a collection of some of our most-loved easy hairstyles that can be done at your own home.

Different Hairstyles For Short Hair.

Loose Waves

Loose waves are a popular method of adding dimension and a polished look to short hair. They’re particularly appealing, especially if sporting an angular cut or longer length that touches your shoulders.

A way to get the desired look is to curl your hair using the curling iron or other hot tools. However, if you wish your hair to appear less natural, loose, and natural looking, consider it with your hands.

Using a soft styling spray or curling cream can also make the look more polished. These products can help keep your curls in place and will help make your curls last for longer.

Another option to achieve the same style without using the heating is by going back to school with flat irons. Contrary to curling irons which could cause damage to your hair, flat irons are an ideal choice to get large messy waves on the beach.

If you’re looking for a method to style your hair in waves that don’t require heat, this is your most effective solution! YouTuber Kate The Small Things The Small Things shows us how to achieve the messy, curly style by following a few simple steps.

If you’ve learned the best way to style your hair in waves, you can begin making your unique style! You can pick from a variety of hairstyles that are wavy to meet your personal preferences and needs.

Sleek Blowout

If you’ve got curly hair, straight hair, or wavy hair, blowouts are an excellent way to give your hair body and form. They’re surprisingly easy to do at home and can last for a few days if you follow the right methods.

Begin by applying a high-quality shampoo and conditioner suited to your hair type. This will allow you to maximize the benefits of your blowout by eliminating the buildup of product and oil from your hair’s hair.

Once you’ve treated your hair, you’re ready to dry it with an air dryer and brush. Pick either nylon or boar bristle hairbrush to disperse natural oils in your hair from the roots to your ends and control hair flyaways while you work.

Then, split your hair into sections. Then use the round brush to create volume. While moving between sections, stop and then twist every section several times to create the appearance of texture.

After your hair is about 90% dry, finish the blowout with a flat hairbrush to create a sleek appearance. Then, add some styling or texturizing spray to your hair to add more volume and shine.

Textured Layers

Layers are a fantastic method to give dimension to your hair. They can be worn in all lengths, textures, and styles. Additionally, they can be used to give the appearance of volume or create a frame around your face, allowing various facial features to appear.

Textured layers are an excellent choice for those with short hair since they give the appearance of longer locks and remove some of the bulk and weight of your hair. They are also the perfect method to give your hair some movement and create a natural look.

The most texture layers for hair with short lengths are ones that are slightly longer than hair length. They allow hair individual hair strands to move, creating an appearance of textured hair, making it ideal for thick or fine hair that requires volume.

Another option for layered bobs would be a feathered cut, which can make the ends of hair frizz-free and thinner. This is an excellent option for women with curly or wavy hair, as it will help reduce the frizz you’re experiencing.

Numerous styles can be used for bobs with layers, and the best method to pick the best one is to talk to your hairstylist. They’ll know the ideal design to suit your particular hairstyle and facial shape. They might also assist you in picking the perfect shade that matches your complexion.

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A twist-out is an excellent method to add some body and texture to your hair without any products for styling with heat. It also keeps your hair’s locks safe from loss of moisture that could cause them to break or even become frizzy.

Before you try an elongated twist for your hair with a short length, it is important to learn how to perform it correctly. It could look unruly or frizzy if you don’t perform it right.

The secret to getting the perfect twist is to choose the best products. First, begin with clean hair and then sit in a dryer when you can. Taking the time to follow these steps will guarantee that your hair is durable and easy to keep!

For this style, ensure you split your hair down the middle and then create two flat twists on either side of the head. After your twists are placed, put them in place using a hair elastic or scrunchie for some volume and fluff.

For your twists to last longer, use mousse and leave-in sections while you twist your hair. It is also possible to spray the twists you made with water to help them dry more quickly. It is also essential to allow your twists to air dry completely before unraveling them.


Braids are an excellent way to style your hair without damaging the hair. They are also available in various styles, which means there’s something for each hair type and preference.

If you’re looking for an extra dimension to your style, consider braids with the look of lace or a fishtail. This will give your hair a soft appearance and makes it appear more robust.

Another great braid for shorter hair is the waterfall braid, which looks like a stunning waterfall cascading down your strands. It’s ideal for showcasing your long, curly locks without fretting about the roots being visible.

The greatest thing about this style is it’s simple to create and an affordable way to style your hair. All you require is a comb for braiding, small sections of hair, and some braiding products to ensure the braids stay put.

