How To Style A Short Shaggy Haircut?

How To Style A Short Shaggy Haircut?

How To Style A Short Shaggy Haircut?

If you’re seeking a low-maintenance style that is still striking, shaggy haircuts are an excellent choice. From elegant layers to soft waves, there are many methods to dress a shaggy cut.

Shags are versatile and flatter every face shape, and are easily styled. You can look like Miley Cyrus or just want to give a personality to your look. There are 12 ways to style a shorter shaggy hairstyle.

Different Hairstyles For Short Shaggy Hair

Sleek Layers

If you’re looking for short shaggy haircuts, you should pick one in harmony with your facial shape. A bob cut is great for round faces since it frames cheekbones and provides a full look to hair that is thin. It creates a feminine, soft look for women with fine or thin hair.

When choosing a fashion when choosing a style, take into consideration your style and personality. If, for instance, you’re an afro-beater, the shag could be the perfect fit for your rebellious fashion.

If you prefer, you can choose a pixie cut that will add volume to your hair. Choosing the bob with choppy layers also makes it possible to create a modern look.

To keep your shaggy hair looking neat, apply Redken One United and Full Volume Mousse to prepare your hair before styling it. Apply the product on damp hair and then brush it with the paddle brush; make using a crisscrossing motion to ensure your hair’s waves are silky smooth.

If you’d like your shag to appear elegant, consider adding the color of the hair. Ombre shags are a favored fashion, and they can be worn in medium-length and long hair.

Another alternative is to wear a shaggy hairstyle with highlights. This style is possible when you have longer or shoulder-length hair and is particularly suitable for brunette and blonde hues.

It’s also a good choice when you have coarse or thick hair, as it will provide extra dimension and movement. However, if you’re looking for a more textured 1970s-inspired hairstyle, consider applying some texture powder on your roots, according to the Dallas-based hair stylist Jason McKnight. He suggests using quality salon-grade powder for the most effective results.

Additionally, you can give some personality to your hair’s choppy layer with the balayage. For this style, you’ll need, at the very least shoulder-length hair, and a balayage could be applied in pieces or streaks to increase the overall look of the ombre.

A rainbow-colored ombre is an exciting way to emphasize the natural characteristics of your hair and stand out from the rest. It’s a great choice for people who are averse to playing around with their hair shade and wish to show off their personality in a unique style.

Soft Waves

Short-shag haircuts have experienced an incredible revival in recent years. They are perfect for a smooth and messy appearance with minimal effort. They’re also ideal for women with thin hair who wish to look thicker.

Shags are available in a range of lengths and textures, and styles, which means there’s something to suit every person. Stylists suggest using the correct products for your hair type and selecting the right shampoo and conditioner, emphasizing volume.

A good texturizing spray will also aid in defining your layers in a thick shag. For example, if you have curly hair, you can spray it with ocean salt. Or apply mousse to increase volume and lessen frizz.

If you’re a fan of straight hair, thin shears are an excellent instrument for creating movement in your hair. They can also help pull the layers inwards, making them look stiff, says the stylist from Nashville, Andy Judd.

Another method to add some movement to a shorter shag is to add loose bangs that can be used to create the classic fringe or provide a subtle change to the look. They are also an excellent way to soften the appearance of a short curly shag. This makes the haircut look more elegant and attractive.

Add a playful and distinctive color to your hair to make the most of the wavy hair. For example, a cool purple such as this is an excellent choice for brunette hair with a dark shade and can enhance the look and texture.

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You can also give texture and dimension to a shorter haircut by combining it with longer layers laid out across the crown of your hair. Layers are an excellent method to control the hair’s wildness and transform it from boring and boring to trendy and stylish.

If you’re unsure which hairstyle is the best for you, you can try it on yourself to see how your unique character shows! Then, select an appropriate hairstyle to match your face and general appearance. These hairstyles are sure to stand out and leave you feeling gorgeous!


If you’re looking for a casual and chic style, a short, shaggy haircut is perfect. It creates an authentic, natural appearance, and you can choose a shade that reflects your personality!

The shag is an iconic cut that works with all types of hair. It’s because it’s hair that is textured, which adds volume, and you won’t have to fret about your hair falling flat.

It can also help you make a sexy appearance with some of the texture you’re after when trying for that sexy rock-star style. This is especially crucial for those with hair that is thin or fine since a shaggy cut can make your hair appear dense and fuller.

