How To Style Medium-Length Hair, Men?

How To Style Medium-Length Hair, Men?

How To Style Medium-Length Hair, Men?

Styling medium-length hair for men can be a fun and versatile experience. Whether you’ve got medium-length hair or just want to freshen it up, you have many options for haircuts and styles.

When navigating through a sea of mid-length hairstyles, it’s important to consider the texture and volume of your hair. This will help you choose the right cut and style.


Pompadours are a classic men’s hairstyle that will never go out of style. They can be styled to suit a variety of face shapes and bone structures, making them an ideal option for many types of men.

The pompadour is an excellent choice for those with round or oval faces, as it elongates the head shape and creates extra height, which can help balance proportions. It’s also great for those with a square or rectangular face, as it can add a bit of contrast and sculpt the profile.

Master barber Kirby Stout of Fort Bragg, NC, says the pompadour haircut is a true classic and can be worn by men of all ages and hair lengths. The hair on the top of the head should be slightly shorter than the sides and back, and the front fringe area needs to be left longer to achieve the desired volume.

If you want to take your pompadour to the next level, consider going for an oversized version. Of course, this will require plenty of hair product and blow-drying to ensure it stays in place all day long, but it’s worth the effort.

Another way to spruce up your pompadour is to add a side part. This is a hot trend right now, and it can give your style a little extra distinction while retaining the sleek and polished look created by the pompadour itself.


Layers are a great way to add dimension to your hair. They can give you a subtle, blended look or a bold, choppy one. They also work well on all hair types and textures.

They can make thicker hair appear thicker, give thin or fine hair a boost of volume or help frame your face. They can even be paired with different haircuts to create a modern and fresh look.

To style layers, it is important to ensure your hair is damp before cutting. This will make it easier to see what you are doing and prevent it from drying out too much as you cut.

If you have heavy, curly hair, you can achieve a soft, layered effect by running layers through the lengths of your hair at an angle to the scalp. The result will be a softer, more bountiful hairstyle ideal for a masculine finish.

The layered effect will also help frame your face and keep your crop from looking too bulky, especially on oval or oblong faces. It will also help you keep your hair tame enough for formal occasions.


Whether growing your hair or wanting to switch it up, medium-length men’s hair offers the perfect blend of sexy and low maintenance. And if you’re a man looking to make a bold statement, you can go with highlights to turn your look into a real show-stopper.

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If you have darker blond or light brown hair, highlights are an easy way to add a little color without going over the top. They can work with a wide variety of men’s hairstyles, and they’re an especially good option for black guys who don’t want to look too dramatic or dirty.

Highlights can add a fun pop of color to your style, and they’re also a great way to change up the look of your hair if you want to get rid of a boring haircut. You can also try out new colors that you wouldn’t normally think of if you’re feeling bold!

Try adding pink or purple highlights to your hair for a unique look. You can even create a contrast by mixing it with another color, like turquoise! These hairstyles will grab everyone’s attention and make you stand out.


Bangs are a fringe of hair that falls across the forehead and come in various lengths and shapes. Whether you have long or short bangs, they can be a great way to change up your look and add some dimension to your face.

If you are thinking about getting bangs, talk with your hairstylist about what type would best suit your facial features and style. They can help you find the perfect bangs for you, which can greatly impact your overall appearance.

Blunt bangs, also known as classic bangs, are popular for many men because they can look amazing. However, they can require more upkeep than other styles and must be trimmed more often.

Choppy bangs are another option for men who want to give their bangs a bit more texture. They can be cut at different lengths to emphasize your hair’s natural texture and create a vintage and casual look.

This hairstyle is perfect for gentlemen with curly hair, making the bangs look bouncy and voluminous. They can be styled in various ways, from side parts to top knots, and are a great way to wear your hair for a night out on the town.


A classic bob is a perfect option for those with medium hair who want to keep their styles short and sharp. This one-length cut is jaw-grazing and chin-hugging and can be styled in several ways to suit a variety of face shapes and personal preferences.

Try asymmetrical layers if you’re looking for a way to mix up your bob. Ask your barber to leave some layers longer on one side and shorter on the other. This will add a touch of asymmetry and create a dramatic look that is sure to turn heads.

