How To Style Oversize T-Shirts?

How To Style Oversize T-Shirts?

How To Style Oversize T-Shirts?

The most classic way to dress an oversize shirt is to pair the top with formal blue jeans, like skinny or straight-leg jeans. It balances the large top, creating a casual look. Instead, wear a white long-sleeved shirt and jeans for an uncluttered, monochrome style.

What Are Oversized Shirts?

Oversized shirts are oversized clothes with a loose fitting tucked lower than the waistline and give a more pronounced look to your attire. These staples of your wardrobe come in various styles, from classic button-down styles to oversized t-shirt.

3 Tips For Styling Oversized Shirts

The right fit is crucial to achieving the look of an oversize shirt.

  1. Select pieces that have a lot of particularity. It’s not difficult for an oversized shirt to cover your body with extra fabric. Make sure your shirt isn’t taking over your body by picking pieces with a distinct pattern or pop of color or distinctive stitching that can give the shirt that extra size a place of interest, drawing attention to the design rather than the extra fabric.
  2. Take into consideration the occasion. For example, opt for an oversized, baggy T-shirt for a casual style or casual style, or an oversized button-up top for an elegant or business casual combination.
  3. Two sizes larger than the normal size. If you are shopping for oversized clothing, stylists recommend purchasing an item two sizes bigger than the size you normally wear. The shirt should be loosely around your shoulders and waist, taking a few inches longer than a standard shirt. For oversized T-shirts, the sleeves of your shirt should be lower than the normal mid-bicep or even as low as your elbow in certain styles that are oversized.

How To Dress Large T-Shirts: The Look You Want To Include In Your Wardrobe?

How To Dress Large T-Shirts: The Look You Want To Include In Your Wardrobe

The secret to dressing in large tops is playing with proportion and shape. Much more than the basic base layer, an oversized t-shirt can be worn casually or dressed up for many occasions.

Your morning Americano popcorn from the cinema, bags – all things are more appealing when you take a bigger size, and t-shirts are not an exception. In terms of how to dress up oversized t-shirts, the options for sartorial style are endless once you step away from the traditional styles that are form-fitting. How oversized you go is down to you, and the spectrum is broad, spanning from a one-size-up-from-your-usual to long enough to pass as a tunic or a dress.

While t-shirts are typical of casual wear, large T-shirts can be styled in a manner that looks elegant and sophisticated. Instead of pairing them with casual fabric like denim or jersey and shoes such as your favorite trainers, dress up your t-shirt by adding leather-look pants, silk slip skirts, and high-heeled heels. The high-low combination will make a stunning contrast and give your outfit an intriguing edge.

If you’re looking to perfect your big t-shirt ensemble, plenty of options exist. With the trend growing in popularity, there is an increasing variety of specially made pieces available from brand names that are straight-to-market and designer. However, you can take a larger size on an ordinary t-shirt to get an uninspiring look.

“There are brands that offer oversized t-shirts in their ranges, which means you don’t have to think about it too much, as they’re designed intentionally for an oversized look,” Explains Farrah May Archer Boadi. Styling Team Leader at Stitch Fix

“However, if you’re shopping standard t-shirts in a larger size, then there are various factors to consider – from body and sleeve length to shoulder seam and neckline.”

“The benefit of buying normal t-shirts in different sizes is that you can decide how big you want to be.

Cropped t-shirts are an excellent option to sport in larger sizes because they’ll be broader on the body and have longer sleeves and an elongated shoulder seam. however, the most important thing is that the length of the body won’t overwhelm your frame.” According to Farrah. This is particularly helpful for petite women who may be overwhelmed by a plethora of excessive cotton.

Don’t limit yourself to your typical brands and categories.

“It can also be fun to experiment with oversized t-shirts by shopping in the menswear section,” adds Farrah. “A majority of the styles for men aren’t fitted, which means they’re already slightly looser shape.

Try a variety of sizes. Once you’ve found the menswear size that works best for you, try French by tucking your t-shirt into your jeans and rolling up the sleeves to create an elegant and stylish appearance.” Are you not comfortable with the French tuck? This style technique is as simple as placing one side of the shirt into the back and leaving the front out, bringing attention to your waist without adding the weight of a full tuck. This is an excellent technique for styling for all shapes. Still, it is also useful for dressing an oversized top for larger sizes since the soft half tuck makes more of an hourglass-like silhouette and skims over your frame, creating a contouring effect.


In terms of how to dress your blazer and an oversized shirt, the sharp cut, sculpted shoulders, and the longline length that a classic blazer has can make even the tiniest of oversized t-shirts appear more sophisticated. To ensure that your frame doesn’t get overwhelmed, it is best to keep your blazer in line with the size as long as you have enough space for your t-shirt to fit comfortably under it without sagging the sleeves or adding unnecessary volume to the shoulders.

Robing (wearing the blazer on your shoulders as a cape instead of wearing your arms over your sleeves) is a stylish method of styling your blazer when your shirt is too big to be worn as a simple layer. If you’re looking for a bright or patterned blazer, pick a t-shirt that is the same color. Or keep it elegant and simple with a white or black version underneath.


The boots category is rather wide, with many styles that fall under the same fashion umbrella. For example, your boots might be a distinctively styled Doc Martens pair, an elegant knee-high model featuring a pointed-toe and an elongated heel, or perhaps a pair of Cowboy Boots (one of the top fashions for fall and winter 2022).

The type of boot you select to match your oversized shirt will be determined by the overall look of your outfit and how long your t-shirt is, and your style signature. Oversized t-shirts offset and big boots with a slinky slip skirt, or double down by wearing straight-leg dark wash denim.

