How To Style Curtain Bangs With Round Brush

How To Style Curtain Bangs With Round Brush

How To Style Curtain Bangs With Round Brush

After that, you blow dry the hair towards the facial area (down on your forehead) to give it volume. You do this with hair wrapped around at the top of the round brush. Then, you blow each half back to the side using the hair on the bottom of the brush to achieve that bouncy curl and swing.

What Is Curtain Bangs?

Popularized by famous actresses such as Farrah Fawcett and Goldie Hawn, hairstyles known as curtain bangs made a splash in the 70s and 60s. The reason they got their adorable name is that they are curtains that cover your face. They frame your face from both sides in an upside-down “V” shape, like the curtains of a window. To create a look of curtain bangs, stylists cut the hair with scissors angled downwards and away, leaving the hair closer to the cheekbones longer.

Who Should Wear Curtain Bangs?

Who Should Wear Curtain Bangs?

Everyone! Whether you have curly, straight, wavy, or short hair, the curtain bangs are a fashion statement for every person. Suppose you’re someone who has an uneasy relationship with your hairline or forehead and wants to cover it up. In that case, curtain bangs are a great solution. While covering your hairline, the smooth and swoopy look also helps to lengthen your face.

Have you ever seen your favorite models and celebrities sporting their bangs on the curtain, which made you decide to go for it? We’d like to think so! You’ll be happy to learn that once you’ve twirled the scissors, the fringe is simple to maintain. However, you’ll require a few tricks in your sleeves. So keep reading to find a comprehensive guide to the dos and don’ts of bangs on the curtain!

Curtain Bang Dos

  1. Ask your stylist what style and length of the curtain bang fit your hairstyle before cutting them.
  2. Be aware that hairstyles appear better when they’re glossy and healthy. To prevent damage and breakage, you can use products such as the super Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner or Silky Hair Set to strengthen hair fibers.
  3. Every bang owner knows that the bangs grow quickly. Therefore, you’ll have to trim them as often as every five or six weeks to ensure they look the best they can.
  4. You can style them; however you want. However, you might have to adjust your hair’s style to where you would like it to. Blow drying the hair from the side while curling at the end can help.

Curtain Bang Don’ts

  1. Don’t try to DIY your bangs for the curtain. Trust us; your hairdresser will be there!
  2. Don’t be intimidated by the round brush, as it will be your best friend while you blow-dry your gorgeous bangs. Make use of it vertically to wrap hair from your face when drying.
  3. It’s tempting, but try not to regularly style your hair with heated tools. The bangs of your hair are a tiny portion that is more likely to be fried, and therefore avoid flat irons now and then.
  4. Do not get your curtain bangs if you are not ready for some everyday maintenance. (But we guarantee they’ll be worth the extra five minutes in your daily routine!)
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What Is The Best Way To Style Your Curtain Bangs?

The curtain bang: the fashion for hair of the moment. How do you make sure that they look nice? Everyone goes to the hairdresser to obtain bangs for the curtain. What are they? The curtain bangs are a pony you cannot take off your ears. They make your hair appear large and dense. It’s a definite fashion! However, when you wake up, your bangs from the curtain do not look as if you visited your hairdresser… If you have an oval brush and hair dryer, you can make your bangs look more stylish.

Style Your Curtain Bangs.

  1. First, apply a heat-protecting product to your hair.
  2. Blot dry the remainder of your hair, then divide it into a central parted.
  3. Don’t put your hair dryer in an excessively hot setting to style your bangs on the curtain.
  4. Pick up the round brush and begin with the styling of the other side of your curtain bangs. Place the brush on the bottom of the lock and then turn them upwards.
  5. Simply apply pressure to the hair with the dryer for hair. Turn the brush towards the side.
  6. Blot dry the top of the side to your ears. This way, your curtain bangs will fall as the curtain.
  7. Apply this on the opposite side of your curtain’s bangs.
  8. Use your fingers to go through the curtain bangs, then fix it with a little hair spray.

How To Blow Dry Curtain Bangs?

How To Blow Dry Curtain Bangs?

The Curtain Bang Blow Dry is an instructional video posted by a salon educator for free on the YouTube channel. Below is a short video that shows very trendy curtains bang styles. The blow-drying is happening for short and long curtain bangs to ensure you’re ready to take advantage of this trend which we expect to come to the forefront in autumn and winter.

