How To Style Hair Like Patrick Bateman?

How To Style Hair Like Patrick Bateman?

How To Style Hair Like Patrick Bateman?

If you’re in the market for more professional hairstyles, you should consider having the work done by a stylist or barber. They’ll be able to correctly cut your hair and assist in growing it out properly.

Patrick Bateman is obsessed with all things fashion, and his hairstyle reflects his personality. If you’re interested in replicating his style, Here are the best styles you can try!

Different Hairstyles Like Patrick Bateman.

Slickback Haircut

The slick back hairstyle is among the most sought-after hairstyles for males. It is frequently seen on actors and stars and looks extremely cool. But, it is difficult to make your slick-back hair look stylish.

This cut is ideal for medium or short-length hair. It can be styled to create various styles. It’s also an excellent alternative for men with thin or thin hair.

Slickback hairstyles are typically used by professional men, but it is also stylish for casual and informal settings. The most important thing to consider when choosing a hairstyle is to ensure that the hair is gently brushed away from the hairline and then secured by using a product that is firm and secure.

Patrick Bateman wears the slick back haircut in American Psycho, which is now a popular choice for those who want a professional, elegant style. It is also a great match with a well-groomed beard.

To make this cut, begin taking measurements of the hair and then cutting it into a length of at minimum six fingers long on the front of your scalp. Also, measure your hair’s length on the sides and cut it into a length that is, at minimum, four fingers long.

After your hair is cut, you can use a firm-hold product, like pomade, to keep your slicked-back look. You can select between water-based or oil-based pomades based on your preferred style.

The slick back hairstyle is a style that men have worn for many years. It can be done at home using just a few tools. This is an excellent option for those who don’t have lots of time to do their hair but would like a sleek look that will endure for the entire day long.

Top Gun Haircut

Christian Bale’s hairstyle from his American Psycho movie is a classic hairstyle that has become well-known in recent decades. The hairstyle is known as”The Top Gun Haircut, and it’s frequently worn by men looking for an appearance that’s contemporary and professional.

The hair that is on the hair’s top is styled to create a slick back with a high-pitched look that resembles a slick peak. This style has been in fashion for quite a while and isn’t hard to get.

This style of haircut is well for males with hair that is either wavy or Type 2. But, it might not be appropriate for those with curly or curly hair.

It is also possible to use a hair volumizing shampoo or styling cream to give your hair the volume required to achieve this cut. It is recommended to get your hair cut professionally when you plan on wearing this haircut regularly. So, make sure you choose a good barbershop skilled in cutting and styling hair in this fashion.

Another crucial thing to consider when you are trying to style your hair to look like Patrick Bateman’s is to make sure that your hair isn’t drip-wet. To avoid this, ensure your hair is dry completely before styling it.

One of the great things about this American Psycho hairstyle is that it’s a very adaptable hairstyle that can be worn by anybody. It’s not difficult to get and is a great method to achieve a fashionable style that is stylish and professional. It’s all you have to do is be sure to adhere to the guidelines above to achieve the look you want!

Bob HaircutBob Haircut

Bob Haircut Bob Haircut is one of the most sought-after styles for women and men. It is sleek and elegant with any facial shape and hair texture. It’s the go-to style for corporates since it is a breeze to get.

Patrick Bateman, our favorite Wall Street Psycho character from American Psycho, wears this haircut in the film. This is a classic style suitable for an office setting and can be worn with hair that is straight or wavy kinds.

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This bob is a soft caramel highlight over brunette bases that make it feminine and stylish. The bob also features texture waves that create a natural look and are ideal for people with round faces.

You can easily achieve this style by applying sprays that hydrate your hair and then twirling it up. It is also possible to add shiny serum to your hair if you would like to improve the texture of the style.

A slicked-back bob, an iconic bob that’s placed in front of the face to add energy and motion. It’s a straightforward cut that can be styled to fit your personal preferences and requirements.

If you’re a fan of the slicked-back look but do not want your hair to appear clunky, consider cutting your hairstyle. This alternative to the traditional bob is cut shorter on one side and longer on the other, giving an uneven edge.

This bob is ideal for coarse or thick hair, as it can show your beautiful locks without adding weight. It can be styled with curling irons to create subtle waves or smooth out the rough layers using straighteners.

Shaggy Haircut

The shag haircut is a timeless hairstyle that has evolved to fit various hair textures and facial shapes. It’s an excellent choice for women looking to make an impact by showcasing their hair without appearing outdated.

