How To Style A Skort?

How To Style A Skort?

How To Style A Skort?

Wear your skort with a graphic t-shirt or tank top to create an effortless style. Your skort is most attractive if you focus on the narrowest area in your waist. For that, you can wear a slim-fitting tank top or a T-shirt.

4 Ways To Wear A Skort In 2023 (And 1 That Dates You Immediately)

Similar to flatforms and glossy lips and many of our other top Y2K fashions, skorts have officially come back in style. We’re not shocked; it was a minor change to change from the stylish pleated tennis skirts that we purchased in spring to a shorts/skirt combination. \

Additionally, the addition of concealed shorts significantly reduces the stress of a fast summer breeze forming and making a show. Contrary to the skorts we wore in the past, the fashion of 2021 generally is split into two groups: stylish and sporty or sophisticated and elegant.

Many of them don’t appear like skorts until you show the shorts beneath to a friend as a fun twist to “thanks, it has pockets!” Continue reading to discover how four fashionable females are successfully making this style work in the summer months with plenty of chic choices to consider, as well as one skort design that is best left to the past.

Pair A Pleated Style with Simple Basics

Skorts and pleated skirts are a hot trend, but they can appear to be a step into the uniform preschool territory. The most effective method to make this appear chic and sophisticated and not look like you’re imitating the latest characters from Gossip Girl is with elegant essentials and a plethora of luxe accessories. A black crewneck tee, fresh white kicks paired with simple gold chain necklaces or studs, and a crossbody with a chain strap should accomplish the task.

Raise A Mini with Shades of Beige and Camel

Since they’re built with shorts, shorts tend to be significantly shorter than skirts that you easily wear. If you’re concerned that the shorter hems could make you look shabby or like you’re wearing the outfit you wore to the party last weekend, Try sticking to warm neutral shades, such as camel, beige or brown. These colors tend to look much more costly than vibrant hues or delicate florals, and you can carry that luxe feel by picking fabrics that resemble this, such as cashmere, suede, or silk.

Go For A Full Sport-inspired Ensemble

Steer towards the sporty vibes of tennis-inspired skorts by wearing these with sneakers, a striking t-shirt, or a rugby pullover. We like Coterie members Coco Bassey’s interpretation of Wimbledon whites, which creates an exciting, modern outfit that seamlessly blends function and fashion.

Let Fun Prints And Colors Steal The Spotlight

To not look like you purchased your new Liberty-print skort at the kids’ section, wear it with a few more stylish essentials, like a plain white hoodie with matching sneakers or a stylish black T-shirt with a bodysuit with flat sandals, rather than adding additional patterns to the mix. Don’t wear anything too loose. A fitted sweatshirt is more professional than a loose, oversized pattern.

Don’t: Do not wear pointed Skort Silhouettes

Most fashion-conscious fashionistas owned this Zara piece in 2013 to the point where it’s now tied to the beginning of fashion blogs and the development of street fashion. Although it was loved at the time, the current version will make you appear stuck to the past or make your way to a costume event, neither of which is the look we’re hoping for. Don’t wear this look, and choose an updated silhouette, such as a pleated or wrap style.

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How To Wear A Skort?

A skort can be described as a cross between a skirt and shorts. In recent years, this versatile item has returned to its popularity. Skorts may include a sleeve that allows the front to look like a skirt while the back looks more like shorts. Or, the shorts could be hidden beneath the skirt. It is also possible to find Skorts with an elongated, flowing skirt. Skorts are known to have a casual style and are a great choice to wear in a casual dress code, or opt for a more athletic style when you want to look stylish and comfortable while exercising!

1- Creating A Semi-Casual Outfit

Wear It With A Graphic T-Shirt Or Tank Top For An Effortless Look.

Your skort is most attractive if you focus on the most narrow part, which is your waist. For that, you can wear a slim-fitting tank and t-shirt. It doesn’t need to be tight, but you must choose an outfit that is close to your body instead of one that is large and bulky. This looks great when paired with jeans and a skirt. For instance, you can put on a dark T-shirt that features your favorite band and pair it with a skort of dark denim and a pair of black ankle boots. If you’re looking to wear a bulky T-shirt, look for a style that is cropped and still shows your waist.

Opt For A Blouse That Is Tucked In To Create A More Formal Look.Opt For A Blouse That Is Tucked In To Create A More Formal Look.

If you’re looking to go at a dressy-casual look, such as for lunch dates or a day trip, put the blouse in a skirt. After that, put on your most adorable sandals, shoes, or wedges, pick up sunglasses, and you’re good to go! Try finding an outfit with a striking bright print, and you can pair it with a neutral skirt to make it look more balanced. If you’re looking for a more casual look to wear a skort, consider a skort that is a striking shade, such as ruby red or mustard yellow. They are particularly flattering since they showcase your physique beneath. Of course, you could put on a cami under the top for those who don’t want to expose excessive skin. Try this style with a skirt that wraps around it for an elegant look.

Pair Your Skort With A Sweater To Create An Exciting Cool-Weather Outfit.

If it’s cool outside, put on your most cozy sweater paired with your skort. Choose an oversized sweater if you prefer a longer-length skort, but a shorter, pleated skort is a great way to balance the weight of a sweater. Make sure to choose a skort of heavier fabrics, like denim, knit, or heavy cotton, to blend in when paired with the material. Try wearing a graphic sweatshirt and short skirts to stay cozy and warm. Ankle boots are the best choice to finish the style.

Pick A Light-Hearted Top And A Long Skirt For A Look That Will Exude A Beachy Vibe.

