How To Style Clothes You Already Have?

How To Style Clothes You Already Have?

How To Style Clothes You Already Have?

Take a look at your look from head to toe. It’s easy to forget how the shoes you wear can impact how you look. Invest in sustainable clothing. Look for the material as well as new and innovative methods to shop

How To Organize Your Closet?

  1. Take everything that you have in your home closet.
  2. When ready to place the items back into your closet, divide them according to classification. As an example, you’ll categorize things that have the same color clothes, t-shirts, pants, sweaters, shirts and skirts, jeans, leggings, shorts, etc.
  3. Within each category, group the items by color, starting with light and moving to dark.

When you alter your wardrobe, you can see the items by category rather than by clothes. This allows you to create a MIX and MATCH wardrobe instead of having a closet full of outfits.

How To Style Clothes You Already Have

The next time you’re staring at your closet and thinking, “There’s nothing to wear,” do not be enticed to spend a lot of cash on a shopping spree. Instead, revamp the clothes you have. Mix and mix outfits by layering them differently and swapping your footwear. Make plain shirts look stylish and pants by rolling, cuffing, tie-making, and using accessories. You can also change your clothes by cutting, distressing and tailoring, or dying. In a short time, you’ll feel like you have a new outfit!

Mixing And Layering Outfits

Dress In Pants With A Dress

The look is back to fashion. It offers the most desirable of both: the feminine pleasure of a dress and the practicality and versatility of pants. Wear a fitted pair of pants, such as straight-leg or skinny-leg jeans, and a flowing dress.

The pants should be basic in color to ensure that the dress will remain the main focus. To feel comfortable in this look, begin with a shirt-dress that looks like a tunic. You’ll become comfortable with it, and then you can wear an elegant dress.

Pair Leggings With A Plaid Shirt

It’s easy to think that leggings are best worn for workouts. However, you can turn them into a chic casual style by wearing the top of a plaid shirt. It is possible to layer the look by wearing a fitted tank top, then wear the plaid shirt unbuttoned. This is a great casual style that is perfect for the weekend.

Wear T-shirts under a loose dress

If you are going to a formal place and you’re hoping to wear your lovely elegant, flowing dress, wear an oversized T-shirt. It’ll give you the protection you require to adhere to the dress rules. Also, it shows more of your outfit than if you were to put on a cardigan over your top.

Plus, it’s cool to wear in the summer. Pick the right color that is compatible with your dress but not distracting from the dress. White or black shirts work great with any color in a dress. This makes a wonderful method to make your enjoyable and casual bar-hopping outfit day-appropriate.

Wear An Outfit With Jeans And A Blazer For A Date Night

Wear An Outfit With Jeans And A Blazer For A Date Night

There’s no need to put on your formal blazer at the office. Put it on with a pair of jeans and a solid T-shirt for a stylish casual style that is perfect for a dinner out or a date night. This is great for males and females. It’s also possible to match a blazer and a short-flowing dress to create a chic mix of feminine and masculine styles. Earing a coat with a dress will create a more rugged, edgier style than an oversized cardigan.

Switch Off Your Shoes

If you usually wear casual sneakers, you can try wearing ankle boots or heels. If you typically wear heels, then opt for flats. Just changing your shoes can refresh the look of a worn-out outfit. Consider wearing your bright and fancy shoes to jazz up an otherwise dull outfit.

Repurpose Scarves Into Hair Ribbons And Headbands

In the summer and spring, the weather may be too hot to wear your favorite scarves around your neck. However, you can use them to make stylish hair ribbons or headbands. Just tie a scarf around your head as a headband, pull the hair in a bun, and then tie it into an elegant bow to match your hairstyle. This is ideal for smaller thin scarves. Not blanket scarves!

Making Small Changes To Outfits

Put On Your Sleeves And Take Off Your Shirt.

If you’re bored of your boring, old-fashioned button-down shirt for work, Dress it up to go out on a night out by rolling the sleeves and removing the top couple of buttons. This can be done by both women and men. You’ll be able to show a little skin and appear as if you’re wearing a different t-shirt entirely. Pair it with jeans and a casual outfit or a flowing skirt for a night out with friends for those who prefer it.