Shaggy cuts can be worn in various lengths and appear less choppy with long hair. This makes them perfect for women with thicker hair and those who prefer a more versatile style.

It’s also an excellent option for those looking to increase the volume of their hair but who desire it to look natural. A half-twirl at one end of the hair will provide your shag with a more polished appearance and frame your face beautifully.

You can create your shag’s style in various ways, including by letting it loose and letting the layers show or by putting it in messy braids. This hairstyle is simple to make and looks fantastic on all hair types.

If you want a more elegant look, it is possible to have your hair dyed with an intense pink shade. There are numerous shades that you can pick from according to your personal preferences and the boldness you’d like your hair to look.

Another excellent way to highlight the layers of shags is to curl them. This gives the hair more structure and makes it appear more lively.

Alternatively, you could consider side-parting to give your hair a slimmer look. This can give your face a more defined look and make it appear more polished.

If you’re looking to add some sexiness to your shag, you should consider adding spikes. This is a classic spike hairstyle that was very popular in the past. However, it’s much easier to do than ever.

Curly Haircut

A Curly Haircut is a great alternative if you’re looking to make your hair appear trendy and contemporary. It’s also a good option to consider if you’re in search of ways to get rid of frizz and improve the curls you have.

The slick back cut is a favorite style for guys who want an upscale look while looking stylish. It’s similar to the hairstyle Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun and is a great match for long hair (like Bateman’s) that is textured.

But it’s important to remember that this isn’t an exact science. It’s about discovering what best suits your face’s shape and texture. It is important to be patient and try various styles until you find the one that suits your style.

If, for instance, you have straight and long hair, it may be better to go for a shorter haircut that is cut. This allows you to test the way your hair appears before you commit to a shorter cut.

You could also choose medium-length shags if you naturally have big curls. These kinds of styles are a good option for people who have curly hair because they can frame your face to make the appearance more appealing.

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The slick back is one of the most popular haircuts for men. It has been worn by many famous actors like Gordon Gekko, Jordon Belfort, Bruce Wayne, etc. It’s a striking appearance that will give you an advantage over others in your social circle. Also, it is a well-known hairstyle for corporate men and is simple to keep and style.

Some Ideas On What Hair Product Patrick Bateman Use?Some Ideas On What Hair Product Patrick Bateman Use?

Patrick Bateman, the infamous character in Bret Easton Ellis, the book “American Psycho” and its film adaptation, is renowned for his meticulous grooming regimen and luxurious lifestyle. In the book, Bateman’s grooming routine is repeatedly mentioned, and those who love the character frequently wonder what hair care product he would employ. Here are 20 suggestions about the hair products Patrick Bateman might use.


Pomade is a well-known hair product that’s been used for a long time to create a sleek and elegant look. It’s the perfect product for creating the slicked-back look that Bateman is well-known for.


Gel is a favored hair product that could be utilized to create many different styles, from slicked back to spikey. It’s great for creating a tight hold that is ideal for the well-coiffed look of Bateman.


Hairspray is an incredibly versatile product that can be utilized to create a range of styles. It’s great for keeping hair throughout the day and is crucial for the busy life of Bateman.

Hair Wax

It’s a versatile item that creates a range of hairstyles. It’s great to create a natural appearance with just enough hold, which is the perfect choice for the Bateman hairstyle that is his signature.

Hair Cream

It’s a light hair product that can be utilized to create a variety of styles. It’s great to create a natural, smooth look that is the perfect match for a smooth and effortless style.

Hair Tonic

The hair tonic is a traditional hair product that’s been utilized for a long time to encourage the growth of healthy hair. It is ideal for keeping hair healthy and well-nourished. This is crucial for Bateman’s beautiful appearance.

Hair Oil

The oil for hair is a nutritious hair product that is applied to help keep your hair fresh and shiny. It’s ideal for creating the glossy, polished look that Bateman is famous for.

Hair Serum

It’s a thin hair product that’s non-greasy and can be used to create a range of styles. It’s ideal for giving a natural and simple look with plenty of holds. It is the perfect fit for the style of Bateman.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are multi-faceted products for hair that is utilized to create many different styles. It’s great for creating a natural smooth look that is perfect for Bateman’s easy but refined style.

Texturizing Spray

Texturizing spray can be a versatile hair spray that is utilized to create a range of styles. It’s great for creating a natural style tousled with just enough hold, which is great for the Bateman style.


