How To Style A Tennis Skirt?

How To Style A Tennis Skirt?

How To Style A Tennis Skirt?

Get in on the trend by combing a pleated tennis dress with an oversized, vintage-inspired polo or sweatshirt. You could even pair this pleated skirt as well as an oversized cardigan. Complete your outfit with new white shoes and high-heeled socks.

What Is A Tennis Skirt?

Tennis skirts are athletic-looking skirts constructed of lightweight, breathable materials to enhance a tennis player’s mobility and comfort on the court. Most tennis skirts are short–from twelve inches to 14 inches in length, and have pleats that allow for movement. Tennis skirts with integrated shorts to provide protection and functionality are called tennis skorts. Apart from practical sportswear, pleated tennis skirts can be stylish off the court. It is possible to wear tennis skirts to create a trendy or preppy style by combining different outfits.

How To Choose A Tennis Skirt?

Take into consideration the length, material, and style of a skirt made of tennis. Also, consider whether you intend to wear the style on or off the court.

  • The length: It is typically a skirt with a low rise and shorter length, generally around six inches above your knees. You could also opt for an upper-waist tennis skirt that has more fabric and sits more atop the waistline, usually close to your belly button.
  • Material: Choose tennis skirts with an elastic waistband for comfort and flexibility. If you are looking to play sports on the court, make sure to choose tennis skirts made of flexible, sweat-resistant, breathable fabric such as stretch-jersey knit or spandex. Tennis skirts made from cotton or khaki material give a more formal look for casual occasions.
  • The style: A-line skirts have a beautiful silhouette, ideal for casual wear. Tennis skorts have tight-fitting shorts that are elastic and an additional flap on the front, creating the appearance of the skirt. Pleated tennis skirts are folded panels of fabric to allow for mobility. Mini skirts made of pleated fabric are practical and fashionable streetwear.

How To Style A Tennis Skirt Like A Fashion Pro In 2023How To Style A Tennis Skirt Like A Fashion Pro In 2023

In the summer of 2018, I spent a significant length of time (i.e., much, way too many hours) browsing through social media, trying to figure out how to dress in a tennis skirt to look like a chic adult. For me and everyone who embraced trendy fashion in 2021, it’s returning for another turn on the fashion scene this year. It’s even better now that I know what to wear for the most stylish look. Here are the best ways to style tennis skirts, as well as 11 of the top designs to buy today and wear throughout the summer and spring.

  • Begin With A Graphic Tee and Kicks

This casual outfit that was created by Coterie co-founder Coco Bassey is a casual outfit that’s not too young or too sporty. You don’t have to wear sneakers or a T-shirt that matches the hue of the skirt. Make it a mix with the black T-shirt that is emblazoned in your preferred band or an athletic-style gray t-shirt that has a vintage look. Wear simple chain-strap crossbody bags and delicate silver or gold jewelry that is lightweight and simple.

  • Mix And Match Dark Colors For A Posher Look

A white dress can be a fun and flirty sensation. If you’re looking for something more casual, look at the navy or black version, and match it with a dark top. It’s a look that is as elegant as a black dress. Add a small stylish handbag or loafers, or basic footwear (no platforms or large shoes) to keep the chic style in place.

  • Don’t Knock An All-out Country Club ‘fit

Similar to how wearing bike shorts in conjunction with the staples of a gym helped make them (slightly) more comfortable to wear to public events incorporating the country club style of tennis attire can make it seem less like an unfashionable sartorial fad. Put on the collar of a polo shirt, and tie your sweater over your shoulders or across your body to earn style points. Finish the look with a pair of gym-friendly sneakers or perhaps a visor or baseball cap. If you’re looking at the people in the vicinity, maybe you’re directly from a tennis lesson, or perhaps you’re simply playing around with style or two, you’ll look super pretty.

  • Take a bow to the Wimbledon Fashion Rules.

Participants at Wimbledon are ordered to wear white head-to-toe from the Victorian period (the authorities believed it showed less sweat than other shades). While it’s an outdated and ineffective norm, it makes the perfect outfits. Even if you’re playing a few sets, you can layer an elegant cable knit sweater over your mini as Coterie members Jasmine Crockett and embrace the feminine side of Emma Raducanu.

  • Dress up a non-white Skirt with Leather Separates.

Do you remember the elegant black and navy combination from earlier? This is a second method to make a casual tennis skirt appear more sophisticated. Again, it’s best to begin by wearing a skirt of a dark hue and then slip on a white button-up or turtleneck t-shirt. Add an authentic leather blazer or jacket, then finish it with pointed-toe ankle boots made of leather, And voilà! Now you have a cozy and cool outfit for cool fall and spring days.

  • Try Adding Western Touches

If you’re looking for something different, Try mixing two hot styles into one outfit–in this instance, the cowboy boots and the tennis skirt. Pick a simple pleated skirt and neutral-colored boots that don’t feature too many details (a brown or white combination with a little matching embroidery is ideal). Add a warm intarsia knit that is a different neutral shade and some simple accessories, such as an oversized bag or a bandana.

  • Opt For A Longer Sweater, Not Cropped

There are plenty of adorable videos available on TikTok showing the cropped look of a t-shirt or sweatshirt with an adorable tennis skirt. For something more sophisticated and stylish, We suggest putting it with a more slender top. A dress that falls mid-hips creates the appearance of dropping hems which makes your torso appear longer and has a retro vibe we like.

  • If you’re in doubt If You’re Not Sure, Try Monochrome.

The head-to-toe white option is perhaps the most comfortable (white is by far the most favored tennis skirt color, and who doesn’t have an unadorned white pair of tennis shoes? ). However, you can choose green, black, navy, or even yellow or pink. A simple color can elevate the look of this sporty staple piece and takes a lot of the stress out of putting an outfit to put it together.

