How to Style Men’s Medium Hair

How to Style Men’s Medium Hair

How to Style Men’s Medium Hair

Here are five methods to style medium-length men’s hair Slick Back Pomade: Apply the pomade, comb the hair back, then put it in place using hair spray. Side Part Combs: To create the appearance of a deep side part. Combing hair from one side. Textured Quiff Apply sea salt spray, then blow dry hair upwards and back using your fingers to create the appearance of a quiff with texture. Pompadour mousse: Apply mousse, blow dry hair upwards and back, and then use a comb to form the top. Texturizing cream, then scrunch hair using your fingers, creating natural waves.

What is the definition of medium hair?What is the definition of medium hair?

If you’re a man with medium-length hair, you’ve certainly hit the sweet spot with your locks. Medium-length hair is long enough to have that sexy, run-your-fingers-through-it vibe yet short enough to escape the “dirty hippie” stereotype that often (unfairly) plagues men with longer hair. So the length of your hair is the ideal of both worlds?

But it’s not always. Certain issues arise with your hairstyle that you are attempting to transition into, for instance, how to manage medium-length hairstyles for males. But don’t fear, gentlemen! From growing your hair from the beginning in the first place to styling it using products for men’s hair, we’ll guide you through the essentials you should be aware of to create sexy medium-length hair.

How to Grow Out Medium-Length Hair?

Hairstyles with medium lengths like the Quiff of the present, a pompadour, and the slick back are gaining popularity at an alarming rate. However, before you can get one of these fashionable hairstyles, you must first lengthen your hair to a manageable length.

What’s the best method to grow hair to medium length? You’re probably thinking: cut it off! But there’s more to it.

  • It may appear counterintuitive, but it is important to have regular trims (every 2 to 3 months) while growing your hair. Regular trimming will prevent split ends when you get your hair longer. Request your barber to let your hair grow longer on top and cut the sides and the back.
  • If you’re not using a healthy conditioner for guys, this is the perfect time to begin. Because your hair is longer, you’ll be at the likelihood of drying out and developing split ends. A quality conditioner will lock in moisture to give soft and sexy hair.
  • Be prepared for the Awkward phase. When you cut your hair, it will go through an awkward phase. When you’re in this phase, you’ll be confused about managing your hair, which could appear odd at times. Don’t cut your hair! It’s only going to last maybe a couple of weeks.

10 Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Men – Top Haircuts 2023

For a long period, medium-length haircuts were the backwater of hairstyles seldom seen by men trying to transform a sexy buzz into a sexy seventies shag (think the mullet hairstyle). However, the growth of hairstyles like the pompadour has seen them transition from an awkward stage to a genuine style straight from the grooming manual.

If you’re trying to grow your hair out, don’t want to commit to a drastic cut, or are looking for a way to create a new look, there are plenty of popular and classic haircuts for males to choose from for this summer. Whatever your style is, whether curly, straight, or straight hairstyle, the kind of medium-length hairstyle you opt for will depend on factors like the overall style of your face, shape, and hair kind.

1- Medium Length Surfer Hair

Sun-bleached, windswept, and tidied surfer hair perfectly represents an independent spirit. However, it’s unnecessary to pound the waves to get one of the most effortless stylish medium-length hairstyles. Matte pomade and sea salt mist can assist in creating the messy, rough texture required to achieve this style.

2- Medium Length Curly HairMedium Length Curly Hair

The choice of taming the natural texture or accepting it is a difficult decision for many men who have curly hair. However, honoring unique features and shining your hair is never more trendy, and you should ditch all the flat irons and hair combs. Instead, choose medium-length hairstyles for men which keep your curls in check yet still the center of the show.

3- Medium Length Layered Hair

Layered medium-length haircuts for males are perfect for thinner hair. Layers increase volume, creating an appearance of thicker hair with more volume. When you’re putting on layers, however, the placement of your hair is crucial, so discuss your options with your barber to get the look best suited to your facial shape. Finally, apply matte products that will keep your style throughout the day.

4- Medium Length Straight Hair

A neatly shaved face and straight hairstyles are elegant, professional styles for those who want to stand out in the boardroom or the street. There are a variety of medium-length hairstyles that men can pick from. Combed back, swept back, or cut into a quiff, straight hair will not be going out of fashion any time soon.

5-Medium Length Dreadlocks

If dreadlocks occupy your mind, the image that pops into your mind could be waist-length, long locks, but they can also be a fashionable middle-length haircut. Put dreadlocks in a back knot and wear them with an undercut to create an innovative, contemporary version of this striking look. Look at Wiz Khalifa, Jaden Smith, and J Cole for inspo.

6- Medium Length With A Hard Part

Hairstyles with medium lengths suitable for guys are extremely stylish, and a strong section will keep you looking professional and polished. The hairline is clean that is shaved to the scalp. It also separates the top and sides of the hair. It is possible to wear the hard section on your side to add definition. Regular maintenance will ensure that it’s always sharp.

