How To Style Medium-Layered Hair?

How To Style Medium-Layered Hair?

How To Style Medium-Layered Hair?

Medium-layered hair is a versatile hairstyle that can be styled in various ways. Layers are one of the most versatile and easy hairstyles to style. They are flattering for most face shapes and work wonders on thin hair.

Medium-layered hair is an ideal option for anyone who wants to add volume, texture, and movement to their locks without sacrificing length or diversity in styling. So, whether you have thick or fine tresses, a layered hairstyle will leave you looking fabulous and ready for the next big event.

Loose Waves

You can’t go wrong with loose waves if you want to add a little beachy vibe to your look this season. Whether your hair is thick or thin, this style can add a ton of volume and texture while still being incredibly easy to achieve!

The best way to create loose waves is to use a curling iron. However, if you’re going for a more casual look, try using heatless methods to get beautiful, natural-looking waves.

Adding waves to your medium-length hair is a great way to enhance your natural color and give your look a more polished appearance. If you’re interested in experimenting with waves, you can try different braid styles to get different looks.

You can also separate your hair into different sections, depending on the wave size you want to achieve. After you’ve done this, spritz your hair with a little salt spray and tousle it for definition.

Another way to style your medium-layered hair is to use a lob. This haircut is ideal for women with medium wavy or straight hair because it’s easy to maintain and can be styled in various ways, from top knots and braids to half updos.

Aside from the fact that lobs are trendy this year, they’re also a great choice for women with medium-textured hair as they can help to minimize frizz and keep your locks looking healthy. In addition, lobs are the perfect length to achieve those gorgeous waves you’ve been dreaming of!

This choppy lob with asymmetrical layers is a classic style that adds depth to your medium-textured hair. The choppy layers will add movement and height to your tresses. In contrast, the off-center parting will add a touch of femininity to your look. You can add some bold and funky highlights to make this hairstyle even more striking!

Long Layers

Layers are a staple hairstyle that adds texture and volume to any hair type. However, layered haircuts can be challenging to style.

If you want to get more movement and definition into your medium-layered cut, try adding soft curls or waves to your style. This will give your medium-layered haircut the sexy and sophisticated look you’ve dreamed of!

Whether looking for an everyday wash-and-go or a more glamorous hairstyle, you can find the perfect medium-layered haircut to match your personality and style. You’ll be able to achieve the perfect look that suits you and your face shape with just a few simple steps.

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A medium-layered haircut with long curtain bangs can frame your cheekbones perfectly and give you a great shapely look. This style is also a good choice for ladies with oval faces, as it will beautifully complement this type of face shape.

Another sexy medium-layered haircut is a long lob cut with a feathered end. This is a great style to wear when you want to be more casual, as it makes your hair look thicker and fuller than it normally would.

This haircut also works well with fine and thin hair, so it’s a good choice for any type of hair. For more of a textured look, you can add a few layers around your fringe to make your bangs more defined and thicker.

The best thing about these haircuts is that they work with all hair types and are easy to maintain. They are perfect for those who want to save time when styling their hair in the mornings.


Braids are the go-to option when it comes to hairstyles for medium-layered hair. They are easy to style and look so elegant.

However, creating braids with layered hair can be tricky since the shorter sections tend to stick out of the braid. To make things easier, add a little texturizing spray to your hair or use dry shampoo so that your layered locks hold better when making the braids.

Another simple and stylish braid for layered hair is the side braid. This is an excellent choice for weddings or special occasions as it looks impactful and edgy.

To achieve this style, divide your strands into five equal sections and start braiding each section individually. You can tuck in the smaller flyaways and add extra volume to your hair before you braid it.

Reality TV alum Olivia Palermo wears her textured locks into two low fishtail braids, which give the hairstyle a casual yet chic vibe. You can also use a dry texturizing spray to get a similar finish.

This easy updo for medium-layered hair is perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a long, heavy updo but still need a formal option. It can be paired with a mini-bouffant for a sophisticated vibe.

Another easy updo for medium-layered hair that is perfect for a first date or a night on the town is a small braided bun. The bun will keep your locks out of your face and help you stay cool on a hot summer night.


Adding bangs is one of the quickest and easiest ways to spice up your medium-layered hair. Bangs are not only versatile, but they can also frame your face and make you look more stylish and trendy.

You can easily find bangs that suit your face if you have a round or oval face. Depending on what suits you best, they can be short, long, or even bob-length.

Moreover, they can be styled in several ways and even help you hide fine lines or problematic skin. The best thing about bangs is that they can make your overall look more youthful and attractive.

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Another great way to wear bangs is to pair them with a wavy hairstyle. Whether you like a messy look or want your hair to be more elegant, a wavy medium-length haircut with bangs can be a nice option for any occasion.

