How to Style Ear Length Hair

How to style ear length hair, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Ear length hair is the lowest level of hair and, as the name suggests, it extends to the ears. If you want a hairstyle this short, the hairdresser will get a good sense of how adventurous you want to be. So, whether you’re planning a large haircut or simply want to change your appearance, continue reading to learn all the techniques for styling ear-length hair. Before we begin, please follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Consider the texture of your hair. You only need to select a style that complements your hair type. With curly hair, for example, you can clip the shorter parts to remove some of the weight and allow some curls to show up.
  • Step2: Know the contour of your face. The key to selecting the correct style for your face shape is to identify what makes you feel confident and what does not, and then work around that.
  • Step 3: Bring visual aids. One important tip to follow when making major changes to your hair is not to only inform your hairdresser, but to show them images of the exact style.
  • Step 4: Reduce the number of products you use. Short hair still needs leave-in care products like hair cream and serum, but keep in mind that it will require less product than your prior longer hairstyles. Since applying too much product will weigh down your hair and make it appear oily.
  • Step 5: Maintain the look. To avoid an unpleasant grow-out period, you’ll need to visit the salon on a frequent basis.

Pixie with Layers

How to Style Ear Length Hair
how to style ear length hair – pixie

Try this stunning choppy pixie for a look that is both young and ageless. You may smooth it back for an evening appearance or use a texturizing product to achieve a bedhead-inspired style.

Bob with short layers

How to Style Ear Length Hair
how to style ear length hair – short layered bob

When you cut your stick-straight hair into a short-layered bob, it will seem healthy and sleek. A basic blowout with a side part gives you a smart, professional appearance. When you’re not at work, soften it up by wearing a cute headband.

Style Ear Length Hair in Curly BobĀ 

How to Style Ear Length Hair
how to style ear length hair – curly bob

Do you like something a little smoother and more polished? Cut a haircut with very light layers that integrate effortlessly and give your hair a beautiful form. Curl your ends as you style them to keep them from flipping out and to achieve the ultimate it-girl bob.

Style Ear Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

How to Style Ear Length Hair
how to style ear length hair – curtain bangs

Do you think you can pull off ear length bangs? Without a doubt! you can rock it effortlessly. Ladies’ short haircuts and bangs are incredibly hot right now, and bangs look great with short hair.


Don’t believe the myth that long hair is more versatile than short hair. You’ll be proven wrong by a freshly chopped bob. In addition to having many more styling possibilities, short-length hair needs significantly less work to style.