How to Style Face Framing Layers

How to style face framing layers, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

To create face framing layers, your hairstylist will trim your hair to varying lengths on the front of your face. Every facial shape has a face framing hairstyle that works well for it. We’ve divided the top ones into categories based on your face shape and style. To prepare for these styles, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Make a mental note of the layers you wish to use. Make sure to show your hairdresser a picture or video of the layers before you begin style so you can nail the appearance.
  • Step 2: Get your tools and moisten your hair. Make sure you have all of the essential tools before you begin cutting. Professionals suggest that you invest in a decent set of shears in this case, especially because you’ll be performing more than just a basic cut.
  • Step 3: The hair should be divided and sectioned. Part your hair in the centre of your head, where it naturally falls. Then, section your hair; this is essential as it affects how much you cut. Always separate your hair and clip any sections that you don’t want to cut away.
  • Step 4: Make the decision on how long. Remember that your hair is still moist, so cutting it a bit longer than you want is a smart idea. Your hair will be the precise length you desire when it dries and shrinks back.
  • Step 5: Decide on the layer thickness. When you comb it out, how much hair do you want to rest on your face?

Face Framing Layers with Curls

How to Style Face Framing Layers

Larger layers imply greater stacking attempts. They can truly make the deep side part hairdo look great. Try placing shorter layers on top since they give volume to the hair’s look.

Curtain Bangs

How to Style Face Framing Layers
curtain bangs

Although thicker hair textures are less likely to go toward bangs, including a piece of fringe with some of the bulk cut-off can make this style a viable alternative. Blow drying the hair and using your fingers to separate the bangs completes the look.

Face Framing Layers with a Wavy Texture

How to Style Face Framing Layers
Wavy texture

A wavy lob looks best on hair that is mid-length and layered. Restore smoothness with a curl crème and twist locks to encourage a wave motion to be frizz-free and cute at the same time. 

Short Layers with Long Hair

How to Style Face Framing Layers
Short layers

To give body and movement to your fun down dos hairstyle, keep the gap between your layers small and enjoy the dynamic short layers.

Layered Cut with a Long Length

How to Style Face Framing Layers
Long hair

This straightforward haircut increases the beauty of thick hair. It’s a fantastic choice for females who desire to flaunt their lengthy hairstyles.


Face framing layers are an excellent way to highlight facial features while also adding volume to wavy or thick hair. In summary, if you’ve been thinking about having a face framing haircut, you’re on the right track, go to it!