To get this look, wash your medium-layered hair with Suave Professionals Volumizing Shampoo and condition it with Suave Professionals Volumizing Conditioner to give it fullness. Next, blow-dry your tresses using a 1-inch curling iron or hair wand.

Once your strands are dry, apply a volumizing styling mousse to damp hair to enhance the luster of your tresses and create volume. Alternatively, you can use a texturizing spray to create texture and waves. Regardless of your choice, don’t forget to finish your layered hairstyle with a good finishing product, such as Nexxus New York Plus Salon Care Styling Mousse Plus.

Feathered LayersFeathered Layers

Layers are a popular addition to many hairstyles and can be used on all types of hair. Thin and fine hair, can create the appearance of fullness or volume, while thicker hair can remove bulk and make your hair look lighter and more manageable.

When choosing a layered cut, it’s important to tell your stylist what effect you want the layers to have. Some of the most common effects include taking bulky weight out of your haircut, framing your face, and adding movement and texture.

Another great way to add layers to your hair is to get a feathered cut. Feathered layers look incredibly chic and stylish and are a great way to soften your features and enhance your natural beauty.

If you have medium-layered hair and would like to try out a feathered cut, there are several styles that you can choose from. You can also ask your hairstylist for a few tips on how to style feathered layers.

For example, a choppy wavy layered cut is a good option for women with dark roots who would like to have a little more movement. This style can also be worn with a side part and looks fabulous for a formal event or wedding.

You can also try a long graduated fringe, like Cate Blanchett’s hairstyle, which is perfect for framing your face and making it appear longer. This look pairs well with long and short hairstyles, so it’s a good choice for any face shape.

If you have a shorter haircut, a feathered pixie cut is also a great option to add volume and texture to your look. This look is gorgeous on various faces, and finding a shade that matches your complexion is easy.

Here Are Some Tips For Styling Medium-Layered Hair

  • Add waves or curls: Medium-layered hair looks great with soft waves or curls. Use a curling iron or a hair straightener to create loose waves or curls. You can also try braiding your hair overnight for natural-looking waves.
  • Create a half-up hairstyle: A half-up hairstyle is a great way to show off your layered hair while keeping it out of your face. Gather the top half of your hair and secure it with a hair tie or clip. You can leave the rest of your hair down or style it in a braid or ponytail.
  • Try a messy bun: A messy bun is a quick and easy hairstyle that looks great with medium-layered hair. Gather your hair into a high or low bun and pull out a few face-framing pieces for a relaxed look.
  • Add a headband: A headband is a great way to add a pop of color or texture to your hairstyle. Choose a headband that compliments your outfit and wear it with your hair down or in a half-up hairstyle.
  • Experiment with hair accessories: Hair accessories like hair clips, barrettes, and hairpins are a fun way to add interest to your hairstyle. Use them to pin back a section of your hair or to create a unique updo.
  • Braid it: Braids are a great way to show off your layered hair. Try a side braid, a fishtail braid, or a Dutch braid for a stylish and trendy look.
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Remember, the key to styling medium-layered hair is to experiment and have fun with your hair. With a few simple tips and a little creativity, you can create a unique and stylish hairstyle that is perfect for any occasion.


How can I give my medium-layered hair more volume?

Try blow-drying your medium-layered hair upside-down to add volume to it. Lift your hair from the roots with a round brush and blow-dry it upward. To assist enhance volume and texture, you may also use volumizing products like mousse or root-lifting sprays.

What simple looks are there for medium-layered hair?

With medium-layered hair, simple hairstyles include loose waves, a messy bun, a low ponytail, and a half-up, half-down look. These looks may be dressed up or down depending on the situation and are quick and simple to produce.

How should I wear my medium-length, layered hair for a formal occasion?

You might choose for a chic updo or a chic chignon for a formal occasion. If you prefer to wear your hair down, you may use a curling iron to produce loose waves, or you can straighten it for a professional appearance.

What hair styling supplies should I use on my medium-length layers?

The styling supplies you choose will depend on the style you want. Hairspray, styling cream, texturizing spray, and heat protectant spray are a few typical items for medium-layered hair. To maintain the health and moisture of your hair, you can also apply a leave-in conditioner.

How can I give my medium-layered hair more depth?

You may experiment with adding highlights or lowlights to your medium-layered hair to give it more character. Furthermore, ombre or balayage treatments may provide a natural-looking gradient appearance that gives your hair depth and character.

How frequently should I trim my medium-length layers to keep it in shape?

It’s advised to have a haircut every six to eight weeks to keep the form of your medium-layered hair. By doing so, you’ll be able to preserve the length and form of your layers as well as the health of your hair and avoid split ends.