Cuff Your Pants.

You can change the appearance of your pants or other casual clothes with cuffs. The bottoms of the pants at least once. This will make them appear more casual than if you wear the pants un-cuffed. Cuffing makes a wonderful method to display elegant ankle boots or stylish socks.

Cuff Your T-Shirt’s Sleeves By Rolling The Sleeves A Couple Of Times.

This is a very trending look and a fantastic method to make an ordinary T-shirt appear more polished. However, it’s not easy to get the sleeves to stay in place. If you desire them to stay in place for the entire day, you could wrap a rubber band around the bottom of each unrolled sleeve and roll them up.

You might also want to enjoy the messy look of partially unrolled sleeves. Many believe that this look was influenced by the film actor James Dean.

Knot Your Shirt’s Bottom.

Instead of tucking your button-up shirt, put the last few buttons unbuttoned and tie both sides together in a lovely overhand knot. It is possible to tie the sides of the shirt to create more neatness or leave them hanging to create an unpretentious style.

This can also be used for larger T-shirts. It is possible to gather the excess fabric on the top of the shirt and tie it into knots. This makes the shirt more fitted and provides an easy, casual style.

Make Plain Outfits More Attractive By Adding Amusing Accessories

The more basic your outfit will allow you to add more accessories. You can try a fun belt and cute scarves, socks, and earrings with a dangling design or necklaces and a pretty watch or stacks of Bangle bracelets. Do not wear them all in one go! Try a couple of basic accessories to add style to any look.

Wear an attractive Belt with your dark jeans, and then tuck into white T-shirts. Your outfit instantly looks more exciting! Large earrings with a dangly look can transform your look into something formal and polished.

Style your hair when you want to make your mark with your earrings. Accessories do not have to be accessories! If jewelry isn’t your style, Try wearing a watch, belt, scarf, hairband, or socks that are fun and colorful.

Modifying Your Clothes

Do Your Jeans Distress?

There’s no need to travel to the shop and purchase expensive distressed jeans. It’s easy to distress your jeans at your own home. By using scissors, cut horizontal slits approximately .5 inches (1.3 millimeters) apart at the top of the jeans. Utilize tweezers to remove the blue vertical threads between these two cuts.

There will be only vertical white threads similar to the ones you’ll find in distressed jeans at the store. You could also apply sandpaper to your jeans for that worn-in, soft feel.

Change Your Shorts Into Cut-Offs.

If you’re bored of one pair of jeans, change it into a pair of shorts. The first step is to put on your jeans, then look at yourself in the mirror. Draw a line with chalk where you would like your shorts to be cut off. After that, take from your pants and slice them using fabric scissors. Cut them around.

5 inches (1.3 centimeters) below the mark you made, leaving enough space for mistakes and a fray. Lots of people cut their shorts at an angle to make them shorter at the inner thigh and shorter on the outside of their thighs.

Tailor The Dress You’ve Worn For Years

If you have an old dress you wear often, but it’s no longer comfortable, You can alter it to make it fit better. Numerous big clothing stores like Macy’s provide tailoring services, or you can find an individual tailor within your area.

If you’re skilled in making clothes, you could create your clothes by sewing your hems and tying them with the help of a sewing machine. Tailoring is a great method to wear your favorite clothes if you change size or shape.

Dye Your Cotton And Nylon T-Shirts

Nylon and cotton are among the easiest dyeable fabrics at your home. Start by filling a bucket with hot water, around 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius). Follow the mixing directions for the color you’re using, and mix it with hot water to create the dye bath.

Check your color with the dye by dipping it in a towel, then alter it with more dye or water until it’s the desired shade. Soak your shirt in water, then place it into the dye bath. Mix continuously for about 30 minutes or until it is the color shade you want. Once it’s dyed, take off the dye-bath and, rinse it thoroughly and clean it with the machine and hang it to dry.



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