How to Style Dreads

How to style dreads including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more.

Sometimes, if you want to deviate from the everyday style, try dreads. They are like a breath of fresh air. They can protect your hair, keep it healthy and growing, and look great. Knowing a few basic, adorable, and quick techniques to style them is necessary. This article will show you how to style dreads in different ways. Before we begin styling, do the following steps.

  • Step 1: It’s important to make sure your hair is hydrated before you get started. Use water and herbal shampoo to do this; it helps prevent breakage and gives you hair that shines. 
  • Step 2: Begin at the front by sectioning your hair and splitting it into squares with separating lines. The distance between them will determine the segment size. Use a rubber band to keep each part together as you make it. 
  • Step 3: Apply some treatment to your scalp, for example, black castor oil and coconut oil. 
  • Step 4: Consider investing in hair ties for these hairstyles. You will only need hair ties. 
  • Step 5: Get some hair accessories and especially encased bobby pins. In case you like to tuck away some stray hairs.

 Style Dreads in Fishtail

Dreads are easier to braid than normal hair since they are already divided into pieces and have a lot of texture. This is a traditional, feminine braid with a romantic feel.

Dreadlocks in Different Colors

You may color your dreads using the same products that you would use on your regular hair. The distinction is that you do not have to comb the color through. Instead, the hair needs to soak in color, it takes a long time for the color to emerge.

False Locs

Faux locks, often known as “fake dreadlocks,” will give you the look of dreads without requiring you to spend years of your life growing them. You may get this appearance by having your natural hair braided before putting dreadlocks around it. Because your natural hair is covered and protected from heat, pollution, and chemicals, faux locs provide all of the benefits of other protective styles such as weaves.

Bun Updo

How to Style Dreads
how to style dreads- bun up do

It’s no surprise that any hairstyle looks fantastic in a bun. You may wear your hair half-up, half-down, or in a whole bun, or with or without strands flowing down. This look draws attention.

Style Dreads with Cornrows

How to Style Dreads
how to style dreads- cornrows

Cornrows are an iconic hairstyle that peaked in popularity in the 1990s. It is a tidy, elevated hairstyle with the scalp showing in between the ‘rows’ that appears uncommon and striking.


Styling dreadlocks might be a difficult one, but they are darn attractive. The ones here are very simple to style. They go for male and female. How to style your dreads now made easy for you.