How To Style Curly Bangs?

How To Style Curly Bangs?

How To Style Curly Bangs?

Styling curly bangs can be a fun and versatile experience. No matter your hair type; curly bangs are an incredibly flattering addition to any haircut. However, if you’re considering adding them to your ‘do, you’ll want to get some styling tips to ensure they look their best.

The key to achieving the perfect set is understanding how thick you want your bangs and whether they’re wavy or super curly, says Everett.

  • Twist Them To The Side

There are many ways to style your bangs, and sometimes it just takes a little tweaking to turn your look from boring to fab. One of the easiest ways to do this is to twist your bangs to the side. It is a great way to add volume and keep your bangs out of your face.

Whether you have thick, wispy bangs or whimsical ringlets, twisting them to the side is an easy way to change your style. Just run a straight iron over your hair and then twist them back, using bobby pins to secure them.

Curly bangs have a lot of character; giving them a little extra love and attention is important to make them look their best. If you’re unsure how to do this, get help from an expert at your local beauty salon.

The first step is to ensure your hair is completely dry. Next, you’ll want to part your hair where the comb leaves your hairline (about 1 inch from the hairline).

Once you’ve parted your hair, use a tangle teezer to loosen any knots and smooth the ends with a spritz of Ouidad Clean Sweep Dry Shampoo. Then, apply a light amount of hair gel, like TRESemme Flawless Curls Defining Gel, and part your bangs down the center.

Another great way to keep your curls looking healthy and well-groomed is to apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil. This is especially important for long-term wear because it helps prevent breakage and extend the life of your bangs.

Use products made for your specific type of hair to get the most out of your hair products. Avoid heavy products or oils that will alter the texture of your hair.

If you’re prone to flyaways, try applying a texturizing spray or gel, like Pracaxi Nectar Style Control Gel, before styling your hair. This will give your hair a little grit that will help it hold its shape.

This is the perfect way to keep your curls looking their best, and it is especially effective if you have looser or larger curls. You can also finger-coil your bangs to help define them and add some volume.

  • Pixie With Bangs

Short hair with curly bangs is an easy way to add a little flair to your look. This style can be worn with almost any face shape and is perfect for women who want to show off their natural curls.

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For a pixie with curly bangs, ask your stylist to cut your bangs in a side part or sweep them to the side. You can also have them cut in a deep side part for extra texture and drama.

If you have a round face, this style will help to balance out the shape of your forehead and make it appear longer. It can also hide a large or wide forehead that causes you to look unbalanced or awkward.

This look can suit any hair length and works well on fine or medium hair, depending on how much you want to show off your bangs. It is especially good for thin hair and a round or oval face shape.

A short pixie with side bangs is another great choice for women with round faces, as it will help to create more symmetry and reduce the appearance of angles around the eyes. It will also highlight your features, making you look more attractive and feminine.

If your eyes are blue or brown, consider adding some golden highlights to the top parts of your pixie haircut for an even brighter look. This will add a dimension to your style and make it stand out from the crowd.

You can also try a choppy pixie with curly bangs, an extremely popular look nowadays. It is ideal for those who love to keep their locks short and edgy and is especially great for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time styling their hair.

Besides being super cute and stylish, this style is also incredibly easy to wear and manage. It can be twisted to the side, pinned back, or bobby in different ways to give you many options for wearing your pixie with curly bangs.

  • Pin Them Back

Keeping bangs from falling in your eyes can be a challenge. Luckily, there are many ways to keep the evil hair bunny at bay (and let’s be real here, you must do it regularly to look presentable). We found that some of the best bang-free solutions involve the use of clever styling products like the hair gel holder. But, of course, you’ll also have to rely on your brain and a little practice.

One of the most fun and effective solutions for your hair woes is to simply part your bangs to one side, then pull them back with a bit of TLC, or if you are lucky enough to have access to a decent blow dry bar. Then, go a step further by styling your locks with a modern styling tool like the heat protectant spray or dry shampoo. You should be able to get your hair looking like a fashionista in no time at all.