7- Half Man Bun

Guys, you might not have hair that long, but this doesn’t mean you cannot wear those medium-length hairstyles. To make a half-man bun, you must pull the top portion of your hair in an elegant bun, keeping the rest loose. Again, the catwalk or the street, feminine or sexually attractive, is a standout fashion.

8- MulletMullet

Hairstyles for men with medium lengths are as exciting as long-length styles. Even better, if you’re confident that you have, a modern-day mullet can be an easy-to-maintain style suitable for most face hair types, shapes, and hair types. Keep it short on the sides and the top and medium-length in the back for an illusion of contrast. A mullet is a business at the front and a celebration at the rear.

9- Fringe

From side-swept to textured to angular fringes are one of the most transformative styles to pair along with hairstyles of medium length. A fringe is a style that highlights the cheekbones, showing off the eyes and covering any lines on the forehead that you don’t want to. It’s a great option to spice up medium-length haircuts for males.

10- Shag

In the case of medium-length hairstyles that men can wear, shag cuts are cool and retro. For a look that resembles Bowie, Cobain, and Jagger, request your barber to layer your hair along the sides and the top and style it with just the right quantity of mess. Dress casually for work, or go for it with spikes and go to your wild side.

Top 10 Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men

Certain trends can be popular; however, the most stylish hairstyles for men will never be out of style. These aren’t man-buns, 80s-style perms, or famous hairstyles, but contemporary haircuts that are so timeless they will not be a problem for you later. But, of course, you already have plenty of material on social media accounts to think about.

Some of these haircuts are centuries old, while others span years. But they’re all enticing and modern, even if it’s been around for decades. This is what makes it a real men’s haircut. If you don’t have a problem, fixing it is unnecessary.

You can certainly play the lottery with flash-in-the-pan hairstyles ripped off the pages of an online hipster site or go to the barbershop for a haircut that will work. If you’d prefer the latter, take our comprehensive list of the ten most popular hairstyles and haircuts for men as your reference.

1- Undercut Hairstyle

The sides are shorter but longer on the top. This is the essence of an undercut that is suitable for various hairstyles for men (curly or straight, wavy, etc.). It is possible to shape the top hair in any way you want, then slick it back or spike it up or any other way you like.

From a broad view from a general perspective, two main kinds of men’s haircuts are faded and disconnected. If you’ve ever seen Cillian Murphy’s gorgeous hairstyle in “Peaky Blinders,” you’re familiar with the disconnected undercut. It’s distinguished by the stark contrast or a clear division between longer and shorter hair.

On the other hand, a fade undercut is gradually tapering as the shorter sides rise towards the top. It gives you a more uniform flow. What kind of undercut is right for you? This is for you as well as your hairdresser. We can guide you in the right direction by recommending our guide on short haircuts and hairstyle advice.

2- Textured Pompadour Haircut

The haircut of the top males appears to be out of fashion in the past; however, it hasn’t. So if you feel it’s dated, We’ll allow you to be the one to tell David Beckham, who’s no stranger to pompadours. But, of course, Elvis Presley remains the most well-known celebrity to sport the famous hairstyle, which has been in fashion since the time in the days of “Jailhouse Rock.”

Similar to fades or undercuts, the pompadour of men typically has short hair along the sides and longer hair on the top. What makes this particular style stand out from other styles is the healthy amount of hair swept up at the front that gradually shrinks to the back. The style’s most well-known cousin, the magnificent Quiff, has a very stylish symmetry.

3- Side-Part Hairstyle

How timeless is the part for men that you’re asking? It is timeless enough to span at least six decades, as evident by the enduring attraction of Don Draper’s curly back look.

A staple of the business world, The side part needs an adequate amount of volume and length. Therefore, it is most effective with straight, thick hair. The most classic example is taper at the sides and a longer length on the top.

Move the hair on top towards the other side with a small number of items and then a brush. Voila! Side part. Suppose you prefer an elegant look; request your barber to apply the low fade.

4- Short Curly Hair and a Trimmed Beard

Beards that are epically long are in fashion in the present. We’re not so sure they’ll ever be considered a relic of the past (they’re somewhat retro, in the first place, in the end). A well-trimmed beard can create a stylish style no matter the season. Combine that neat beard with a shaved head consisting of long, thick curly hair for an equally feminine and approachable aesthetic.

5- Buzz CutBuzz Cut

In keeping with its name, the buzz cut makes the buzzer electric to use, cutting off every side. It is a part of pop culture regularly and never stops becoming popular. Brad Pitt and David Beckham are only two of a large number of famous people to give this classic cut their rightful place in the spotlight.

