How To Style Corduroy Pants Men?

How To Style Corduroy Pants Men?

How To Style Corduroy Pants Men?

Corduroy pants go well together with crewneck sweaters and turtlenecks with solid colors as well as a casual, button-down shirt. Couple an easy shirt with pants which match the color of one of them. A chambray t-shirt with brown corduroy pants makes an easy, successful combination.

What Are Corduroy Pants?

The pants made of corduroy are made from cotton twill weave fabric, meaning that the threads are knit into diagonal lines with large vertical ribs. Also, that is referred to as wales. They are heavy and durable, with ridges, and warm. They are comfortable and look elegant. They are suitable for smart casual clothes. These pants have a retro style; they were once staples of preppy menswear. However, they are an element of fashionable styles for any.

Tips When For Buying New Corduroy Pants

  • The Fit. When you purchase new corduroy trousers, consider them to be your hair. Choose the cut you want.
  • Colors. Choose colors that you feel comfortable in, and avoid the latest fashion trends If you need to. If you’re purchasing colorful corduroy clothes, It is recommended to dry clean the garments only and not wash them in the home.
  • For Starters. If you’re susceptible to overheating, then corduroy fabric might not be the best choice for you. Due to its tightly knit, it is warm when you ensure it is dry. They also do not drape as well as other wool fabrics that drape that are available.

When you style cords, take them in the same way as they were patterns. They’re best worn with basic wardrobe essentials to help keep things simple. Keep in mind that corduroy trousers don’t always have to be brown. Navy or green, and even black are great choices and are much more comfortable to put on. Fashion stylist for men Suzie Street suggests we go for deep green, dark mustard, and burgundy shades. Red, brown, and yellow corduroys are trendy and look amazing when paired with different shirts, tees, and jackets.

A Few General Guidelines On Wearing Corduroy

Corduroy can be described as casual. Based on the cut and design, the formality of corduroy pants is roughly on par with khakis and jeans. While corduroy pants of every kind can be worn down or dressed up to a certain extent, their formality can be seen at what’s known as the “smart-casual” level. It’s a casual fabric that is his laid-back style.

The cords in corduroy ridges and ribs that run vertically are referred to as”wales. Every piece of corduroy is characterized by a “wale count,” which is the number of wales for each inch. Fewer whales are a sign that they have a lower whale count. Thinner wales signify that they have a higher wale. A dress with a lower count of wale (wider ribs) can be more informal. one that has a higher wale count (thinner ribs) can be considered more official (relatively talking).

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Finer, thinner the wale (pin cord or pinwale or even needlecord) is typically seen on upper-body clothing (shirts or jackets) and blazers, with the larger wales being more prevalent in pants. One exception is the outerwear made of corduroy, which generally has a lower number of the wale.

Don’t go overboard with the designs or textures you wear with corduroy. Corduroy is full of character and texture, and, therefore, when you wear a garment that is made of fabric, it lets you make it the center of your outfit. As a general (not iron-clad) rule, you won’t wish to make your look excessively crowded by combining the corduroy item with other strikingly-patterned or textured pieces. If you’re wearing corduroy pants, wear them with a softer-knit sweater instead of a bulky, ribbed one. If you’re wearing a blazer made of corduroy and want to layer it with a unicolored button-down instead of a blazing plaid.

If you’re not wearing an outfit made of corduroy (and great for you if so), You only need to wear one piece simultaneously.

How To Wear A Corduroy Sports Jacket/Blazer?

The sports jacket made of corduroy (often known as a blazer, even though technically not one) is often usually associated with people who study. However, it’s a slick piece and not too pretentious and stylish; it’s a great piece no matter what your job.

A corduroy sports jacket can be an excellent option when looking to be slightly dressed up yet casual. Wear one if you work in a casual, but not jeans and a t-shirt informal work environment (like when you’re a teacher or librarian, for example!) or attend an event that’s special but isn’t formal like dining out with your girlfriend.

Corduroy is a popular choice for sports jackets in various shades of brown. The variety of colors available is a great option to add to your wardrobe. There are jackets in burgundy, green as well as navy. They will work when your budget and preferences permit the purchase of an item that will see lesser use and help you stand out.

For your lower half, you can wear a corduroy sport jacket with jeans, chinos, or trousers, and leather boots, chukkas, or formal shoes that fall on the casual spectrum of formal. Over a solid-color (it’s impossible to make a mistake when you’re wearing white) button-down or a lightweight solid-colored turtleneck or sweater (give your turtleneck a shot!). When you’re sporting a button-down, you might want to consider adding a more casual tie. In an alternative to not mixing textured accessories with corduroy with texture knit ties, they work perfectly here.

If your elbows are worn out in the jacket you wear, add patches to give the complete look of a professor.

How To Wear Corduroy Shirts?

Corduroy shirts are cozy, warm, durable, elegant, stylish, and easy to wear.

