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How to Style Green Plants

How to style green plants, including tips, inspiration, photos, current trends, where to find green plants, and more.

Adding green plants to your home is a fun trend and a great way to add some color and warmness to your space. Depending on where you live there are many different styles and kinds of plants that would work the best in your home. You might even find it beneficial to style your home with faux green plants as well.

  • Step 1: The first thing you should do when you are looking for green plants is to decide on the vibe of your home. Are you more into modern, contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, etc? For example, figs, snake plants, zz plants, and palm-style plants look amazing in more modern style homes and fiddle-leaf, ficus trees, and fern plants work best in more traditional and farmhouse style houses. However, there are no wrong options, it’s truly what appeals to you and what you are drawn to.
  • Step 2: Next, you need to decide if real green plants or faux plants would work best in your space. If you don’t have a lot of sun, or if you travel a lot then you might want to look into faux plants. If you decide to go with faux plants, they are not like the faux plants from the past, you can now find many gorgeous and very realistic options.
  • Step 3: You need to figure out which rooms you would like to decorate with green plants. Are you interested in filling your space with one large plant, a group of small plants, with the same or different heights, or are you looking for plants that hang from the ceiling? You could do one large plant or a little of everything depending on your space.
  • Step 4: Think about your pets. If your pets are drawn to eating things around the house, you need to make sure the plants you are buying for your home are pet-friendly.
  • Step 5: Mix it up. Think of plants as inviting accessories to your space. Don’t be afraid to play around with different styles. For example, never had succulent before? Try them! They are great to add to shelves, coffee tables, and kitchens, etc.
  • Step 6: When shopping for green plants, make sure to read the label to see how to maintain and take care of plants. The labels will give you all the information you need regarding how much light a plant needs and how often they need to be watered.

Hanging Green Plants

Hanging plants grow wonderfully by natural light, so if you have a large window, hanging a plant from the ceiling can brighten up a large room. They look good hanging in a living room or formal room, bedroom, or even on a kitchen ledge. You can also add a hanging plant to the top of a shelf or decorate a fireplace mantel. Most are relativity easy to maintain and they can grow to be very long and lushes.

Green Plants as a Statement Piece

how to style green plants

A large or tall green plant in your room or even entryway can make a great statement in your space. Especially if you purchase a large pot or planter to really showcase your plant. A large plant can become a great focal point in a room, especially a formal living room or family room. It also provides warmness and a pop of color.

Add Plants to Your Office

Adding a plant to your workspace is great for giving you positive energy. If you keep reading, you will find out one of the great benefits of adding plants to your home is they can actually help you concentrate more and boost your productivity. Plants also help with reducing stress and anxiety. Since you spend a lot of your time working in your office, adding plants is a great way to inc;lude the elements of the outdoors into your space.

Styling Green Plants Together

If you are looking for smaller plants, you can style two or three together, just make sure they are different heights or make sure pots are different heights. You can also set plants up around staircases on put them on a stool or add them to different levels. Another idea is to add a variety of plants to a corner of a room. Since you are working with a lot of smaller green plats, it’s fun to mix and match and play around.

Mix and Match Decorative Pots

Look for decorative pots that match your home style. You can definitely mix and match styles if your home is more of a classic or bohemian style. If your home is more modern you might want to look for gorgeous modern pots in different colors to make a dramatic statement

Add Green Plants to Shelves

Adding smaller plants on shelves can make a great focal feature. Instead of using accessories you can use plants as accessories. You can add so many different plants to shelving including hanging plants, small plants, air plants, and succulents. You can keep things simple by using the same pots. Or shop for pots that are all different colors and styles.

Air Plants and Succulents

how to style green plants

Shop for air plants or smaller plants like succulent to style a dresser, coffee table, or console tables. You can all use than a as focal point on your dining or kitchen table. Use air plants to style geometric shapes, clear glass terrariums, or even add air plants to planters on your walls Look for unique shaped vases to make a fun statement on your furniture piece. Air plants are also easy maintenance.

Add Green Plants to Your Fireplace Mantel

Another great way to style green plants in your home it to add them to your fireplace mantel. Depending on what look you are going you have so many options. If you are looking for a more chic style maybe add a hanging plant to the end of your mantel and let it grow to the floor. Or you could go for a more Boho look and add lots of different style plants and pots to your fireplace mantel.

Plants Look Great in Bedrooms

Adding a plant to a bedroom is a great way to not only add a pop of color but also helps to create a relaxing and peaceful space. If you don’t get a lot of light in your bedroom you can look for plants that are easy to maintain or opt for a faux green plant. If you shop for a bigger plant for your space, you can also make a statement in your bedroom by shopping for a large gorgeous pot for your plant. It will be an amazing focal point in your room.

Kitchen Plants

Smaller green plants can really brighten up your kitchen space. Flowers are beautiful to add to your kitchen space but green plants last a long time. You can add a mix of real or faux plants to your kitchen. Green plants look gorgeous on open shelves, mixed around decorative plants and glasses. If you don’t want to do just plants, you could also add some herbs to your space. Herbs are perfect for a kitchen space, especially along with your window stills.

Where to Shop for Plants

Plants have actually become quite a trend for homes. With so many options along with multiple styling options, you might be surprised that you can actually shop for plants for your home online. Here are a few of the tops places to currently shop for plants online. Some of these online retailers even offer quick shipping.

Yes, Home Depot has a great outdoor garden center in the summer however, they actually have a much larger selection online, and their plants are always affordable and can meet any budget.

Of course Amazon sells plants, they sell everything. You can even buy unique plants like lemon trees.

The Sill is an Instagram favorite for all things plants. With almost 1 million followers on Instagram, you can shop their plants and also get tons of styling tips. also has a huge selection of plants for your home. You can also shop by style, room, and size.


Another great online retailer, which tons of options including from easy to care for plants to unique plant options.

Where to Shop for Indoor Plant Planters

Once you figure out what plants you think would work best for your home. You need to figure out the type of pot style that would go best with your home. There are so many different options from sizes, to colors, to styles. It can be fun to mix and match colors and styles or go with more of the same style with different sizes. It all depends on the vibe and style of your home. When shopping for green plant planters start with these retailers.

Benefits of Having Plants in your Home

There are so many benefits to adding real plants to your home. Here are a few benefits below.

  • Plants can create a relaxing environment and can relieve stress and anxiety
  • Indoor plants can improve air quality in your home. They also reduce carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen
  • They also keep your home fresh and can filter and reduce pollution and certain dust particles in your home
  • Help with depression and give you a better outside on life, especially during the winter months with plants that are not green outside
  • Plants can actually help you concentrate more and boost your productivity

The Best Green Plants for your Home

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for plants here’s a few of the best and currently the most popular plants for your home. Most of the plants on this list are fairly easy to take care of.

After reading this article you will find that adding some green plants to home can create a warm and inviting space in your home. There are so many options that adding plants become a unique way to style your home.