How To Style A Perm Men’s?

How To Style A Perm Men’s?

How To Style A Perm Men’s?

Styling a perm for men can be slightly different than styling straight hair, as permed hair has a natural curl and texture. A perm is a hairstyle that adds curls or waves to your strands. These permanent styles last 4-6 weeks in men and work best on people with curly or wavy textured hair.

This is the style for you if you have long, thick locks that need to be shown off. The perm will shape your curls and make them stand out.

Crop Top Fade

A crop top fade is one of the most versatile haircuts for men. It’s a great option for guys with thin, straight, or wavy hair. It can also help camouflage bald spots or receding hairlines.

The cut is easy to style and can be worn regularly. A few basic steps include letting the sides grow out and styling the top with a light coat of wax or gel.

You can also opt for a low skin fade to add more contrast. This look is a little more subtle than other faded hairstyles, so it’s best for those who don’t want a drastic change in their appearance.

Another popular crop top fade is a textured French crop. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a hairstyle that has texture and volume but is still short enough to fit into any outfit.

This is a great cut for a professional businessman, as it’s simple to maintain and looks very sharp. However, you should be ready to trim it regularly for a clean and tidy look.

This low-skin fade is a very cool haircut that can be paired with a textured crop top for a stylish and sleek look. Of course, you can ask your barber for a high skin fade to add more contrast to the look.


If you want to give your perm men’s hairstyle a touch of boldness, try styling it with an undercut. This length contrast will give your perm a more modern and striking appearance, especially when you style it with a tight perm.

A high fade on the sides is also a great way to make your perm look more pronounced. The fade on the sides emphasizes the curls on top and creates a sharp visual contrast between the different lengths.

This hairstyle works for several face shapes, including round and square faces. However, to keep the fade neat and consistent, you’ll need to have the sides of your hair trimmed every few weeks.

Another way to get a sleek and clean look with your perm is by adding a quiff. This style works best with a tight perm and a short fade.

Unlike a pixie cut, this men’s perm hairstyle can be trimmed and styled regularly. Make sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like AXE Apollo Clean & Strong 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain a healthy and hydrated mane.

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This style is perfect for Asian guys who want to add textured volume to their locks. A perm is a fantastic way to achieve this look since Asian men’s strands tend to be flat on the sides.

Loose Curls

Loose curls are a great choice for men with curly hair that wants a bit more definition. They’re also easy to style with a little gel or a curl-enhancing cream, giving your look a polished and professional edge.

You can opt for a short men’s perm if you want to keep your curls tight and defined. This will help your hair look youthful, lustrous, and frizz-free.

Another option is to get a men’s wavy perm. This is a popular look that’s perfect for medium to long locks. It can be styled messy, flowing, or combed over to one side.

You’ll need a kit with a rod set and a perm solution to achieve this look. You’ll also need a neutralizer, which helps to re-bond the structure of your hair.

After applying the perm solution:

  1. Leave it on your hair for a few minutes.
  2. Once the perm is completely dry, rinse it out.
  3. Apply the neutralizer to your hair and wait five minutes before rinsing it out again.

You can also use a digital perm to achieve softer, looser curls. This type of men’s perm uses a digital temperature system to thermally recondition your hair, giving it a soft and smooth feel that won’t weigh your locks down.

Comb OverComb Over

A combover is an easy and classic hairstyle that works on many faces. It’s classy and masculine and can be styled with everything from a fade to a hard part or full shave.

It’s a popular choice for men with short or mid-length hair. It’s also a great option for guys with thinning hair or a receding hairline.

The combover has gotten a bad rap in the past, but now it’s back and taking center stage among trendy styles for men. Fueled by a ’60s revival in men’s fashion and a slew of chic celebrities’ bold sporting parts, the combover is once again becoming one of the most popular ways to style hair.

Military cuts inspire this modern take on the combover. It features a long length on top with a disconnected side. It’s super neat and clean cut that’s ideal for the free spirit.

You can use a little loose-hold pomade to get this look. Or blow-dry in plenty of volumes and then style with a strong-holding pomade for a more sleek and polished look.

A combover is a great way to show off those curls if you have naturally curly or wavy hair! The style is a low-maintenance one and requires no special care.

