How To Style A Sequin Skirt

How To Style A Sequin Skirt

How To Style A Sequin Skirt

If you’re looking for a casual but stylish outfit, choose an oversized grey sweatshirt with an embellished skirt. Leather-heeled sandals in black are the best option to make your outfit more striking. Wear an edgy blue denim jacket with a sequin skirt to create a simple outfit that’s also well-put together.

What To Wear With Sequin Skirts?

Let’s begin with some suggestions for wearing sequin skirts:

  • Mix fabrics: In styling sequins, you must balance fabrics and textures. The top and blazer you choose must be made of a similar non-textured fabric that can be worn effortlessly and effortlessly with the skirt.
  • Wear a basic cut-off shirt: A cut on the shirt is among the least talked about factors to create a balanced look. In the first place, the cut must be in line with the length of the skirt. It should not be more asymmetrical or attractive than the skirt itself.
  • Find the ideal fitting: The shape and size can determine the look of your outfit. For instance, if your skirt is too big for your body shape, it may appear unsymmetrical.
  • Explore all possibilities: Most people are familiar with sequins and imagine only a silver or black skirt. However, the universe of sequins is bigger. Numerous stunning alternatives include green ($24.99) and brown ($170.00), and blue ($29.99) skirts, which will ensure the most original look.
  • Be careful not to overdo your accessories: The skirts are striking, so you must be attentive to ensure they match their shoes, bags, and accessories cautiously. Stear away from bags and footwear with metal fasteners, and opt for simple one-dimensional designs.
  • Mix with too many colors: Since sequins reflect light and create many colors, avoid adding more. It is recommended to combine a skirt in a specific color group. You can, for instance, create monochrome outfits, or combine two colors.
  • Don’t wear jewelry: It depends on how big and vibrant the sequins appear on your skirt. It may be able to avoid jewelry. One of the most important rules to remember when fashioning your skirt is to ensure harmony between the shiny and bright elements of the dress. Sometimes, those are jewelry and must be kept away from.
  • Select the ideal skirt to fit your body: Like any skirt, it’s our top style tip to adhere to the guidelines of dressing according to your body kind. It is essential to feel completely relaxed and comfortable.
  • Do not think about the reason: People often avoid sequins because they believe the most appropriate event is a party occasion. But we can assure you that the opposite is true; it’s possible to dress sequins into everyday outfits.

These fun and sparkly pieces are perfect for special occasions around Christmas!

How To Wear A Sequin Skirt 3 WaysHow To Wear A Sequin Skirt 3 Ways

I came across this stunning gold sequin skirt in Evereve and am amazed by how timeless it is in terms of sparkles! The sequins are tiny, and the design is stunning. The slit is there; however, it doesn’t go far enough, and the slit is just a little portion at the bottom that makes it a great design and makes it easy to wear (I am a bit annoyed the pencil skirts that are tight enough that you are unable to get your knees moving). It’s also a little high-waisted and I like it because I find it attractive. So, let’s get on with the styling!

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This combination of sequins and plaid is simply so much fun! I’d wear it for casual events since the plaid shirt doesn’t seem formal. Perhaps a holiday gathering with a friend or for a fun Christmas Eve! The chances of having a lovely plaid shirt in your wardrobe (here’s mine) are good, but if you do not, there are some that I like and will look adorable!

This style has plenty of patterns and textures, and I like to keep my accessories minimal. For example, if I wear earrings, I choose minimalist studs, black heels, or closed-toe pumps.

Another way to casually wear this is to pair it with a chambray shirt and a statement-making earring! A chambray t-shirt will look elegant with a black sequin pencil skirt if you want something other than silver!


I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to describe my style as edgy, but once and again, I enjoy trying to dress a bit stylishly! It makes a mom feel alive, right? In this outfit, I wore a black turtleneck under the faux leather jacket, and worn ankle booties. Any black top would work however, you should choose something clean and simple. Sock booties are ideal with this outfit; however, I don’t have one.


This style is one of my top choices. It’s classic and simple, and there’s a good chance you already have a basic white cashmere sweater. Technically speaking, my sweater is slightly off-white, but I like the warmth it brings to the overall appearance. Because this style is the easiest to assemble, you could easily wear it with dramatic, statement heels. If you have them, stick to basic sneakers or pumps. If you choose simple shoes, add a pop of color by wearing statement earrings or the most striking clutch. I like the leopard clutch.