Certain skorts are constructed with short shorts and a larger skirt. The skirt may extend all around or be slightly open in front, much like the Sarong. In either case, the most effective method to dress a skort such as one of these is to wear a flowing tank top or blouse. Wear sunglasses and comfortable wedge sandals, and you’ll be set for the beach, pool, or an enjoyable day of running errands in town. Wear your top with the sleeves tucked in or tied around your waistline to highlight your figure. Try an elegant tank top or a light button-down top tied around the waist.

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Be Bold With A Crop Top And A Skort With A High-Waisted Waist.

The high-waisted style is typically designed to be worn to the narrowest portion of your waist. This is an attractive look for all kinds of bodies. Take advantage of this slimming effect by coordinating your skort with an oversized crop top that you love in your style. If you’re not keen to show your skin, go for the top to be just a few inches lower than the top hem in the skort. If you’re not afraid of showing your midriff, you can choose a shorter top. You can style this look with a crop top that is strapless with wedge-heeled heels if you want to look more glamorous, or opt for a boxy top and a high-top sneaker for the perfect rocker look. Crop tops work well with Zara-style skorts. They resemble the wrap skirt, fitted with 2 points on the front. The name is derived from the brand that designed the skirt, though several other brands have also released their style versions.

2- Styling Sporty Skorts

Wear An Athletic Skort And An Athletic Tank Or Sports Bra To Create A Casual Workout Outfit.

Skorts are an excellent way to appear feminine while exercising without having any of the hassles associated with wearing an unflattering skirt. Find a skort that provides some compression for a more comfortable fitting that makes you look as great as you feel. You can then put on your favorite workout shirt–or perhaps a sports bra if that’s your style. T-shirt-type workout tops can be worn with this look also, but you may want to opt for a slimmer design. A t-shirt that is too big will hinder you in a grueling workout. Sporty skorts are usually made of fabrics that have lots of stretches and can wick moisture away as well.

Opt For A Collared Shirt To Give You A Perfect Look.

This is an excellent style for golf or tennis, which is why it’s so well-known. It’s not just that you’ll look well-dressed for your favorite sport, and you’ll enjoy an entire range of motion and will feel comfortable whether you’re on the court or the course, or the elliptical. Try pairing this look with sneakers with a low rise with a tennis bracelet for the perfect classic, sweet appearance.

Wear A Sweater Or Cardigan To Look Cool.

Although you’re likely to increase your heart rate during your workout, however, you could feel cold afterward, especially when it’s cold outside. Wear a cardigan or a sweater to complete the feminine and athletic appearance of the skort. You can wrap the arms of your sweater to your waist or around your shoulders in case you have to remove it.

2- Accessorizing Your Look

Make Sure Your Accessories Are Simple.

Since skorts are generally considered casual, avoid overdoing them by putting on a lot of expensive jewelry. A few basic pieces can be a good choice, such as tennis bracelets or stud earrings, or a necklace pendant. If you’re wearing the boldest look, do not hesitate to go for the boldest statement piece, for example, a chunky necklace. Keep the rest of your accessories simple to complement the look. If you are wearing a skirt for an intense training session, you may want to stay clear of jewelry altogether.

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Opt For Flats Or Sandals To Create A Casual Style.

If you’re going on an outdoor adventure in the day and are looking to be prepared for any situation, don shoes or sandals that are comfortable with your skort. The style will remain casual, yet you’ll appear put-together. For instance, consider a delicate, peach-colored blouse tied into the khaki skort, paired with brown sandals and gold-colored sunglasses to create an edgy outfit that is perfect for summertime. A pair of sneakers can give a touch of class to a basic tee-and-skort combination.

Add Ankle Boots To Enhance Your Look.

If you’re a rocker with a roll attitude, Ankle boots are an excellent opportunity to show off your rock-n-roll style. Based on the other elements of your outfit, you could wear something casual, such as an ankle boot for hiking, or you can dress up your look with wedges. But, more formal styles may be difficult to pull off in a skort. For the evening out with your friends, You could wear a sparkling tank or a slender black Zara-style skort and a pair of stylish but tough ankle boots in black.

Pick Low-Profile Sneakers And Socks That Don’t Show To Get Your Exercise.

For most exercises, like cycling, tennis, or running, it is possible to wear shoes that sit just a bit lower on your ankle. You can pair them with socks for ankles or no-show socks to make your legs appear as slimmer and long as possible. If you’re doing something that requires ankle support, such as playing basketball, opt for high-rise shoes.


What tops do you wear with skort?

For a casual appearance, wear your skort with a fitted graphic t-shirt or tank top. Accentuating the smallest portion of your waist will make your skort appear its best. Wearing a slim-fitting tank top or T-shirt might help you achieve that.

Is a skort fashionable?

Skorts are back, in a big way. Skorts are back in style in 2023, whether you’re searching for something chic or sporty, chic and sophisticated, or laid-back and flirtatious.

What is the point of a skort?

Skorts, which were originally known as “trouser skirts,” were created to provide women more freedom to engage in activities (such as sports, gardening, housework, or biking) and to resemble skirts.

Why are skorts better than skirts?

Skirts are highly unsuitable for activities like biking or tennis. There is nothing more inconvenient than running errands while wearing a skirt. Skorts are made to assist women look stylish without constantly thinking about their attire. You can go about your day without feeling restricted by them.

Are skorts in style for 2023?

Cargo skirts will be the must-have item, according to the Miu Miu Spring Summer 2023 collection. This trend shouldn’t come as a surprise given the recent growth in popularity of clothing with a more utilitarian aesthetic, such as military-inspired jackets and cargo pants.