  • Half-Up Half-Down

Half-Up Half-Down

Half-up and half-down hairstyles are a great way to show off curly bangs while still showing off your natural texture and length. They are also one of the most versatile hairstyles, and they look gorgeous with various hair types and face shapes.

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A half-up half-down style is a great option for women with curly bangs because it is easy to pull off. It works with any hair length and can be worn in various ways, from a simple ponytail to intricate braids, space buns, and more.

You can even try a few fun tricks to dress up your half-up half-down hairstyle, like color-coordinating a hair wrap or slipping in a rabbit ear scrunchie. Whether you have short or long hair, this look is perfect for any casual or formal occasion and will add a playful flair to your outfit.

Gather half of your hair into a small ponytail and secure it with bobby pins to get this look. Once you’ve done that, split your ponytail down the middle and flip it through that hole for a fun, easy, twisty hairstyle.

Another popular way to dress up your half-up half-down look is to create a zig-zag braid down the center of your head. This is a great way to make your bangs stand out and add dimension to your ‘do, says Miko Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s.

Try twisting your bangs before tying them together to make this look a little more interesting. This will give your strands more shape and definition and make the style even more dramatic.

Before you try this look, make sure to condition your hair thoroughly. This will help it keep its elasticity and prevent frizz, especially if you have straight hair.

After conditioning, apply a leave-in product to your hair and gently scrunch it. This will help your strands retain their hydration, which will help them bounce and dry with more definition.

You can also use a brush to scrunch your hair for a bouncy half-up half-down look, but be sure not to stretch it out too much. If your hair is too wavy, it will only make it more difficult to achieve the bouncy texture you’re going for.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Style Curly Bangs

  • Embrace your natural texture: Curly bangs look great when you embrace your natural texture. Use a leave-in conditioner or curl-enhancing product to define your curls and keep them looking bouncy and defined.
  • Finger styling: Use your fingers to style your curly bangs. Use a little product, like a curl cream or mousse, to define your curls and create the shape you want.
  • Blow dry with a diffuser: If you want a more polished look, you can use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to dry your curly bangs. Use a low heat setting and scrunch your hair as you dry it to enhance your natural curls.
  • Pin or clip back: If your curly bangs are getting in your way or you want to change your look, you can pin or clip them back. Use bobby pins or a cute hair clip to pin your bangs to the side or back.
  • Accessories: You can add accessories to your curly bangs to change your look. Try a cute headband, hair scarf, or hair clip to add color or texture to your hair.
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Remember, the key to styling curly bangs is to embrace your natural texture and find a style that works with your curls. Then, use the right products and tools to enhance your curls and create the shape you want, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles until you find one that suits you.


How should I cut my curly bangs for the best look?

To minimise errors, get your curly bangs clipped by a professional hairdresser. But, because curly hair shrinks when it dries, it’s critical to inform your hairdresser that you want your bangs trimmed dry.

How often should I wash my curly bangs?

It’s critical to avoid washing your curly bangs too frequently, since this can cause dryness and frizz. To keep them hydrated, wash them once or twice a week with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Should I blow-dry my curly bangs?

Blow-drying your curly bangs is best avoided since the heat can cause them to frizz and lose their natural curl pattern. Use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer instead, or let them air dry.

How can I style my curly bangs to avoid them looking flat?

While your curly bangs are wet, apply a tiny bit of mousse or gel to them, then scrunch them up with your fingers as they dry. You may also fluff them up with a wide-tooth comb.

Can I straighten my curly bangs?

While straightening curly hair is feasible, it is not suggested on a daily basis since it can cause damage and breakage. Use a heat protectant spray and a flat iron on a low heat setting to straighten your curly bangs for a special event.

How can I keep my curly bangs looking neat and frizz-free?

Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent friction and keep your curly bangs appearing clean and frizz-free. You may also use a tiny bit of oil or serum to keep them hydrated and smooth.