How To Style Flare Yoga Pants?

How To Style Flare Yoga Pants?

How To Style Flare Yoga Pants?

Flared trousers look elegant when paired with a stylish pair of heels. Monogrammed pointed slingbacks are the fashion-forward choice; however, you can also choose a stylish belt, such as a vintage chain from a designer, that can make the trouser look more stylish two times over.

What Tops Do You Need To Wear With Flared Trousers?

How do you style flared pants in 2023? The basic idea is that the high-waisted flare works well with a micro-crop top. However, if you’re looking to pay homage to a classic 1970s fashion time, you can opt for a waistcoat made of crochet or a knit halter.

How To Wear Flare Leggings?

In all honesty, I suggest considering them as ordinary leggings as you try to dress them. Currently, the fashion is to put on the cropped style with flares as you wear a larger, longer sweatshirt. I’ve paired tennis shoes here. In addition, I’ve placed an order for an Amazon Version of the Ultra Mini Uggs, which I am eagerly awaiting!

Try a Vest

I made this “bra tuck” with my sweatshirt and added this super cool cropped puffer vest I purchased from Amazon. I am in love with the result! I’ve worn this look several times in my real life. This vest that I have been enjoying! It might look familiar since I shared it alongside my wide-leg jeans in this blog post.

Jean Jacket

I put on my Lululemon Scuba Hoodie (Amazon duplicate more details here) and my jean jacket to create this style. I am in love with the result! It’s an effortless and polished look that I’d put on with my leggings.

Oversized Sweatshirt

It doesn’t need to be cut or shaped! Here I’m wearing my flare leggings with an oversized sweatshirt. It’s such a comfortable and stylish look!

Tunic Sweater

The following outfits are made with my split-hem pants. My particular pair comes from Zara, and I’ve linked a few similar styles. I am in love with these because they feel similar to leggings but seem a bit prettier, more like black pants. They are a great option to dress them in my top Amazon dress, which I last wore in the leggings on this blog.


I loved adding my vest over my leggings! This outfit was far from my normal area, but one that I ended up loving greatly! I love it when you go into your closet and play with your clothes to come up with fresh outfits!

Combine with Sockets

Not the least on my list of ways you can wear flared leggings, I suggest pairing them with a Shacket! I love shakes, as I’ve amassed quite a collection. This vibrant blue sherpa could be my favorite, however. This (or any others) is great to wear with flare leggings.

How To Style Bell Bottom Yoga Pants: Top 13 Ladylike Outfit IdeasHow To Style Bell Bottom Yoga Pants: Top 13 Ladylike Outfit Ideas

Yoga has, over time, gained so much popularity worldwide that it’s now seen as a form of lifestyle rather than a game. You should practice yoga anywhere, regardless of whether you’re in a gorgeous outdoor setting or an indoor fitness facility. A nice yoga attire will help you get motivated to get into yoga if you are one of those who require extra pressure on their backs to get into any kind of exercise.

What I will discuss in this blog article is how you can dress those bell bottoms yoga pants. I’ll give you some of the most stylish yoga pants outfit ideas I’ve gathered. Let’s get started now.

1- White Scoop Neck Tank Top With Black Bell Bottom Yoga Pants

Let me start by presenting a basic black-and-white yoga outfit that you will feel comfortable wearing. For this look, just put on a white scoop neck vest and bell-bottom black yoga pants. This is an ideal yoga attire for those who practice yoga indoors.

2- Black Knotted T Shirt with White Tribal Print Bell Bottom Yoga Pants

Let’s look at how you can dress yoga pants to look like your casual streetwear. Wear an untied black t-shirt with black and white tribal-colored yoga pants flared for this look. To wear the shoes, put a pair of white sneakers underneath those flared jeans. This is a casually sexy look for those who do yoga outdoors.

3- T Shirt In Grey featuring Navy Blue And Orange Tribal Bell Bottom Yoga Pants

For a more youthful and fun style, simply wear a grey, fitted short-sleeved t-shirt of the top. To complete the outfit, wear an outfit of orange and navy bell bottoms with tribal prints. If you’re dressing for a street style, you can wear the heel of a pair of ankle boots underneath the pants to appear larger and slimmer.

