How To Style Jogger Pants?

How To Style Jogger Pants?

How To Style Jogger Pants?

A great way to style them is by wearing trendy streetwear pieces such as casual T-shirts, jackets, and sneakers. However, like joggers, it is possible to have a more polished outfit by choosing a structured item such as a slim-fit sweatshirt.

What Are Joggers?

Joggers are casual pants that have drawstring waists. They have gained a lot of attention due to the rise of athleisure. They are akin to sweatpants in material and style but are usually distinguished by their more tailored look and ankle cuffs with elasticized elastics. In recent times, Joggers resembling slacks or chinos are also the most popular style.

Whether you’re planning an informal outfit or an outfit for a date night, go for a jogger that has more of a fitted instead of a baggy style.

Wearing Joggers For Your Body ShapeWearing Joggers For Your Body Shape

Joggers look flatter If you are straight or want to highlight your thighs and hips. The tapered legs emphasize the angles of the figure from your hips to your ankles. This is advantageous for those who want to create an appearance reminiscent of curvature and a curvy shape.

If your thighs and hips are a problem, most sneakers may not flatter you. Instead, choose a pair with an elongated, lighter-weight fabric and a less pronounced leg taper.

How To Wear Jogger Pants?

However, how to dress in Jogger pants is the real issue, and in this article, we will present you with 19 stunning outfits that will inspire you the next time you want to look cool in these pants. From casual clothes to Friday night celebration outfits, these jogger pants outfits will amaze you.

Joggers are a little difficult to style, especially when you want to avoid an unprofessional or sloppy style. Here are some suggestions for wearing joggers to look stylish and well-dressed.

  • Opt for slim-fit jogger pants. Since joggers are broader on the top and taper towards the lower legs, they may make your hips appear larger than they are. You’re in the right place if that’s what you’re looking for. But they tend to be too baggy on the bottom and also less appealing. Therefore, stick to slim-fit clothes, so your figure doesn’t look bloated.
  • Use nylon or polyester Jogger pants made of nylon or Polyester. Cotton is good if you’re lounging around in your home or need to be comfortable. Polyester or nylon is more durable and provides more structure. Another advantage? These two fabrics won’t pill.
  • Note that joggers’ pants become slightly saggy with each wash and eventually change shape. Also, note your fabrics, so you don’t get that stretched-out appearance. It is important to search for the smallest amount of spandex/elastane.
  • Always opt for quality. If you want your pants to appear sexy and chic (especially with a professional-chic style), then nylon, Polyester, cotton twill, or chino are the best options.
  • It’s not always cheap to buy quality. So, make sure to browse online thrift stores such as ThredUp and Poshmark for top-quality jogger pants in good shape. Thrift stores can also be an alternative but look for worn pieces (like the material on the thigh’s inner) and pills.
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Best Joggers Outfit Ideas

1. Grey Joggers With A Plain White T-Shirt

There is a myriad of ways to dress the grey joggers. But for a start, a simple white T-shirt is a good choice – or black, if you want to. Then, wear hoops and casual shoes to make it easy, elegant, and chic. You could also choose the monochrome look by sporting grey-colored tops. Finally, you can pair these with graphic T-shirts running shoes, and messy hair and enjoy a relaxed Friday evening at the movies.

2. A Complete White Joggers Outfit

Gigi, Kendall, Kylie Kylie, Gigi, and Khloe have been wearing various versions of this athletic look playing around with color. The white sports uniform is both comfy and offbeat. The pants are slim but comfy, while the white sweatshirt fits well. Do not be afraid to challenge your fashion boundaries by pairing this look with white running shoes or converse to be a jogger’s dream. A baseball cap may be a good idea, too.

3. Camo Joggers And A Denim Jacket

Camos have, are, and will remain fashionable, and unless you try to alter them, it is impossible to make a mistake with this style since all you require is a black, white, or plain tank or racerback top to wear it. Layer on layers such as denim jackets or an oversized plaid shirt to look. Wear your accessories according to what you feel like wearing, and it’s good the way it is!

4. Red Joggers With Denim Jacket

Bring color to your outfits with these vibrant, colorful and vibrant Joggers. You may decide to tone down your outfit or go completely out. It’s best to stick with one bold piece and the rest subtle.

5. Adidas Joggers For A Grunge Look

If you’re looking for some grunge, match your Adidas Joggers with an oversized T-shirt or hoodie from your favorite rock group. Add an oversized bomber jacket and combat boots to complete the style. Take a crossbody bag to keep your look comfy, or change the look by carrying a chic bag!

