How To Style Jordan 6?

How To Style Jordan 6?

How To Style Jordan 6?

It is also possible to pick a neutral-colored shirt splashed with colors, like an outfit with a graphic image similar to your sneakers. Wear Jordans predominantly composed of bright colors with an outfit that’s also striking. It can be difficult when you’re not adept at combining contrasting patterns or colors well.

What To Wear With Jordans In Jeans?

1- Choose Slim Jeans

Because of their typically large size, Jordans look most appealing when worn with slim-fitting jeans. In addition, slim cuts create a harmonious appearance, creating a sense of equilibrium with your footwear and pants. At the same time, slim jeans are typically the most desirable; however, they’re not the only choice. Straight-leg and skinny designs can be equally effective so that you can balance them with the clothes you wear on top of your physique.

2- Let Your Jordans Stand Out

With their amazing design and color, Jordan shoes are made to be noticed. So, ensure that you allow them to do this by pairing them with an unpretentious look that features traditional shapes, simple fabrics, and neutral colors. By doing this, you can ensure your outfits don’t compete for attention and the attention is focused on your dazzling sneakers.

3- Keep Colour In Mind

Jordans are available in a variety of striking patterns and colors. While this may create an impressive statement and look, it can also make picking an outfit more difficult. Ultimately, no fashion-conscious gentleman wants to be a mess with his brightly colored sneakers. Instead, choose neutral shades like black, navy white, grey, and to ensure that your overall style is as chic as your sneakers.

Dresses To Wear With JordansDresses To Wear With Jordans

1- Skinny Jeans + Jordans

Combining Jordans and skinny denim is a great option for a trendy street-style look. The trick to pulling the look off is to make sure the jeans are sized to your thighs without appearing too tight or appearing spray-on. White and black skinny jeans are fashionable, especially with a casual outfit and striking Jordans.

2- Slim Jeans + Jordans

Because of their simple shape, slim jeans are the easiest to pair with Jordans. They look well-balanced with the chunky classic Jordans, however, and they also fit well with more modern slim-cut styles. In addition, since their design is simple, they give you the freedom to wear various styles. So, whether you’d like to wear a large t-shirt or a slim-fit shirt with a fitted blazer, you can wear it without hesitation.

3- Straight Jeans + Jordans

Straight-cut jeans and Jordans can give you a great casual look that is perfect for casual occasions. However, tie them up if you’re wearing pants with mid- or high-tops. Ultimately, you’ll want to keep your sneakers neatly displayed after spending a few bucks on the best pair. Additionally, you must ensure that your jeans don’t appear too large, or you could appear sloppy and old.

4- Ripped Jeans + Jordans

Mixing influences from athletics with plenty of attitudes, clothes that pair ripped jeans with Jordans are a great way to look cool. The edgy streetwear ensemble is perfect for gents who enjoy a rough-around-the-edges style and can look great with jeans of any color. However, to get the style, stay clear of the boldly-patterned Jordans that might appear too much when paired with ripped jeans, and keep the look informal and casual.

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5- Blue Jeans + Jordans

If you’re trying to create a classic streetwear look using Jordans, ensure you select a pair of blue jeans. When worn with blue denim, Jordans project a casual and sporty style that could be worn for various casual occasions. When selecting the color blue, take the hue of your shoes to guide you. In general, deep and dark shades, like black and red, work better with jeans in dark shades, while lighter shades, such as grey and white, are suitable for lighter shades.

6- Black Jeans + Jordans

To create a chic look with a touch of attitude, pair it with a pair of Jordans and skinny black jeans. If you’re looking for slim, skinny, or straight black jeans, instantly bring a rock and roll vibe into your casual attire. Particularly, clothes that are monochromatic or all-black are fashionable. It is also easy to showcase your stunning Jordans regardless of color.

7- Grey Jeans + Jordans

While gray jeans might not be as well-known as black or blue, they can create stunning looks when paired with Jordan sneakers. These pants look best when worn with white and black Jordans since they provide an appealing tone contrast. However, they do work well with grey designs if there is a distinct distinction in the shades.

The Best Jordans To Wear With JeansThe Best Jordans To Wear With Jeans

1-Air Jordan 1 (I) With Jeans

If you want to wear Jordans with jeans, it’s impossible to surpass the classic Air Jordan 1. The iconic style has made some of the finest Air Jordans shoes and was credited with starting the shoe basketball trend. It remains extremely loved by people who love it. Loved for their timeless, elegant design, the shoes are great with denim to create a chicly relaxed look.

2-Air Jordan 3 (III) With Jeans

The Air Jordan 3 is famous for changing from a sports shoe to a fashion accessory. The Air Jordan 3 is an iconic and stunning design. It’s as cool as it is original; it was also revolutionary. The Air Jordan 3 was the first model with Jumpman branding on the tongue. The timeless sneaker remains a popular choice and looks great with casual outfits. If you are wearing it with jeans, remember to roll, cuff, or tie your pants to highlight that memorable brand.

3-Air Jordan 11 (XI) With Jeans

If you’re looking for a stylish way to rock sneakers and denim, a pair of Air Jordan 11s is the best way to take it. They are referred to as the best trainers ever. These iconic shoes are comfy and stylish. Their minimalist and sharp design makes them an ideal option for those who want an edgy and modern streetwear style. Combine them with slim jeans and a T-shirt or a shirt for a chic and fashionable weekend style.

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What To Wear With Jordans In Jeans?

