How to Style Dirty Hair

How to style dirty hair, including styling tips, photos, current trends, where to shop, and more

You’re short on time and don’t even have time to shower, let alone wash your hair. However, you still want it to appear clean and bright. Here are a few things to try on those mornings when washing your hair isn’t an option. Before learning some tips on how to style dirty hair, follow these steps to get your hair ready.

  • Step 1: Understand your hair type. Knowing your hair will help you avoid inflicting devastation on innocent strands. So, before you pick up a heating tool or a brush, figure out what type of hair you have. Hair is usually divided into two types: fine and thick.
  • Step 2: Know the fundamentals of hair brushing. Paddle brushes are ideal for everyday grooming. When blow-drying your hair, use a circular brush to capture each strand effortlessly.
  • Step 3: Invest in a dry shampoo. A dry shampoo is a great option when you have unwashed hair. It does the trick of making your hair clean.
  • Step 4: Make sure you have the correct hair tools and accessories. Customize your arsenal to suit your texture and hair type, but don’t forget to stock up on the essentials: The correct hairbrushes, as well as a lightweight hair dryer that won’t cause harm. 
  • Step 5: Style your hair according to the type of hair you have. When it comes to style alternatives, fine hair gives you a lot of possibilities. You may experiment with untidy ‘dos, chignons, low buns, and straighten or curl your hair with ease. 

Half Bun is a Good Option.

How to Style Dirty Hair
how to style dirty hair- half bun

To simulate volume, gather the top layer of your hair into a sloppy knot and bind it around the crown of your head (where it is the oiliest). Apply a little dry shampoo before you start to get a better grip.

Braided Hair

How to Style Dirty Hair
how to style dirty hair- braids

Separate your hair in the center and create an inside-out French braid along both sides to obtain this style. And don’t worry, any mishap will appear to be on purpose.

How to Style Dirty Hair with Pins

How to Style Dirty Hair
how to style dirty hair- pins

Embrace the grease and slick back your style, creating a deep side part that’s pinned back with several bobby pins on the side with less hair. Use a curling iron to wave out the opposite side, and your unwashed hair will look like a red-carpet moment.

Bun with a Low Rise

How to Style Dirty Hair
how to style dirty hair- low bun

When your hair isn’t looking its best, just pulling it back is the oldest tip in the book, but only because it works.

How to Style Dirty Hair with Accessories

How to Style Dirty Hair
how to style dirty hair-accessories

Using a barrette or pin can assist give your hair some volume while also distracting from it being unclean. Pull half of your hair back with your fingers and fix it with a gorgeous barrette and metal ornament.


 Embracing your second-day locks might be a terrific stylistic choice. Looking beautiful comes with a price, especially if you do not want to wash your hair every day. Make sure you learn how to style dirty hair.