It’s safe to say that no list of the most stylish men’s haircuts would be incomplete without buzz cuts. In all honesty, who does not love a haircut that doesn’t require much maintenance? But it is important to be aware of the cut as a fashion declaration. You can pair it with bold or even abrasive outfits, thus enhancing its overtly masculine characteristics.

6- Caesar Cut

If a haircut for men has been fashionable since Roman Emperors, we can be sure that its style will not change shortly. The Caesar Cut is distinguished by its short, layered hair with a tight horizontal fringe and a slender horizontal fringe; it conjures associations with strength and power. Add a fade to the sides to give this timeless haircut a contemporary look.

7- Messy Waves Hairstyle

The best way to describe it is that it’s a purposefully messy hairstyle that is messy and messy requires more effort and care than initially appears. So pick up a few products and start working on the hair, with a goal of an appearance that is casual and sculpted. You’re so cool.

8- Short Dreads

When was the last time that short dreads were anything other than amazing? We’re not conscious of it. The style was popularized by the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat; this men’s hairstyle takes a lot of effort and time. If you’re not sure of the rules, then it’s best to leave your hair in the hands of barbers. But, as we’re talking about it, hairstyles with long dreadlocks can be stunning too.

9- Slicked Back Haircut

Like the trusted side part hairstyle, the slicked-back cut has been a standard in the business world for a long time. It is an emblem of the top tier of authority and professionalism.

But, it appears that the back cut is becoming less slick each year. In that regard, I’d like to offer a few pieces of advice: avoid overdoing it using hair products. You want your hair to look full as well as natural and not stiff.

10- Long Wavy Hair

We may have made fun of hairstyles from the 80s that were glam in the intro, but do not let that stop you from developing the follicles God gave you. You must do this if you’re one of the few lucky men to pull off the long and wavy style. It’s a symbol of masculinity. The hairstyle for men draws all the attention towards you. If you’re looking for additional tips, check out our guide to long hairstyles for males.

How To Know What Haircut Suits You? For Women

In the world of haircuts, not all of them are alike. Simply because you have seen and like a particular haircut doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for everyone, which is why. Your hair’s texture plays a significant role in determining the cut suitable for you, and your facial shape also plays a greater aspect. To help you with this, we will show you how to know what Cuts You Should Choose.

If you’re trying to determine if the haircut you’re considering is suitable, the initial factor to consider is the shape of your face.

It is done simply; secure your hair, then sit in the mirror. Draw the circumference of your face’s shape in the mirror using markers or lipstick. When you leave, you’ll observe your face’s contour. The hairdresser is in a position to help you.

With the help of the diagram above, figure out the face shape most similar to your own. Once you know this, examine some of our suggestions below to determine the best haircuts with each listed facial type.

1- Oval Face Shape

What are the chances for those who have an Oval facial shape? The oval is considered the best face shape, as most hairstyles can be applied to faces with an oval shape. After that, the sky is the limit. You can go to extremes here, short or long being the best option. The mid-length cuts are acceptable. However, they may detract from the highlights.

With an oval-shaped face, it is possible to split your face in the middle, on the side, or alternate between them based on your mood. Hairstyles can be straight or smooth or curled or textured. Therefore the possibilities are endless.

2- Long Face Shape

If your face is long, it is best to avoid hairstyles that are either too long or have short haircuts. They will only emphasize the length of your face. The other long-face celebrities are Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler, so their hairstyles can be great sources of inspiration. If your face is longer and you decide to go with the length you prefer, you could include a fringe to break the length and complement a smaller forehead.

3- Round Face ShapesRound Face Shapes

If your face’s shape is round, opt for the long bob with the center section to make the roundness less noticeable and make your face appear more elongated. Beware of haircuts that squeeze the face, as they will just emphasize the roundness. Another option is to choose an extended side-swept bang or asymmetrical cut. This can also break up the round look. Below, you’ll find examples of the round face shape. Adele and Chrissy Teigen are both fans of this facial shape.

4- Square Face Shapes

Women with square faces are trying to make a face appear longer. Do not cut your hair to expose the forehead. If you’re cutting your hair shorter, ensure the fringe is whispy to create a more textured appearance. Nicole Richie and Olivia Wilde have a similar facial shapes.

5- Heart Face Shapes

Suppose your face is shaped like a Heart. Pay attention to your cheekbones and eyes. Bangs are a great option to disguise the forehead’s width and be worn at any length. The bob’s length should be chin-length to expand the part of the face or just below the chin.

Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington each have heart-shaped faces. The length of the face determines how much more width to your face. The bangs will determine whether you have to shorten the length of the face. The bangs are also a great way to conceal a low-cut hairline.


What hairstyle is in for 2023?

According to him, the style will be upgraded for 2023 with additional layers, softer cut fringes, and copious amounts of movement made simple by internal layers. It will be ideal for that on-trend stylish girl. Alternatively, if you can’t decide between a pixie and a bob, go for both.


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