Another way to take a traditional bob and make it your own is by adding highlights. This will make your hair look vibrant and fresh and give you a chance to frame your eyes with bright highlights that complement your natural color.

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The stacked bob is another great men’s haircut for medium-length hair that will give your hair a lot of volume and texture. Stacked bobs are also a great option for curly or wavy hair.

The undercut is a popular medium-length hairstyle that can be worn in several ways, including slicked back or with a pompadour. It’s also one of the most versatile cutting-edge styles out there, so you can bet it will work with various hair textures and lengths.

Lateral Comb Overs

Lateral combovers are one of the most popular options for men with medium-length hair. They look sophisticated and masculine and work well with various face shapes and hair types.

The classic combover is easy to style and requires only a few simple steps. Start by working some pomade or wax into damp hair, then use a comb to locate a part line.

You can also style a loose or more polished combover, incorporating some waves or volume to create an alternative look. The combover can be a great option for guys with thick, wavy, or curly hair.

If you are going for a combover haircut, ask your barber to cut the sides and back in a taper or fade. This will gradually make the transition between the sides and top, ensuring that the comb looks clean and neat.

If you want to add some dimension to the combover, try adding a few highlights to your hair. Bright, vibrant colors can help your comb stand out from the crowd.

Matte Paste

If you’re looking for a more natural and less slicked-back style, consider going for a matte textured hairstyle. This can be achieved using a texture powder, providing a matte finish without adding shine.

The downside to this product is that it can dry out the hair if it’s overused, so be sure to apply it sparingly and rub it well. This will help to create volume and a more natural look.

It can also be used as a pre-styler before styling your hair with other products. Rub it well before styling for a smooth, matte finish.

This is a good product for men who want a more natural look with their hair. In addition, it can be applied to dry or damp hair for a textured look.

This product is ideal for medium-length hair men who want a more natural and low-shine look. It’s water-based, so it can be rinsed out easily. It’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to apply and style. It can be used for any style, from a messy look to a formal, slicked-back look.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Style Medium-Length Hair For Men:

  • Side part: A classic side part is a great way to style medium-length hair for men. You can use a comb and a little styling cream or pomade to create a sharp part and keep the hair in place.
  • Slick back: If you have thicker hair, you can try slicking your hair back. Use a comb and a styling cream or pomade to slick your hair back and create a polished, sleek look.
  • Messy textured look: You can try a messy, textured hairstyle for a more casual look. Use a bit of texturizing spray or sea salt spray to add texture and volume to your hair. Use your fingers to tousle your hair and create a messy, natural look.
  • Fringe: A fringe hairstyle can work well for medium-length hair. You can keep the length at the front and style it into a straight fringe or with a slight wave.
  • Undercut: An undercut can be a stylish and edgy way to style medium-length hair. The top can be styled in any of the ways mentioned above, while the sides and back are shaved or trimmed very short.
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Remember, the key to styling medium-length hair for men is to find a style that works with your hair type and face shape. Then, use styling products like pomade, styling cream, or texturizing spray to create the look you want, and experiment with different styles until you find one that suits you.


Do long hair make you look younger or older?

Maintaining youthful hair (without trying to look too young) will help older women look and feel younger. You may feel younger if you have long hair. Long hair accentuates hair that is exceptionally healthy and shining. Long hair can be styled in a variety of ways, such as braids, ponytails, updos, and more.

What hair makes you look younger?

While straight hair can make you look older, loose waves can make you look younger. To add some softness and flow to your hair, experiment with face-framing layers. Moreover, layers can give your hair a rich, healthy appearance. Parra advises requesting straight-cut perimeter layers from your hairdresser.

What is the best hairstyle to sleep in for long hair?

Before you go to bed, braid your hair. This tried-and-true method is one of the greatest methods to wear your hair while you sleep since it always works. It shields your hair from breakage and tangling while also giving you magnificent beach waves the following day and reducing frizz.

Is it better to sleep with your hair up or down at night?

If your hair is short, it is better to sleep with it down. Also, this allows air to freely circulate through your hair, which improves the quality of your sleep. On the other hand, it is advised to tie your long hair freely to avoid knots and breakage if you have long hair.

Should I tie my hair while sleeping?

At night, it’s better to leave your hair loose. If you’re using an overnight hair product, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb first, then braid it loosely. Keep in mind not to use rubber or metal hair ties.