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How to Style a Garage

How to style a garage, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop and more.

When you’re planning a real home design makeover, you ought to consider how to style your garage as well. Once the garage is spacious, and for all intents and purposes of a redesign, it can become a clean canvas.

You can experiment with some modern styles that would transform your garage space. With our list, you will find how to style a garage, ways to improve its look, and how to organize the area. Luckily, styling this space is pretty painless. 

Step 1: The primary thing to do when styling your garage is to remove all junk. Chances are you’ve got a pile of “stuff” in your garage. The perfect solution to this issue is putting everything in outside your garage or yard or hanging it up on a divider, as this will assist you in resetting and prep for the floor coatings. 

Step 2: Begin your makeover arrangement by replacing any old drain caps or floor cover plates. If by chance they are rusted or have wear and tear, buy new ones. Check your floor’s installations; if it’s not built into the divider or cemented to the ground, remove it. 

Step 3: Include floor coatings. When choosing what type of coating to put on your garage floor, take stock of its condition first.

Step 4: Before you begin to take your garden gear and golf clubs back into the garage, consider building cabinets and capacity space. This space will assist you to discover things as quickly as possible and staying organized.

Step 5: Once you’ve completed all the redesigns, move your things back into the garage and set out times for regular cleaning. It will be fantastic to park your car effortlessly, find that old baseball glove, and get to your lawnmower all without stress

Include a few vertical storages

How to Style a Garage
how to style a garage- vertical storages

If you want to change the look of your garage from rowdy to organized, look up and remember your vertical storage. Get hooks and put items you seldom use on a shelf.

Change your garage door

How to Style a Garage
how to style a garage- garage doors

That dinged-up garage door is doing nothing for the resale value of your home. If you need to create a stylish garage, consider updating your garage door. Change your battered vinyl or old aluminum door to a new one or even choose a wooden door. It’s a great way to give your home a refreshed look. It might be a good time to refresh and paint the rest of the exterior of your home as well.

Paint the floor

How to Style a Garage
how to style a garage- garage floors

That dirty concrete floor isn’t making your garage seem more appealing. A trim paint can change the space in no time and make the entire area see more cleaned. It is prescribed to utilize an Epoxy floor coating.

Install Cabinets

How to Style a Garage
how to style a garage- cabinets

The kitchen is not the only place to install cabinets. You might have redone your kitchen with new cabinets, so why not do the same for your garage? Including some cabinets in your garage can help to organize the clutter.

Overhaul Lighting and Electrical Systems

How to Style a Garage
how to style a garage- lighting

Instead of regular fluorescent lights or hanging shop lights, modernize your garage with track lights. We suggest going for long, straight bars with tiny bulbs. Select a dark powder or chrome wrap-up instead of brass, white powder, or nickel. Track lights are exceptionally cool, and they permit you to alter the mini spotlights around to where you would like to light the most.

Where to Find Items to Style a Garage

 To have a dream garage with colourful, clean new floors, lushly painted doors, durable cabinets, you may have to do a some shopping. You can shop for garage decoration effortlessly online. Here are many of the tops places to shop for garage stylistic layouts.

Get the best deals on garage signs and decors when you shop from an extensive online collection.

If you want something customized, check out custom and unique garage decor selection at Etsy.

Home Depot has a great collection of garage decors and accessories. They are sold at a fair price too.

Amazon has the best garage overhead storage decorations. 

  • Woodshops

You can get in touch with local woodworkers or a woodshop, even if it’s to ask for leads on a good lumber source.

Additional tips and ideas when styling a garage

Rearrange every few months 

Don’t make garage clean-outs a once-a-decade issue. You’d never disregard a room in your home. Clear, shop, vacuum, hose out and organize the garage at least four times a year. Make it part of your spring, summer, fall, winter, cleaning, and organizing.

Use moisture-blocking paint 

Much like basements and other low-level spaces, garages tend to induce a slight bit damper than the rest of the house. Tragically, over time, this could be a formula for mold to grow and build up. Utilize moisture-blocking paint to decrease moisture.

Restrain from storing too many things

It may be enticing to store everything you don’t need in the garage. Doing so will make your space seem cluttered in the long run. Limit what you keep in the garage. Make sure everything in your garage has a place.

Use attractive cut strips to hang your instruments that might get lost 

If you’re continuously losing nails, screws, and devices, attempt introducing a beautiful cut rack or two on the walls of your garage. These will assist you to keep your tools organized and keep those troublesome lost nails from ending up in the wrong places like your tires.

Keep The Exterior Tidy 

If the exterior of the garage looks old and dirty, it can deter buyers or even visitors from visiting. Always clean your garage doors and sweep inside your garage often.


Anytime you are thinking about redesigning or organizing your garage, How to style your garage can be relativity easy once you have gotten rid of the clutter and can start with a blank canvas. Whichever style you select, use to guide to help assist you and get your started.