How To Style A Bookshelf?

How To Style A Bookshelf?

How To Style A Bookshelf?

A stylish bookshelf can bring some elegance and charm to your living space. But styling a shelf may be a bit daunting and overwhelming, particularly if you’re looking for ways to maximize your space and budget for decorating.

A few easy rules can be followed to give your shelves an elegant and well-organized appearance. When you’re trying to organize your books according to color or arrange them comfortably, or you just need some tips regarding how to decorate the shelves on your bookshelf, these guidelines can help you create an elegant, elegant, and well-thought-out display.

What Is The Best Way To Arrange Your Items On A Bookcase?

Bookshelves are not just an area to store your collection of paperbacks and hardcovers; they can also function as exhibit cases for your antiques and other art pieces. The most important thing to consider when styling bookshelves is to ensure that every item is chosen and placed in a way that gives it the greatest aesthetic value.

Classify And Sort Your Objects.

Before you get started on the process of arranging your bookcase, It’s best to categorize and sort the items. This will allow you to see the amount of space you have to work with and also give you an idea of what you’d like to display. So first, sort your objects into categories, like trinkets, books, and decorative objects.

Begin With The Books.

Begin With The Books.

Books will likely be the most prominent item on your shelves, so it’s recommended to begin by organizing them. You can arrange your books according to size and color or by the author. If you own a huge number of volumes, think about placing them in stacks and creating a staggered look by placing some books horizontally while others vertically.

Add Decorative Objects

After organizing your books, you can decorate your space with decorative objects. These could include figurines, vases or picture frames, and other things that express your style. When placing decorative items, it is essential to balance the visual mass and give a feeling of symmetry. It is possible to achieve this by grouping objects in odd numbers or creating a focal point using a larger object.

Consider Negative Space

Negative space, also known as the space surrounding your objects, is as crucial as the items themselves. For example, a little space left on your bookshelf can create a sense of equilibrium and keep the shelves from becoming overwhelmed. Use negative space to frame your furniture or create an illusion of flow between the different areas of your shelf.

Explore And Have Fun.

Arranging your bookshelf can be a fun and creative task. Don’t be afraid to play around and have fun. Test different arrangements or move items around and determine what is best in your space. If you’re unsatisfied with the arrangement you’ve chosen, You can always alter it later.

Begin by removing everything from the shelves, clearing out all gewgaws that do not look as if they’re worthy of display, and scouring the house for beautiful items, suggests  Thai, who runs Tone on Tone, located in Bethesda, Maryland. Then, he suggests separating books according to the subject, size, or color before adding decorative things to the shelves.

Arranging your books according to the book’s color is a style and an excellent way to create an appealing display. For instance, you could choose colors for a lively and cheerful look or mix cool and warm shades for a less cluttered space.

Another option is to organize books by category or subject. This can make it easier to identify the one that is right for you when you need it and make the shelves appear more organized. For instance, if you have a variety of novels, it is possible to put them in different sections, suggests the professional planner Millie Naor.

It is also possible to organize your shelves according to size to increase the storage capacity of the shelves, says expert planner Amy Wine. For example, she suggests placing smaller books on the bottom and bigger ones on top. This helps keep the weight off the shelves.

If you’re organizing books in color, think about placing the spines inward to ensure that the stacks look attractive and balanced. It’s also a great idea to arrange your stacks in vertical lines, suggests an expert organizer Emily Geller.

Apart from arranging your books according to color, you may select to organize them according to height or genre. Whichever method you decide to use, you should try to balance the bookcase’s design by using a variety of shelves and employing a variety of shelves to make an appealing visual.

How Do You Style A Bookshelf Without Books?

If you’re a collector of book collections, filling the shelves with books could make sense. However, if you don’t have a lot, you can style your bookshelf to make it appears stylish and curated.

The best general rule is to ensure that the books are stacked vertically and horizontally. This will stop the books from appearing too overwhelming or stacked. This also allows you to create vignettes in your bookshelves that break the lines and keep your shelves from looking too chaotic.

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Bookshelves are an ideal spot to display your favorite decorative items and trinkets. They also give the illusion of depth and dimension to any room. The art of creating a beautiful bookcase is simple if you stick to these style tips:

First, pick a neutral hue for the shelves. The color should match the wall paint and other furniture in your space. It is possible to choose semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes.

Next, determine how striking you would like the colors you choose to put in your display. Brighter colors give an energized feel, while darker hues create an elegant style.

Choose a bold red or blue to make your bookcase look stunning in any space, and you can also choose a dark navy or green, which will give you a classy style. Both will go well when paired with contemporary decor.

