How To Style Couch Pillows?

How To Style Couch Pillows?

How To Style Couch Pillows?

Styling couch pillows can add a finishing touch to your living room decor. Throw pillows make a great way to add a splash of color or change up the look and feel of your sofa. But styling them can be tricky.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind to ensure the finished product is aesthetically pleasing and functional.


Pillows are a great way to add color, texture, and pattern to your home. They can also help a dated sofa or chair feel more modern and updated.

To make your throw pillows stand out, keep the fabrics you use consistent with your home’s existing color palette and decor. For example, if your sofa is a jewel-toned velvet, go for pillows in neutral shades to complement the upholstery.

One of our favorite ways to add a bold color to a couch is to mix and match solid pillows with patterned ones. You can also choose to mix textures, such as velvet and wool.

When choosing patterns, be sure to balance out the scale of the patterns by selecting a larger print and a smaller one. This helps to create a balanced look without looking too busy.

You can also play around with colors, like pairing bright pink throw pillows with more neutral shades. This can be a fun way to add a pop of color to a dated sofa or chair, but it should be done wisely.

The number of pillows you choose to use is also important. Interior designers recommend arranging throw pillows in odd numbers, which can help make your space look lively without looking overly designed.

Arranging a group of three is the magic number for a loveseat, but a larger couch could use up to five or seven throw pillows.

To get the best look, layer your accent pillows from large to small, with the largest one in the back and the smallest in front. This will draw the eye and encourage movement throughout your space.

For a chic, masculine look, add a leather pillow to your collection. Rust-colored leather can be warm and textural, or you can opt for a faux fur pillow to add a more sophisticated look.

Mix & Match

When it comes to styling couch pillows, there are many ways to do it, but the most popular is to mix and match different patterns and colors. This will create a more layered look and give your living room more interest without a lot of effort on your part.

When selecting the colors for your new pillows, remember your room’s dominant color. This will help you ensure that the different pillow covers complement each other, which can be a challenge if you’re new to decorating with pillows.

Another tip is to choose a few of the same colors in different prints. For example, try a large-scale floral print and a striped option to get the most visual interest.

Lastly, you can mix texture to add depth to your look. Play with different fabric types like velvet, linen, metallic, macrame, or fringe to add a unique texture to your throw pillows.

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Once you’ve got a few options, follow the Rule of Three: one large pattern, one small print, and a solid to anchor the mixture. You can take your color inspiration from various sources, including wall color, drapes, or furniture.

This rule is especially important when it comes to patterns, but it can be applied to textures too. For example, mixing a velvet pillow with a linen or metallic one will add some interest to your couch, and they can even have different shades of the same color!

Finally, always make sure that your pillows have a fluffy and plush feel to them. Parachute offers down decorative pillow inserts that are made from a blend of European down and feathers, which gives your sofa a luxurious look that you’ll love.


A key part of designing your couch is choosing the right throw pillows. Whether you’re a home decor expert or a design novice, there are many ways to mix and match different types of decorative throw pillows to create an attractive grouping that matches your room’s vibe and personality.

Depending on the style of your sofa, you can either coordinate pillows on both sides of the couch (a symmetrical look) or leave them open and add varying patterns to each side of the sofa (an asymmetrical look). To keep the symmetry going, try to pair your pillow designs with one another and the fabrics in other elements of your room, such as chair fabric, window treatments, and rugs.

If you’re designing your couch in a modern or classic interior design style, stick to solid neutral colors and rich fabrics like leather rather than bold prints. Florals and tropical motifs are perfect for vintage styles, while geometric prints such as chevron and quatrefoil will complement Scandi minimalism.

The texture is a big trend in home design, and it’s especially important when decorating your couch with throw pillows. Texture can come in the form of a print or even material itself, such as faux fur and velvet.

In addition to texture, you can also coordinate throw pillows with a variety of colors and sizes. This is especially helpful for decorating in a monochromatic or primarily neutral color palette, as you won’t have to worry about your color selections clashing or becoming too contrasting.

When coordinating multiple-sized pillows, place larger pillows on the further edges of your sofa, which not only looks more interesting but also makes the couch more comfortable. Larger lumbar pillows can also help you avoid the “overstuffed” look often associated with large sofas and sectionals.


If you want to add visual interest and texture to your couch, grouping pillows is a great way to accomplish this. It’s also one of the easiest ways to add color to a space.

Decorative pillows come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to suit every type of reclining furniture. They’re easy to mix and match to create an eclectic, modern look in any living room.