4- Green Ribbed Form Fitting Sleeveless Sweater And Black Yoga Pants

This is a straightforward and low-profile look that will naturally showcase your curves. For this style, simply put on an emerald green ribbed form-fitting sweater without sleeves and the white bell-bottom yoga pants. Then, add a pair of high-heeled black shoes to finish the look with an elegant and feminine finish.

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5- Black Tank Top With Leopard Print Bell Bottom Pants

For this chic and easy-going look, put on a relaxed-fit black tank top and an outfit of black and white bell bottoms in leopard print. To complete the look, you can choose a unisex pair of heels to give an element of freshness to the overall appearance.

6- white Tank Top, Black Tie-dye Yoga Pants

This is a very fashion-forward and distinctive outfit. The top is an ordinary white form-fitting Tank top with a scoop neck. But the pants look unique. It’s a pair of tie-dyed black and white Bell bottom yoga pants. Combine these pants with ballet pumps in black to finish the look in a slim and classy manner.

7-Red And White Tribal Printed Cardigan And Gray Bell Bottom Yoga Pants7-Red And White Tribal Printed Cardigan And Gray Bell Bottom Yoga Pants

Wear a black fitted tank with a white and red tribal-themed longline sweater cardigan for this stylish and elegant style to complete the look. Wear the outfit with lighter grey flared yoga pants. For shoes, wear ankle strap open toe heels to complement the outfit with class.

8- Grey Form-Fitting Tank Top Crepe Tribal Printed Bell Bottom Pants

This is a vibrant tribal outfit that is sure to be a real draw for attention. To create this look, you just need to put on a fitted grey tank top and crepe and blush pink tribal print Yoga pants that are flared. In addition, you can pair the outfit with naked-heeled sandals to make your look more feminine and refreshing.

10-Blush Pink Relaxed Fit Sleeve Tee That Comes With Black Flared Pants

For this easy and feminine look, You can put on a blush pink, relaxed fitted t-shirt to wear the top. It’s a great match with bell-bottom yoga pants in black. If you’re wearing footwear, it is possible to cover the black suede heels under the flared pants so that you appear leaner and taller.

11- Black Tank Top with Grey and White Floral Flared Pants

This gorgeous look makes your appearance attractive and easy to approach. To create this look, it is possible to wear a black fitted tank top and pair of white and grey floral bell-bottom Yoga pants. Wear these items with an asymmetrical pair of pastel pink flats to appear fresh and elegant.

12-White T-Shirt With black Flared Yoga Pants

This simple outfit is an ideal alternative to your usual shirt and jeans look. You can wear a unisex white fitted t-shirt and bell bottoms in black pants. You can combine these pieces with the pink leather high heels for a feminine flair to your casual outfit.

13- Navy Blue Crop Top With Blush Pink Bell With Floral Print Bottom Yoga Pants

For this stunning and appealing style, wear an elegant navy blue star-print crop top that is sleeveless, and an outfit of floral print yoga pants flared. This is an excellent look that allows you to appear low-key sexy but sporty all at once.

1313 Black Crop Top with Blush Pink Velvet Flared Yoga Pants

To appear low-key, sexy, and classy, wear a black cropped tank and a pair of pink velvet yoga bottoms. The pants’ semi-shiny look could instantly reveal your feminine side. Below are bell-bottom yoga pants outfits I’d like to give you. Try them and see if they make a good impression on your personality and body shape.

8 Best Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans & Bell Bottoms In 20238 Best Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans & Bell Bottoms In 2023

What is the best way to dress in flared jeans in the correct shoes? Unfortunately, it’s a little more difficult when it comes to deciding on the pair of shoes to put on with your other jeans. Due to the flattering lower part of the flares, the shoe’s type and hemline are crucial: either one enhances or degrades the appearance and style of another.

It’s the same about the shoes that are appropriate for wide-leg jeans and the most comfortable shoes for wide-leg jeans (yes, I’ve written posts on those jeans, too! ).