  • Outdoor Voices Court Skort

We love how elegant this faux wrap style looks, which makes it a dream to dress up to eat brunch, run errands, or just take a stroll through the park. The built-in shorts include a pocket big enough to hold your phone and keys as you eat lunch or even a tennis ball when you plan to play for a few sets.

  • Tory Sport Tech Twill Pleated Tennis Skirt

It’s not much more classic than this, people. This Tory Burch style is among the top-selling designs of the brand. It is available in three Wimbeldon-approved colors (all three colors are white, with either a navy, green or black stripe running across at the top of the hip). The one thing to keep in mind, however, is that this style does not come with built-in shorts, and you should keep this in mind when you’re considering the short length.

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How To Wash Tennis Clothing?How To Wash Tennis Clothing?

Tennis is a sport believed to have started in France around the year 12th century. A racket-based sport played by two people (or pairs of players in cases where doubles are played). Each player has an instrument made up of several strings that are used to strike an object over a net onto the court of the opposing player. The aim is to take the game by scoring 4 points.

Tennis has numerous health advantages. Not only does it improve the strength of your muscles, but it can also increase your flexibility, strengthening bone density, flexibility, and reaction speed. It’s a fantastic exercise that will keep you in good shape, whether in your teens or 40s.

As with all sports, tennis demands that you own a specific set of equipment. In addition to the standard tennis racket and ball, other items are required, like overgrips vibration dampeners, as well as arm braces. In terms of clothing, you’ll need an appropriate top, shorts, socks, and perhaps sunglasses to keep the sun from your eyes.

As you can imagine, it may be exhausting hitting a racket with a ball for a few hours. When you finish the match, you’ll feel exhausted and worn out. Naturally, you will also sweat. It is, in fact, sweat that’s responsible for the “icky smell”–the one commonly associated with sporting activities. In the end, the sweat that’s absorbed by your skin will get on your clothing, which could create a humid environment that could be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause odor.

How To Clean Your Tennis Clothing?

What’s the most effective way to keep your tennis equipment from becoming smelly? Ideally, you should wash your tennis gear immediately after playing. The sooner you clean it, the lower the possibility of bacteria growing within the clothing.

Before throwing everything into the Washer at once But, before you do that, it’s important to think about how you will wash the clothes. Since different clothing has different washing directions, all of it in one wash is not the best idea if you want to make them last at the very least.

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Are you interested in knowing the right method of washing your tennis equipment? If yes, make sure to read this article!

How To Wash Tennis Sports Bras?

The sports bra is a must for women in the world of tennis. They’re also almost a must for any sport. The garments are tight-fitting and become dirty quickly since they’re constantly in close contact with sweat. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to wash.

1- Putting Your Sports Bra In The Washer

Before purchasing, you must remember that sports bras can be delicate. Incorrect washing can cause stretching in the elastic. Always read the label on the care tag before you place it in the washing machine.

Make sure to put your sports bra into a mesh bag for laundry. This will reduce your chances of having contact it makes with other clothing (assuming that you wash it in conjunction with other clothes) that could cause injury. Also, it will prevent dust and other particles from getting stuck to the surface. Do you not have a lingerie bag? It’s a good idea to purchase one to ensure your bras last. For the time being, however, you can have your pillowcase.

2- Note

It is possible to clean your bras in other clothing in case you don’t mix dark and light colors if you can, don’t put them in the same bag with “coarse” items such as jeans or denim Jacks.

Include one spoon of ACTIVE detergent (or two scoops when washing a big load) in the Washer. Put your sports bras in along with your other clothes. Choose a gentle cycle and wash using cold water. Avoid hot water, as the heat can damage the fabric and the elastic. Avoid other products like bleach or softeners for fabric as they can ruin the bra’s moisture-wicking surface (i.e., it won’t be able to draw sweat away from the body as effectively). Do you want to soften your clothes? Consider using the white vinegar alternative instead.

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3- Pro-Tip

Certain sports bras have separate pads you can pull out and wash separately. You can wash them yourself or place them in a separate laundry bag and wash them in the Washer. You can then put them back in the bra when they’re dry.

Make sure to wait for the cycle to complete completely before you take your sports bras off. Don’t leave them in the washing machine, as it can become a hotspot for bacteria. Allow them to dry on a drying rack. Do not place them in dryers in any way. The heat will make it deteriorate, and there’s even a possibility that it will shrink!


What shirts should I wear with a tennis skirt?

Tennis skirts may be worn with a variety of tops, including t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, and even collared shirts. To balance out the volume of the skirt, use fitting shirts.

With a tennis skirt, what shoes should I wear?

Sneakers are the preferred footwear for a sporty appearance with a tennis skirt. For a more fashionable look, wear the skirt with sandals, loafers, or ankle boots.

Is it OK to wear tights with a tennis skirt?

Absolutely, tights can be worn with a tennis skirt, especially in cooler temperatures. Go for opaque tights in black or a colour that contrasts with your skirt.

Should I tuck my top into my tennis skirt?

It all relies on the type of the top and the aesthetic you want to achieve. Tucking in a fitted top creates a sleek, streamlined style, whilst leaving it untucked creates a more relaxed look.

What accessories should I pair with my tennis skirt?

A tennis skirt can be accessorised with a belt, a hat, sunglasses, and jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Keep your accessories basic to allow the skirt to be the major element of your ensemble.

How can I make a tennis skirt more dressy for a special occasion?

Tennis skirts may be dressed up by wearing them with a shirt or a structured jacket. Finish the ensemble with a pair of shoes and bold jewellery. To make a tennis skirt fit for a formal event, use a dressier fabric, such as satin or velvet.