How To Style Knit Vest?

How To Style Knit Vest?

How To Style Knit Vest?

Whether you’re looking to dress up your cropped sweater vest or keep it casual, you can’t go wrong with layering it over a dress! Wear sweater vests with a mini-dress or layer them over maxi dresses. Either way, your sweater vest will liven up an old outfit.

How To Style A Sweater Vest For 2023? 

Not just reserved for the likes of Kendall Jenner, sweater vests are easier to style than you might think. Often worn over a white tee or oversized shirt, they’re like an accessory that’s functional, as they keep you warm. They pair perfectly with jeans, or you could even wear one over a floaty long-sleeved maxi dress to sharpen up the silhouette.

How To Style A Sweater Vest: 6 Easy Outfit Ideas To Try

Learning how to style a sweater vest in 2023 is easy. Here are some stylish outfit ideas to try with your latest thrift find. Growing up, most of us couldn’t stand the itchy sweater vests our parents gave us to wear for picture day. Today, we have a new appreciation for those now-vintage sweater vests: They’re trendy, cute, and go with everything in our closet.

While keeping up with trends isn’t the most sustainable way, you can still get your hands on a trendy sweater vest. How? It! Shopping for is both budget-friendly and eco-friendly. You’re bound to find an old-school sweater vest from your local Goodwill that needs a new home.

Once you find your new favorite sweater vest, you must know what to pair it with. Check out these fashionable ideas if you want to learn how to style a sweater vest like a pro.

1- Pair It With A Dress

Whether you’re looking to dress up your cropped sweater vest or keep it casual, you can’t go wrong with layering it over a dress! Wear sweater vests with a mini-dress or layer them over maxi dresses. Either way, your sweater vest will liven up an old outfit.

  • Layer It Over A Blouse

If your sweater vest has a pop of color, try layering it over a sheer white blouse. This look is both chic and professional, and it can be worn to the office, out to brunch, or run errands. Try a blouse that has ruffles or wide sleeves for some added flair.

  • Pair It With A Skirt

Skirts pair with sweater vests as flawlessly as dresses. Grab a flowy skirt for a dressed-up look or a cute denim skirt for a casual look. Either way, a sweater vest is a perfect addition to your outfit.

4- Add A Pop Of Color

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your sweater vest ensemble. Whether your vest comes in a bright color or a loud print, you can pair it with subdued tones. Or, if your vest is solid and neutral, pair it with a bright blouse or accessories that have a fun print. The options are endless!

  • Wear It as a Dress
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If you found your dream sweater vest at a thrift store but it’s the wrong size, there’s a solution: wear it as a dress instead of over one. You can still layer it with a blouse or t-shirt for a casual look. Pair it with some boots and your go-to bag.

  • Mix & Match

Sweater vests are super easy to mix and match. You can layer them over almost any top, from turtlenecks to t-shirts. And you can even wear them with any bottoms of your choice!

If you’re not a fan of skirts or dresses and are looking for a warmer look, try pairing your sweater vest with your favorite sustainable jeans. You can choose flare jeans, wide-legged bottoms, or colorful jeggings—the ball is in your court.

You can also tie in some of our previous tips. For example, try a sweater vest layered over a blouse with flare pants that have a funky print! Of course, you’ll likely find an ensemble you’ll want to wear regularly.

How To Style A Sweater Vest As A Grown-Ass Woman?

1- Clean And Classic

If you wish to dip your toes into the sweater vest trend this season, I recommend starting simple. The original way I saw sweater vests this season (beyond the oversized strawberry one my daughter HAD to have) was in a pale neutral like cream or oatmeal. It had a crew, mock, or turtleneck. It was a boxy but not oversized fit, hitting anywhere from just below the waist to tunic length.

Depending on the weight of the knit, the sweater vest was sometimes half-tucked or just had 

the waistband folded over to give the appearance of being tucked in. For tips on how to tuck in a sweater, check out this article.

Styling for fall and winter, the sweater vest was usually styled over a white top. If the sweater vest had a lower neck, it was often a crisp white button-front shirt (this is my absolute favorite white shirt – no iron and great for curves). If the vest had a higher neck like a mock or turtleneck, it sometimes was styled over a fitted knit top like a turtleneck or long-sleeved t-shirt.

If it was a button-front shirt, the collar is popped to peek over the neckline but isn’t properly folded as we did for previous uniforms. The hem of the shirt can be left untucked, and it’s okay to have it peek out from the bottom of the sweater vest. A popular look this season is a sweater vest the length of a tunic or short dress with an elongated white shirt peeking out, creating an above-the-knee dress effect that can be worn with tights, leggings, or tall boots.

As for the bottom half, anything goes. This concept looks great styled with faux leather leggings, slouchy cuffed chinos or cords, and almost any cut and wash denim. I would hesitate styling with a short or knee-length skirt because that feels too close to a uniform or how we styled sweater vests in the past. If skirts are a must for your style, I’d recommend going with a midi-length gathered style in a solid neutral in the same color family with boots to achieve a bit of a boho/academic vibe.