The problem with either bell bottoms or flare jeans is that not all pairs can be worn with every shoe’s height or heel height. But what about cuffing at the end do you think? Because of the shape of the flare and excess fabric, rolling or even cuffing them isn’t an alternative. It’s true that you could do it, but the fabric will be unfolding right in front of your sight!

1- Ankle Boots With Flare Jeans

Ankle boots with almond or square toes are excellent to pair with flare jeans. They’re not high-heeled boots (they’ll appear knee-high), but ankle boots with a simple design are great when paired with flare jeans.

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Most likely with a thick heel as they’ll feel more comfortable and with shorter flares, they’ll convey that 70s-inspired look that is in fashion today. Are you also fashionable? Long bell bottoms that are like the 70s!

The key thing to remember is to wear an ankle boot that is snug over the ankle or above. This way, you’ll have a straight, unbroken pant line from the knees to the ankle! The shape of your toe is also crucial. You should choose a more rounded/almond shape to create a more feminine appearance if your shoes (great with longer flares) are visible from beneath the line in your pants. If you decide to go with the platform or not is your choice!

2- Two Platforms With Flare Jeans Along With Bell Bottoms

Are you looking for shoes to wear with bell bottoms specifically? If you’re looking for the perfect 70s-style shoe to match your oh-so-sexy 70s flare jeans, then the platform is! Platforms let us wear heels that are 6 inches (and give us the illusion that you’re walking on just 3 inches! ).

They look great tucked beneath the flares. Of course, the perfect Spring/Summer 2022 style is the platform sandals with high heels. Why not? They’re trendy and comfy, which is an absolute win!

Flare Hemline Tip: You can put them under your floor-length jeans, or, if you want to showcase your gorgeous platform sandals, place the hemline end 1/1.5 inches higher than the base of the heel, as in the picture above.

3- Chunky Boots With Flare Jeans

The chunky boots look well with a bell or flare bottoms in either calf or ankle form, heeled or unpeeled. Particularly, the fashionable boots with a high lug sole that looks similar to combat boots are the most popular footwear of the 2022 season. But you’ll never be wrong with classics such as Doc Martens or even more so if they have platforms! There are many styles to pick from this season. My top choices? A little platform to lift you and your style!

Four Wedges As well As Flatforms With FlaresFour Wedges As well As Flatforms With Flares

Wedges are great that can be worn with jeans that are wide-legged, including bell bottoms, especially for those who want to stay the 1970s vibe. Flatforms and wedge heels are perfect for flare pants, providing the wearer extra lift in a comfy way. They take the stress off the soles of your feet. Select a cork-based base for a casual, rugged style!

5- Chunky Heels With Flares

As we mentioned in the section for ankle boots, block heels are an excellent option! From high-heeled slides to low-heeled sandals with chunky heels, they’re the ideal heel to wear with flared jeans.

They’ll help you stay more in control and are a great shoe for 2022 to modernize every outfit. It also helps that they’re more comfortable to wear as opposed to stilettos.

Flare Hemline Tip: Anything goes with heels that are chunky. Be sure to stay clear of flared hemlines that extend above the ankle because they’re not flattering!

6-Clogs With Bell Bottoms And Flare Jeans

Clog sandals are an enjoyable and retro option to wear with flare jeans. From Swedish Hasbeens and modern Dr. Schols to the classic closed-toe clogs. Any type of clog can be worn (Frye and Ugg make great versions as well). These shoes will surely bring your feet a smile and give a touch of flair to your…uhm…flares. However, there are other jeans that go well with these styles of sneakers. Read my post about how to dress Clogs to find more styles of jeans and more styles to pair with them.

Flare Hemline Tip: If you keep the hemline smaller in length, perhaps 3 inches higher off the surface, the nailing detail of the clogs can look like fun peeking out from under! I love these shoes and flare jeans.

7- Flare Jeans With Flat Sandals

Do you want to be casual and heel-less but don’t want to be locked in a pair of shoes? Although flats aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ways to wear flare jeans, They are certainly an alternative. What better way to test an unsolved flat or gladiator sandals to pair with flare jeans to create a bohemian-chic vibe?