Another point to remember when selecting the bookcase colors would be to consider what color will be used on the shelf’s back. If you’re going for a bold hue, then you’ll need to leave the side of the shelf white to balance it and make a contrast.

After you’ve decided on the color you want, begin to organize your book collection in a manner that makes the most of the shelf space. It can be accomplished by separating them into similar-colored piles and then placing the books vertically or horizontally on the shelves.

Be aware that you shouldn’t clutter your shelves with an assortment of random things; try to eliminate the items that don’t have any particular significance to you or just clutter. You’ll be amazed by how different your bookshelf appears when you do a little collection.

If you’re looking for a bright theme, pick books with similar spines in color and arrange them in a row to create a variety of shades within your bookcases. Or, you can organize your books according to the colors of their covers to create an eclectic look that will catch the attention of passersby.

Remember that color can affect our emotions. Color can be used to convey positive emotions or negative ones. It is crucial to recognize that different people react in the same way to the color in a different ways.


Size is among the most crucial things to consider when styling a bookcase. This could make all the difference in the way that shelves appear as well as how it’s easy to find things you’re looking for.

The scale is the proportion that defines how an object is positioned about the other. It is also utilized in the art to aid in creating contrast between two objects. It’s also a key element in creating maps and blueprints, aiding engineers and architects to design machinery or buildings with dimensions too big to be perceived without an enlarged drawing.

Bookcases are available in various dimensions and can accommodate an array of books and decorations. A standard bookcase can have up to five shelves and reach as high as 93/4 inches in height which is 237 cm.

Certain bookcases are designed to hold books, while others can accommodate books and media storage. The optimal space between the shelves is 8-12 inches or 20-30 centimeters. This can help prevent oversized bindings and books from falling over or creating excessive visual clutter.

If you’re searching for an open-air bookcase that can be moved from room to room, pick one with shelves that are adjustable in height. They let you move shelves from one end of the space to the opposite without difficulty, making it much easier to change your books and other accent pieces when your decor needs to change.

For those drawn to colors, a striking bookshelf is an excellent option to draw attention to your space. If you’re unsure which colors you should choose, think about organizing your books into groups of colors that look great.

It’s an excellent idea to pick a bookcase that can serve as a wall separator in a large room. This will add some separation from a larger space and is especially appealing in an open floor layout. It’s also an ideal opportunity to showcase the artwork or plants. You could even make shorter shelving to create windows.


They’re not just a place to store your books; they can also become beautifully designed display units that tell a story and convey an emotion. How you arrange your books could be a great way to show off your family’s heritage or your favorite interest!

Select objects with similar textures or shapes but different dimensions to make a multi-layered and well-organized display. This gives your shelves a sculptural and unifying appearance.

For example, stacking various storage containers is a fantastic method to add interest and texture to your shelves without becoming too overpowering. Additionally, grouping vases or candles in various dimensions and materials can work well.

Another method to add texture interest is by incorporating nature and plants. These can be added using things you already have on your shelves, or choose a planter with a beautiful design to create something fresh.

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Affixing paintings to the shelves is an easy method to stand out. Smaller paintings can be hung towards the back of a shelf or placed on the top of books for dimension and pattern. You can also hang artwork against the molding on the outside for a unique display.

The Rule of Three is a very crucial design tip to consider when designing your bookshelf. This rule says that objects placed in odd numbers look more memorable and appealing than items arranged in even numbers.

The rule of three could be applied to various decors and is an easy yet effective way to tie your decor together. In addition, it makes it simpler to create a tidy and balanced appearance.

If you’re styling your shelves, it’s recommended to keep the same color scheme to think about when layering on objects. For instance, if your shelves are stocked with blue and white and you want to incorporate gold and brass accents for an elegant look.

You can also alter the height of objects on your shelves, which is a great option to break up the monotony. For example, you can stack your books horizontally and then put an object flat over them or stack them vertically and put them in a small basket or box objects to fill the space.



It doesn’t matter if you have a large collection of books for your coffee table or just a few books of hardcover novels; arranging your bookshelf is a great method to give a unique accent to your living space. However, it’s not all about the books; the accessories and other sculptural items you put in place to create the perfect bookshelf play a significant part in how your room appears.

Contrast is among the most crucial elements to consider when choosing home shelves. It is a way to create drama and curiosity while also preventing the interior design from being dull or dull. Mix matte and shiny, smooth and textured, vintage with modern, large and small, and bright with abstract and muted figures for dramatic outcomes.

Another crucial element is height: Alternate the size of your objects to give your shelves a lively visual appeal. This allows the eye to move through the shelf, not being locked on one particular side.