It’s a Curtain Bang Blow Dry is a tutorial that was posted through a salon education-free YouTube channel. Below, we’ve got a quick video showing trendy curtains bang styles. Short curtain bangs are being dried, and long curtain bangs ensure you’re ready to take advantage of this trend which we expect to come to the forefront in the autumn and winter.

Spray the Blow Dry product onto the round brush. This will ensure it is sure that the circular brush can cover the entire area of the curtain bangs which is being styled.

Warm the round brush before getting into the process of blow drying the bangs of the curtain. This helps prepare the barrel and product to add volume to the hair. In addition, the heat and tension can create shape and form for the hairstyle; therefore, this small tip will give you an additional hand in making the lift. You can choose to blow dry the curtain Bangs either under or over.

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This depends on the length and the style as well. The curtain bangs are dried by blow drying in various ways.

The hairstyle we prefer to create hairstyles with a long bang look up and back. Here Brian explains the reason… First, the method trains the hair to lift upwards and away from the face, creating an impressive scalp volume. Next, let the hair cool off around the brush for a few minutes before releasing it with a twist and using your fingers to shape the hair to remove it from the face.

You can think about blow Drying shorter Curtain Bangs. Brian demonstrated blow drying shorter bangs of the curtain, which is different from the longer ones on the curtain.

He has small brushes and prefers to work hair with a lower pressure. Because it’s shorter, it requires more bend and is much more manageable with smaller brushes. Brian is also fond of incorporating the sides in the styling to blend the blow dry from the curtain dry with all the other locks.

Take a look at the two different Curtain Bang Blow Dry looks. The two looks she has created are from this blow-dry technique. It is evident the differences in the style of both of the styles.

We hope you enjoyed our tutorial on the curtain bang. We’ll post other blow-dry educational videos of cutting, cutting, and coloring. Engage with us through our Salon Education YouTube channel and our Enow application. The app will keep you up-to-date on the latest techniques and information.

Styling The Curtain Bangs Without Heat

Now that you’ve cut the hair bangs for your curtains. They’re cute! But how do you give them that distinctive swing? The art of styling curtain bangs can seem daunting, but it’s much simpler than you’d think. There are various methods to make your bangs appear full of bounce. We’ve listed them all here. With our assistance, you’ll discover which hairstyle is best for your hair’s length and texture, so you’ll look stunning.

1- Round Brush & Blow Dryer

Wet Your Bangs.

Wet Your Bangs.

Good job if you’ve just had an ice bath and cleaned your hair! If not, you can simply spray your bangs with water or place them in the sink in the bathroom. The style you wear while damp will ensure they stay full and maintain shape. Next, consider applying a Texturizing or holding sprays in your hair. This will help your hair remain in place and provide additional volume. This technique is most effective for straight or wavy hair types.

Spray Your Bangs With A Spray That Protects Against Heat.

Always, constantly, always apply a heat protector before applying heat tools to your hair, including blow drying! Then, simply spray the product on damp hair and begin styling. This simple step can help to protect your hair from damage caused by heat.

Blow Dry The Bangs’ Roots Towards The Back Of Your Face.

Use your blow dryer with your dominant hand, and place an angled brush in the non-dominant hands. [2] Apply a gentle stroke to each side of your hair down to your face. Then, curl the round brush upwards. The blow dryer should be pointed toward your hair’s roots, and continue to twirl the hair and brush in the upward direction. [3]Attach a nozzle that is narrow to your blow-dryer, making it simpler to direct where the air flows.

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Dry Both Sides Of Your Bangs To Where You Would Like The Hair To Fall.

When the top and the root are dried out, concentrate on the two individual edges of the bangs. The right side of the curtain bangs will fall to the right, while the left side is towards the left. This creates the classic frame sweep. Make this look happen by taking on the left side of your hair using a round brush and then gently rubbing it away from the front of your face at an angle of right. Repeat this on the left with an angle left.

Be sure to curl your hair to the side to create a soft and swoopy appearance. Do you think your bangs are supposed to be swung out? Make sure you roll your brush toward your face until the ends of your bangs curve towards the back.

Straighten Your Hair And Then Fluff Your Hair Out.

If your hairstyles do not appear as full as you’d like, follow the process in the second, moving the middle section inwards off your face while blow dry. Make use of your brush or fingers to smooth them out, and then you’re done! Set your hairdos with hairspray to keep all of them in the right place.