How To Style A Mullet Male?

How To Style A Mullet Male?

How To Style A Mullet Male?

Mullets are a well-known male haircut for guys with short front hair and longer locks at the back. It’s easy to wear and can be worn for any face shape.

Certain styles appear more attractive than others. So, to experiment with the mullet, you must determine which one you’d like.

How Do You Make A Mullet Look Stylish?

  • Embrace the Messy Look

The mullet hairstyle looks fantastic when messy. Allow your hair to flow freely in the back. You can also apply a texturizing spray to add body and texture to the sides and the top. Finally, add beach hair waves in the back to create an edgier look.

  • Create a Rockstar Look

A mullet has been a favorite with rock stars for years, and you should embrace the style to create a rocker-chic vibe. Then, apply some wax or gel on the sides and top for a more spiky and edgy style. You can also add highlights or color the hair’s tips behind it for an even more striking appearance.

  • Add Some Accessories

The mullet hairstyle is one that can be adorned to give it a more unique look. For example, put a bandana on the hair at the back to give it a vintage look, or add hair jewelry on the sides and top to create a modern appearance. Also, you can wear the hat you prefer, such as a baseball cap or a beanie, to complete the appearance.

  • Create a Slick Look

For a chic, casual look for a smart-casual look, apply a lick of hair along the sides and top using wax or gel. Keep the hair on the back long and flowing, and then add some sprays for texturizing to add body and texture. This style can be worn with a button-down t-shirt and formal shoes to create a polished appearance.

  • Add Some Waves

Make beach waves with hair in the back for an edgier yet polished appearance. Make use of a curling iron or salt spray to make waves. Keep the hair on the sides and the top cut back. This style can be worn with boots and a leather jacket to create a chic style.

  • Create a Half-Up Style

Make a half-up look by pulling the hair at the sides and the top to create the shape of a bun or ponytail and keeping hair at the back flowing and long. This style is ideal for formal occasions and can be worn with a dress shirt and blazer shoes for a chic style.

  • Slick Back the Hair

To create a formal look for a formal look, smooth the hair at the sides and top using wax or hair gel. Keep the hair at the back, long and flowing, and then add some sprays for texturing to add the appearance of volume and texture. This style can be worn with an elegant suit and formal shoes.

Ideas For Styling Mullet MaleIdeas For Styling Mullet Male

Wolf Cut

The Wolf cut is a well-loved cut suitable for different lengths and styles. It’s an interesting and versatile cut popular for its messy appearance. It has an effortlessly cool appearance.

The Wolf Cut is a modern-day mullet version easily styled according to your style. Celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger describes it as a “relaxed, lived-in ‘do with lots of movement and layers.”

Instead of thinning out the hair in a dramatic manner towards the ends, The Wolf cut gradually reduces the volume and concentrates it over the top. As a result, the hair’s choppy layers give an edgy and full-bodied look that demands attention.

Curly hair is perfect in the cut of the Wolf since it offers the natural bounce, body, and texture that perfectly matches the cut layers. In addition, it makes hair feel less clumpy and more blended, which can be difficult to achieve with straighter hair.

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Another excellent method to wear the cut wolf is to wear bangs that gently fall on the cheeks. This helps soften the choppy style and looks flattering for those with round faces.

If you’re interested in the cut wolf, selecting the right stylist that is compatible with your hair’s style is crucial. It will guarantee that the haircut is done correctly and that you are left with the hairstyle you want.

Wolf cuts are the best for curly and thick hair, but they could also be styled using straight or fine hair. But keeping the volume of the cut on straight hair is difficult, so it might not be the ideal choice for you.

Spiked Hair

Spiked hair is one of the most popular styles for males to consider. It’s a great method to add a bit of personality to your hairstyle, and it’s extremely easy to make.

When trying to style your hair with spikes, There are a few aspects you should be aware of. The first thing to ensure is that your spikes are firm and clear. This will allow them to remain in place throughout the day and night.

Another thing to take care of is using a product with a stronghold. This will ensure that your hair doesn’t shed during the day and doesn’t turn oily.

After applying the product, it is time to apply your fingers to move the locks. The process will assist you in defining the form of your spikes and make the appearance neater.

Using a comb to push your spiked hair upwards is also possible. This will help the spikes appear uniform and also assist in helping them remain in their place.

Based on the kind of spikes you’re trying to create, you might have to retouch your hair that has been spiked throughout the day. This can be accomplished using a tiny amount of wax, gel, or pomade.

The ideal time to put the product is when the hair strands are still damp. If you make it too long, the product will run off the strands, and the strands won’t appear nice or uniform.

When you’ve got your perfect appearance, examine it in a mirror. This allows you to determine if you like the look. If you like it, you like it; you can make your hair the way you want it.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is an exclusive hair type that requires special hair styling products and methods. It’s also dryer than other types of hair. It’s, therefore, essential to ensure that your curls are moisturized by washing them frequently and conditioning them with a gentle hair shampoo designed specifically for curly hair.

The correct men’s hair products can help shape your curls and give them a distinct shape. You can apply pomade or gel for this purpose; however, you should avoid using anything that is too rigid or rigid, as this can cause your curls to be irregularly straight.

A good leave-in conditioner can aid in maintaining moisture and adding shine to your hair; however, a tiny amount can go far, starting with small amounts around the edges of your hair and then working your way upwards. This can help to keep your hair from drying out and splitting.

If you want to create a chic style, editorial-inspired approach to the mullet, consider using statement-making bangs that are wide and thick. This can make your mullet appear more modern and stylish and make your face look more attractive.