A ponytail that is braided is a timeless style that is suitable for casual use. It can also make the appearance of your face, which makes you look confident when you go out on dates or at the workplace. For a smooth, elegant, polished look, secure your braided ponytail using an elastic that is clear and snag-free.

Sleek Updo

A sleek style is ideal if you’re looking to appear stunning for an important occasion or celebration. They’re simple to style and require little time to create. However, it’s essential to select one that is suitable for the length of your hair that is short.

For instance, if you’re wearing hair that is short or shoulder-length locks, you could attempt a half-updo to create the perfect elegant appearance. These styles work great with open-back dresses and are casual for everyday outfits.

A different option to create a chic hairstyle is a knotted bun. It is a classic hairstyle that is never out of fashion and looks great on both long and short hairstyles.

This easy updo is a fantastic option for a bride who would like to look elegant and chic on her wedding day. It’s also an excellent idea to incorporate a floral accessory to add that extra glam.

A half-updo is one of the most simple updos to make on hair with short lengths, and it’s an excellent way to cover hair’s ends too. Simply braid a hairpiece, tie it over your head, and secure it with pins.

Hair Scarves

If you’re looking to dress your hairstyle or give your hair an old-fashioned Hollywood starlight, look. It’s impossible to beat hair scarves. They’re incredibly effortless to wear and look gorgeous!

The classic ponytail is one of my favorite options to put on a scarf. It’s a great summery hairstyle for all types of hair.

To make low ponytails using the help of a scarf, just fix your hair in a ponytail and then wrap a scarf around the bottom of it. You can also tie the scarf around the elastic to keep it more secure.

Another hairstyle that is a good fit with the scarf is the back bun. Wrap it around your bun’s base a few times for an elegant look.

If you’d like an even more chaotic top knot, consider tying an elastic band around the bottom of a high ponytail and leaving it untied at the end. This style adds some texture without adding weight.

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A reverse bandanna is a fashion choice for hair accessories. This is a great look when paired with top knot tight curls or a high pony. All you have to do is cut the scarlet in two diagonally, tie the opposite ends together, and leave the third one loose.

Thirteen Ways How To Style Short Hair Without Heat?Thirteen Ways How To Style Short Hair Without Heat?


Braids are among the most straightforward ways to style short hair. You can make different braids, including French braids or fishtail braids. They can also be used as Dutch braids. You can braid hair once it’s damp, then let it sit overnight to allow the braids to settle. Then, you can remove the braids the next morning to create a gorgeous long, curly hairstyle.


Twist-outs are a great method to style short hair. Twist small pieces of hair together and leave them for the night. Pull the twists out in the morning, and you’ll have gorgeous curly curls that are defined and well-defined.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots provide a protective hairstyle used to create gorgeous curls. Twist hair pieces and then wrap them in tiny knots. The knots should be left overnight, then unraveled the next day for curls.

Finger Coils

Finger coils are made by twisting small pieces of hair around your fingers. Allow them to dry, then pull them back to reveal an elegant, curly hairstyle.


Plopping is a method that involves wrapping hair damp in either a microfiber or t-shirt to allow curls to develop. Wrap the hair for a couple of hours or overnight, then pull the hair out to form well-defined curls.

Pin Curls

Pin curls can be created by taking small pieces of hair, then twisting them into a curly shape, and then fixing them with Bobby’s pins. Keep the curls in for a night, and remove them in the morning to get curly curls.


The headband is a basic accessory that adds dimension and texture to your short hair. Simply put the headband along your hairline and then tuck your hair in the headband to form a full hairstyle.


Scarves are another fashion accessory that is a great way to dress hair with short lengths. It is possible to tie the scarf to your hair to form the headband or tie it around a ponytail to give some dimension to your hair.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a great way to make many hairstyles. For example, you can twist tiny sections of hair and attach them to the side of your head for an up-and-down half-down look. You can also use bobby pins to create a faux-bob look by pining your hair in just the nape of the neck.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories such as barrettes, hair ties, and clips are a great way to add style and texture to hair that is short. In addition, you can make different hairstyles with different accessories.

Tousled Waves

Tousled waves are an excellent method to achieve effortless beachy waves. Just scrunch your hair using the help of a product to style it, and allow it to air dry for an effortless, tousled style.

Wet Look

The wet hairstyle is a chic hairstyle that is achieved by applying mousse or gel onto damp hair. Do a quick slick, and allow it to dry to create a high-shine wet look.