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Made with an elegant pinwale are appropriate to wear independently; the ones made with a long cord are best to be layered over another shirt. However, both can serve as a stand-alone garment or an overshirt or shirt jacket. The latter is great for the fall season when it is cold, but not as cold as you’ll need a jacket. You can layer your corduroy shirt over a henley or solid-colored t-shirt (white is the most popular). Wear it with chinos or jeans with some canvas sneakers or leather boots, and you’re ready to go.

How To Wear Corduroy Trousers?How To Wear Corduroy Trousers?

If your primary source for corduroy trousers is off-duty Jeremy Clarkson, it’s time to consider some seriously stylish alternatives that don’t solely serve the aim of appealing to males of a certain age.

Like your hair, cutting is essential when you’re wearing corduroy pants. Don’t do it, and you’re sure to be ridiculed. In this instance, keep to slim-leg or straight-leg pieces to avoid a cord tangle.

One brand capitalizing on the growing interest in corduroy is The Cords & Co, which has dedicated its brand’s name and goal to bringing cord on the fashion map for men again. “Corduroy is having a true comeback, and a pair of contemporary 5-pocket corduroy trousers will look great teamed with a simple white T-shirt or relaxed hoodie,” says the brand’s Director, Omar Varts.

Regarding styling, take your trousers like a pattern: ideal for wearing with calmer clothes to help keep things in order. Don’t be swayed by the notion that corduroy pants must be brown. Navy green, blue, and even black are all in fashion and are infinitely simpler to put on.

How To Wear A Corduroy Overshirt?

If it has useful or workwear vibes, There’s a 99.9 percent chance that we’ll fall in love with it before we’ve even looked at it. Add a supple fabric, and you’ve created your menswear-inspired magic. It’s all you get from a corduroy t-shirt that’s a happy combination of style and function.

“A corduroy jacket or a pair of trousers can be a little intimidating for some, but an overshirt is an easy-wearing alternative: casual and contemporary, but still boasting that lovely texture that comes with a cord,” Drake’s director of creative Michael Hill.

It’s easy to style as overshirts are a joy to layered. “Throw one over an Oxford cloth button-down and some chinos or with a sporty polo shirt and denim jeans,” Hill suggests. Hill.

If you’re unsure if you want to commit to corduroy, an undershirt is a perfect way to introduce the texture to your style without drawing attention.

How To Wear Corduroy Stylishly?

It’s not worth reminding you that we live in bizarre and complicated times. In the same way, the remnants of the sex-pest, knuckle-dragging attitude of the 70s remain (thankfully) public adversaries number one in the world of menswear; if it has a smooch of decadence, it’s hot clothing.

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For most men, there’s nothing more pure and unadulterated seventies than corduroy. It has brought its highly strokable surface back into the wardrobes of men. Due in no small measure to its reputation for destroying the sex appeal of men faster than the hair on the back and back hair, it hasn’t been an easy transition.

“The problem with corduroy’s outing in the seventies is that it was dyed almost exclusively brown or green, which meant it was purely fodder for librarians and geography teachers, but now it comes in such a variety of weights and colors,” says Chris Gove, the creative director of Percival which is a British menswear label that is aware of its cords from the inside out.

The truth is that the material is more versatile than most people believe. If you’re among the critics who believe it’s large, bulky, and dishwater brown, We’re calling it fake information. Today, it’s cut with care and can be seen surprisingly. If you’re not keen on wearing the look of the 70s, it’s possible to find dark shades available, and cords are no longer going to engulf your frame in watery puddles of fabric. In addition, it’s strong and durable, so everything you purchase in the fabric is guaranteed to last for a long time.

Broken down piece-by-piece Here’s all you must be aware of when wearing a cord with care so that it doesn’t cause you to be instantly unusable.


How to style baggy corduroy pants men’s?

A clean look with corduroy pants is usually a fresh white shirt, relaxed or tucked in. For a smart casual style, tuck in your shirt and wear something dressier. For a more laid-back appearance, wear shoes and an untucked shirt.

What jacket to wear with corduroy pants men?

Put on a corduroy jacket to instantly update your look. Moreover, corduroy coats can give any ensemble a traditional appearance. Men’s corduroy trousers go well with a fitted blazer, an Oxford shirt, and loafers or dress boots for a more formal appearance.

Are corduroy pants still in style for men?

As there are numerous ways to wear them, men’s corduroy pants are unlikely to go out of style. Cotton is used to make corduroy pants, although this is not always the case.

What jacket to wear with corduroy pants?

For those who are still unsure of what to wear with corduroy pants, I’ll provide some style advice. A warm coat: These kinds of pants go great with leather, sherpa, black denim, and even corduroy. They contribute to the final appearance’s texture.

Is corduroy pants formal or casual?

In general, corduroy pants are regarded as informal attire. The fabric is thicker and has a ribbed appearance, thus comforting fall and winter clothing is linked with it.