How To Style A Bar Cart?

How To Style A Bar Cart?

How To Style A Bar Cart?

A bar cart can be a fun and stylish addition to any home decor. In addition, a bar cart is a handy companion to any entertainer, whether you’re hosting a formal party or a laid-back get-together.

While bar carts are generally useful and functional, they can also be styled to reflect your taste. Here, we’ve rounded up some easy tips (plus pictures!) to help you get the most out of your bar cart.

Framed Art

Frames are a great way to give your favorite works of art a sophisticated and elegant finishing touch. They’re available in various colors and can be used to craft the gallery wall of your dreams, highlight a favorite statement piece or add an element of sophistication to existing artwork.

When framing art, there are two important things to consider: aesthetics and preserving the piece. Whether framing a watercolor, an oil painting, or even an abstract painting, you can choose from regular plate glass, conservation glass, and museum glass that will protect your artwork from UV and infrared damage.

Depending on your needs, you can also use a colored mat or an archival mat board to offer the best protection for your artwork. The mat is a piece of acid-free paper or board between the frame and the art. It’s best suited for more valuable artwork and will help protect against moisture, dust, and dirt.

A framed print is the perfect way to give your favorite works of art – prints, paintings, or photographs – a formal and sophisticated finish. They are offered in various styles and can be hung vertically or horizontally to create the desired effect.

To make a statement with your framed art, consider a slimmer frame to enhance the work’s shape and size. A wider frame, on the other hand, can be used to bring an eye-catching focal point into the space.

When choosing a mat, it’s important to ensure you’re selecting the right color to match your artwork. You can choose from various colors, including neutrals and bold shades. Some experts recommend finding a color that ties in with the art itself, while others believe it’s more important to find one that suits your tastes.

To prevent your framed art from getting damaged, it’s important to choose a quality frame that is well-crafted and made of sturdy materials. For example, a wood or metal frame can be a great choice for art to stand out, while a glass frame can work with more delicate pieces.

Bottle Rack

If you have a large collection of bottles, a bar cart is a great way to organize and store them. They’re generally made of wood, metal, or glass and come in different styles. So naturally, you’ll want to choose one that matches your decor and home style.

Some people love a classic look, while others prefer something more modern and art deco. Whatever your taste, you’ll find the perfect cart for your home.

A good bottle rack is essential for storing wine bottles and serving glasses. A simple, classy design, a wine bottle rack will keep your wine corks in place and help keep the bottles dry when stored out of direct sunlight.

Another option is a rustic-chic bottle rack, which will add a rustic feel to your bar cart and can accommodate your wine collection. These shelves offer side-laying wine bottle storage and a top shelf wide enough for mixing drinks, setting out glassware and wine keys, and more.

There are a variety of other features that you’ll want to consider when shopping for a bottle rack for your bar cart. Many include multiple shelves designed to accommodate your glassware and other accessories, and some even have a built-in ice bucket or other useful features like hanging stemware racks.

Choosing a bar cart with multiple tiers is an excellent idea if you’re a big drinker. This allows you to spread out your alcohol and other entertaining gear across the tiers, making it easier for you to serve and store drinks at a party.

You’ll also want to choose a bar cart that’s durable and sturdy enough to handle the elements. For example, a wicker cart can be a good choice for an outdoor patio since it’s a durable material popular for furniture.

The best part about a wicker bar cart is that it’s easy to move and can be used year-round. They’re also a great choice for homeowners with small spaces because they don’t take up too much room.

If you’re a drinker who isn’t afraid to experiment with new flavors, pair your favorite liquors with fresh fruits and juices. Then, set up a few cute glasses and fun garnishes to entertain your guests. Finally, add a tropical spin by adding straws and hula girl figurines to your woven cart.


Florals are the perfect finishing touches to any bar cart. They add a touch of femininity, freshness, and even a little bit of fun. They also come in handy for sprucing up an al fresco bar cart when entertaining outdoors.

The beauty of florals is that they have a timeless look that won’t go away anytime soon. They’ve been used for centuries in art, architecture, celebrations, fashion, and more motifs.

Flowers have always been considered a symbol of purity, femininity, and fertility. As a result, they’re often a part of wedding and funeral decor as well. They can even be incorporated in an obituary to commemorate the deceased.

You can find florals in various shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be something that’ll fit your bar cart. Some popular flower choices include roses, tulips, and daffodils.

To keep your flowers looking their best, you’ll want to ensure they stay healthy. You can do this by ensuring they are well watered and using a good floral spray.

Another way to maintain your flowers is by keeping them in a vase at least six inches tall. This allows the flowers to sit up and stay hydrated. You can also buy a floral foam to help hold your flowers in place.

Alternatively, you can purchase artificial flowers to use on your bar cart. These are a great option if you’re on a budget and don’t have a lot of room for real flowers.

