How To Style A Graphic Tee?

How To Style A Graphic Tee?

How To Style A Graphic Tee?

Graphic t-shirts tend to be slim, unisex-style fit for a reason, so to make them appear more casual or less uncool, you can consider tucking them into the mid-length skirt. If you need additional structure, try the Denim or leather jacket. It can be worn with sneakers or ankle boots, or flats.

What Are Graphic T-Shirts? What Is The Difference Between Them And T-Shirts?

Graphic tees feature the image or any other graphic designs printed on them. Graphic tees can be adorned with various methods, such as painting, screen printing, and embroidery. Brand logos and sports graphics are just a few examples of other designs that could be seen on graphic t-shirts.

T-shirts are usually cheap and comfy. They come with an elastic and comfortable neck with a securely hemmed sleeve of soft fabric and an elongated bottom hem that is designed to adjust and tug in mind. Graphic t-shirts are also appealing since they can be purchased with styles already in place or customized according to available materials.

What exactly are graphic t-shirts? They are t-shirts featuring graphics or designs printed on their fronts. Graphic t-shirts can be embellished with various methods, including screen printing, painting, and embroidery. Band logos and sports graphics are examples of other designs that can be found on graphic t-shirts.

Men’s graphic t-shirts are popular souvenirs due to their affordability and simplicity to carry and store. Art and animals are the most popular designs for novelty, and graphic tees are a tribute to a specific occasion. Graphic shirts are often used for casual work uniforms because they’re comfortable while giving a professional and unified appearance.

How To Style Graphic Tees?

Graphic t-shirts can be an incredibly versatile piece in your closet. Here are some outfit suggestions to think about when choosing which one to wear:

  • Dress It Up

Wearing a band or graphic t-shirt for a formal event such as a wedding might not be appropriate due to its casual appearance. But wearing your favorite graphic t-shirt with jeans and a blazer can make a stylish outfit for casual events or an evening out. This is how you can wear a jacket with jeans.

  • Layer Using Different Textures And Colors.

Graphic t-shirts can offer the appearance of a different texture or color, depending on the outfit you put on over it. Graphic t-shirts are best paired with a chunky cardigan for a stylish autumn outfit or paired with a button-up that is open to creating a retro-cool ’90s look. Another timeless retro style is to put your graphic T-shirt underneath an oversized leather jacket and jeans. Find fashion expert Tan France’s suggestions for mixing different textures of clothing to create a multi-layered appearance.

  • Include It In An Overall Denim Outfit.

A graphic t-shirt that is made of Denim is a good option for casual attire, no matter if you’re in skinny Denim or you want to put on an oversized denim jacket to give it an authentic rock and roll look. If you want to wear a casual but stylish style, go for denim-on-denim or graphic t-shirts.

  • Make Sure You Wear A Size Bigger.

A big T-shirt can open up an array of options. Wear it with leggings or bike shorts, along with white sneakers and tube socks, to create an exercise-friendly outfit. A different option would be to pair the graphic t-shirt too big with baggy jeans to test the grunge-inspired trend that is edgy and trendy.

  • Put It On And Tie It To The Skirt.

Depending on the style of skirt you select depending on the skirt you choose; you can create an array of looks with your graphic t-shirt. You can wear it as a midi skirt, like pencil skirts for work, for a refreshing approach to a formal office style. Also, you can tuck your t-shirt into a flowing maxi skirt to emphasize the pattern on your lower part. Here’s how to wear your long skirt to match various styles.

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What To Wear With Graphic Tees?What To Wear With Graphic Tees?

Are you looking forward to wearing your favorite graphic tee, but you’re unsure or anxious about the best way to wear it? Here are some bits to help you from experts:

  • Don’t worry about how you appear in a certain graphic tee. Pick the design you like, but remember that it makes an impact that’s easy to select and will mean something to you.
  • Check out the latest designs for graphic T-shirts.
  • If you are wearing graphic shirts with oversized sleeves, when they look too slouchy or loose, you could tuck them in sideways or tie knots.
  • Wear your graphic tees this winter, paired with a blazer cardigan or coat and cozy warm tights or jeans.
  • Vintage and retro graphic shirts will be trendy, so make sure you pick one up while you’re doing it.
  • Don’t iron the logos on your shirt; instead, make sure you press the shirt inwards.

