How To Style A Mantel?

How To Style A Mantel?

How To Style A Mantel?

Another simple way to decorate a narrow mantel is to include two matching vessels at both ends, which stand by themselves. The most common items are matching ginger jars, large candles, glass vases, and topiary trees.

What Is A Mantel?

Mantels also known as a mantelpiece, fireplaces, or mantel shelves – is the ornamental shelf over the fireplace. Based on the type of location of the fireplace, the mantel can be part of a surround for the fireplace or just a single shelf attached to the wall over the fireplace. Mantels were originally utilized in the medieval era to serve as a hood that could be used to catch the smoke emitted by the flames.

Nowadays, mantels are more decorative, bringing a visual appeal to the main focal area in the space. Mantel styling is a design strategy for interiors that involves placing art and candles, as well as greenery and other objects of decoration, over or on top of the mantel.

Mantel Decor Ideas That Make Your Fireplace a Focal Point

If you choose the perfect mantel design, The fireplace can be prominently displayed as the main focal point of your room. Consider one of this fireplace mantel designs that incorporate mirrors, an art vase, mirrors, and other accessories to turn an uninteresting hearth into a focal point.

Painted Mantel Ideas

Highlight the fireplace’s design by painting the mantel, surround walls, and trim in the same shade. A complete paint job can highlight the molding and other features and create a cohesive background for the mantel’s decor. In addition, the gray paint is striking against the warm white walls while displaying a collection of candles, greenery, and art.

Simple Mantel Decorating Ideas

If you’re fortunate enough to have a unique mantel, make the mantel the center of attention by limiting your accessories. Instead, make the space more spacious with a minimalist mirror and a handful of well-placed items. Accents of decorative design, like hurricane candles and glass vase holders, will blend into the background while keeping the focus on the mantel itself.

Overlapping Mantel Decor

Overlap your artwork to create a unique mantel. The trick is ensuring that the pieces differ in width and height. In this case, a vibrant map is used as a background during a frame and painting overlap. The colors of the mantel’s decor are repeated on the books carefully organized by color on the shelves built into it.

Contrasting Mantel Colors

To transform a standard fireplace into a focal point, paint the wall above the mantel in a hue that contrasts with the main wall color. The color should be based on an additional element in the room to create a cohesive appearance. In this case, the mantel’s blue color matched the stone in the fireplace’s surround.

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Quick Mantel Makeover

For a quick fireplace mantel revamp, look at the things you already have to swiftly change the mantel’s decor. Items such as potted plants and vases with vibrant colors and old-fashioned collectibles can quickly transform an ordinary mantel into something unique. Make sure you vary the dimensions and sizes of the objects to make an attractive display. Bonus: Make an easy-to-create artwork from scrap wood with spray paint.

Mantel Decor For Visual Contrast

Increase the height of a room by placing an impressive mirror, frame, or artwork on your mantel. Pick an object that contrasts against the mantel for more impact. Here, a frame-mounted painting that has a black background stands out against blue walls. The large, slim frame draws attention up toward the blue ceiling.

DIY Fireplace Mantel

Are you living with a fireplace but not a mantel? Make a fireplace mantel with just a few materials from the home improvement stores. Start with a beam of wood wide enough to match the width of your fireplace’s surround. To give it a rustic appearance, stain the wood to give it a distressed look. Install the mantel over the fireplace with the masonry drill bit and the lag bolts.

Easy Mantel Decorating

Easy Mantel Decorating

Easy Mantel Decorating

Instead of a large artwork, select three frames to create an economic mantel decor idea. The set of prints shows the world map with three different parts, making an attractive display that extends across the mantel. A few glass vases and votive candle holders add a touch of elegance to the decor.

Maximalist Mantel Decor

Ideas for decorating the fireplace mantel that avoid the minimalist look and use all the options are enjoyable but require some planning and knowledge. The scale is important: Select items with enough space that are about each other. This large artwork is a dramatic way to emphasize the space’s height. Two smaller artworks perfectly complement the arrangement. Large pieces could have fought each other, while smaller pieces could create an unevenness. A concept, for example, the common line of colors, binds all the elements.

Off-Balance Mantel Decorating Ideas

Asymmetrical mantel arrangements feel fun and easy, but they could also be a sophisticated and clever design choice. By placing the mantel artwork to the left, your eyes naturally turn to the bright sofa cushions facing the fireplace. Simple accents on the opposite side of the fireplace keep the attention on the mantel’s main artwork.

Coordinated Mantel Accessories

In a neutral living room, make use of accessories that draw from other colors. In this case, a yellow and blue vase accents the hues on the sofa. The brown mirror frame echoes the furniture, floors, and shelves look. This creates a mantel arrangement that is comfortable and in the house and doesn’t obscure the beautiful dentil molding that graces the mantel.

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Elegant Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Modern mantel decorating concepts rely on space constraints and careful analysis of every aspect. The classic style of this living space, an enthralling splash of art deco-inspired wallpaper, is the main attraction. The rest of the decor is tucked away but can stand alone. Delftware-like vases are set in the mantel to add a splash of color.

Mix-And-Matched Mantel Decor

Mix the fireplace’s mantel decor ideas across different styles for a modern, eclectic appearance. This bold contemporary painting brings color and contrasts with the classic style that is the traditional white fireplace. Simple accents keep the attention on the striking art.

Coordinated Mantel Art

Note how the art above the mantel connects to the fireplace and mantel in design and dimension. To create a harmonious design, mix similar pieces. The size of your artwork must be proportional to the size of the room. If the piece is small, you can arrange it by grouping other pieces that hang. The traditional mantelpiece is juxtaposed against an abstract painting splattered with paint with an unassuming backdrop that blends into the fireplace’s stone surround. The canvas extends to the ceiling but isn’t too big.

Layered Mantel Decor

Don’t bother with fancy art, and let your fun frames shine through with this decorating tip for your mantel for everyday use. Simply layer several empty frames in various dimensions and finishes on your mantel shelves. Next, finish the look with some accessories; even an old croquet mallet would suffice. Finally, finish with a swath of fresh flowers or greenery.

4 Tips For Styling Mantels

Take A Look At These Suggestions For Decorating A Mantel.

Be cautious with flammable materials. Suppose you’re planning to install the DIY mantel for your fireplace. In that case, it’s crucial to be aware that a wooden mantel or fireplace surround could be a danger to fire if not properly installed. Mantels made of wood should be placed at least 12 inches higher than the fireplace.

A further height is recommended for each inch the mantel extends beyond the wall. For instance, if the mantel measures six inches deep, it must be placed at least 18 inches higher than the fireplace. This is not a major problem for electric fireplaces; although they release heat, they don’t create real flame.

Be aware of your mantel’s weight limitations. A brick fireplace with brick or stone mantels will likely have a larger capacity for weight than a wood mantel made of drywall or masonry. If you’re not certain of the capacity of your fireplace, be sure to go with safety by picking lighter decor objects.

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Choose a specific style for your decor. You can choose boho, glamour, or a farmhouse look. There are endless design options. However, mixing elements from these styles can result in an unbalanced style. For example, if you have rustic wooden tables in the living space and want to mirror the farmhouse-style elements on your fireplace’s mantel.

Try minimalism if you are uncertain about your style. A minimalist method of decorating a mantel is all about symmetry. The scaled-back look works with almost any style. You could consider placing two similar-sized artworks above the mantel and leave the mantel unadorned.