How To Style Long Curtain Bangs?

How To Style Long Curtain Bangs?

How To Style Long Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs are a classic cut that can flatter any face shape. But before you hit your hairstylist, here are a few tips to ensure your fringes look their best.

The most common way to style them is with a blow dryer and a round brush. Using a brush in this manner helps you create a swoopy, angled effect that looks sexy on any face.

The ’80s Vibe

The ’80s have a distinctly recognizable look and feel that’s easy to identify in movies, TV shows, and other forms of media. It’s also a period in which many of today’s most popular musicians are heavily inspired, from Dua Lipa and The Weeknd to CHVRCHES and HAIM.

Curtain bangs are an excellent way to go if you’re looking to get that ’80s vibe without going full-blown retro. They’re easy to style and require less maintenance than a slicked-back hairdo.

One of the best ways to style long curtain bangs is with a blow dryer and a round brush. This will give you a bouncy, voluminous, chic, and effortless look.

You can do this by blow-drying your bangs away from your face and wrapping them around the brush to the ends. Then, simply twist your brush through the ends to create a soft, live-in look perfect for casual or fancy occasions.

Besides having that carefree and laid-back look, 80s curtain bangs also require less volumizing products and hair care than other styles. This makes them an ideal choice for those who are busy and don’t have time to worry about their locks.

The ’70s Fringe

Long curtain bangs are the way to go if you’re looking for an easy and low-maintenance way to update your hair. They’re a fuller version of see-through bangs and come in various lengths, making them perfect for all hair types and face shapes.

Stylist Dominick Pucciarello tells us that curtain bangs are “parted in the middle, framing each side of your face.” They’re usually longer on the sides and softer and shaggier than traditional straight-across fringe, but they can vary.

To get them styled, Pucciarello recommends using a blow dryer and round brush. First, part your hair down the center and wrap it around the brush, away from your forehead.

Repeat this step periodically until your bangs are completely dry and the brush isn’t dripping with hot air. When you’re done, spritz with enough hair spray to ensure your look stays put all day.

There are several ways to style your curtain bangs, but the easiest is by curling them with a curling iron. This will give them a little volume, but it’s best to use a curling iron on dry hair after applying a heat protectant.

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The Volume FringeThe Volume Fringe

A softer, more blended version of the classic straight-across fringe, curtain bangs are best for long or medium-length hair. They can also work with curly tresses but need more maintenance than traditional bangs.

A curtain fringe should be cut to complement your face shape, features, and style. A professional stylist will consider your brow bone, cheekbones, and eyes before cutting your fringe.

Ask your stylist for an edgier version if you want a bold look. For example, she may recommend a geometric fringe, which is more pronounced on the sides than in the center.

This fringe will flatter your face and give your hair a more polished look. You can also try a thinner see-through fringe, adding volume and framing your face more clearly.

If you’re unsure how to style your long curtain bangs, here are a few tips from three Hollywood hairstylists. They’ll show you how to brush them properly and get a wavy, wispy fringe.

The Face-Framing Fringe

The face-framer fringe is a classic and easy way to make your long hair feel youthful and appealing. It features lengthy layers that blend in to frame your facial shape while highlighting bone structure and brightening your appearance.

The best part about the face-framer fringe is that it works well with a wide range of face shapes and hair types. For example, it looks great on thin hair and thicker locks, according to Sammi Wuske, a stylist from Illinois.

She also points out that the face-framer fringe is great for anyone who wants a low-maintenance style that doesn’t require lots of styling. In addition, this fringe is perfect for those who want to show off their sexy side without being too glam or overly dramatic, she says.

To get the look, start with a round brush to gently pull your bangs toward your face but tuck away at the ends. She explains that you can also use a paddle brush to get a more subtle effect.

The Slit Fringe

Curtain bangs have been making their way onto the runways of fashion shows since the ’60s and ’70s. Still, they’re now sweeping the internet (and even TV) thanks to celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Hillary Duff, Kacey Musgraves, Gigi Hadid, and Emma Corrin. They’re a low-maintenance, easy-to-style option ideal for any face and hair length.

