How To Style Beach Waves?

How To Style Beach Waves?

How To Style Beach Waves?

Beach waves are a popular and timeless hairstyle that can give you a relaxed and effortless look. Beach waves are a go-to look for any hair type. They’re easy to style and save strands from heat damage.

There are several ways to style beach waves, but the best depends on your hair texture and length. So whether you’re using a curling iron or prefer a heatless method, we’ve got the tips you need to master this classic hairstyle.

  • Part Your Hair In The Middle

Whether you’re a beach bunny or just like to wear your hair in waves, there are plenty of ways to style it. Of course, some styles require hot tools, but plenty of no-heat hacks are perfect for any occasion.

Parting your hair in the middle is one of the best ways to create a polished look. You can use a rat tail comb or even a bobby pin to do this.

However, if you’re looking for a more defined part, you should grab a wide-tooth comb. This will allow you to brush the strands back and get them to line up more perfectly with your part.

Another trick to styling beach waves is using a curling iron. This will give you the best results, as it will help to add texture to your tresses and create the perfect beachy waves.

You can also wrap your strands around a roller to make them look more natural. This is a great option for those with thick or medium-length hair, as it will help to enhance the volume in your locks.

In addition, this will allow you to keep your wavy hair in place for longer without worrying about it falling out. This is especially helpful if you have a busy lifestyle or want to avoid tangles.

Creating beach waves is a breeze with layers. It’s an easy way to nail the wild, wind-in-the-hair look that so many women love. It is also a versatile haircut that can work with any hair type, length, or texture.

  • Blow-DryBlow-Dry

There are a few different ways to blow-dry your hair. One of the most effective methods is to use a diffuser attachment on your dryer, says Rob Peetoom Salon stylist Emily Knapton.

This will help give your waves a nice volume without adding too much weight. It’s also a great way to control your texture and create your desired look.

You can also try using a wide-toothed brush to help direct the airflow from your dryer down the length of your hair. This technique will allow you to shape your desired style while keeping your hair safe from heat damage.

Another good idea is to work in small sections when blow-drying. This helps you get each section fully dry before moving on to the next.

It also saves you time compared to letting your hair dry at once. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t rush the process and end up with a mess.

For those with thick or wavy hair, try wrapping your strands around a silk band while you blow-dry. This will provide you with a nice, soft beach wave look that takes less than an hour to achieve!

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You can also spray your hair with a sea salt spray to add extra grip and hold. This will bulk out your mid-lengths and ends while adding texture to your waves.

Finally, plop your hair in a T-shirt and let it air dry for about 30 minutes before taking it off to let your waves set. This is a good technique for thin or damaged hair, as it will add texture without heat.

  • Curl Your Hair With A Curling Iron

Curling your hair can be a great way to achieve beach waves. However, you must use the right tools and techniques to ensure the curls are as natural looking as possible.

First, ensure your hair is dry before using any hot tool, like a curling iron or flatiron. All hot tools (including blow dryers) can cause damage to your hair, and if the hair is still damp, it will be even more susceptible to heat-related damage.

Next, you should choose the right curling iron size for your hair. Large barreled irons create loose waves, whereas small barreled irons produce tighter, more defined curls.

You should also try to choose a hair-care product that will protect your hair from the heat. For example, try a hair-care product with hydrating ingredients like argan oil to help your strands keep their moisture levels high.

Finally, you should always curl your hair slowly and not leave it on the iron for too long. This will help your curls stay in place and avoid that weird dent in your hair that so many get when they use a curling iron.

In this YouTube video, influencer Weylie Hoang shares a simple, lowkey technique that will give you super-smooth and loose beach waves. She recommends curling smaller sections of hair and spritzing them with hairspray before you begin.

This style is best on hair with a natural texture, but you can also try it on stick-straight strands. You may need to run some styling creme through your hair before you curl it to make it smoother and easier to work with.

  • Spray Your Hair With Hairspray

There are several ways to style your beach waves, but one of the best is spraying your hair with hairspray. The right hairspray will help lock your waves and ensure they last all night long.

There are various hairsprays, from low-hold to extra-strong hold, so it’s important to choose the right one. The best way to do this is to keep in mind the type of hairstyle you’re trying to achieve. If you’re planning to create a half-up bun, for example, go with a low-hold hairspray so you can reapply it as needed throughout the evening without risking your look becoming messy.

If you’re aiming for a more relaxed braid, on the other hand, you’ll want to opt for a medium-hold hairspray to ensure your braids stay in place until you brush them out. To help tame your strands, McDaniel suggests using a toothbrush to spritz on some hairspray and gently run it over the wispy areas of your hair.