For your hair to remain tame and silky smooth, you should use the right conditioner and shampoo free of sulfate and designed specifically for curly hair. Choose one with Keratin as the main ingredient, and it’s made to reduce frizz and provide moisture.

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You could also apply dry shampoo to stop your hair from becoming too oily when moving. Make sure you detangle your curls before applying dry shampoo. Then let them air dry until they’re around 50 percent dry.

The greatest thing about curls is the fact that they are so versatile. It’s possible to make it appear natural or more punkish depending on how you style it and the products you apply. So if you’re searching for a wavy mullet or looking to experiment with fake hawks and a faux hawk, we have tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best.

Platinum Hair

The platinum hair color is a fashionable hair color that goes perfectly with various skin tones. It’s a lighter shade of blonde that can make your skin more radiant. But it’s important to care for this color to ensure it doesn’t harm hair.

If you want to achieve the platinum look, select a high-quality conditioner and shampoo specifically designed for hair with blonde. A sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner will allow you to keep your hair’s color brighter for longer. It is also essential to apply hydrating products and a mask for hair that has been colored regularly to keep your hair healthy and shining!

Another option to achieve the platinum blonde appearance is to go through an ombre color. This is an excellent method to change from blonde hair to platinum. It can also be less time-consuming.

Selecting the appropriate ombre color is an essential aspect of this procedure, so talk to your stylist before making any adjustments. They can assist you in deciding the best shades for your eye and skin shade.

There are numerous methods to fashion your platinum blonde hair, such as balayage and waves. This hairstyle is great for brunette-haired women since the blonde highlights easily blend in with the natural hair shade.

It is also possible to try hair with dark platinum balayage and smooth beach waves to make the most from the blonde locks. This style looks amazing on short and long bobs and is easy to attain.

The most appealing thing about this hairstyle is that it is amazingly hot and sexy for women and men! This is an excellent hairstyle for a vacation or a fancy party.


A mullet is an excellent hairstyle for males with curly or wavy hair. The cut gives an unpretentious appearance to your beard, making it look more attractive. Mullets are an option for those who have shorter hair.

The classic mullet is straight cuts across the forehead, with sides that have been shaved and not blending with the top. It’s a sexy style that any woman wears; however, it’s a lot more flattering for those with a round face.

If you’re looking to stand out by showcasing your beard and mullet, you can try spiking the hair’s crown. This will let you show off your side tattoos effortlessly.

You may also apply a taper fade to the temples for a clean and fashionable look. This will help keep your mullet neat and your beard slender without looking unorganized or overwhelming.

After you’ve settled on the form of the beard you’ve chosen, you’re ready to cut. You’ll require a pair of sharp, well-maintained scissors and preferably barber’s shears. These scissors are designed to be comfortable to use and sharp. However, they are a bit slippery, so you should be careful to safely use them and not pull your hair back when you trim it.

After trimming the beard, comb it back to ensure you’ve not neglected any places requiring attention. If you spot flyaways or Strays, use your shears to get rid of the strays, then brush your beard for a second time to create an even more polished appearance.

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Once you’re done, gently dry your beard with shampoo. Then, it is time to apply the beard oil of your choice to nourish and protect your skin and hair.

There Are Many Styles To Make A Mullet Look Stylish

  • The Shaggy Mullet

This shaggy style is timeless, with messy hair that is textured everywhere. For this style, you can apply a spray of texturizing on the sides and top and naturally let the hair on the backflow. This look is ideal for those who have curly or wavy hair.

  • The Feathered Mullet

The feathered mullet has longer layers on the sides and top, with the hair at the back being feathered and layered. This look can be created by blow-drying hair in the back using an oval brush and applying a styling product to give texture and hold to the sides and top.

  • The Business Mullet

The business mullet can be described as a more refined version of the traditional mullet. It has shorter, more sleek hair both on the sides and the top and an easier style on the back. This is a great choice for those looking to have a more professional appearance and retain the mullet look.


What are some important factors to consider while styling a male mullet?

While styling a male mullet, keep the length of the hair, the form of the cut, and the texture of the hair in mind. You should also consider your overall style, whether it’s a classic mullet appearance or something more current and edgy.

What are the finest hair products for styling a male mullet?

You may require different sorts of products to style your mullet depending on the texture of your hair. If you have fine hair, for example, you might want to apply a lightweight style cream or mousse to create volume and structure. If you have thicker, coarser hair, a stronger hold gel or pomade may be required to keep your style in place.

What should I do with the top of my male mullet?

According on your particular tastes and the overall appearance you’re striving for, you may style the top of your mullet in a variety of ways. Slicking it back with gel or pomade, spiking it up with a texturizing paste, or letting it loose and tousled for a more casual look are all common alternatives.

What haircut should I request if I want a masculine mullet?

If you want to acquire a male mullet haircut, ask your hairdresser for a cut that is shorter on the sides and longer in the back. The length and form of the cut might vary based on your particular tastes and face shape, so talk to your stylist about your goals.

Is it possible to style a male mullet without using heat tools?

Yes, a male mullet may be styled without the use of heat tools. In fact, many guys prefer to let their natural texture and wave show through their hair. If you do want to use heat tools to add definition to your style, make sure to apply a heat protectant spray to avoid damage.

How frequently should I cut my male mullet to keep hair appearing neat?

The frequency with which you should trim your male mullet is determined by how fast your hair grows and how well you want to keep the form of your cut. To keep your mullet appearing nice and tidy, you should schedule a trim every 4-6 weeks.