How To Style Dark Blue Jeans?

How To Style Dark Blue Jeans?

How To Style Dark Blue Jeans?

When it comes to dark wash denim, you can’t go wrong with classic neutrals like white, black, grey, or brown, especially if you’re dressing for daytime activities or work. White polo shirts and button-down shirts are great for a smart-casual look, while a plain white tee would be best it you’re going for a casual vibe.

What Apparel Do You Need To Pair With Your Dark Blue Jeans?

The apparel you wear along with your dark blue jeans would be based on different factors, such as season, occasion, and time. That’s why it’s important to avoid style mistakes in a particular season. Depending on the weather, a layering piece such as a leather jacket would do more than good if it’s cold outside. If you’re opting for smart casual, a button-down shirt and sports coat is your best option. Similarly, you can mix and match your own outfits based on the ideas below.

When To Wear Dark Blue Jeans?

Is there ever a time not to wear dark blue jeans? Actually, there are a few, but they’re so obvious that you probably already know them, but I’ll tell you anyway. Don’t wear dark blue jeans in the middle of summer or to formal gatherings.  Aside from those two occasions, you can wear dark blue jeans whenever you please.

They’re particularly great during the fall and winter when temperatures drop and your fashion options become limited. They’re a great way to complement winter jackets and scarves in case you were wondering what to wear with dark blue jeans in the cooler months.

You can also wear them for business casual events. This is one time when dark blue jeans are better than light blue ones as the darker tone makes them appear more formal. 

Tie them together with a button-up shirt and a classy pair of shoes and you’re all set to charm your work superiors and maybe earn a promotion.

What To Wear With Dark Blue Jeans?

Luckily, jean outfits for women and men can follow the same basic principles. There are plenty of options when it comes to what to wear with dark blue jeans depending on the occasion, the weather, your personal style, and more.

This makes dark blue jeans one of the best pieces you can use to express yourself because they fit into so many different looks. 

Sure, it might be hard to find a pair of dark blue jeans that fits into the traditional techwear schema, but remember that we’ve put men on the moon; we can do anything we put our minds to.

If you really want a quick checklist of items that you can nearly always wear with dark blue jeans then I’ll happily supply you with one. In fact, you could make a capsule wardrobe out of these pieces.

White shoes and dark blue jeans are a match made in heaven and you can hardly ever go wrong by wearing them together. Similarly, white shirts have a chemistry with dark blue jeans that seems like it came straight out of Romeo & Juliet. 

But with all that clutter out of the way, let’s give you some outfit ideas to help you decide what to wear with dark blue jeans.

12 Ways To Wear Dark Blue Jeans

Dark blue jeans are a classic piece for everyday wear. These outfits reflect this, and they’re fits that I think work for many people and occasions. As you’ll see in the images, I prefer skinny jeans. But the points are relevant for pretty much any style of jeans.

1- With A Breton Stripe Shirt

If it’s too hot for a sweater but not quite t-shirt weather try a Breton stripe shirt. The instantly recognizable blue stripes on a white background go brilliantly with dark blue jeans. I like to go sockless and wear brown loafers with this outfit. Boat shoes or canvas shoes would work equally well.

2- With A Sporty Sweatshirt

I was recently bought this sweater and I love its dark green shade. It’s not a color I’d usually choose but I think it goes really well with navy jeans. It’s a nice change from the gray sweatshirts I normally wear. Although, grey sweatshirts also go really well with dark blue denim so that would be a good fit too.

3- With A Grey T-Shirt

Grey and blue go great together so pairing a grey t-shirt with navy jeans is a no-brainer. I like to finish the look off with casual shoes or canvas sneakers. This look is so simple and something you can wear casually and know it’s going to look good.

4- With A Denim Jacket

Black denim jackets go great with navy denim. There’s no chance of the colors clashing but it still produces a dark silhouette. I like to wear mine with lighter-colored shirts, such as the Breton stripe top in the image above. The contrasting colors also mean that wearing a black jacket and blue jeans is the easiest way to wear a denim jacket with jeans.

5- With A Coat And Boots

Dark color clothes look great in winter and navy jeans are no exception. They go well with my thick boots, chunky knit jumper, and quilted coated. The look would work equally well with a wool coat. As a side note, check out the snowmen in the background of this image .

6- With A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets and dark denim is a match made in heaven. I often wear my jacket with faded black jeans for an indie-rock look, but it goes just as well with dark blue jeans. Put a lighter-colored t-shirt or sweater on underneath so the outfit isn’t too dark.

7- With A Sweater And Sneakers

Pairing dark blue jeans with a sweater and sneakers is perfect weekend wear. I like the neutral color of the sweater in the above image as it contrasts nicely with the denim. I chose a light sweater but you easily go for a chunky knit sweater in winter. I feel like a dark color would work really well in this case.