It is also possible to include bangs in your short shag. This can add some dimension to your style. However, bangs can be difficult to manage as they may appear too sharp, so it’s essential to have your stylist provide some suggestions before getting bangs.

As an example, be careful not to style your bangs in asymmetrical ways as they could be too striking and could also add weight to your facial. Another option is to keep your bangs swept back a little, which can help blend them into other hair and create a more cohesive style.

This style can also be a fantastic option for older women since it reduces the size of their faces and helps them appear younger. This is particularly beneficial for women with older skin.

Furthermore, this bob’s swoopy and swoopy bangs are a great method to create a frame for your face, making the appearance more attractive and feminine. If you’re seeking a more striking style, consider a fairy with an extended fringe, such as this one by Kerry Washington, which is an ideal choice for people with a round face.

This pixie bob is flattering for all faces but is perfect for those with oval or round shapes. The layers of layers and the texture bangs make this look extremely versatile, making it perfect for any event.


If you’re looking to style a shaggy, short haircut, There are a lot of alternatives. You can decide to be simple and relaxed or opt for a bold style that stands apart.

Hair color to create a striking appearance. This can be achieved with a subtle approach like highlights or a more striking look using a hair color shag.

No matter what hairstyle you pick or what style you pick, it’s important to keep the proper volume and texture of your hair for the most effective results. This will allow you to avoid appearing dull and unclean.

Creating an easy dramatic look using the correct styling products and methods is possible. First, apply a moisturizing mask on your hair, then spray with emollients to provide more moisture.

Another excellent method of making your hair appear more voluminous is making side-parting. It is a pleasing method of separating your hair and can be used on both short and long hair.

If you want to create a striking look For a more dramatic look, try the side of your face, which is more defined and slightly angled. This can enhance the shape of your face and highlight the natural curvature of your face.

It is also possible to add some dimension to your shaggy hair by braiding it. A crown braid is very striking; however, you can also make thin plaits throughout your hair to achieve a similar appearance.

A good mix of layers, braids, and bright hair color can make an impressive hairstyle which will help your short shaggy hairstyle stand out from the rest. This hairstyle is great for women working who need an appearance of a professional and clean look without sacrificing fashion.

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While it can be intimidating to attempt a new style, it’s much simpler than you might think! Finding the appropriate stylist is crucial in achieving your desired look. The most important thing to do when looking for an expert stylist to give you an appealing look is to find someone with experience cutting the hair type you’re sporting.

Eighteen Ideas On How To Style Short Shaggy Hairstyles For Girls.

Short shaggy hairstyles have been popular with girls in recent times. They’re easy to style, require little maintenance, and can be tailored to suit your style. Here are 20 suggestions for how to create short shaggy haircuts that girls can wear.

Unruly Waves

Get messy waves using the curling iron for an effortless, beachy style. Squirt some texturizing spray to add impact and hold.

Straight And Sleek

Straighten your hair, then tuck it behind your ears to create the most elegant and sleek style. This style can be worn with bangs or a side part.

Pixie Cut

Opt for the pixie cut using messy layers to create a bold and striking look. Then, you can style it with a tiny amount of hair wax for a messy, bedhead style.

Half-Up Ponytail

Take the top part from your locks into a ponytail. Keep the lower half loose for a chic and casual appearance. This style is great with longer hair.

Side-Swept Bangs

Make a deep side parting, and swish your hair to the side to create an elegant and feminine style. This style is great for straight hair as well as Wavy hair.

French Braid

You wear the front part in braids resembling a French braid to achieve a bohemian style. Keep other hair sections loose and loose.

Tousled Bob

Create a messy, tousled appearance with a chin-length, messy Bob. Squirt the texturizing spray, then use the fingers to create loose waves.

Crown Braided With Braids

Hair braids: Small Braid sections of hair on the opposite side. Put them back in place to create an elongated crown. The remainder of the hair is untied and loose.

Side-Parted Waves

Make loose waves using an iron curler and tuck the other side behind the ears for an elegant and easy style.

Faux Hawk

Make sure you shave the top portion of your hair using gel to create a striking and stylish fake hairstyle. Make the back and sides shorter for a more striking impact.

Side Bun

Twist the top portion of your hair and create a side ponytail. Let the rest of your hair be untidy to create a stylish and easy style.