Finally, I put on a velvet tank top with my sequin dress. This is the ultimate holiday outfit! I am a sucker for velvet during the holidays and love this color; however, this particular top comes in other gorgeous shades. You’ll need a coat with this one since it will be cold! Here I’m wearing a camo coat. The exact coat is no longer available. However, I love the color along with this. Include sparkling earrings and an adorable clutch; you’ll be ready for any occasion!

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Do’s & Don’ts For Styling Sequins

Do: Make sure to add sparkle to your earrings!

Do: Combine statement shoes with an elegant sequin skirt top. Any time of the year is a good time to put on a bold outfit, sequins; it’s appropriate for Christmas!

Do: Keep to the approach of less is more!

Don’t: wear a skirt with sequins to work unless the job demands it. It’s inappropriate to wear at work, but for the workplace holiday celebration? You can go for it! Make sure that your dress isn’t too conservative to work in.

Don’t: Overdo it. Sparkles can transport you back to the 1980s or make you appear like you’re wearing a bold outfit which is why I prefer to choose more subtle pieces to pair with it, a basic top with some vibrant shoes. Give a few tips and don’ts to wearing and dressing sequins.

I can’t believe we’re only a few days away from New Year’s and Christmas Eve! What special events or parties do you have planned that require sequins?!

How To Wash Sequin Skirt?

Sequin skirts are an attractive option for any outfit. However, they are difficult to clean. If you don’t take care, the sequins could break off or be damaged, which can ruin the appearance of the skirt. To keep your skirt looking as good as possible, Follow these tips for washing it properly and safely.

1. Look for the label

The first step to washing any item is to look over the care label. Check for the specific instructions printed on the label that outline how to wash the item. If the label says the sequin skirt must be dry-cleaned, bring it to a professional cleaning service specializing in sequin garments.

2. Dress the skirt

When washing your sequin skirt, remove any accessories or objects that could harm the sequins. This could include jewelry, belts, sharp-edged clothes, or metal fasteners.

3. Handwash

Hand washing is the best choice if the care label states that skirts can be cleaned at home. Fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water, then add a mild detergent. Do not use harsh detergents or bleach since it can harm the sequins.

4. Soak

Place the sequin skirt into the water and gently move it around for several minutes, allowing the detergent to get into the fabric. Don’t rub either the material or sequins since this can cause them to break or get damaged.

5. Rinse

After a couple of minutes After a minute, take the skirt out of the water and wash it thoroughly in clean water. Remove all detergent from the skirt, as the soap residue could damage the sequins.

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6. Dry

To dry the skirt sequins, place them flat on a dry, clean towel. Press the excess water away from the skirt using a dry, clean towel. Be careful not to twist or wring the skirt since this can cause the sequins to get irregularly shaped.

7. Hang to dry

After you’ve squeezed as much water as you can, then hang the dress to air dry. Make sure you place it in a cool area and avoid bright sunlight that could result in the fade of the sequins. If you can, hang the skirt upside down to help retain its shape.

8. Iron

If your sequin skirt has become stretched after washing, apply an iron that cools to smooth the fabric. Make sure you use a press cloth to shield the sequins from heat damage caused by the iron. Be careful not to press too hard since this can cause the sequins to be unnaturally shaped.

9. Store

If the sequin skirt is dried, roll it up carefully and place it in a dry, cool location. Don’t hang the skirt on the wall because this could result in the material stretching and the sequins getting distorted.


How can a sequin skirt be styled for a night out?

A sequin skirt can be styled with a simple blouse or top, tights, and high heels for a night out. For a touch of edge, you can also add a leather jacket. Consider statement earrings and a clutch as accessories.

How can a sequin skirt be dressed down for a daytime look?

A casual sweater or a denim jacket can be worn with a sequin skirt to dress it down for a daytime look. For a more casual look, pair it with sneakers or ankle boots. For a casual daytime look, choose neutral colors and avoid too much bling.

Can a skirt with sequins be worn to work?

If you wear a professional blouse or blazer with a sequin skirt, you can wear it to work. The remainder of the outfit should be basic and neutral. For a work outfit that is both comfortable and appropriate, wear flats or heels.

What kinds of tops go well with a skirt made of sequins?

A sequin skirt looks great with a plain blouse or a fitted top. Depending on the occasion, you can also wear a camisole or a turtleneck. To balance the sparkle of the sequin skirt, think about wearing a top with a monochromatic color scheme.

How can I dress up a skirt with sequins?

To avoid overdoing your sequin skirt’s accessories, keep it simple. Think about simple jewelry like thin necklaces or stud earrings. Choose a small crossbody bag or a clutch. Depending on the occasion, wear sandals or pumps, which are simple shoes.