8- With A Check Shirt8- With A Check Shirt

I bought the above check shirt from the 2020 Uniqlo JW Anderson. I love the asymmetrical checks and the neutral colors. The shirt goes great with navy jeans and it’s a nice change from a typical plaid shirt.

9- With a Cardigan

There’s a school of thought that says blue and brown don’t go together. And there are some cases where the two colors can definitely clash. But it can work, and I think the above outfit is a great example of this in action. Eagle-eyed readers will notice the shirt is the one from the previous outfit.

10- With a Thick Polo Neck

I love turtlenecks and often wear them with dark denim. My favorite turtleneck is the dark chunky knit one featured in this article. But I recently bought the off-white one in the image above and I think the navy and neutral colors look great together. Navy and off-white are two colors that look great when worn together, so it was an obvious choice of pairing.

11- With an Oxford Shirt

Dark blue denim and oxford shirts are a perfect match. While there can be a mismatch between these shirts and lighter shades (i.e. more casual) of jeans, with dark blue jeans it works perfectly. Roll up the sleeves and wear it with sneakers to keep the look casual, or pair the jeans with dress shoes for a smarter look.

12- With a Blazer

As navy denim tends to be smarter than lighter colors, it’s easy to pair these jeans with smarter items like a gray blazer and Chelsea boots. In the image above I wore a dark fine knit sweater to complete the look.

How to Care for Your Jeans: 5 Tips to Keep Looking Great in Your Favorite Pair

When it comes time to wash your jeans, how can you keep them looking better, fitting better, and lasting longer? Well, if you’re not willing to follow the advice of our CEO Chip Bergh and stop washing your jeans after every wear, there are some other options. Here are five tried and true tips to minimize damage when you wash your denim.

1. Spot Clean

Why do a whole load of laundry when you can use a damp cloth or even an old toothbrush with a mild soap to remove small stains? It’s simple, it’s easy, and it keeps your jeans looking great. Avoiding laundry will help keep the fit you love true to you.

2. Flip Out

After at least ten wears, it may be time to throw your jeans into the washer. Turning your jeans inside out prevents excessive fading and color loss. Faded jeans reflect your personal style but a good fade comes from living in your jeans, not an aggressive spin cycle.

Bonus tip: Remember to check your pockets! No one likes splotchy pen stains on their favorite pants. And don’t forget to unroll your cuffs so dirt and sand don’t get trapped in – it’s kind of equivalent to washing behind your ears.

3. Soap Smart

The indigo blue tint of your favorite jeans can wash out with harsh soaps. Preserve your favorite look with the right detergent. Many detergents are concentrated, so you don’t need much. Some are even designed smarter with a pump so you don’t use too much.  And most are formulated for cold water to clean your clothes and keep their color. An extra minute in the laundry aisle will all be worth it in the name of helping to keep your jeans their true blue for as long as possible.

4. Keep it Cool

Choosing a cold-water spin cycle is added protection against fading and shrinking. Cold water also saves energy, saving you money, which means you’re doing a solid for your jeans, your energy bill, and the environment. That sounds like a triple win. Save the world, one pair of jeans at a time.

5. Air Dry

Ever wonder where lint comes from? It’s your clothes breaking down in the dryer. Dryers are the natural enemy of jeans, so it makes sense to opt for a breezier option. Hang them up to dry to help preserve the fit and avoid possible shrinkage or fabric warping. If you live in an apartment, a collapsible clothes rack is perfect. You can keep them turned inside out (and out of the sun) to prevent fading and ensure the interior pockets will dry. And of course, hang drying is a free solution!


What Colours go with dark blue jeans?

If you’re dressing for daytime activities or work, you can’t go wrong with timeless neutrals like white, black, grey, or brown when it comes to dark wash denim. A basic white tee would be preferable if you’re trying for a casual vibe. White polo shirts and button-down shirts are great for a smart-casual style.

What color of shirt goes with dark blue jeans?

The nice aspect is that you can basically wear any colour t-shirt with dark wash pants. Want to keep things understated and straightforward? Choose from grey, black, or white.

What is the best color to wear with dark blue?

Dusty purple, hunter green, and maroon are black-shaded colours that share the intensity of navy and are likely to lose their vibrancy when combined with the dark-blue colour. Fortunately, there are many hues that look stunning with navy blue, such as mustard yellow, vivid pink, cherry red, and even metallic gold.

Can you wear black shirt with dark blue jeans?

Do blue jeans and a black blouse suffice to make an elegant outfit? Certainly, and we have the proof. Many people certainly own more than one pair of jeans, as well as at least a few black tops including chic blouses, hoodies, traditional shirts, and turtlenecks.

Which shirt is best with dark blue pants? 

The navy blue slacks in a deep hue complement the light-colored shirts beautifully. Some examples of nice shirt colours that go with navy blue pants include light blue, pink, satin, and checkered shirts.


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