If you plan to wear your oversized t-shirt for an outfit but don’t want lots of legs on show, you can try wearing knee-high or over-the-knee boots for more coverage.


The love affair between fashion and the ’80s and the ’90s was among the biggest style trends in 2022. Moreover, it shows no signs of slowing shortly, with big clothing like cycling shorts and fashionable t-shirts.

“A chic way to wear an oversized t-shirt is with tight cycling shorts, ankle socks, and trainers,” Farrah says. Farrah. “Diana has worn this look, and it is still trendy.

The most important thing about this look is balance. And the oversized t-shirt works in perfect harmony with a smaller top part to create a balanced shape.” This isn’t to say that form-fitting shorts are essential. There’s plenty of room for tailored, practical, and longline city shorts, too. However, to maintain the balance, you should opt for a cut with a nipped-in waist or a color block with darker shades on the top or bottom.


If two pieces came together to form a sartorial group, It would be jeans and t-shirts. The two fabrics are a perfect match to create a casual and comfortable look. However, that doesn’t mean that this outfit isn’t appropriate for formal or evening occasions either – you just need to consider the fabric, color, and shape of the two pieces.

For the day, be however big you like in your t-shirt, then roll around the shoulders to increase the effect. Then, pair it with boyfriend jeans or wide-leg in light or mid-tone washes (think stones blue, which fades into white).

In terms of how to dress big t-shirts to wear out, On the other hand, this will require a more streamlined silhouette and darker shades. The ideal t-shirt will be slightly larger (think about a size or two higher than your usual size) instead of a full-on large. Are you looking for silk jerseys to add a touch of luxury? Put your oversized t-shirt into tapered skinny jeans or your most comfortable jeans in indigo or black, and top it off with the latest heeled mules.


The trend of wide-leg trousers has smitten us; however, deciding what to wear with wide-legged trousers can be challenging. For example, the most elegant shirts may feel too formal, while a billowing blouse can be too flimsy. But have you ever tried to figure out how to dress oversized tops with a pair of t-shirts?

For your entire outfit to blend, pick a t-shirt that is the same color as your pants or, if printed, select one hue from the pattern or pick neutral to reduce the overall look. The bulk you can wear with your t-shirt will depend on the fabric you choose for your pants.

If they’re not heavy and with enough movement and wiggle so that they can allude to the form of your legs when you walk, you could wear an oversized t-shirt that is placed loosely over an elastic waistband. If your pants’ fabric is stiff or a bit well-constructed and slender, an oversized or shorter t-shirt is the best option to help you get back in shape. This is done by giving the waistband a flash to pull you back.


Do you want to add a cool edge to your skirt? An oversized t-shirt can enhance the skirt and makes them appear more feminine. However, for the most flattering shape, wear one with a high waist. A lower or drop waistline can make tucking in your shirt difficult, but also are less defined around your middle.

To achieve this look, you’ll need the large t-shirt that states you’ve been sized up a couple of times instead of opting for a t-shirt that is too large. It should feel soft and comfortable. This style is great for wear in hot weather since there’s more airflow to your skin when you wear an oversized shirt.

Do you know what color t-shirt you should wear with the printed skirt or a color-pop one? It’s not difficult to find classic neutrals like the finest white t-shirts or a simple, basic black style.

“In terms of color, I always suggest that my clients have an oversized white t-shirt in their wardrobes,” says Farrah. “It will go with everything, from midi skirts to jeans, and can easily be dressed up with chunky gold jewelry and a slick of lipstick.”


Take advantage of the sporty vibe of a large t-shirt by pairing it with trainers. Then, all you have to do is choose which side you prefer. Fashion is currently divided into two categories about trainers: elegant and sleek or extremely bulky. The former is best paired with long trousers, and the latter goes best with clothes that finish at or above the mid-calf area, like the most stylish Midi dresses.

These styles are only practical; they make running around town an overall pleasant experience, but also keep your big t-shirt looking and feeling at ease.


How can I dress down an enormous t-shirt without looking ugly or shapeless?

Balance is essential when dressing an oversized t-shirt. Pair it with more fitted bottoms, such as skinny jeans or leggings, to create a contrast between the loose top and the form-fitting bottom.

Is it OK to wear an oversized t-shirt to work or a formal event?

While a large t-shirt is usually comfortable, it is not acceptable for a formal or professional atmosphere. An large t-shirt, on the other hand, may be dressed up by wearing it with a blazer or fitted jacket and accessorising with striking jewellery and heels.

What kind of bottoms should I pair with an oversized tee?

Oversized t-shirts look excellent with leggings, thin jeans, shorts, skirts, and even wide-leg pants. The goal is to balance the loose top with a more fitting bottom to produce a balanced shape.

How do I dress up an enormous t-shirt?

Accessorizing an oversized t-shirt might make you seem more put-together. Try using a distinctive jewellery, scarf, or belt to draw attention to your waist and add excitement to your ensemble. You may also try on other shoe types including sneakers, sandals, or ankle boots.

Can I dress up an enormous t-shirt?

While giant t-shirts can be worn as a dress, the length and design of the t-shirt must be considered. It may not be suitable to wear on its own if it is too short. But, you may create a fashionable and comfy ensemble by layering an oversized t-shirt over leggings or shorts.

What size should I choose for an enormous t-shirt?

Consider the fit of your large t-shirt when buying. Some people like a more relaxed fit, while others desire a more fitted appearance. If you’re not sure, try on multiple sizes until you discover the one that fits you best and produces the silhouette you want.



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