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How To Wash Knit Sweaters And Blankets?How To Wash Knit Sweaters And Blankets?

Depending on your U.S. state, you’re either dredging through some heat or sensing a slight chill in the air. If you’re eager for sweater weather like us, you’ve likely already taken your knits out of storage. So the next step is washing them to remove any accumulated dust mites.

Sure, the safest method is to handwash your knits, but with the proper care and consideration, you can still ensure your favorite chunky knit cardigan looks its best after a machine wash.

So, don’t be afraid to put your trusty washing machine to work! This is how to wash knit sweaters and blankets for the best results.

1- Detergent Type

We’d go with a specialized liquid detergent for delicates. If you prefer to keep your laundering products as streamlined as possible, you can still pour in the liquid or pod detergent you use for most loads—but we wouldn’t skimp on the quality thereof, either. The difference in price-per-load between good detergents and “gets-the-job-done” detergents is pennies, so we think it’s well worth the splurge!

We also recommend pouring a teaspoon-sized amount on every knitted item you throw in the wash. Here, we caution against dousing your sweaters and blankets in detergent—this won’t bode well for the longevity of the Christmas gift Grandma knitted for you.

2- Load Management

Regarding what other clothing items may safely accompany your load of knits, your other delicates, like lingerie, are given the green light.

That means you should avoid washing bulky items alongside your knits, like jeans, towels, and hoodies. Friction with heavier garments may cause the chunkier yarn to fray or promote snags and pilling in tighter knits, which translates to sweaters and blankets that aren’t as soft and smooth—and that’s just not a world we want to live in.

To better protect your knits, you may choose to seal them in a mesh laundry bag before running the cycle.

3- Water Temperature

Cold water is best for knit sweaters and blankets. It may seem intuitive to use warm water since higher water temperatures are best at eradicating germs and allergens, but not all stains and fabrics respond well to warmer water. In addition, delicate materials, including knits, are more subject to shrinkage and color fading under warmer water.

Washing sweaters and blankets in cold water curbs these potential side effects—plus, cooler water enhances detergent performance and reduces wrinkles.

Your selection of water temperature is arguably more critical than the type of cycle you end up choosing, so you must ensure that you set it to a “cold wash only” setting instead of a cycle your appliance may have programmed to run through varying temperatures.

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4- Cycle Type

To preserve your knits for years to come, choose a cycle labeled “delicate,” “handwash,” or “slow/slow.” Mostly, the difference between cycle types rests on the speed at which your washer’s impeller or agitator moves. Again, we invoke friction to say, “the less there is, the better,” to ensure your washer delivers a hard-hitting clean that is still gentle on your favorite sweater.

5- Cycle Duration

Depending on the washing machine you have, you may have the option to dictate the length of your cycle. If you can, set the dial to 15 minutes or select the shortest available option. Or if your appliance displays verbiage like “light,” “normal,” “heavy,” or “super heavy,” go for “light.” In the spirit of not overhandling your knit sweaters and blankets, a shorter wash will reduce friction

6- How To Dry

A tumble in a dryer is no way to prevent the fraying of sweater fibers or a shriveled-up hand-knitted blanket. For the best results, air drying is the way to go! Whether you hang your damp knits out to dry on a clothesline or a drying rack, we recommend dodging direct sunlight to avoid any color fading. If you must use your dryer, set it to a “no heat” option.


What can you wear with a knitted vest?

You can’t go wrong by wearing your cropped sweater vest layered over a dress, whether you want to glam it up or keep it casual. Sweater vests can be layered over maxi dresses or worn with tiny dresses. Your sweater vest will freshen up an old outfit either way.

How can you style a sweater vest?

Layering is the key to transforming sweater vests from summer to fall. In the summer, wear it alone (nothing underneath), with loose jeans, or over a dress. I adore donning these underneath a suit or with a turtleneck in the cold. Going nude is a terrific appearance for hot weather, according to Joos.

Do you tuck in a vest?

Vests are made to keep everything in place. It must therefore precisely fit your body. When wearing a vest, your shirt must be fitted and neatly tucked in to prevent bulking, which would look unprofessional.

Can you wear a turtleneck with a sweater vest?

Sleeveless turtlenecks unquestionably belong in the sweater-vest group and always have a very upscale appearance. By wearing it over a boxy T-shirt, your knit will have a casual, off-duty vibe.

How should a vest fit a woman?

A vest should fit like a miniature jacket, according to Pettersen. It’s crucial to get a fantastic fit around the chest and sides. Holsgrove offers a simple test to determine whether a vest fits properly, just like with button-down shirts: There must never be a gap between the bottom of the vest and the top of your trouser waistline.