A combover is a great option for men with thinning hair or a receding haircut line, but it’s best to consult your stylist before getting this cut. They’ll be able to recommend the best type of fade, taper, or scissor cut for you and help you choose an after-care regimen that’ll keep your new locks looking their best.

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If you’re looking for a modern way to wear your perm, you can add a fringe. It’s one of the most classic looks for men and works well with short and long hair.

A fringe gives your style a more youthful appearance and is particularly flattering for men with wide foreheads. It also provides a cool contrast to the wavy perm and looks especially stylish with a fade on the sides.

For an on-trend look, team a curly fringe with faded sides and longer curls on top for a cool contrast and a youthful finish. To get this look, use mousse, cream, or sea salt spray to push your hair forward and create a longer fringe in the front.

Another option is to create a side part with your perm, blending your fringe into your hair on either side. This style is versatile and ideal for both casual and formal occasions.

To complete this look, your stylist can add a skin fade on the sides and back for a clean transition. This also helps define your curly hair on the top and works perfectly with a hard part or lineup.

The mohawk is an interesting style that can be easily achieved with a perm. This is a popular choice for black men and offers a unique look. It’s a great way to showcase your new curls while adding a masculine edge to your appearance.


Bleach is an essential household ingredient that keeps clean white clothes, towels, and other surfaces. It also kills or controls bacteria, viruses, molds, and mildews.

But bleach isn’t a good thing to use on your hair because it can strip away vital natural oils that keep it healthy. It can also lead to dryness, breakage, and frizz.

To avoid these side effects, it’s best to get a professional salon-based treatment. Ask for recommendations from friends or family members, and check for a stylist who has experience with coloring hair.

The bleaching process can be delicate, so try to separate your treatments to avoid damaging your hair. Ideally, leave your hair to bleach for no longer than two hours per session.

Consider highlights if you want to add color to your man perm. This style is a great way to bring out your natural hue without sacrificing the volume or curls of your hair.

Another great way to make your perm look more textured is to add bangs. Bangs are trending right now, and they’re a great way to incorporate a textured style with a trendy cut.

Another way to bring out your natural color is by dying your hair a blonde shade. You can use a variety of shades, or go for a platinum tone, to achieve this effect.

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Some Tips For Styling A Perm For Men

  • Start with clean, dry hair: Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for curly or permed hair to keep it hydrated and defined.
  • Apply product: Apply a styling product specifically designed for curly hair, such as a curl-defining cream or mousse, to your damp hair. Distribute the product evenly throughout your hair, from the roots to the tips.
  • Use your fingers to shape your curls: Use your fingers to shape and style your curls. Avoid using a brush or comb, as this can disrupt your curls and cause frizz.
  • Define your curls: If you want to define your curls even more, use a small amount of curl-defining product, such as a gel or serum, to help separate and define individual curls.
  • Dry your hair: Use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to dry your hair without disturbing your curls. Cup your hair in the diffuser and move the dryer in a circular motion to help define your curls.
  • Touch up any areas that need more definition: Once your hair is dry, use your fingers to shape your curls and add volume where needed. You can also use a small amount of styling product to touch up any areas that need more definition.

Remember, permed hair has a unique texture and style and requires a different approach to styling than straight hair. Experiment with different products and techniques to find what works best for your hair type and personal style.


What styling products should I use for my permed hair?

To style your perm, use hair gel, pomade, or mousse. These products will give your curls hold and control.

Can I use a blow dryer on my permed hair?

You may dry your permed hair using a blow dryer equipped with a diffuser attachment. High heat should be avoided as it might harm your curls.

How frequently should I shampoo my permed hair?

To maintain your permed hair clean and nourished, wash it every 2-3 days. To avoid drying out your curls, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Should I style my permed hair with a comb or brush?

To style your permed hair, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. Using a brush might result hair frizz and breakage.

Should I use a comb or brush to style my permed hair?

Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to style your permed hair. Using a brush may cause frizz and damage of the hair.

Is it possible to straighten my permed hair?

Yes, you may straighten your permed hair with a flat iron, but use a heat protectant spray and a moderate heat setting to avoid harming your curls. Keep in mind, however, that straightening your permed hair too frequently might cause irreparable harm to the curls.