Sort your books according to dimensions and shapes for more of a spherical look, or place them vertically with a range of bookends for an aesthetically pleasing, pulled-together look. This is a fantastic alternative for bookcases in the office, kitchen, or bedroom, where the things placed on them are more aesthetic than practical.

If you’ve got a large number of similar books on your shelves, consider placing them in order of color to create an alternative design that can provide a clean and cohesive style. Be sure to apply this technique with care; otherwise, it could look excessive.

Stacking prints side-by-side can be a fantastic option to increase the visual appeal. It is also a great way to make a symmetrical display by mirroring an image frame or square and a collection of items to be displayed on the same shelves.

Art is a fantastic option for a bookshelf that is stacked, and it will bring personality and charm to your home decor. Pick vibrant artworks that match the books on your shelves, or choose a minimalist design by placing an abstract painting or affordable poster on top of the books.

The addition of plants is a crucial aspect of good shelf styling. It’s a simple method of adding a touch of texture and greenery to any room. Plants don’t just add color; they can also give any space an airy, fresh, and airy feel.

To create a modern appearance, Try placing books with lighter colors in the middle of darker-colored books on the shelves. This will help keep your bookshelf from becoming filled with books and provide visual interest distinct from other books on the shelves, as suggested in Interior Design Magazine.

The use of slimline bookends will assist in this process as well. These small pieces slide into the back or front of the leaf of the book to secure it against the shelves. They’re a fantastic method to not have to put books on the wall. They’ll also enable you to quickly change your display without removing the books from their shelves and moving them.

Another great method to add depth to your shelving is to mix on pretty objects like artwork, vases, and even plants. This allows you to display your collection more and personalize your shelf as described in The Beautiful Mess.

It’s also a good idea to put pictures on your display shelves. Whether their photos of your family, pets, or even scenes, adding them to your shelves will bring a lot of character and appeal to your home.

How Do You Make A Bookshelf Look More Elegant?

Leaning bookcases aren’t only practical and an enjoyable addition to your home. For instance, they could serve as a display for artwork or trinkets as well as collectibles in a manner that is sure to delight guests. Under your home’s space and Feng Shui, you may pick from various antique and modern choices.

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From a single shelf unit to an array of shelving, you’ll be able to find the ideal solution for your space. To make the most of the new addition to your home, consider your family’s requirements and your style of decor before making a purchase choice. The result will be a practical and fun space for many years in the future.

The greatest aspect is that you’ll enjoy the benefits of a chic home without spending a fortune. The best place to begin is to visit Wayfair, where you’ll have the opportunity to peruse our huge selection of contemporary and classic furniture and accessories that are guaranteed to enhance your house.

What Do You Want To Put On Your Bookshelf?

A bookshelf can serve as useful storage space, but it also can turn into a stylish centerpiece when properly styled. When styling your bookshelf, you must consider the items you’d like to place on the shelf and what they’ll look like when displayed.


The easiest thing to place on a bookcase is, naturally, books. The bookshelf you have on display does not just show your enthusiasm for reading. Still, it can add color, texture, and curiosity to your space. Your books can be arranged differently, for example, by genre size, color, or author. Change the layout of your books by horizontally stacking them and placing others in a vertical position to add visual curiosity.

Decorative Objects

Adding decorative items to your bookshelf will help make it more visually appealing. Think about displaying vases, figurines, or sculptures complimenting your books and your overall décor. Utilize objects of different heights and textures to add interest to your bookcase.


Plants are a fantastic option to add life and color to your shelves. Select plants that require little maintenance and thrive in light conditions, like spider plants, pothos as we, and plants. Also, you can include small terrariums or succulents in your bookcase to add a bit of green.


Artwork can be an excellent bookcase decoration, particularly if you have unfinished wall space over the shelves. Place small prints, paintings, or photos over your bookcase to add dimension and depth to the space. You can also place smaller artwork on the shelves.


If you’re a collector placing your collection on your bookshelf is an excellent opportunity to display your passions. It doesn’t matter if it’s old-fashioned cameras, seashells, and action figures; incorporating your collection in your bookcase display is a fantastic method of making it appear as a space with a sense of curated.

For example, you could place two bookends on each shelf, one big and one smaller. This would give you an array of sizes and add an interesting look to your bookshelf.

Another method to change the shelf’s height is to put horizontally stacked books on the shelves instead of vertically lined ones. It will keep your books neat and intriguing while making them easy to locate whenever you require them.

Try adding some ornamental objects and plants to your bookcase. There are items to be found at antique malls, flea markets, or yard sales that can give your shelves a unique look and be pleasing to the eye.

It is important to choose things that are visually appealing and blend into your décor. For instance, you could include a vase of bud on your shelves to add some texture and color to the overall style of your bookcase.