How To Style Locs?

How To Style Locs?

How To Style Locs?

If you’re beginning locs, you should start with double-strand twists or coils. If you don’t keep your hair in these types of styles longer than the allowed time (3-5 weeks), the hair will begin to lock up over time. This phase typically lasts from the beginning of three to six months of hair dreads.

Types Of Hair That Can Be Used For Locs That Are Soft.

Certain hairs are ideal for braiding soft locs. When you use these hairs, the soft locs are perfectly completed and last longer. They include:

  • Kinky wrap hair
  • Afro curly hair
  • Crochet faux locs
  • Hair with water weave

Swimming And Soft Loc

You can swim with your soft locks. But you must know that your hair will become damp when you’re done swimming. The locs will become heavier, but they will go back to normal when it’s dried completely.

How To Maintain Crochet Faux Locs & Soft Locs

Keep your crochet faux locs and soft locs by following a few simple steps:

  • When you go to bed, we recommend putting on a satin bonnet to avoid getting caught in your crochet locs.
  • You can detangle your crochet locs using your fingers to stop the hair from sticking together.
  • Cut any stray hair and gel to glue the locs back. We’ll go over everything in depth by using this maintenance guide.
  • Learn how to care for your faux locs of crochet to extend the length of your installation and keep it lasting for longer.

We will cover a variety of things in this article. What makes me qualified to offer this advice? While I’m not a professional hairstylist, I am a regular fan of faux-crochet and hair enthusiasts. I have worked with professional hair stylists and receive feedback from my customers. This is my experience with crochet faux locs, my customer’s experience, and some tips from professional hair stylists all in one (hopefully very helpful) blog entry.

Ways To Style Your Locs

No matter how long you’ve been expanding your hair or are just trying them out for a temporary, protective summer hairstyle, they’re an obligation. They could take many years to grow naturally or a few hours in the case of fake locs you’ve gotten at the salon. However long it takes to achieve your desired hairstyle having a few easy, stylish, adorable, and fast methods to make them look stylish is necessary.

If the celebrity set is an indicator, there’s plenty of inspiration for stunning loc hairstyles that are not too difficult to make. We sought out the tips of hairstylists Shelby Swain and Chimere Faulk, the creator of the CEO Dr. Locs. Also, just for Me hairstylist Adrienne Leak, to provide some stunning, simple hairstyles you can create at home.

Before the hairstyle, Swain has one rule of thumb: “Keep your locs moisturized and your scalp clean and properly balanced so your looks will shine.” A good base is an initial step to creating a stunning hairstyle.

1- Wrap & Go

Willow Smith’s style is beautiful and, most importantly, simple. Leak suggests that you begin by pulling the hair behind. Next, attach it to the nape of your neck using a hair tie and wrap the ends of your hair around one another to create loose hair. After that, secure the bun using pins and pull the two locks off the opposite end of the head to frame your face.

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2- Space Buns

Is it just us, and aren’t space rabbits adorable like a tiger? The dynamic pair of Sasha Lane was the right thing to propel her style into the high-tech world. You’ll have to divide your hair horizontally into two parts to get it. You’ll use the front section to make your buns, and the back section will be left loose.

Divide the front portion across the middle, and secure both with a hair tie. Start wrapping each ponytail until you’ve created your perfect ponytail. Attach the ponytail to the front of the tie, or tie it back. It is possible to complete the look with cuffs and beads in your cuffs and ties for more decorative flair or opt to leave out the additional embellishments.

3- Up & Down3- Up & Down

To get the style seen on Chloe, start by putting the jewelry and cuffs you’d like to put on your hair while putting some aside to put on later. Next, ensure all your hair is in the middle of your head, holding it in place using the ponytail holder. Then, fold the pony to the side: This will result in an elongated or semi-bun when you secure your hair using an elastic on the bottom.

When your bun is set, most of the hair will remain within the bun’s structure. However, there will be some ends that be able to fall toward your face. Make the crescent more attractive by separating the bun from its middle and loosening a few locs, pulling them up but not completely out of the bun. After your bun has been filled to the brim, move the locs as you like and set any jewelry that remains strategically to give it the final elements.

“The down ‘do on Halle is meant to play off the beauty of your face,” Swain states. Begin by choosing the side you want to push behind you and the one you want to keep free. Halle’s hairstyle has a lovely central part, but you can pick the most suitable one. Next, move your hairline upwards over your hairline and put them behind your ears. Attach them using hairpins. To create a discreet look, choose pins that align with your hair’s color. If you’re looking for a more elegant look, opt for metal or embellished clips. Let the other side hang. Sprinkle a few shine sprays, and you’re finished.