10 Ways To Style Your Favorite Graphic Tee

I’ve amassed quite a collection of shirts in the quest to discover my style. My closet is full to the top with blouses, crop tops, button-downs, and tanks. However, my absolute favorite shirt is the Budweiser graphic T-shirt I bought in Urban Outfitters two years back.

Every time I go to the t-shirt, more than any else I have in my closet. Have you ever had a barbecue in the backyard with your friends? Budweiser tee. In Chicago’s Old Town on a Friday night? Budweiser tee. An occasional trip to the supermarket shop? Budweiser tee. Bedtime? Budweiser tee. The point is clear. My acquaintances laugh at me for the way I wear this shirt. However, my affection for this particular item is so strong that I do not care. “There’s the shirt again,” they say with a smirk. Whatever, y’all. I’m a one-hit wonder, and I’m very proud of it.

I’ve never seen one that I didn’t enjoy, and I especially enjoy how versatile they are. If you’re looking to recycle your own or dig up your mother’s old band tee or purchase a new one, There’s a graphic t-shirt available for you. Making graphic t-shirts look stylish and give an edgy look is my ultimate goal. Here are my top ways to wear these:

  • Faux-Cropped Pants With Straight-Leg Jeans

Then, I’m going to say “faux crop as I happen to be in a certain state of mind to wear an oversized crop top. If you do not purchase the graphic tee with an uncut fit, the best method to get the style without grabbing a pair of scissors and risking an asymmetrical cut-off hem that will never alter is to tie it up or slip the hem of your bra. Then, wear your newly cut-off top with a pair of straight-leg, high-waisted jeans and layering jewelry, and voila, you’ve got an all-new style that is perfect for spring and summer.

  • With A Structured Blazer

Wearing a fitted or oversized blazer over a graphic tee is my version of business meets pleasure and is a great way to give a slouchy tee some structure. Maddie is our fashion editor and a certified cool girl, she wore the look at the office during the pandemic, and I’m contemplating the outfit. If you’re looking for a look that screams, “I get sh*t done but also know how to have a good time,” this look was created to be worn by you.

  • Then, You Can Dress It Up With A Wide-Leg Pair Of Jeans.

The idea of tucking a graphic t-shirt into a pair of jeans or chino trousers is trendy and is a style I’m currently in awe of. Combine it with your favorite backpack with pointed-toe loafers, and you’ll be in love. This is a bold and stunning mix that I’ll wear all through the year.

  • It’s A Great Pair Of Distressed Shorts.It's A Great Pair Of Distressed Shorts.
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This look is simple to create and is among my top outfit ideas to wear in warmer temperatures. Find your favorite pair of distressed jeans and wear them with your most adored graphic shirt for an elegant cool style you can wear time and time.

  • In A Power Suit

All bosses! This graphic t-shirt and power suit combination is a signature of yours over it. Graphic tees work perfectly with an enormous monochrome suit. They create a fun and playful look to an elegant look.

  • A Delicate Skirt And A Beautiful Top

I love how tucking my graphic shirt into a flowing long-lined skirt makes me believe I’m living all my sunny California desires and is a great way to add the feminine look to a slack-looking T-shirt. If you’ve not yet thought of this stunning combination of feminine and trendy, it’s an easy and simple way to elevate your fashion game for the warmer months.

  • Styled With An Oversized Denim Jacket

Combining a loose denim jacket with a loosely-fitting graphic tee and wide-leg pants will say, “I’m on a coffee run, but I’m also ready to run into Harry Styles on the street and make a move.” Wear it with a jeans-on-denim Canadian jumpsuit to create a vintage look that’s sure to bring you some much-needed credit.

  • Looked Good With Bike Shorts

A large graphic t-shirt paired and a pair of bike shorts is one of my favorite outfits and an appearance that is dear to my heart. This outfit is a cry out for “effortless cool-girl vibes” and is incredibly easy to recreate. It’s the perfect version of”the “look trendy without trying” look and is ideal for running run-throughs where you want to be stylish and not put too much effort into it.

  • Looks Chic With A Tailored Pantsuit

Are you seriously kidding me with this completely unexpected, glamorous outfit? Slip a graphic tee in an elegant pair of power pants to get the stylish surprise you never thought to wear before. Wearing pointed-toe heels with a belt, chic jewelry, and a red lip? I’m all in for this amazing look.

  • Glammed Up With Leather

If I’m going out in town with my friends, I pair my graphic t-shirt with a leather jacket or skirt. The formula for my outfit will take the stress from the ever-frustrating “WTF am I going to wear tonight” problem. It’s the ideal method to dress up a casual t-shirt, and it looks amazing.