Pixie Cut

A Pixie cut is a traditional style that is low-maintenance and can be created in numerous ways. For example, it is possible to use wax or pomade to add texture and volume or even make a slick.

Eighteen Ideas On How To Style My Short Hair For A Wedding

Braided Crown

Make a braided crown with two braids per face, and then wrap them around the side of your head. Secure by using Bobby pins. This gives you a stunning and intricate design that is perfect for weddings.

Curly Bob

Utilize a curling iron to make loose and tousled curls of your bobs shorter. This adds volume and texture to your hair. It also makes them appear more formal.

Sleek and Straight

Straighten your hair with the flat iron, and then apply smooth serums to achieve an elegant and stylish appearance. This is ideal for formal weddings.

Side Swept Bangs

If you’re sporting bangs, swish them to the opposite side, then pin the bangs in place. This will create a soft, romantic appearance that’s ideal for weddings.

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Messy Updo

Retire your hair’s short length into messy braids with loose curls and strands that frame your face. This casual but elegant look is perfect for a beach wedding.

Retro Waves

Create retro-styled waves in your curly hair by using an iron for curls and lots of hairsprays. This will give you a stylish and sophisticated style perfect for a vintage wedding.

Half Up, Half Down

The top portion of your hair in a half-up and half-down look and put on a glittery hair accessory. This adds a bit of elegance to your style.

Top Knot

If you’re blessed with slightly longer hair, tie an elegant high knot using a tying technique by pulling your hair upwards before twisting it into knots. This is a simple and elegant style that is perfect for a wedding in the summer.

Pixie Cut and Headband

Make a headband with your pixie cut, creating an elegant and chic style. This is great for a bohemian-themed wedding.

Crown Braid

Make crown braids using the front portion of your hair. Then, wrap hair around the head in the shape of a crown. This gives you a romantic, elegant look ideal for weddings in gardens.

Faux Bob

Make a faux bob appearance by tying the bottom part of your hair and then under, giving the appearance of a Bob. This is an excellent option when you don’t want to make the commitment of cutting your hair in a shortcut.

Side Part

Create an ear-length deep side part, and then tie the other portion of your hair back behind your ears. This gives you a classic, timeless style that’s ideal for a wedding with a traditional theme.

French Twist

Make the look of a French turn by pulling the hair’s short length back and twisting it into an elongated roll. This elegant and elegant look is great for a wedding with a black tie.

Beachy Waves

Make beachy waves with your hair that is short by using salt spray and a diffuser. This gives you a relaxed and easy look that is ideal for a beach wedding.

Pinned Back

Short hair should be pinned back to one side, and then add a floral accessory for your hair. This gives you a romantic and feminine look that’s ideal for a wedding with a garden.

Side Braid

Make the side braid by braiding the opposite facet of your hair, then placing it behind your ears. This gives you a bohemian, casual look ideal for a wedding outdoors.

Twisted Bun

Make a twisty bun by twisting your shorter hair, then securing it in the desired position. This simple but elegant style is perfect for weddings with a minimal theme.

Mohawk Braid

Create a Mohawk braid simply by braiding the central portion of your hair and leaving the sides open.


What is the rule for short hair?

Lay the pencil horizontally beneath your chin. After that, vertically position the ruler under your ear. A measurement is indicated by the pencil and ruler’s intersection. Your face is meant for short hair if it is less than 2.25 inches long, like Halle Berry and Audrey Hepburn.

Is short hair more attractive?

According to what we’ve found online, many guys who favour women with short hair stated that since short hairstyles are more uncommon than long hairstyles, they are special. A woman who can rock a pixie cut can be alluring and unquestionably captivating.

What is the 2 pencil rule?

Measure the distance between the tip of your ear and the intersection of the two pencils using a ruler or measuring tape. If the distance is greater than 2.25, she explains “(5.7cm), longer hair will suit you better. Also, if the gap is less than 2.25 “(5.7cm), shorter hair will suit you well.

How does short hair change your face?

Going too short with curly or wavy hair may increase the width of the cheek area. Your face can appear longer with short styles with added volume at the top. Square Face: You might want to hide an angular, powerful jaw. Curls or choppy ends, which are examples of texture, are excellent for this.

What does short hair say about a woman?

A cropped cut might be a means to demonstrate your strength to the world. “A woman with short hair is perceived as confident — not having to hide anything,” says Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, author of “Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior – Anytime, Anyplace.”