How To Style Curly Hair Women?

How To Style Curly Hair Women?

How To Style Curly Hair Women?

Styling curly hair for women can be both fun and challenging. Likewise, finding ways to style it can be challenging for those who have naturally curly hair. But there are key tips you can follow to help your hair look more manageable and stylish.

To help you out, we asked celebrity hairstylists Jamie Wiley, Leticia “Tee” McKay-Everett, and Felicia Leatherwood to share their favorite styling tips for curly girls. Keep scrolling to find expert-approved tips on how to make your hair look bouncy, defined, and glossy.

  • Go Natural

Curly hair can be tricky to style, and you probably need help. But with the right products and styling tips, you can turn your wavy locks into gorgeous bouncy waves that never lose shape and look amazing.

The key is finding a formula that keeps your curls soft and defined without drying them out or causing frizz. For that, a co-wash is a good bet—not to mention it won’t strip your hair of its natural oils (and that’s a major concern for dry and brittle locks).

Another way to keep your curls soft is to spray them with a hydrating leave-in conditioner. One that gets high marks from Byrdie contributor Bianca Lambert is Briogeo’s Hydrating Curl Detangling Treatment, which features coconut oil and rice amino acids for a smoothing formula that’ll protect your strands against humidity.

You’ll also want to avoid using too much shampoo, as this can strip your locks of essential oils. Instead, every once in a while, use a clarifying shampoo to remove any buildup that may be preventing your curls from feeling healthy and shiny.

Try creating a braided headband for a simple look that takes no time to put together. Start with a deep side part, braid a section of hair from the opposite side, and tuck it into the headband behind your ear. Then, you can play with how you tie it to get the perfect fit.

You can also tuck some of your curls into a low ponytail and secure it with elastic for a sleek, sophisticated look. This is especially a good option if you don’t have the energy to deal with curls that aren’t quite tame enough for your liking.

  • Go Wash-And-Go

Go Wash-And-Go

The wash-and-go style is a versatile natural hair look that works for everyone. But if you want yours to last, starting off with the right prep and products is important.

The first step to a perfectly defined wash-and-go is to thoroughly cleanse your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo like the Sacred Tiare Sulfate Free Shampoo or a nourishing conditioner like the Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hydrating Conditioner. This will remove any traces of product buildup, which could weigh down your curls and limit their ability to soak up moisture.

Next, give your locks a cool rinse to close the cuticle and seal in moisture. This will help keep your curls soft, bouncy, and shiny throughout the day.

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If your hair is particularly dry, it’s also a good idea to apply a leave-in treatment before styling it. This will help lock in moisture and maintain softness and shine in your natural texture while ensuring your locks don’t feel brittle or break easily.

Finally, if you’re in a hurry, you can use a hooded dryer to fully dry your hair. But it’s a good idea to use multiple dryers on different areas of your head so that you don’t risk overdrying your locks.

Lastly, if you’re wearing a wash-and-go for more than one day, it’s important to change your style after two days. This will allow your curls to rehydrate and strengthen over time, making them more defined and less likely to frizz when you take them out again.

  • Use A Wide-Toothed Comb

Curly hair women should detangle their strands with a wide-tooth comb before they begin styling. This will reduce the chances of breakage and help them maintain the curl pattern they want.

Wide-tooth combs also detangle wet hair more effectively than a brush because they allow your hair to glide through the teeth without causing damage. Additionally, they can remove knots from your hair that can cause damage to the root and scalp if they are not properly handled.

Another thing to remember when using a wide-tooth comb is to make sure it’s made of high-quality materials that will not tangle or break your hair. This is especially true if you have thick or tangled hair.

For example, the Diane Oil Detangler Comb is an inexpensive comb that’s perfect for dealing with tight, wet curls. Its wide-set teeth help to detangle the strands while keeping them intact, and its special coating infused with Vitamin E and Omega-3 oils helps to nourish your hair as you comb.

You can also find more expensive combs crafted with high-quality materials that are gentle on your hair. One option is the Louise Maelys Wooden Hair Comb, a handmade product made from 100% natural green sandalwood. The comb’s anti-static wide teeth will easily glide through your curls while also providing a soothing aroma that will relax your mind and body.

A teasing comb is great for styling your hair into various looks, such as a chignon or ponytail. It also helps to separate your hair into sections for styling purposes. This will help to create volume and texture, which are essential when styling curly hair.

  • Keep Your Hands Off

Keeping your hands off while styling your hair is a no-brainer if you want to avoid damage from single-strand knots, curly locks, and split ends. One of the easiest ways to do this is by embracing low-manipulation styles like buns, braids, and halo braids. These easy-to-pull-off looks will keep your hair healthy and out of your face.