4- Scrunch It Up

Hey, we’ve discovered a use for the small scrunchies in the 50-pack you see every time you visit the beauty retailer. (This style is best when they’re fresh and clean.) First, set your hair to the desired side, and then section off a section of your locks in the front for you to use. After that, you can place the scrunchies in the area you separated to get Kelela’s style. In this case, several scrunchies are set next to one another to create an enormous stripe surrounding the locs.

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5- Hair to the Heavens

The secret to Ava DuVernay’s appearance is a texture that can be created by adding extensions to your hair loss. “Starting at the root of the loc, use thin pieces of textured extensions and wrap clockwise around the loc, wrapping until the ends of the hair are reached,” Leak suggests. However, she offers an important note: “Don’t use too much tension while wrapping, as this will stretch the texture and alter the finished look.” Make sure you gather half your hair from ear to ear, pull it into a ponytail, and attach it using the elastic band. You can wrap one or a few hairs in a loop to wrap around the band, and then you’re done.

6- You Make Me Wanna Swoop

To get this famous Zendaya style, split your hair into three parts: two at the front and the third in the back. Split each hair section horizontally. Secure the back using an appropriate-sized band or clip. Next, split the front section into two sections- make sure the larger one is greater than the second. The smaller one on the front will make an ideal side swoop. You can drape this section using 6–8 hairs across your ear and attach it using hairpins. Next, you can drape the second front part toward the back of your head. Then pin it in place, joining it to the hair on the swooping side. Make sure to add jewelry and lay it down with the baby hairs.

7- The New High Pony

This is how Jaden Smith demonstrates the perfect messy pony — with a twist. Move your hair from one side towards the head’s forward, creating an elegant ponytail. You can do this with an elastic. You can pull your hair through the elastic and then separate it to give it the appearance of volume. Use your most loved accessories to bring your hairstyle together.

8- Curl Girl

To get Singer Ledisi’s style, it is necessary to begin by putting your hair up the night prior. The first step is to moisturize your hair and then divide the hair into eight sections. Faulk will quickly remind you that how you apply this style is contingent on whether the locs you use are human or synthetic hair. For locs made of human hair, you can tie each section in Bantu knots and tie them with an elastic band or hair clip. Next, apply a moisturizer to the hair and allow it to dry according to Faulk, “24 hours or longer. For the best outcome, set locs under a dryer.” Once your hair has dried, you can remove and shake each Bantu knot.

You can place each hair section on a flexible or perm rod to use synthetic hair. Dip the rod using the locs coiled on it in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. Since your hair gets hot, you’ll want plenty of towels to dry your locs. Remove the rods after your hair has dried.

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To end on both hair types, you can run with your fingertips through curls and shake your hair to loosen them. They can be worn towards the opposite side, as in the photo.

9- Bun on Top

To recreate the look of Lalah Hathaway:

  • Put your hair in an updo and secure it using an elastic.
  • Wrap your locks around the base of your ponytail for an elegant bun.
  • If you love the purple shade, try an interim, wash-out hair color to change your look for several days.

10- Bohemian Bun

Lisa Bonet’s famous locks. However, don’t be intimidated. Getting an appearance like this is not difficult, says Faulk. “Find a split in the middle of your top temple and grab two to three locs on both sides of that split, having them lay on each side in the front.” Then, center them, pull the remaining hairs of the ponytail into it, and tie it up using an elastic.

“Hold the ends of your locs from the ponytail and tuck them under and into the ponytail,” Faulk continues. “Secure only the very ends of the [hair] to create an elongated bun, and reposition the few locs in the front to establish the middle part in the front.”


Can I style my starter locs?

As your dreadlocks develop, you can style them as well. While your dreadlocks grow, you will be committed to that hairdo, but the look will be worth it. Before beginning to grow dreadlocks, we advise that your hair be at least three to six inches long.

How do I get Fluffy locs?

Erinn Courtney and Chimere Faulk, two hairstylists, concur that retwisting damp hair is simpler and better for your hair. According to Courtney, twisting wet hair is easier since it is more elastic and malleable, but twisting dried hair can lead to breakage and damage.

How long should I keep my LOC style in?

Coils and double-strand twists are good places to start if you’re starting locs. If you keep your hair in these styles for longer than the recommended period (three to five weeks), it will eventually start to lock. Usually, the first three to six months of dreads are spent in this period.

How do Beginners start locs?

The comb coil approach is commonly used. This technique entails sectioning the hair and coiling it tightly using a comb’s fine teeth. Moreover, you can leave the hair in locs while creating little twists or braids. Instant locing is another another technique.

How do Beginners retouch dreads?

Gather the finger-twisted hair between your palms after applying a little amount of dreadlock wax or gel. Roll the hair firmly between your palms, sliding the lock downward as you do so. You might need to palm roll each lock many times to achieve the firmest, tightest retwisted dreads. Inflexible loose hair in locks might be.