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A few standard squares (about 20 inches) nest neatly on most sofas or opt for oversize pillows (22 – 24 inches) for a more casual lounge look. This is particularly true for more modern sofas with a low back, so make sure you select the right size for your furniture.

When it comes to mixing and matching, keep a consistent color palette in mind. You’ll get the most impact if all of your accent pillows are either the same or complementary.

Patterns are another excellent way to add interest and depth to your couch. A pillow with a bold print in a contrasting color will pop and give your space a modern feel.

You can also add texture to your throw pillows, like with faux fur or velvet. Pillow covers in these fabrics will give your couch a more luxurious look and feel, which can be a great addition to any room.

A grouping of three throw pillows is usually the magic number for a loveseat, but a larger sofa can use up to five or seven. Interior designers usually choose odd numbers when arranging pillows, but an even-numbered pairing is more traditional and looks balanced. This is especially important if you’re trying to incorporate different styles into a single room.


When styling pillows on a sofa, knowing how to transition them from one season to the next is key. A few simple changes can help you bring a fresh look to any room and make it more welcoming to guests.

First, choose the right size for your couch pillows. This will be the most important element in how they will look. Generally, you will want your larger pillows to sit in the back of the sofa and smaller ones to stack up in front.

You should also keep texture in mind when selecting your sofa pillow covers. Texture adds depth, interest, and vibrancy to a decorative pillow and helps it stand out from the rest of the sofa’s decor. Think about using a variety of textures such as faux fur, leather, chunky knit wool, velvet, linen, and silk for a stylish look.

Another fabric you may consider is a boucle. This is a very soft and luxurious fabric that looks great in autumn or winter and can help your sofa stay comfortable for long periods.

This fabric style is very easy to style with a few additional textures. You can add a cozy woven, cotton, denim, velvet, knit, or flannels for a fresh feel that can work all year round.

If you’re unsure which color palette best suits your space, we recommend choosing one anchor color and building the rest of the pillows around it. This will ensure that the overall design doesn’t become overcrowded and will keep you from looking confused and chaotic.

Some Tips For Styling Couch Pillows:

  • Mix and match: Experiment with mixing and matching different patterns, textures, and colors of pillows. Look for pillows with complementary colors, but don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns and textures.
  • Choose the right size: Choose pillows that are the right size for your couch. Larger pillows can create a more casual and cozy look, while smaller pillows can look more tailored and formal.
  • Layer them: Don’t be afraid to layer pillows of different sizes and shapes. Start with larger pillows at the back, then layer smaller pillows in front. This can create depth and dimension in your pillow arrangement.
  • Play with symmetry: A symmetrical arrangement of pillows can create a more formal and structured look, while an asymmetrical arrangement can look more casual and relaxed. Experiment with both to see what works best for your space.
  • Consider the shape: Mix up the shape of your pillows, such as adding a round or bolster pillow to the mix. This can add visual interest and break up the rectangular shape of most couches.
  • Vary the fill: Experiment with different pillow fills, such as down, foam, or polyester. This can change the look and feel of your pillows, as well as how they hold their shape.
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Remember that styling couch pillows are a fun way to add your personal touch to your living room decor. Have fun experimenting with different patterns, colors, and textures until you find the perfect combination for your space.


How many pillows should be on a couch?

There is no set recipe, although it’s important to give enough room for sitting. For a living room sofa, three to five pillows should be sufficient, but larger sectionals and chairs would require more.

Should you have matching pillows on couch?

Although there is no set formula, it’s important to give enough room for seating. Typically, three to five pillows are sufficient for a living room sofa, but larger sectionals and chairs will require more.

What is the best filling for sofa pillows?

The most suggested seat cushion filling is foam wrapped in a layer of fibre (SupaWrap), which offers the stability of foam and the softness of fibre. It is also less expensive than feather wrap. A foam plus fibre cushion will have crisp lines similar to foam, but with the extra plumpness of fibre.

Is a lower or higher pillow better?

You’re better off purchasing a low profile pillow if you frequently sleep on your back. This prevents your neck from bending at an unnatural angle. Yet, you’ll need a medium or even big profile pillow if you mostly sleep on your side.

Why do people put so many pillows on a sofa?

They first increase comfort. Throw pillows create relaxing environments whether they are utilised in the living room, bedroom, or backyard. They also give rooms a more unified appearance. They offer the ideal chance to maintain a colour or pattern throughout a room.