Graphic Tee Outfits – 8 Ideas On How To Wear A Graphic TeeGraphic Tee Outfits - 8 Ideas On How To Wear A Graphic Tee

Clothing For Graphic Tees: 

Incredibly, graphic Tees will never go out of fashion. Although they were popular back in the 1960s and 70s, when followers of the Beatles displayed their love for the band by wearing iconic t-shirts, they have come back in force again. Because of this, there are a variety of exciting and inventive videos online showing how you can create your t-shirt with a custom graphic.

It is possible to wear a Graphic tee on casual and formal occasions. You’ll discover in the following article what to wear. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a variety of ways you can show off this cult collection from the time of the rock and roll era and also own it all at the same time.

1- Graphic Tees Starter Pack

What’s the first thing that pops into your head whenever you consider graphic t-shirts? What do you think of graphic t-shirts? Right? These are shirts with graphic designs on them. They can be made in the form of a logo or even a design. If you’re a novice and would like to begin wearing them, it is best to pair these shirts with jeans, comfortable footwear, and a chic bag. How can we leave out the chic shades? You’ve got it with your first pack.

2- How To Style Boyfriend’s Graphic Tees

There is no doubt that we cherish our boyfriend’s shirts and sweatshirts more than we do our own. How often do we get their clothes? It’s a mystery. But what do you do when you get an oversized t-shirt from his closet? It’s best worn with knee-length boots and a long denim jacket. Wear hoops and a cross-body bag. Then demonstrate to him that you are the boss.

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3- Statement Graphic Tees

If you’re not a fan of cartoon-themed t-shirts or any other that look a bit mixed and printed Statement graphic tees are the best choice for those who are. They are pretty traditional. Therefore, you should get one with your favorite phrase or an impressive statement.

4- Causal Wear Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are the most comfortable casual attire you’ve ever seen. You can wear them during the summer and winter months without having to worry about your appearance and clothes. Who doesn’t love being comfortable in clothing, after all?

5-Street Style Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees score brownie points for being extremely versatile. You can dress it up with your favorite pantsuit or reduce it to create a classic casual elegant style. A growing number of celebrities are wearing stylish or funky graphic t-shirts, making them a must-have for contemporary wardrobes and an easy piece that can effortlessly pull off with great effect.

6- How To Wear Oversized Graphic Tees Outfits

Relive the excitement of the past by making an enticing look by sporting a rock-and-roll/grunge-inspired graphic shirt and mixing it with your favorite high-heels with buckles in black ankle shoes or white sneakers for the edgy look.

7- How to Dress Graphic Tees in Jeans

Graphic Tees and Jeans are a perfect match created in heaven! It’s impossible to get it wrong with this combination, regardless of whether you pair it with distressed and ripped jeans or a casual boyfriend style.

8-Graphic Tees in Winter

Winter is the best occasion to lounge in your favorite graphic t-shirt and long blazer with a pair of sexy tights. You can add a fluffy hat, and you’re good to go.


Are graphic tees still in style?

Celebrities and just about everyone else in town are seen sporting graphic design tees, which are one of the greatest trends in fashion right now. Over the past 20 years, graphic shirts have been in and out of style, reaching their height in the early 2000s. Currently, they’re experiencing another rebirth.

Do graphic tees crack?

After the first cycle in the dryer, you probably noticed peeling or cracking if the image was ironed on. Although screen printed images perform better in the dryer, they can eventually fracture. We advise using the traditional hang-dry method. But if you’re in a pinch, dry the shirt inside out, too.

What shoes to wear with graphic tees?

For graphic tee outfits, straightforward flat-soled lace-up, low-top, and slip-on sneakers are typically foolproof.

What shoes go best with graphic tees?

Try a plain-looking sneaker in either black or white, depending on the colour of your shirt. That’s the secret to making both your outfit and the graphic stand out. You may very absolutely wear derbies or Chelsea boots with casual dress shoes as well. Instead of wearing trousers, pair those with jeans to avoid adding too much formality.

What are do’s and don’ts in graphic design?

Do:Each callout should have a single focal point. Don’t: Spread them throughout the design. Space. Visually and successfully presenting anything is the foundation of good design. By providing anything with too much information, this can be interrupted.

Should graphic tees be hung or folded?

What to fold: Sweaters, knits, T-shirts, and other items that might easily stretch out should be folded rather than hung because folding exerts less strain on these materials.