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Another tip is to combine your products before spritzing them onto your hair, says Gibson. For example, you can combine your sea salt spray with a leave-in conditioner, detangler, or hair serum to give your hair added texture, separation, and body before styling.

If you’re aiming for a natural look, use your fingers to scrunch your hair in sections as you dry it rather than curling it with a blow dryer. This will help your waves look more natural, says Gibson. If you’re looking for a more polished look, she recommends adding a shine spray to your hair before styling it.

  • Finish With A Shine Spray.

Shine spray is a frizz-fighting finishing treatment that gives styled hair an instant boost of light-catching sparkle and reflective shine. It tames static, flyaways, and frizz and adds shine to curls, straight hair, and more.

The best shine sprays are lightweight and non-greasy, so they won’t leave your strands feeling heavy or weighed down. In addition, look for a product that contains Moroccan oil or jojoba oil to offer your hair a healthy sheen and prevent it from looking dull.

After blow-drying and curling your hair, spray a weightless shine to help your waves catch and reflect light for a shimmery finish. This will also fight frizz and flyaways to keep your tresses soft and hydrated.

Hoang also suggests spritzing on a heat protectant to protect your hair from heat damage while styling. This will help your beach waves hold up well throughout the night and make them last longer.

Finally, Hoang finishes her hair with a shine spray for extra texture and hold. She also recommends using an aquatic fibre towel to cut down on drying time.

Suppose you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to wait for your beach waves to dry; spritz on a shine spray before applying hairspray to give you an instantly shiny look. This will keep your strands from flat and drab and help them stand out against your bare skin.

This video from YouTuber Weylie Hoang shows how to get this low-key look. It is important to note that she uses a large amount of product, which may result in messy hair. However, you can try a smaller amount to see how the product works for your hair type and style.

Some Tips For Styling Beach Waves

  1. Start with dry hair: Beach waves look best when created on clean, dry hair. Wash and dry your hair before starting to style it.
  2. Apply a heat protectant: To prevent heat damage from hot tools, apply a heat protectant product to your hair before styling.
  3. Use a curling iron: Take small sections of your hair and wrap them around a curling iron, starting from the mid-lengths and leaving the ends out. To create beachy waves, you can use a curling iron with a barrel size of 1 to 1 1/2 inches.
  4. Alternate curl directions: Alternate the direction you wrap your hair around the curling iron to create a more natural-looking wave. For example, curl one section towards your face and then curl the next section away from your face.
  5. Create a tousled look: Once you’ve curled your entire head, use your fingers to break up the curls and create a tousled look. You can also lightly tease your hair at the roots for added volume and texture.
  6. Finish with hairspray: Finish with a light mist to help hold your waves in place. Choose a flexible hold hairspray to avoid making your hair stiff and crunchy.
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Remember that every person’s hair is unique, so it may take some experimentation to find the right styling routine that works best for you. However, with the right products and techniques, you can achieve a great look that gives you the perfect beach waves.


How do I create beach waves in my hair?

Then, wash and towel-dry your hair to get beach waves. Then, while your hair is still moist, use a style product, such as sea salt spray. When blow-drying or air-drying your hair, scrunch it with your hands. Create loose waves in random portions of your hair using a curling iron or wand, then finish with hairspray.

How long do beach waves last?

Depending on your hair type, how you sleep, and how you maintain them, beach waves can last up to three days. You may renew them and extend their life by using dry shampoo.

Can I style beach waves on short hair?

Yeah, beach waves look fantastic on short hair as well. Instead of curls, use a smaller curling iron or wand to create texture and movement. To increase volume and hold, use a texturizing spray or powder.

How can I make my beach waves look more polished?

To make your beach waves seem more polished, apply a smoothing serum or cream to the ends of your hair and softly brush out the waves with a paddle brush. To liven up the appearance, add a hair accessory, such as a headband or scarf.

What hair types can style beach waves?

Beach waves look great on all hair types, from straight to curly. But, depending on your hair type, the procedure and products utilized may differ. If you have naturally curly hair, for example, you may need to use a straightening iron to even it out before adding waves.

Can I style beach waves without heat?

Yes, you can achieve beach waves without using heat by braiding your moist hair overnight, using flexi rods or perm rods, or spraying your hair with salt and letting it air dry. Although these methods take longer than utilising heat, they are gentler on your hair and can produce a more natural-looking wave.