Longer bangs will create a soft, pretty effect that frames the face beautifully. However, they do require a little styling.

To keep your fringe looking crisp, start by blow-drying your hair where it naturally falls. Then, use a roller to add volume or to refresh limp locks that need a little pick-me-up!

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A curling iron is another option for styling your curtain fringe. Using the right technology can transform any look from a simple twist to an edgy snood.

In addition to the flat iron, you can use a round brush to achieve the look. Then, wrap your curtain bangs around the brush to protect them from the heat while you dry.

The Messy Fringe

Long curtain bangs are a popular trend on social media that looks good on every face shape. They frame the face, add an illusory contour to the hairline, and are easy to style without fuss or maintenance.

This softer take on fringes can be longer in the center, shorter on the sides, or somewhere between. It also comes in various textures, from light and wispy to dense and heavy, for a statement look.

With this in mind, it’s important to tailor the length to your face shape. For instance, an oval face should have the shortest bangs hit just below the cheekbones to balance the face. In contrast, heart-shaped faces benefit from longer pieces extending slightly past the forehead.

The easiest way to get a soft, lived-in curtain effect is to blow dry your bangs away from the face, wrapping them around a small round brush. It’s also good to twist your brush as you blow dry to create a textured fringe.

The Twisted FringeThe Twisted Fringe

A twisted fringe is one of the hottest trends right now. Its softness and asymmetrical shape add volume to the fringe, flattering any face shape.

To create this style, take a triangular section of hair at the crown and part it to the sides. Then, use a round brush and a hairdryer with a directional attachment to give your bangs the correct shape, and spritz them with hairspray to keep them in place.

Professional stylist Dominick Pucciarello tells mbg that curtain bangs are “parted in the middle, framing each side of the face just like curtains.” They’re softer and longer than traditional bangs, with wispy ends that blend in with the rest of the hair.

The best way to style your curtain bangs is to ensure they’re long enough to sweep back and frame your face and eyes. To do this, trim them regularly and blow dry the ends with a Sam Villa Signature Series Thermal Styling Brush to smooth and control the length, so they don’t flip out.

The Curls

Curtain bangs are an ideal option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance fringe that looks great with both long and short hair. They require minimal upkeep and are a timeless style that will always be in fashion.

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Pro stylist Dominick Pucciarello tells mbg that “this type of bang is soft and sweeping, making it feel more lived-in than a blunt cut.” And, the best part?

He adds that curtain bangs are especially good for a round face. That’s because they minimize the exposure of the forehead, creating the illusion of a more petite face shape.

But before you go all-out with this voluminous fringe, ensure it’s the right fit for your face shape. The best bet is to consult a professional.

You can create a curled curtain effect with a curling iron by using the correct technique and holding the straightener at an angle (more than 45 degrees) to ensure you get a full-fledged swoop, says Maine. Alternatively, a flat iron can give your fringe a subtle curl. Just follow the same steps above, but instead of sliding it down your bangs, twist it as you slide it down for a gentle flick.


Do you have to style long curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs need some effort, albeit not as much as other types. You still need to style them so they look their best, though.

How do you style long curtain bangs without heat?

Spray some leave-in conditioner onto damp or second-day hair, twist, and pin the bangs back for an easy, heat-free approach to style curtain bangs. While you work on other items on your to-do list, let them 30 minutes to air-dry.

Do curtain bangs look good with a ponytail?

The good news is that curtain bangs look excellent on people with both short and long hair, as well as hair that is straight, wavy, or curly. Also, they are quite adaptable and can go well with a variety of hairstyles, including ponytails, updos, low buns, and more.

Which face shape for curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs can be worn with almost any face type, according to Cotteblanche, who advises that you should modify the style to match your face shape and hair texture. Because there are so many variations of the style, customization is incredibly simple.

How do Koreans style bangs?

Simply separate your bangs into three distinct portions, two on each side, with your main fringe in the centre, to achieve the roller look. Next, instead of using the standard straightening action, you curl your hair straightener into soft, carefree bangs that sit exactly on your forehead.