Mousse is a light hair item that is used to create a range of styles. It’s ideal for creating the illusion of volume and body that is crucial for Bateman’s distinctive hairstyle.

Hair Paste

The hair paste can be described as a multi-faceted item for the hair and can be utilized to create various styles. It’s great to create a natural smooth look with just enough hold that is perfect for the style of Bateman.

Leave-In Conditioner

It’s a healthy hair product applied to keep hair fresh and shiny. It’s ideal for creating the glossy, polished appearance that Bateman is famous for.

Hair Powder

Hair powder can be a flexible product for hair that creates various styles. It’s ideal for adding an appearance and volume that is essential for the iconic hairstyle of Bateman.

Some Ways To Achieve The Hairstyle Of Patrick Bateman?Some Ways To Achieve The Hairstyle Of Patrick Bateman?

Get your hair trimmed.

To achieve the Patrick Bateman look, you’ll have to cut your hair to a medium length, approximately 4-6 inches above the top.

Find a professional stylist.

A good stylist will help you achieve your Patrick Bateman look is essential. Find a stylist who has experience in men’s haircuts and hairstyles.

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Take a picture of them.

Bring a picture from Patrick Bateman with you to the appointment, so your stylist knows exactly what you’re looking to find.

Begin with a clean, fresh hairstyle.

Cleanse your hair with shampoo and conditioner before styling. This will remove all dirt and oils, which can make your hair heavier.

Dry your hair with a blow dryer.

Blowing dry your hair can aid in adding dimension and shape to your hair. Use a moderate heat setting and an oval bristle to style hair while the hair is dried.

Utilize a pre-styling solution.

Use a styling product that has been pre-stylized, such as the heat protectant or volume spray to your hair before blow drying it to give your hair hold and texture.

Apply pomade

Patrick Bateman’s hair is a shiny, high-gloss finish, so you’ll need pomade to achieve this style. Apply a small amount to your hair, starting from the back and moving toward the front.

Use a comb

Use a comb for the side part, then apply a slick of hair. The comb can also assist in spreading the pomade evenly throughout your hair.

Style your hair

After you’ve put your hair into a neat, slick look, then use your fingers to style it. It is possible to use fingertips to make a more tangled appearance or to add body to the hair.

Make use of hairspray.

To keep your hair evenly positioned throughout the day, apply a firm-hold hairspray. Apply a tiny spray to your hair, and then apply your fingers to twirl it lightly.

Keep your hair trimmed.

To keep that Patrick Bateman looks, you’ll have to trim your hair regularly. This will avoid split ends and help keep your hair healthy.

Explore various products

If you find that pomade isn’t working, try different materials like wax or clay to get the same effect.

Take note of your face’s shape.

The Patrick Bateman look may not suit everyone, so consider your face shape before committing to this style. This style is best suited to those with square or oval-shaped faces.

Make sure you fade

If you’re seeking a modern approach to this Patrick Bateman look, consider having a fade on the sides and the back of your scalp. This can add some interest to your hair and also give the hair a modern edge.

Highlights of the article

To give depth to your hairstyle, you should consider adding certain highlights or even lowlights. This will help highlight the texture of your hair and can make it appear more intriguing.

Create a beard

Patrick Bateman is known for his clean-shaven style. If you’re looking to give a little edge to your appearance, you should consider having a beard or even stubble.

Make sure you take good care of your hair.

To keep your hair looking great, you must keep it clean.


What product does Patrick Bateman use?

You might recall from the movie that he used numerous different products in this shower scene, including L’Occitane and Clinique.

What coat does Patrick Bateman wear?

Bateman loved pinstripe Valentino suits, but this navy blue wool variant from Armani Collezioni is outstanding. It has long sleeves, button cuffs, notched lapels, a button closure, a wide welt chest pocket, and flap pockets.

How do you shower like Patrick Bateman?

I start my shower routine with a water-activated gel cleanser before using a honey almond body scrub and an exfoliating gel scrub on my face. I follow that by using a face mask made of herbs and mint, which I leave on for 10 minutes while I get the rest of my regimen ready.

How many crunches did Patrick Bateman do?

The movie begins with Bateman’s morning workout. In an unfeeling monologue he tells us how he can now do one thousand crunches at once, and the particulars of his skincare routine.

What mental illness did Patrick Bateman?

While all of the other characters are portrayed as “regular” friends and coworkers, the main character, Patrick Bateman, is glamorously portrayed as a wealthy, aloof killer thought to have antisocial personality disorder and maybe dissociative identity disorder.