I’m currently adoring the white flare jeans with the beige sandals above myself! They’re definitely the best option for flared or barely cut boot jeans. I wouldn’t suggest a flat shoe with wide bell bottoms to be worn for comfort as well as fashion reasons. Take a photo of the model in bell bottoms with sandals on the left. While it is definitely an attractive look when worn correctly, it can cause you to appear messy.

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Tips for Flare Hemlines: Hemlines are especially crucial in this case because the longer your jean is, the more laid-back image you’ll create. This means: you’ll appear unprofessional. Look at the image above. You’re right. If you’re looking for Then who is I to stop me? What are my two points?

Try to find a hemline that you’re able to see that the edge of your rear barely scratches the surface: you’ll be dragging less dirt, stop edges from fraying, and you’ll find your pants more comfortable to walk in.

8 Sneakers With Flares

If you’re going for a more athletic and casual look with your flare jeans and sneakers, sneakers are the option. I can remember wearing flares and sneakers during high school and all the way through university, and there was nothing more comfortable. Apart from sweats, I stayed away from wearing them in public! It is possible to wear flares with the iconic kicks that are trending (Adidas Stan Smith and Superstar immediately come to your mind!) or more stylish: sneakers with a more robust outsole. Why not go for to go with a flatform sneaker? Flare Hemline tips: My preferred style is keeping the bottom edges of the pants in line with the top of the shoe’s outsole.

With flat shoes, it could prefer not to make flares that are too long, as they will get tangled on the lower part.

What Can You Do To Dress Up Flared Pants?What Can You Do To Dress Up Flared Pants?

A pair of flared trousers can look elegant when paired with a pair of killer heels. Monogrammed pointed slingbacks with monograms are our momentary obsession; however, you could consider a belt that is stylish that is a classic designer chain piece that can make the trouser look more stylish two times over.

With An Oversized T-shirt With A Round Neck And Navy Blazer

Denim flared jeans offer the perfect chance to create an elegant, casual fashion moment. We love the addition of black accessories with cat-eye glasses and the Valentino handbag in an outfit that is sure to last for a long time.

With A Cropped Co-ord And Large Trainers

This psychedelic and playful co-ord look has us feeling major festival vibes. A chunky shoe always looks great with flares. We love the pops of color in the print link paired tonally with the bright orange jacket.

With asymmetric cut-outs on the upper and fully embellished platform

Beige trouser pants may initially seem as if they belong in a grandiose fashion, But this ensemble dispels this style myth with one step. A slim-fitting top is able to balance effortlessly against the width of the trouser legs. And we love the hints of gold on the accessories.

With a trench of leather

We are in love with two-tone jeans at present, and I think that Chloe’s wide pair looks stunning in black with black booties and a trench coat.

With a striking knit

It’s impossible to go wrong when you put on a pair of navy flares, simple and easy. Combine them with a bold knit for a simple fall-inspired look.


How do you dress flare pants for yoga?

A crop top, a cardigan, or a layered look with an oversized sweatshirt that adheres to similar aughts fashion trends are appropriate pairings. Another option is to wear them with a more structured top, such as a fitted blouse or an oversized blazer, for a night out.

Are flare yoga pants out of style?

2023 has been largely dominated by the Y2K trend, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Flare leggings are one of the newest Y2K trends that are all the rage. It only seems logical that the newest trend in loungewear has huge bottoms now that skinny jeans are out of style.

How do you make flare pants look good?

If you want to channel a retro atmosphere and are feeling nostalgic, go for a flared silhouette paired with a stylish platform boot or sandal. But for a more cutting-edge look, team the fashionable pants with a chic loafer and a leather blazer or denim jacket.

Do flare pants make you look skinny?

As opposed to low rise cuts, which sit further towards your hips, they sit at the skinniest portion of your waist, making your waist appear smaller.

Are flared pants supposed to touch the floor?

You inquire what the right length is. The hem should not be more than an inch off the ground, notwithstanding some minor differences in opinion. Personally, I like it even lower—maybe half an inch—just just touching the top of my shoe.