While flowers can be expensive, they’re worth the investment to create a beautiful floral design for your home. To learn more about the craft, take online courses that can teach you how to create a stunning floral arrangement.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can hone your skills and master your style. Domestika’s floral design courses offer extensive subjects to help you become a better designer and bring your flower arrangements to life.

When styling your bar cart, adding flowers is an easy and cost-effective way to start. Just be sure to choose the right flowers and the right vase to complement the theme of your cart.


A bar cart isn’t just a practical way to store liquor and glassware – it can also be a stylish accent piece in any living room or sunroom. It’s important to style a bar cart properly, however, to reflect your design aesthetic and look good for entertaining and casual drinks in the home.

To start with, choose glassware that complements your overall decor. For example, if you have a clean-lined bar cart with a minimalist design, opt for iridescent crystal glasses to reflect light and enhance the overall look of your decor.

If you have a bar cart that’s more eclectic, consider adding a few different types of glassware to your collection. This can help keep the cart from looking too cluttered and make mixing and matching drinks easier.

When styling your cart with glassware, try varying the heights and widths of each item to create depth and texture. For example, instead of placing eight nearly identical liquor bottles in a row, stagger them around the cart to add some visual interest.

Similarly, if you have a multilevel bar cart, try placing similar-weight bottles and glassware on different levels and opposite sides of the cart to balance the look. Again, this can be achieved with trial and error, but avoiding creating an imbalance that could look out of place in your space is important.

Another option is a less traditional glassware style, such as tall highballs or flutes. These stemmed glasses are a versatile choice that can be used for everything from champagne and Prosecco to mixed brunch drinks such as mimosas and bellini.

You can find a variety of glasses to suit your needs at stores like Target and Ikea, but for an elevated style, try buying some chic barware from specialty boutiques or online retailers. The right glassware can make your drinks look even more elegant, and you’ll be able to enjoy them for years.

Regarding alcohol, Nicki Rodriguez, director of LHR Design, advises selecting a few trending styles that will fit the season. For instance, if you plan on hosting spring or summer parties, stock up on pastel-colored liquors such as rhubarb gin and pomegranate gin to keep your design scheme fresh. Alternatively, you could choose a darker spirit, such as bourbon or whiskey, to complement autumnal colors and fall spices for a more refined look.

Seven Tips On How To Style A Bar Cart:

  1. Start with the essentials: Begin by stocking your bar cart with essential items, such as glasses, a shaker, a jigger, and a bottle opener.
  2. Add some greenery: Add some greenery to your bar cart with a small plant or a vase of fresh flowers. This adds a touch of freshness and color to your bar cart.
  3. Display your spirits: Display your favorite spirits on the top shelf of your bar cart. You can arrange them by color or type and add decorative bottle stoppers for extra flair.
  4. Include mixers and garnishes: Don’t forget to include mixers and garnishes such as tonic water, soda water, bitters, and fresh fruits. This allows you to make various cocktails and mocktails on your bar cart.
  5. Add some decor: Add decorative items such as coasters, a decorative tray, or a piece of art to your bar cart. This adds some personality and style to your bar cart.
  6. Consider the theme: Consider the theme of your home decor when styling your bar cart. You can match the colors and textures of your bar cart with the rest of your home decor to create a cohesive look.
  7. Change it up: Change up the items on your bar cart seasonally or for special occasions. This adds some variety and keeps your bar cart looking fresh and interesting.

Remember to have fun styling your bar cart and make it your own. With the right styling, a bar cart can be a stylish and functional addition to your home decor.


What should I put on a bar cart?

“You should be OK with a mixing glass, barspoon, jigger, peeler, bottle opener, and a julep strainer.” He also proposes keeping dasher bottles and a tiny sealable bottle on hand to take it to the next level, making the addition of bitters and modifiers (such vermouth or Campari) “more elegant and manageable.”

How do you style a bar cart with alcohol?

Alcohol whose bottles and packaging don’t match the style of your cart can be displayed better using decanters and decanter sets, which can incorporate cohesiveness. Local bottles in the front of a bar cart can also give it a more unique feel, leaving behind the standard bottles seen on any liquor shop shelf.

What does a bar cart girl do?

Providing food and drinks to golfers on the course as well as handling any requests made by golfers for items they might require while playing their game. Members should get fast, courteous, and professional service during their round of golf.

What looks good on a drinks trolley?

The greatest drinks trolleys include statement glassware, such as champagne flutes, ribbed and coloured wine glasses, and martini glasses, as well as eye-catching cocktail shakers, in addition to your favourite bottle of flavor-infused gin, Champagne, or vodka.

How can I spice up my bar cart?

“Don’t forget to include natural components to your cart, such as a lovely vase of flowers, bowl of citrus for use as garnish, or even munchies like a dish of walnuts or sweets,” advises Munroe. “This is in addition to presenting your favourite statement glassware and bottles of spirits.”


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