Top Knot

Make a messy top knot using the top portion of your hair to create the most stylish and relaxed style. Keep the lower half part of the hair all loose and curly.

Braided Headband

You can braid a small amount of hair on the opposite side of your head. Then tie it in a knot to create a braided headband. You can leave the remainder of your hair free and loose.

Fairies That Are Side-Swept

Create a deep side parting and sweep the long section of hair back to the side to create an elegant and feminine look. This looks great with an extended pixie cut.

Shaggy Bangs

Create shaggy, choppy bangs to create a fun and youthful style. This style can be worn with both straight and wiggy hair.

Layered Lob

Design a layering lob using choppy waves for more volume and motion. Style it with loose waves and an extended side section.

The Hair Was Slicked Back

Smooth your hair with gel to create an elegant and stylish style. This is great for short bangs or with no bangs even.

Messy Side Ponytail

Make your hair messy side ponytails to create an elegant and casual look. This looks great with longer bangs or layering your face.

How To Style A Short Shaggy Bob?How To Style A Short Shaggy Bob?

Begin With Dry, Clean Hair

Before styling your shaggy, short bob, Ensure your hair is dry and clean. This will give you the perfect base to work and help your hair keep its desired shape.

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Use A Volumizing Product

Apply the product that volumizes your hair to give your short, shaggy hair extra volume and texture. It can be in the form of a mousse, a volume spray, or a texture powder. Apply the product at the root of your hair, and apply it until the ends.

Blow Dry Your Hair

Use a blow-dryer to blow dry hair while applying your fingertips to scrunch and smooth your hair. This gives the shaggy, short bob the signature messy texture. If you want more volume, turn the hair over as you blow-dry it.

Utilizing A Flat Iron Makes Waves

If you want to add waves to your shaggy short bob, use flat irons to create loose beachy waves. Pick small hair pieces, wrap them around the iron, and twist them to create waves. Don’t be concerned about making the waves perfect. The more imperfect they look, the more beautiful they are!

Finish With A Spray Of Texturizing

To keep your hairstyle to stay in place and provide more dimension, top it off with the help of a texturizing spray. This can also give your short shaggy hair a more natural, easy style.

Tips To Keep An Elongated Hairstyle

Once you’ve styled that short shaggy hairstyle, you’ll want to ensure it’s at its best. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your hairstyle:

Plan Regular Trims

Schedule regular appointments with your hairdresser to keep your short shaggy hair looking modern and fresh. Based on the speed at which growth of your hair, you might require a trim every 4 to 6 weeks.

Dry Shampoo Can Be Used To Extend The Duration Between Wash Cycles

Since short shaggy bobs depend on volume texture, and texture, so they often appear more attractive on the third or fourth day following washing. To prolong the time between washes, use dry shampoo to refresh your hair and soak up any accumulated oil.

Embrace Your Natural Texture

Short shaggy hairstyles are about movement and texture, so don’t hesitate to show off your natural hair texture. If you’re sporting curly or wavy hair, allow your hair to air dry, and then apply an oil that adds texture to your curls or waves. If you are straight, use flat irons to add volume and texture.

Keep Your Hair Safe From Damage Caused By Heat

If you style your shaggy, short bob using heating tools such as flat irons or blow dryers, use an anti-heat spray to shield your hair from damage. It is also recommended to avoid applying heat tools regularly to avoid leading to drying and breaking.


Does shaggy hair need styling?

According to DiFolco, the shag is all about embracing your natural texture and being able to roll out of bed, thus there should be little to no styling required.

Is shaggy hair high maintenance?

Fortunately, the shag is a reasonably low-maintenance hairstyle for people with little time or tolerance for their hair. It has a more effortless, “I woke up like this” appearance and just requires minimum styling.

Does layered hair need styling?

Often, styling a haircut with layers will take more time than styling a haircut without layers. If you like a relaxed styling regimen, keep this in mind before requesting a cut with dramatic layers.

What is the easiest short haircut to maintain?

Very short hairstyles like pixies and cuts with extensive layers that make styling simple and don’t necessitate a lot of salon care are the most low-maintenance styles. To maintain your cut at its best, you’ll still need to visit your stylist every few months, but you can wait longer in between visits.

How can I make my Choppy layers look better?

Point cutting with shears that can cut deeply into the hair is the most efficient approach to produce prominent layers without making the edges look jagged.