6. Black Velvet Joggers With An Oversized Sweater

Are you a lover of Juicy Couture tracksuits? There’s something so soothing about velvet zipper and track sets; you’ll never have enough. However, Joggers may appear somewhat casual and are inappropriate to wear everywhere. These velvet joggers come to your aid. They can be worn with graphics T-shirts, off-shoulder jeans, or tunic tops. It is also possible to skip the shoes and put on pumps. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who can wear something similar.

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7. Black Monochrome Look

An excellent example of a classic street style. I love how this style elevates you to the next kind of hotness, and up your style quotient, one piece at a. Grab your black joggers, wear them with your black sweater, and put it on. After that, you can create waves of beachy sand, add the baseball cap, put on your toes, and a large tote bag with dark-colored lipstick.

8. Distressed Or Ripped Joggers

Yes, the ripped style was not limited to denim. It also made its way into other styles, such as those distressed Joggers. This opened a new world for those who cannot endure the sight of ripped pants. Keeping your shirt plain and easy is safer because plenty is going on with your trouser. But If you’re thinking differently, absolutely go forward!

9. Denim Jogger Pants

Since some of us can’t do without denim! The denim joggers redefine comfort. They combine the comfort of denim and the style of joggers. They’re the perfect blend of both. Any top you have in your wardrobe can be worn with these. But, experts believe there is a foolproof method to wear this look: always putting the tops on in a tuck. Then, wear a dress or a skirt with accessories, shoes, and even makeup, based on the location you’re heading to.

10. Striped Joggers Pants With A Statement Sweater

Urban, chic, and urban – that’s the essence of this look. The pretty pink statement sweater complements the subtle pants with a side stripe, and the accessories enhance the look. Wear pale pink pumps and a sling bag to complete this style.

How To Find Joggers That Flatter?

First, Look For Joggers With A Structure.

Many of the most affordable joggers you’ll discover are made of stretchy cotton material, similar to the French Terry cloth, or have fleece-lined. It’s exactly what you’d want sweatpants to comprise out of.

You may look amazing in loose, stretchy cotton if you’re very slim or have a slender body shape.

Here are some pictures of outfits I snapped while I bought my new cotton pair of shoes from Old Navy.

I was amazed by them. However, I’ve discovered that, while I felt great in them during the initial few weeks but they began to lose their shape following a few washes, and I started to get a “big butt” or baggy appearance.

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#1 Look for quality joggers made of nylon or polyester material.

Polyester and nylon are heavier (if high-quality and the thickest knit) and shiny. It.

It’s also not likely to discolor after washing (again, so long as it’s of good quality).

This is why Joggers made of nylon or Polyester look less casual and are easier to put on. They are also slimming.

#3 Choose Joggers With A Slim Fit.

Ideally, you’d like your joggers to fit slim from top to bottom. So while they’ll be most tapered to the ankle region, you’ll avoid the balloon appearance on the top.

The right jogger fabric (twill or Polyester) will give you the perfect shape.

There are even joggers made from that French Terry cotton type that are made to be slim fitting regardless of the frequency of washing. The best cotton joggers contain only a little spandex or elastic to keep their shape after washing.

Cute Outfit Formulas Using Joggers?

#1 Casual

  • With a button-up or t-shirt top tucked partially in the front
  • Canvas or slip-on sneakers
  • Incorporate a cozy jacket and scarf to provide warmth

#2 Semi-casual

  • Wear a tailored jacket such as leather or denim for your look.
  • Slip on flats and not sneakers.

#3 Dressy

To stand out and be bold, you can make your slim-fit navy or black cotton joggers for an elegant date-night look.

  • Wear a blouse slightly tucked into the front.
  • Include pointy pumps


How can jogger pants be dressed up?

Jogger pants can be dressed up with a blouse or button-up shirt and heels. To elevate the look, you can also wear a blazer or a statement necklace.

How do I wear jogger pants to look casual?

Jogger pants can be worn casually with sneakers or sandals, a basic t-shirt, or a crop top. You can likewise add a denim coat or a hoodie for added solace and style.

With jogger pants, what shoes should I wear?

You can wear jogger pants with flats, heels, sneakers, sandals, and other types of shoes. The most important thing is to choose shoes that go well with your jogger pants and the event.

What tops might I at any point wear with jogger pants?

Jogger pants look great with t-shirts, crop tops, sweaters, and other types of tops. For added style, you can also wear a blazer or a denim jacket.

Are jogger pants appropriate for work?

It is possible to wear jogger pants to work in a casual office setting. They look great with heels or dressy flats and a blouse or button-up shirt. To elevate the appearance, make sure to select jogger pants made of a more formal material like silk or satin.