The best way to keep your fingers out of your curls is to use a wide-toothed comb (like this CURLISTO one) specifically designed for curly hair. It has enough teeth to comb out your tangles without tearing them and has the right amount of grip to snag those stubborn tresses without pulling the hairs out with every stroke.

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There are a few other things that you can do to keep your hands out of your hair, such as tucking your strands under a silk scarf or using a head wrap to secure your locks. This might sound silly, but the tangle-free look will pay off in the long run. The best part is that these easy-to-master hair hacks will make your daily routine much less stressful and irritating. So, get started, and you’re bound to see your tangles diminish with everyday wear! Good luck! Let us know if you have suggestions for other things to keep your fingers off your strands in the comments below!

  • Don’t Forget The Oils

Don't Forget The Oils

Curls are beautiful but require special care to keep them healthy and shiny. The main reason is that curls don’t hold as much moisture as straight hair, and this lack of hydration can lead to frizz and dullness.

Fortunately, there are ways to hydrate your curls without chemicals, and one of those options is using oils. These substances are rich in nourishing fatty acids and help keep your hair soft, smooth, and shiny.

In addition, many hair oils can improve the look and health of your hair and scalp, including increasing shine and preventing breakage. They also help to protect your hair from heat damage, which can be a problem for curls.

You can use various oils in your routine, but select lightweight varieties that won’t weigh down your style. Babassu kernel oil, for example, nourishes without adding grease.

Coconut oil is another great choice for curly hair, as it’s packed with beneficial fatty acids that help keep your locs moisturized. Massaging a few drops of this oil into your scalp and hair can also reduce itchy and flaky conditions like dandruff and dry scalp.

Oils can be applied to your hair after washing and styling it. You can also use coconut oil on your ends as a finishing touch to give them a bit of extra shine and luster.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Style Curly Hair

  • Use the right products: Hair can help define curls and reduce frizz. Look for products specifically designed for curly hair, such as a curl-enhancing cream, mousse, or gel.
  • Avoid brushing your hair: Brushing curly hair can cause it to frizz and lose its shape. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your hair.
  • Apply product to damp hair: Apply your styling product to damp hair so it can penetrate your curls and hold their shape.
  • Diffuse your hair: Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to dry your hair. This can help enhance your curls and reduce frizz. Hold the diffuser close to your hair and move it in a circular motion to create volume and definition.
  • Pineapple your hair: To preserve your curls overnight, pull your hair up into a loose, high ponytail on top of your head, leaving your curls free and flowing. This is called the “pineapple” method and can help prevent your curls from getting crushed while you sleep.
  • Refresh your curls: Use a spray bottle filled with water or a curl-refreshing spray to revive your curls on days you don’t wash your hair. Scrunch your curls with your fingers to bring them back to life.
  • Experiment with different styles: There are many different styles you can create with curly hair, such as a messy bun, a half-up, a half-down style, or a side braid. Experiment with different styles to find the one that works best for you.
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Remember to embrace your natural curls and have fun with your styling. Curly hair can be challenging to manage, but with the right products and techniques, you can create a beautiful, defined look.


Why are my curls so frizzy?

Even when you take care of your curls, they are often dry by nature. They can get so frizzy because of how your hair is coiled, which makes it more difficult for the natural oils generated by your scalp to go down and coat the strands.

Is curly hair better long or short?

According to hairstylist Garren of the Garren New York salon, curly hair looks best when it is shoulder length or longer and has a few layers added to prevent it from looking bottom-heavy or boxy. Request layers all around your head that slope downward from your chin.

Which face shape is best for curly hair?

The face’s length should be kept to a minimum, and its breadth should be increased. As curls naturally provide breadth, curly hair is ideal for this.

Do layers make curls look better?

Your curls, coils, waves, and ringlets may be defined beautifully with layers. Hair with layers makes it possible for curls to flow and keep their bounce. Your hair will get definition, texture, and form by adding layers to naturally curly hair.

What is the first step Curly Girl method?

Your last wash with a sulphate shampoo will be the first wash you do with the Curly Girl Method. You may start again after doing this since it will completely eliminate any silicones and grime buildup from your hair. Following this, you’ll start “co-washing,” or shampooing your hair with conditioner.

Is it unprofessional to wear curly hair?

Hair that is well-maintained is viewed as serious and unfussy. However, in reality, most places view curly hair as unprofessional. Millions of women go above and above simply to be taken seriously at work. Curly hair is viewed as unpresentable, untamed, unruly, and unprofessional.