  • Pick a style of Jordans that will look good with jeans.
  • Pick slim-cut denim that complements your Jordans.
  • Make your Jordans shine by pairing them with a simple outfit.
  • Beware of clashing with bold Jordans by wearing them in neutral shades, such as navy, black, white, and grey.
  • Add a finishing touch to your Jordans and jeans style with other streetwear pieces like the logo t-shirt or bomber jacket.

How To Clean Your Shoes, Step By Step?

1. Use A Dry Brush

Remove dirt and dust particles from the midsole, outsole, and uppers with a dry, soft-bristled shoe brush. No shoe brush? It’s not a problem. A spare, clean toothbrush will do the trick.

2. Make A Mild Cleaning Solution

Mix warm water and some mild dish soap or laundry detergent.

For light-colored and white shoes, making an effective cleaning solution is possible by mixing equal quantities of baking soda, water, and baking powder.

Take note: When dish soap, you must use caution and dilute your soap using lots of water. For certain materials, the excessive dish soap may cause discoloration or remove natural oils from the substance.

  • Hand Wash the Laces

Take the shoelaces off and apply a tiny quantity of mild cleaner on the laces. Massage the laces using your hands, then rinse them, after which you can dry them with a soft towel.

  • Wash the Soles

Apply the mild cleaner to a soft-bristled washcloth or toothbrush. Clean the midsole and the outsole thoroughly, ensuring to wash every area of the outsole. Dry using a soft, clean cloth. Take note: If you have to clean the insoles, take them off them first, then clean them using the solution, making sure you give the insoles time to dry before placing them back in the shoes.

  • Wash and Blot the Uppers

The mild liquid on the soft bristles of a scrubber or damp cloth to wash the tops. Use a gentle brush to avoid damaging the surface.

After you’re satisfied with the style after which you are satisfied:

  1. Use a dry cotton towel or another soft fabric to wipe and remove the soapy water and dirt off the surface as much as possible.
  2. Repeat if necessary.
  3. Avoid drying with rubs, as it could cause the fabric of your shoe to wear down or spread out any remaining particles of dirt.
  4. Air Dry

Dry your sneakers by air drying them at room temperature. Always allow your shoes to dry completely before wearing them for your next exercise or other activity. For many footwear, they will require a minimum of 8 hours for them to dry completely.

Special Considerations for Different Materials

Special Considerations for Different Materials

The following basic cleaning tips can help you look neat for your shoes. However, certain types of fabrics and materials might need some extra attention. Learn more about cleaning with different kinds of footwear.

How to Clean Leather Shoes?

Leather shoes are prone to staining. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean. Apart from using dry brushes and a mild dish soap solution, You may also employ a cleaning eraser from your home as well as a leather conditioner, to eliminate staining. Be careful not to rub the footwear too hard or risk damaging the leather.

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How to Clean Suede Shoes?

Suede can be a challenge to wash. If you see scratches, watermarks, or stains, It’s time to provide your shoes with a thorough cleaning. Utilize these tips and tools specially designed for the task completed. Utilize a suede brush or a towel to remove the surface debris. Work with the materials in the exact direction (rather than in the opposite direction). Use the suede rubber or pencil eraser to remove any marks left on the outside of your shoe. If the stain is stubborn, apply a cloth coated with white vinegar and scrub the material in different directions.

How to Clean Knit Shoes?

Nike Flyknit sneakers give you a flexible, comfortable fit and breathability in various footwear. To clean properly, Nike Flyknit or any other mesh or knit shoes make a mild soapy solution using soap that does not contain chemicals. It is recommended not to use bleach or harsh cleaning products, as they could harm the fabric.

Use a shoe brush or a clean toothbrush to apply it in the exact direction that knits. Wipe the soap away with a clean, dry cloth and repeat the process as required. Allow them to air dry, and stay clear of dryers since excessive heat could damage the shoes.


What clothes can I wear with my Jordan 6 sneakers?

Jordan 6 sneakers are adaptable and may be used with a variety of trousers. Use them with jeans, cargo pants, or joggers for a more casual style. Dress pants or chinos are a more formal option.

Can I wear shorts with my Jordan 6s?

Absolutely, you may wear shorts with your Jordan 6 sneakers. They complement basketball shorts, chino shorts, and cargo shorts. To complete the appearance, pair them with knee-length socks.

What accessories can I pair with my Jordan 6 sneakers?

Jordan 6 sneakers go well with a variety of accessories, such as caps, watches, and bracelets. A nice hat and a modest watch will suffice if you want to keep things simple. You may also add a touch of elegance by wearing a bracelet or two.

How could I dress up my Jordan 6 sneakers for a night out?

Pair your Jordan 6 sneakers with a button-up shirt, formal slacks, and a jacket for a night out. These look great with dark-washed denim and a leather jacket. To complete the outfit, add a beautiful watch and a leather belt.

Women can wear Jordan 6 shoes

Absolutely! The Jordan 6 sneakers are gender neutral and look amazing on both men and women. Ladies may wear them with a dress, jeans, or shorts and accessorise with a statement necklace or earrings to provide a feminine touch.

What kinds of clothes look well with Jordan 6 sneakers?

Again, depending on the aesthetic you want to accomplish, Jordan 6 sneakers may be coupled with a number of clothes. Choose a graphic t-shirt or a simple cotton t-shirt for a more casual appearance. Choose a button-up or polo shirt for a more formal look.